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Jack the Giant Slayer's Cousin
by Dan Marcus Runnels (drunnels2@gt.rr.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

Back in the days of Yore, before internet and cable T.V.. When giants still roamed the earth. There was a giant slayer, superstar of his time named Jack. The heart throb of fair maidens, admired by kings. But this is mainly about his unknown cousin, assistant named Newton and the Princess of Yore. But in Yore nothing goes as planned. Especially for Jack, the King, and the giant. Fortunately Newton didn't have much of a plan. It's a bizarre comedy with twist and a touch of a thriller and a little drama, with a good dose of romantic comedy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Establishing Shot: Medieval castle with high walls and a
large gate. The walls are armed with giant crossbows.
Beyond the gate there is a open common area with side
buildings and shops leading to a large wide stairway that
leads to the King's palace.
King Ominous is walking through the corridor. He's a large
burley king, who's feared for his temper and known for his
condemnation of people. But today, he's of good cheer. A
servant walks towards the king.
Have you seen the Princess?
                       YORE SERVANT
Yes my majesty, She's at her
favorite window.
The King walks around the corner to see Princess
Fedora,standing looking out an opening to the courtyard.
Ahh. There she is, my daughter,
the beautiful Princess Fedora.
Fedora turns and smiles. Fedora is a large young woman.
Close to the size of the King. She's not obese, but large
framed, plus size woman. Her mentality is about that of
Forrest Gump.
Oh, hi fatha. It's a beautiful
day. I'm excited about tomorrow.
They stand together looking out the window.
I wanted to talk to you before you
leave tomorrow...I've sheltered
you so much. This is going to be
a big change for you and me.


I don't care. I want to get
married. I hope he is tall and
I saw him as a child, he looked
fine to me. (Serious) I want you
to listen, this marriage is very
important. I owe King Radeck a
small fortune. Your dowry will
excuse my debt. This is a
beginning of a financial come back
for me.
So, they are richer than us?
Awwh. For now. He controls the
trade to the north. And that god
forsaken giant, Moe Ogg, is
blocking my trade on the South
Pass. He's been a thorn in my
side ever since he came into my
I know you hate him. Motha hates
giants too.
Okay, listen. There's something I
don't want King Radeck to know.
That means you can't tell Prince
Dextrous either. As far as they
know, Moe Ogg is a ally, we work
You don't work with Moe Ogg. You
hate him, you tried to kill him.
      (Getting irratable)
I know. But they don't know that.
We work together, that's all they
need to know.
You hate him. He put a thorn in
your side.


Just don't say the word, giant or
Moe Ogg. Just say, "I don't
Queen Spledora comes walking up. She's a beautiful woman
with a good figure. A good bit younger than the King.
Usually with a wine glass in her hand.
Your mother wants to talk to you.
(to Spledora) It's your turn.
Ominous turns and walks away. Just out of hearing range, he
says to himself.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
She's as dumb as a box of rocks.
Somewhat startled, he puts his hand over his mouth and looks
That's Blasphemy.
      (To Fedora)
Are you excited?
Yes Motha, I want to get married.
Your so lucky. You get a young
Prince. Only a couple of years
older than you.
Where you excited when you came to
marry Fatha.
Probably more scared. And the
trip here was horrid.
My trip may be bad?


No,no. My trip was much further.
Way to the south,..ahh, bad roads.
It was scary?
You'll be fine. You'll have
plenty of guards and good roads.
I've never been very far before.
You'll be there in a week or so,
Then we'll be there for the
wedding. And you and the prince
will come back here to live.
      (Smiling again)
I can't wait.
A young royal man with bushy hair, who is normal size, is
seen walking down the hallway. Dextrous walks up to the
king's assistant.
Have you seen my father?
                       R ASSISTANT
King Radeck is busy right now.
I must talk to him, it's
                       R ASSISTANT
Wait one moment.
The assistant walks to a door and knocks three times.
                       RADECK (O.S.)
The assistant talks through a small gap in the door.


                       R ASSISTANT
Forgive my Lord, but your son,
Dextrous, needs to speak with you.
He says it's of importance.
                       RADECK (O.S.)
Give me a minute.
                       R ASSISTANT
      (To Dextrous)
It will be a moment.
Dextrous and the assistant stand there looking at each other
as they hear (SOUND) movement from inside the room. The
door comes open and a chamber maid hurries out and down the
                       R ASSISTANT (cont'd)
I think it's good now.
Dextrous goes inside.
King Radeck is sitting behind a desk. He's a graying man of
noble features dressed in king casual. Dextrous enters.
I'm here to speak with you about
this arranged marriage, with
Princess Fedora.
I hope you've come to thank me.
Your attitude worries me.
Father, you have failed to tell
me, that I have to live with her
in King Ominous's castle.
Oh.. You have to live with her in
King Ominous's castle
But, Father. I have heard many
things about him. His temper is
legendary. He kills people for
little reasons.


Aw. He doesn't kill royal people.
Besides, he only has the one
child. (emphasizes) "He has no
male heir". Dextrous, you have
three older brothers. You'll
never be king. Besides, if he
kills you, that would be an act of
war. We would definitely attack.
And I'll be dead.
He owns a lot of land. This is
your chance. Ominous is not
young. You can take over one day
and we can combine our strengths
and become a greater kingdom.
But, Father there's another way,
We can take the kingdom.
No! He has spent a fortune
fortifying his castle. His walls
are higher than mine. And even
worse, he has a giant that will
fight for him. I know of a
kingdom far south. The king has a
similar giant, that fights with
him. They were able to stop a
much larger army. The giant
killed one hundred men alone, one
There is no need for war. He owes
us a fortune. Demand payment,
which he cannot pay and we take
his valley of seven hills for
payment. And he will go back in
debt and we take more land. We
will never have to lift a sword.
He will eventually go to war over


Let him. By then he will not be
able to afford to go to war.
I don't know, he has well trained
men and a giant.
Kill the giant, in peace time,
well before any talk of war. They
have men that specialize in that.
Like, Jack the Giant Slayer.
Ahh, Dextrous, you are the most
cunning of all my sons. But, if
we were to turn down the Princess,
you'd have your war now! The
marriage is on as planned.
But Father, surely there's another
No! The deal has been made. We
cannot turn her down.
What if she turns me down?
Why would she turn you down? She
cannot turn you down, her father
wants this.
But if she does?
      (looking sternly)
You must treat her with respect
and kindness, she is royalty.
Yes I will. I will treat her very
well. I will give her the royal
If you are turned down. I should
be very angry, but I will consider
your plan. But there's no reason


                       RADECK (cont'd)
she should turn down a son of
I know she's very spoilt. As the
only child, she always gets what
she wants.
Ominous gets what he wants also.
Riding a mule,(named Blue), a young lanky man,(named
Newton)is dressed in common cloths of the time. He stops,
as he comes to a cross road, where he must turn left or
Newton leans forward and looks both directions.
This is the road, Blue. We turn
left here. Stay on your toes. Or
your hoofs, just be ready.
The narrow road is lined with thick brush and woods. He
cautiously rides, looking around.
Bursting out of the brush a giant leaps out on the road
behind them, with a roar. It's Kay Ogg. A nine foot giant
of middle age. He has long graying hair and beard. He's
holding a sword and wearing a ragged shirt, a kilt and
sandals. The chase is on.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
They are racing down a narrow dirt road. Kay Ogg is not far
behind. Kay Ogg reaches out towards the mules tail. Newton
looks back.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
Suddenly after passing a tree next to the road, a rope that
was buried pops up, just as Blue passes. This trips Kay Ogg
and he goes sailing forward and lands hard face down.
Immediately Jack jumps out from behind the tree, stands upon
Kay Ogg's sword blade. He then puts his own sword tip to
Kay Ogg's throat. Kay Ogg Looks up.


Jack is a tall handsome man in his mid-twenties. He's
athletic built and wears a nice leather outfit.
                       KAY OGG
Stay as you are. Let go of your
sword. I suppose your Kay Ogg?
                       KAY OGG
Ahh. Are you Jack?
The one and only.
                       KAY OGG
Newton comes riding back, he quickly dismounts and walks up.
Get the pole and chain Newt. It's
by the tree.
Newton comes back with a five foot pole and chain. Kay Ogg
is sitting now. Jack is holding a sword point to his neck.
                       KAY OGG
Let me go Jack.
Newton shackles his wrist in front and runs the pole in the
bend of his elbows running across Kay Ogg's lower back.
Your going to King Leopold.
                       KAY OGG
What is he paying you?
Two hundred inklets.
Jack puts a type of leash around Kay Ogg's neck with a
twelve foot lead.
                       KAY OGG
I can give you two hundred ten.
This gets Newton's attention , he looks at Jack.


No! Stand.
                       KAY OGG
Don't do this Jack. Two Twenty.
Kay Ogg is now standing, towering over them. Jack no longer
has to keep the sword on him, just hold on to the leash.
                       KAY OGG (cont'd)
Two twenty-five. That's all I
                       KAY OGG
I can have a troll bring it to
Jack. That's easy twenty-five
      (Sharply to Newton)
Shut up. You have no say in this.
Go and get my horse.
                       KAY OGG
Also two swords. That is
everything, take it Jack.
I can go and.
      (Cuts Newton off)
Get my horse. I do not bargain
with giants. (To Kay Ogg) I am
going to march you right up to the
palace and hand you over to the
Basically, a walled city. Men, women and children are
moving about. Coming upon the entrance is Jack, walking and
leading Kay Ogg by the leash. Behind him is Newton, leading
his mule and Jack's horse (Maynard) a well breed,


magnificent horse. Just outside the entrance a young boy
sees them coming and shouts.
                       YOUNG BOY
Look! It's Jack and he has a
Inside the gates now, a crowd begins to gather. Jack gleams
with pride. Jack is now walking towards the palace leading
Kay Ogg on the leash, with Newton following leading the
horses. Women begin to callout to Jack.

V.O. : "Jack" "I love you Jack"

A large breasted woman off too the side, exposes most of her
breast and yells.
                       L.B. MAIDEN
Marry me Jack.
Further inside the courtyard they come to a stop. An
attractive young maiden yells to Newton.
      (Yells to Newton)
Hey! Hey you!
Newton looks surprised and delighted.
      (Points to himself)
Who me?
Move the mule, I can't see Jack.
Guards start moving people back. They turn there lances
sideways to herd them. People have moved in tightly around
Newton and the horses.


                       LEO GUARD#1
The King's coming out. Everybody
                       LEO GUARD#2
      (Brazen, Stern)
Get Back!
Wait I'm with Jack.
                       LEO GUARD#2
You don't know Jack! Get back!
No, I'm his cousin.
                       LEO GUARD#2
Get Back!
BACK TO JACK : The guards have pushed people away from Jack
and Kay Ogg. Before the King gets near, Kay Ogg talks to
                       KAY OGG
I see why you wouldn't take my
money. You value the glory, you
want to be the big man.
Shut up!
                       KAY OGG
Cross the mountain range to the
east. Go north or south, you will
see how small you are. I have
younger, bigger cousins, they will
eat you Jack. Your no match for
The King Leopold walks up with three others. With open arms
he greets Jack.
Jack, Jack, wonderful, wonderful.
You've done it.


      (With a slight bow)
Yes, my Lord. May I present to
you , Kay Ogg.
Kay Ogg stands there quiet, with his head down. The King
walks up to get a closer look.
He's got to be at least nine foot,
good job Jack. Amazing not even a
scratch on him.
Still stopped by the guard.
      (To guard)
I'm suppose to be up there with
Jack. Look, this is Jack's horse.
Do you think I could own a horse
like that?
                       LEO GUARD#2
That is a fine horse. A horse of
a nobleman.
It's Jack's!
Jack walks partly there.
      (Yells to Newton)
Hey, bring the horses Newt.
      (To guard)
See, I told you.
                       LEO GUARD#2
Your really his cousin?
                       LEO GUARD#2
Your a lucky man.
Newton walks up to meet Jack, there's a young stable hand
with Jack.


This fellow is going to take the
horses to the stable. We're going
to meet back up with the King
In a wooded area, A witch has a small house. She is middle
aged, with long graying thick hair. Not a ugly hag, but of
average looks. She is energetic and a flighty woman. She
is tending to a cooking fire. Where she has a average size
pot with a wooden handle as well as the typical big black
kettle on a tripod. She has different plants growing about.
She also has a long narrow table she works at and a large
study built bench seat nearby, about four foot high.
Unseen by viewer, something is stalking the Witch. Moving
through the woods getting closer and faster. It's Moe-hound
a very large hairy dog. Something like a Russian bear dog,
Cujo like.
Moe-hound runs up to the Witch, startling her for a second.
Moe-hound! (Pets him vigorously)
What are you doing? Are you
trying to scare me?... I've got
you something.
She goes over to her table and gets a big bone.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
I've been saving this just for
She gives him the bone.
                       MOE (V.O.)
      (Calling out)
Witchy Poooh!
The Witch looks over to see Moe Ogg walking up.

Moe is a huge fifteen foot giant. About thirty years old,
with shoulder length dark hair. He's wearing a kilt, sandals


and a baggy shirt. He's caring a sack and a twelve foot
Big Moe! What did you bring me?
Moe sets the sack on the table.
Mostly turnips a few carrots. My
garden is doing good this year.
Awwh, Lovely, lovely, Thank you
Moe walks to the bench seat, drives his lance in the ground
and sits down.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
I have some tea brewing.
The Witch walks over to the pot with a handle, takes out the
tea rag, then pours some tea in a cup. She then hands the
pot to Moe and keeps the cup for herself. Moe blows on the
pot and sips his tea.
                       MOE (con'd)
Close your legs Moe, that thing is
starring at me.
Moe pushes his kilt down between his legs.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
Well, how's things on your
mountain side?
Okay, kinda borring at times. I'm
trying to hire another Troll, but
I can't find one to work for me.
That's cause, they all know you
ate the last one.


That was a couple of years ago. We
were snowed in.
I don't see how, you could eat a
It was nasty. Taste like piss.
But I was hungry.
Something's up Moe. Something's
in the air.
Moe takes two big sniffs of air.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
No, no. It's a feeling I get. A
sense. A big change is coming.
Is it good or bad?
I can't tell yet. A stranger will
come and change follows.
Awwh, I kill all strangers.
The courtroom is a large room, with people standing along
the walls. There are several guards around. Three steps
up, is a platform for the King's throne. A royal official,
(Spencer) comes out and walks over to another official, the
Announcer, and whispers something to him. Spencer, thirty
something, is the King's treasurer and righthand man.
                       YORE ANNOUNCER
Hear ye, Hear ye, all stand for
the honorable and magnificent King
The King walks out and takes a seat on the throne.


                       YORE ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
The court is now in session.
      (Motions for
Spencer walks over to the throne to hear what Ominous wants.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
How much more meat do we need for
Moe Ogg?
About one hundred and eighty
Very Well. (Loudly) First up.
                       YORE ANNOUNCER
Farmer Jones... He's charged with
slapping a Tax official.
A farmer in his forties walks out in front and bows to the
Why would you dare, slap one of my
tax men?
                       FARMER JONES
I was paid up in my taxes. They
came and took my buck goat a month
early, before he had a chance to
breed with my milk goat.
Who'd you slap?
                       FARMER JONES
That man.
Rubert, a effeminate man wearing a robe of higher level than
the peasants. He walks out in front of the King and bows.


      (Using hand
It was I, Rubert. I tried to tell
him we weren't coming back for a
couple of months, so he needed to
pay now.
You can't slap a tax man.
Therefore, I fine you, one milk
goat... That's all.
But, Majesty I think he owes me
Very well. Guards! Take hold of
the farmers arms. (They do) Okay,
Rubert give him your best shot,
right in the face.
I was thinking, more like some
I doubt he has any money. Just
hit him, we don't have all day.
I'm a man of numbers, I've never
hit a man in my life.
Just hit him. We don't have all
Looking nervously around, Rubert awkwardly makes a curled
fist, closes his eyes, throws a pawing like punch and
Jones and the guards glance around, while Ominous puts his
head down, with his hand on his forehead.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
      (Looking up)
Try again.
Rubert tries again, with his eyes closed, does a pushing
like punch and misses again.


                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
Guard! Help him, hit him!
A guard comes up, takes Rubert's arm and makes him throw a
haymaker, hitting Jones in the side of the head.
      (Holding his hand)
Ahhh! My hand.
Finally! Next!
As they move off, the announcer walks up.
                       YORE ANNOUNCER
Wilbert, the street cleaner.
Charged with blasphemy of the
Wilbert is a thin peasant man in his thirties. He wears a
scull cap. He comes out, bows and gets on his knees.
Please your majesty. I was drunk
the other day. I don't remember
saying anything about the
Who heard this man commit
                       YORE ANNOUNCER
It was the Washer Woman.
She's an older peasant woman, who is always carrying a
bucket and rags. She sets her bucket down and walks out.
                       WASHER WOMAN
I did. I heard him commit
blasphemy on the Princess.
What did he say?
                       WASHER WOMAN
I can't say. I'd be blasphemy.


Well, I have to know.
                       WASHER WOMAN
Forgive me, but he said, "If the
Princess gets tired of her new
husband, she can just kill him and
eat him, like other giants".
That's blasphemy! (To Wilbert) Is
that what you said?
No, your majesty. I was drunk, I
don't remember anything.
Well, I believe the Washer Woman.
Just be glad the Princess is not
here, to hear such blasphemy. I
sentence you to serve Moe Ogg for
one month.
Nooo! Please your Lordship.
Take him away.
Two guards come and take him.
A royal carriage pulls through the gates of Radeck's castle.
It's lead by two horseman and followed by four more.
Several of Radeck's guards line the entrance to the palace.
Other palace workers are there. Two palace attendants roll
out the red carpet to the carriage. The carriage is
Fedora's. Her footman is there to open the carriage door.
Fedora steps out onto the red carpet and is escorted to the
palace by a guardsman. Under a canopy to the palace King
Radeck and Queen Beatrice await.


      (To Queen, angrily)
Where is Dextrous?
I don't know.
                       R. ANNOUNCER
Hear ye all. King Radeck and
Queen Beatrice, welcome from the
kingdom of Yore, the daughter of
King Ominous, the Princess Fedora.
Prince Dextrous comes out making a late entrance.
                       R. ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
And here now, Prince Dex. (pauses
with a puzzled look) Prince
The King and Queen both turn and look with a puzzled look on
their face. Dextrous walks out wearing a wooden leg, where
his left leg is. It's yellow with a blue stipe winding
around it and three prongs like large toes at the bottom.
He's wearing a knee length dress of the period. He also has
large protruding crooked and discolored upper teeth.
      (Face drops, taken
What happen to your leg?
Oh. That's from a horse ridding
accident last year.
Dextrous hobbles over to Fedora. Fedora's eyes open wider.
A Maid servant is standing nearby.
                       DEXTROUS (cont'd)
Welcome to Radica.
He takes her hand, bends over to kiss it, with his horrible
teeth. Fedora yanks her hand away. She puts her hand over
her mouth, somewhat in shock.
That's okay.


I'm sure your tired from your long
trip. This is Martha, she'll be
your maid servant. She'll show
you to your room.
Dextrous is standing next to a pillar with a friend. A
assistant walks up to him.
                       DX. ASSISTANT
Fedora is in her room. She says
she's sick and is not coming out.
Thank God. These teeth are
killing me. (He pulls them out)
Oh, that's better. I was afraid,
I might have to eat with them.
Let's go in here.
They walk into a room.
Dextrous grabs hold of a chair for support.
Here, help me get my leg off.
The two men raise up his dress. Dextrous' leg is folded
back and wrapped tightly. They begin to unwrap it. Queen
Beatrice walks in.
What, do you think your doing?
The men stop at her presence.
I'm taking my leg off.
You know what I mean.
I'm not going to Yore to live,
with king Ominous.


Does your father know about this?
Kind of.
Why wasn't I told about this?
Dextrous leg is now out, and he's on both of his feet. He's
walking and shaking his leg.
Wait my leg is kind of numb.
(Finish shaking it) Well this
family really does't share much,
and I guess, I wanted it to be a
I don't like surprises. (Looks
strangely at him) You are the
strangest of all my sons.
She turns and walks off.
Jack and Newton walk up to the Palace Front door. A guard
opens the door for them.
Jack and Newton are pointed down the hallway by the guard,
when they hear a loud yell. It's Squirt, a loud, obnoxious,
midget, court jester.
      (Yelling out)
Hey, hey, Jack! I'll show you the
Squirt runs up to them.
                       SQUIRT (cont'd)
Your a giant slayer right?
They all begin walking down the hallway.


Well, I don't have to worry about
you slaying me then. Good job
Jack. (Slaps Jack on the butt) I
saw the giant you brought in.
Two young maid servants walk by giggling and starring at
                       SQUIRT (Cont'd)
I see you brought your boy lover
with you.
What? No, that's my cousin.
Another young maid walks near Newton, hearing that.
                       MAID # 1
      (To Newton)
Your Lucky.
      (Off guard)
I'm not his a boy.
Keep it in the family, ehh.
Hey! You little.
      (Cuts Jack off)
Turn here! Turn here!.. That was
a lot of work bringing in a giant
like that?
Well, I'll give you a good rub
down later. Here we are.
Squirt knocks on the door.
                       LEOPOLD (V.O.)
Come in.
Squirt opens the door for them, as they walk in Squirt slaps
Newton on the butt.


King Leopold is sitting behind a desk, with a royal official
standing by him.
Your majesty, I found these two
characters wondering around your
I see you meet Squirt.
Yes. And I found out that only
one of them has had sex with a
Both, Jack and Newton turn and look at Squirt.
                       SQUIRT (cont'd)
Well, I'll see you later.
Squirt leaves and shuts the door.
Well, I believe your ready to be
Ahh, yes.
King Leopold pulls out a bag and pushes it across the desk.
You know Jack, there's not as many
giants as there use to be. When I
was a chid they were common. Now
they're rare.
My father has told me the same
It's mainly because they use to
fight and kill each other. Now
just slayers like you, kill them.
I believe, I'll eventually have to
find a new trade.


I know of a another giant. He's
blocked the trade route to Yore.
He's much worse than this one
Jack. He's killed, many of men.
The only way to Yore from here is
the mountain trail. To steep for
wagons, Foot and horseback only.
The King there wants to get rid of
him bad.
Sounds like a good opportunity in
Jack and Newton step out of office and the door shuts.
That went well.
They begin walking.
Here's your cut.
Jack drops a couple of coins in Newton's hand.
Two Inklets! Jack we talked about
a bigger cut.
You talked, I didn't agree. Where
would you be without me, Newt?
Back at the other end of the hallway appears Squirt.
Don't look. It's Squirt. Quick
As soon as they turn the corner, they begin running. They
make it back to the entrance door and go through it.


I'll meet back with you tomorrow,
At the stable.
But, Jack.
      (Walking off,
A room where there is a table at one end, seats and open
area at the other. King Ominous, Queen Spledora and Spencer
are there drinking and talking. The King is in a rare good
Where's Pogo? (calls out) Pogo!
Pogo is the court jester. Not your typical court jester.
He's tall, athletic built man, with a history. He's
specialty is funny and bizarre walks.
Pogo walks into the room.
Yes, my lord.
      (Good mood)
See this area? ( pointing to
floor) It's all hot coals and you
have to walk through it bare
Yes. (curtsy)
He slowly takes a step and begins a high knee, hopping walk.
Oh!, ow, ew, ow, I, ew, ow..
There all laughing, Pogo reaches the end and bows. A guard
steps into the room.


                       YORE GUARD #1
Your Majesty. There's a messenger
from Radica.
Send him in.
The messenger walks in and bows.
Your Majesty, I have a letter from
Princess Fedora.
Good, good.
The messenger hands him the letter.
I am just the messenger.
Look my dear Queen. Sooner than I
thought. It's probably the
wedding invitation.
The King opens it and reads it. His face goes from pleasant
to very angry.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
I'll kill her! She cannot, not
marry the Prince. Where's my
He goes over to the wall, where there is some armory and
sword mounted on the wall. He takes hold of the sword.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
I'll kill her! (pulls sword off
the wall) I can't kill her.
(turns around) Where's the
The room is empty of people.
Where'd everybody go?
He angrily chops at a pillar.


Newton is seated on a stool at a make shift table, next to a
stall. He's working on a map he made. A stable hand walks
                       STABLE HAND
What are you working on?
This is a map, it shows all the
places me and Jack's been.
                       STABLE HAND
You made it?
Yes. It's something I do in my
spare time.
                       STABLE HAND
I have your mule, in the back
corral. I'll bring him in and put
him in the stall.
Let's see if, I can call him in.
                       STABLE HAND
He can't hear you from here.
I have a whistle.
Newton takes out a cylinder whistle, like a sailor whistle,
that hangs around his neck. He blows out a loud, two tone
Moments later Blue comes trotting into the stable and up to
                       STABLE HAND
Wow! You have him trained like a
The stable hands puts him in the stall and walks off. Newton
hears voices from outside the stable. It's Jack with two
women at the stable entrance.


      (Little tipsy)
Whoa girls, I'm going to go in
here, then I'm going to be back
We cannot go?
No, no business. Go to the
fountain and I'll be there soon.
(Walking away) The fountain.
He walks up to Newton.
                       JACK (con't)
What are you doing Newt? That's
that thing you've been working on.
Yes, this is the map.
Jack stops and looks at the map.
Not bad.
See the road where we caught Kay
Ogg, the castle.
That's the river, where we
crossed, with the trolls. That's
good Newt. This could be a new
trade for you, your going to need
it. You'll never make a real
giant slayer.
I am a giant slayer.
Ha, aw Newt, Your just bait. You
don't have "it". You never will.
So it's good, you found something
you can do.


I'm learning and I'm getting
It's no use, hell, I'm going to
have to find a new trade before
long. We're running out of
giants. I need a big bounty, one
that will set me up.
I need a bigger cut.
We're leaving for Yore, tomorrow.
I'm going to make a deal with the
King there. And, yes you'll get a
bigger cut. From what I heard,
This one will be my biggest
challenge yet.
King Ominous and the Queen are sitting at a table, with some
food and wine around. Spencer walks up and sits down.
I don't know. He was the perfect
husband for her. My debt was
going to be forgiven. What's
wrong with that girl?
We'll find someone else.
I've been straining my brain. I
can't think of any available
prince over five years old.
You may have to settle for someone
other than a prince.
He'll have to be a special person,
of noble upbringing and money.
Who? Where will we find him? I
don't know.


I have a suggestion.
We could ask the Witch. She
predicted that you would have a
I remember that, she did.
She predicted that really bad
winter we had three years ago.
Oh yeah, maybe you have something
Your going to ask the Witch? You
hate the Witch. You said, if she
ever came to town you'd kill her.
Cause she doesn't pay taxes. But
maybe she could be useful.
King Ominous, Spencer and two knights one on each side are
horseback riding towards a wooded area.
They come to a stop, where the road meets the wooded area.
There is two trees that make an ex over the road. From it
hangs a couple of skulls and some battered armor. Behind it
other trees lay across the road.
That damn Moe Ogg, he has
destroyed my beautiful road. I
live for the day to see him cut
down and destroyed.


Just before the ex, on the side of the road is a board sign
with a outline of a hand with a star in the palm. Below the
hand is a painted arrow pointed to a side trail.
There's the Witches sign.
They begin down the side trail.
The witch is outside examining some of her plants, as she
notices the four horsemen coming down the trail. She walks
over to her table with a large bowel and other odd and ends
on it. The King and his men stop not far from the witch.
Oh my, King Ominous himself.
She gives a palms up hand gesture and bows.
Good day, Witch.
They all dismount. They are all very cautious, especially
the two knights, who keep looking around.
What brings you, to the lower
woods? Aw, let me guess, you seek
Yes. The King has a concern. He
would like to know, who the
Princess Fedora will marry.
Oh, a fortune, a fortune good. I
can give you that reading for ten
Ten pence! I know your standard
rate is one pence.
Oh no, my King. That's the
peasant price. I would not
disrespect you like that. The
royalty price has always been ten


                       WITCH (cont'd)
I'm not paying ten pence. It's
all mumbo-jumbo anyway.
Oh, but for you my lord, I'll do
it for half price, six pence.
The King slaps a coin on the table.
That's half, five pence.
She take the coin. She's now up beat and flighty.
Very good, very good...(looking
around) Oh, the bowl, the bowl.
She pulls the bowl in front of her. She adds some water and
sprinkles of powder from her pouch. She rocks the bowl
around, swirling the water.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
      (Chant like)
Princess Fedora's husband. Oh,
put your hand in the bowl.
I'm not putting my hand in there.
Aw, It's not going to hurt you.
She puts her finger in the water. The King looks at Spencer
with a hard look and sticks his hand in the bowl. As soon
as he does she yells.
Take it out!
The King yanks his hand back looking surprised.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
      (Chant like)
Princess Fedora's husband.


She looks closely into the bowl, draping her hair around it.
The King wipes his hand on Spencer's coat.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
She becomes completely silent. Then suddenly yanks herself
upright and wide eyed.
At the brink of death, the law
will give him peace.
At the brink of death, the law
will give him peace.
The king looks curiously at Spencer.
The law will give him peace. What
law? I make the law around here.
That doesn't make any since what
so ever. It's mumbo-jumbo like I
thought. I want my money back.
Wait! That's what I heard. But
lets try the bones. The bones,
the bones.
She looking this way and that way around the table.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
Bones. Where'd I put the bones?
Oh, here they are.
She picks up a square box beside the table. She shakes the
                       WITCH (cont'd)
De bones don't lie. (slightly
opens the box) Blow inside.
The King gives Spencer a slight look and blows inside the
                       WITCH (cont'd)
What have you been eating? Never
mind. Princess Fedora's husband,
Fedora's husband.


She cast the bones out on the table, plowing on them at the
same time. She gets down at eye level with them.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
Uh huh! Uhmmm.... Uh huh...
The hunchback will change him into
The hunchback will change him into
      (Disgusted and
The hunchback! What hunchback?
I'm the only one that can change
him into royalty. I don't even
know a hunchback. Do any of you
know a hunchback?
There's a hunchback turnip farmer
out near Frog Springs.
That's right, I know who your
talking about. No wait, he died
last winter.
That's it, I want my money back.
If it doesn't come true, I'll be
glad to give you your money back.
I'm not asking.
      (Looking alarmed)
Wait! Did you hear that?
They all begin to look around.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
I think that's Moe Ogg.
Now they're becoming highly paranoid.


I think it's time to go my lord.
They start backing away. The King merely looks at the Witch
and points his finger.
Lets go.
They all mount up.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
      (To Spencer)
You owe me ten pence.
They turn and ride off. The Witch gets back to eye level
with the bones and scrutinizes them.
I'm going to have to get, some new
King Ominous is sitting at the table again as the Queen
walks in.
How was your visit with the Witch?
Useless. That's what I get for
listening to Spencer. ( In high
pitch voice) "She predicted you
would have a daughter". Crazy old
woman, she just full of
mumbo-jumbo, I still hate her.
We'll find the right man for her.
We had the right man for her. And
she wanted to get married. I
can't believe she betrayed me like
that. And King Radeck, how's he
going to take this?
Spencer walks into the room.


Forgive me my lord, But there is
a traveling merchant here, that
has news from King Leopold.
Send him in.
Spencer steps to the door, motions and Cotter walks in.
King Ominous, Queen Spledora,
Cotter the traveling merchant.
What news do you bring from King
Leopold's kingdom?
While I was there, I saw Jack the
Giant Slayer, lead a nine foot
giant with a leash.
Jack the Giant Slayer, is in
Leopold's kingdom?
Yes, he captured the giant for the
How much was he paid for this?
There was a bounty of two hundred
Two hundred. I wonder if he has a
standard price or does he charge
by the foot?
That I don't know. But, you can
ask him. I also heard he's coming


Jack is coming here? Wonderful,
wonderful. Finally a bearer of
good news.
So glad to bring you good cheer.
Also, I have finely made copper
pots and kettles at a fair price.
No, we have plenty. Spencer here
will show you out.
As soon as Cotter is out the door. The King calls Spencer
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
      (Calls Spencer
Spencer... I know we're low on
funds, but surely we can come up
with two hundred inklets.
He'll surely want more for Moe
Ogg. We've already cut all wages
in half. We're at a all time low.
If King Radeck demands a payment
now, since Fedora turned the
Prince down, That's everything.
Awhh. Fedora. I can't believe she
did that. I ought to put her up
for sale.
There you go Ominous, sell her to
Jack, he's got two hundred
Ha. (Having a epiphany) Jack,
that's it. He'd make the perfect
son in law. Jack the Giant
Slayer, my son. That's perfect.
(He hugs Sledora) Ingenious, I'll
have a royal decree written.
Anyone who brings me the head of
Moe ogg, shall receive, Princess
Fedora's hand in marriage.


A royal decree. My lord you know,
you would be bound, to that
decree. Signed and sealed by you.
Yes. But listen to how I will
write it. "Any single man, who
slays and brings me the head of
Moe Ogg, shall receive Fedora's
hand in marriage".
If others besides Jack kills Moe
Ogg, you will be bound to the
Your not listening. "Any single
man", has two meanings. What
people may think is, he cannot be
married. But also if more than
one man helps in the slaying, then
they did not meet the rules and
they get nothing. And I get rid
of Moe Ogg. Only Jack could
manage such a feat. And I would
over look it, if Jack had help.
Ominous, listen to yourself. We've
had giant slayers try in the past.
And, where are they now? Aren't
their skulls hanging from a tree?
And your own men, Forty of your
best knights were slaughtered
      (Cuts her off)
Yes, small children, I know. But
Jack, I've heard many tales of
him. He doesn't use might. He
uses trickery and deception and
lures them into a trap. He has
succeeded where others have
failed. Ahh. Yes, my future son
in law. Spencer! Start on the
decree now, I'm posting it


Two of the King Ominous's henchmen are driving a wagon along
a country road. The two are Hester and Malcolm, both large
guards. They come up to a small corral adjoining the Lower
woods. They come to a stop. In the back of the wagon is
Wilbert, who's bound and two goats. Also a donkey is tied
to the back of the wagon.
The henchmen have gotten the livestock in the corral. Inside
the corral is a boulder, a hitching post where the donkey is
tied and a wooden stock. (A hinged plank on a post, with
holes for a mans head and wrist). The henchman, walk
Wilbert up to the stock. They're looking around nervously.
Put your head down.
Please, let me go. I'll leave the
kingdom. I won't tell nobody.
To late for you. You belong to
Moe Ogg now.
They close him in the stock.
Your tongue put you here.
Everybody knows not to blasphemy
against the Princess.
It's getting dark lets go.
Outside the corral looking in. Moving around the out side
seeing the animals, then over the fence to face Wilbert.
Moehound moves away. The terrified Wilbert can do nothing
but look around. It is quiet for a while then, two very
large legs are seen in front of Willbert.


                       WILBERT (cont'd)
No please. I can serve you. I
can do anything a Troll can do.
Do not run from me. You cannot out
run the hound. You cannot out run
me. If you run, I will cut off
your feet, and drag you by your
ankles all the way home.
He lifts the stock off of Wilbert.
Bring the goats.
Jack and Newton are leading their mounts with packs, along a
step trail.
How much further?
I believe once we get over this
ridge, we should be able to see
The King desperately needs the
south pass opened. Which is good
for us, if we ever get there.
What kind of a price do you think
you'll get?
As much as I can. Possibly a deal
that involves more than money.
Like land.
Man pulling bell rope.


                       YORE ANNOUNCER
      (Calling out)
Hear ye, hear ye! Gather around.
Hear ye, hear ye! Gather around.
The people begin to gather.
                       YORE ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
King Ominous is about to make an
King Ominous walks to the top center of the steps carrying a
large scroll.
My good people, I have decided
"not", to have the Princess Fedora
marry Prince Dextrous from Radica.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
But instead, I have written a
royal decree. Which says. (He
unrolls the scroll) "Any single
man, who slays and brings forth
the head of Moe Ogg The Giant, to
King Ominous shall receive the
Princess Fedora's hand in
Reaction from the crowd.
                       CROWD MEMBER#1
That's a death sentence.
                       CROWD MEMBER#2
      (To another)
She may not be getting married.
                       CROWD MEMBER#3
      (To another)
Who could slay Moe Ogg?


This is signed and sealed by me.
And will be posted on the Palace
wall. For all two or three of
you, that can read.
A woodsman fellow is making his way through the crowd, at
the edge he gets the attention of Pogo. This man is,
Barlow, around forty, a guide, who at times ventures into
the lower woods.
      (Calls out)
Pogo! Pogo!
Pogo sees him and Barlow motions for him to go away from the
crowd to meet.
Barlow, I haven't seen you in a
I've been busy working around the
lower woods. What have you heard
about this decree?
Oh, you know, the King has him a
Barlow looks around and they move to a little more secluded
Come on Pogo, I know you hear
things, what's going on.
It's Jack, Jack the Giant Slayer's
coming to Yore.
Jack! The Jack the Giant Slayer.
That's right.


Oh.. That's good. He's going to
need a guide into the lower woods.
Nobody knows the lower woods
better than me. If you see him,
send for me. There's a good
payday in there for me. And, I
won't forget you.
Okay. Don't forget Pogo.
Jack and Newton ride into view of the castle.
Where here, the Kingdom of Yore.
Nice castle, high walls.
People are coming and going through the open gate. Two gate
guards with long lances are always on each side of the gate.
Jack and Newton ride through.
People are moving about. Some people notice Jack and
Newton. Jack calls out to a man near him by the street
      (To man)
You there. Whom do I see, in
order to meet the King?
                       STREET MAN
Talk to the palace guard.
Jack and Newton dismounts and tie their horses. As they
walk to the palace, they notice a small group of people
gathered around the palace wall, where the decree is posted.


      (To Newton)
Lets see what this is.
They walk over to the group.
                       GROUP MAN#1
This word here says giant.
                       GROUP MAN#2
No it doesn't. It's to little.
Giant would be the biggest word on
Move aside, I'll read it... This
is a royal decree.
                       GROUP MAN#1
Signed and sealed by King Ominous.
"Any single man, who slays and
brings forth the head of Moe Ogg
the Giant, to King Ominous, shall
receive the hand of Princess
Fedora in marriage".
                       GROUP MAN#2
That's exactly what it says.
      (To Group man#2)
Who is the heir to the throne?
                       GROUP MAN#2
The King has no male heir, just
Jack looks at Newton.
      (To Newton)
This is it. This is it.
Jack and Newton moves away from the crowd.
                       JACK (cont'd)
Newton, do you know what this


That if you kill Moe Ogg, you have
to marry the Princess?
Much more. It means that one day,
I could even be King. A once in a
life time opportunity. I will
finally be royalty. Lets meet the
Jack and Newton walk over and approach the palace guard.
                       JACK (cont'd)
Guard, I would like to speak with
the King.
                       PALACE GUARD
Is he expecting you?
No. But he would be glad to talk
with me. I am, Jack the Giant
                       PALACE GUARD
Your Jack? I'll send message.
The Queen Spledora walks in the room from the side door,
near the table, as usual with drink in her hand. King
Ominous walks in from the back door.
Spencer's back and he's excited.
He is?
Yes, He's in there measuring it
Spencer walks in from side door, smiling and kind of cocky.
It's big, and I'm proud of it...
Ask Spledora, She's seen it.


It's pretty big, but I've seen
Well, show it to me.
Spencer steps out of the room. The King and Queen kind of
just look at each other. Spencer steps back in the room,
with a large fish.
I caught him on a live frog. And
he put up a good fight.
He looks good, we'll dine on fish
Come in.
                       YORE SERVANT
Forgive me, my Lord, but Jack the
Giant Slayer is here and he would
like to speak with you.
Jack is here, already? Send him
in. No wait. (To Spledora) How do
I look?
      (Taken off guard)
Maybe I should get my other robe.
(to servant) Wait a minute and
have him announced.
The servant is leading, Jack and Newton down the hall to the
lounge room door. At the door is the Announcer, who opens
the door and steps in.


                       YORE ANNOUNCER
King Ominous, Queen Spledora,
royal assistant Spencer. May I
present, Jack the Giant Slayer and
ah, some other man.
Welcome, welcome, Jack.
What a magnificent castle you have
, your majesty.
Thank you, Jack. I guess, you've
seen the royal decree I have.
Yes, I have. It will be quiet an
honor to relieve you of such a
menacing giant. (Looking around)
And join such a wonderful family.
I wish Fedora was here, but she's
away on a trip. I expect her back
any day now.
      (Looking at
I'm looking forward to meeting
Well, Jack, I know your the best.
But don't take this giant lightly,
he's killed a lot of men.
Including giant slayers.
I won't. No room for mistakes
with such a giant. I will study
him and the terrain. Seek a
weakness and set a trap. This is
what I do best. I will, bring you
his head.
Ha ha ha Oh, Jack, I knew I would
like you. And Fedora, she'll be


                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
overjoyed. (Coughs..) Where are
you staying?
We just got in. We haven't found
a place yet.
We have rooms along our south
wing. There simple but private.
Be my guest to stay there.
Thank you, your most gracious. We
are weary.
Very well, I'll have someone show
you there. Good hunting, Jack.
Jack and Newton come out of the lounge room. Spencer is in
the doorway.
I'll have someone meet you in
front of the palace, to show you
to your quarters.
The door shuts, Jack and Newton begin walking.
      (Looks at Jack)
Did you see the Queen?
And the King. He's got to be the
nicest man I've ever met.


A basic room with two small beds and a table and benches.
Jack is standing going through his bag that's on his bed.
Newton is laying on his bed.
Here's something Newt, that I have
never shown you.
He hands it to him.
A spear head.
Look closely at it.
It's sharp.
There's several small holes bored
into it. I have two of them. And
He takes a small bottle out of a little wooden box.
What is that?
Deadly poison. Half is from a
large Egyptian asp and the rest
was made by an old witch from the
Tublar Province. She is known for
her poisons.
Is this how your going to kill Moe
Yes, the poison goes in the holes,
covered by a thin layer of bees
wax. I only have to wound him.
Jack opens the door to see a smiling Pogo. Jack steps back
somewhat startled. Pogo is about the same size as jack.


Hello Jack, I'm Pogo.
We're not interested.
Jack tries to close the door, but Pogo stops it with his
Wait, I can help.
We don't need your help.
You'll need a guide to the Lower
Jack stops for a second, opens the door.
You know your way around the Lower
I'm not going into the Lower
Woods. But, I know a guide who
will. He knows more about Moe Ogg
than anyone else.
Where can I meet him?
His name is Barlow. He'll be at
the tavern in about an hour.
Jack and Newton walk up to, The Bar of Yore , the local
I guess this is it.
They walk inside.


Jack and Newton look around. It's a candle lit place that's
about half filled. People are at tables in there own
groups. Newton sees Pogo.
There's Pogo.
Barlow and Pogo are at a corner secluded table. Jack and
Newton walk over to them. Barlow and Pogo stand up to
greet them.
You must be Jack? (Shakes his
hand) Oh, I've heard some tales
about you. Your a legend.
That I am.
      (to Barlow)
Barlow's me name, the best guide
of the Lower Woods, in all of
Yore. I've run those woods since
I was a child. One of a few, who
dares goes into them now.
The Barmaid comes up to them.
                       BARLOW (cont'd)
Another round of ale for us all.
The barmaid has a pitcher and puts two more mugs out and
fills them.
Actually, I could use a guide.
Maybe we could make a deal.
I know a lot about Moe Ogg. I
know the trails and some tricks of
getting in and out of the Lower
Woods alive.
Pogo with a big grin, shakes his head to agree with
everything Barlow says.


You've seen him then?
From a distance. I saw him one
evening on a hilltop. He walked
by a tree. I came back the next
day to measure a limb that was by
his head. He's fifteen foot,
That's big.
He's a shy giant. Rarely seen.
Those who've gotten to close,
usually don't live to talk about
Do you know where he lives?
It's no secrete where he lives. He
lives on the side of a mountain
over looking the Lower Woods and
the road to the south pass.
He'll come out to the edge of the
Lower Woods, to his corral, on the
first full moon.
No, bad ideal.
That sounds perfect. A time and a
place, outside the Lower Woods.
That would violate the truce he
made with the King. Well, the
truce he made with Moe Ogg's
troll. He use to have a troll
that did his business for him. Now
he only has a huge bear dog. And
he's very cautious near the
corral. The bear dog is always
ahead of him. That's why ambushes
have always failed.


What kind of truce does he have
with the King?
The King sent forty of his best
knights, horses, armor and two
giant cross bows to kill Moe Ogg.
All forty were slaughter.
Thirty nine.
Right, thirty nine. After that
Moe Ogg began raiding farms at
night. Killing anyone in his way,
taking livestock. All the farmers
left the area. So the King made a
deal with the troll to pay so much
meat, on the first full moon, and
Moe Ogg would keep to the Lower
Forty armored knights, was Moe Ogg
at least wounded?
      (Tilts his head to
Ask Pogo, he was the only
      (In unison with
You use to be a knight?
That I was.
He was the best swordsman in all
the land. One of the King's
I try not to think about that


Have you heard of giants with the
night eye?
I have, It's very rare in the
south regions where I'm from.
Moe Ogg has the night eye, he sees
well at night. He prefers to
fight and hunt at night.
That's how we were slaughtered.
Tell us, I need to know.
Without the road it takes half the
day to reach Moe Ogg's liar. When
we got there he wasn't home. We
finally got inside his house. We
found swords and armor. We lost
track of time. It was starting to
get dark, so we ended up camping
in the Lower woods. We had
several guards keeping watch. Then
in the wee hours of the night.
Pogo goes silent, with a trance like stare he begins to
trembling heavily.
Snap out of it.
Barlow slaps him across the face.
      (Puts his hand up)
Okay, okay I'm good...(Deep
breath) It happened suddenly. This
huge dark figure charged in. He'd
grab a knight with one hand and
throw him into the others.
Slinging a sword with the other
hand. Those who fell to the
ground got a hard stomp to the
head. With just a back hand
swipe, he took off Sir Edwards
head, standing right next to me. I


                       POGO (cont'd)
ducked and ran.
Pogo begins to shake again. Barlow raises his hand, but Pogo
catches it this time.
                       POGO (cont'd)
Aeh! I'm alright. (Takes a deep
breath, then slaps himself.) Okay.
He was throwing and hacking
people. If you fell, you were
stomped. Several of us were
running, but we couldn't see. We
were running through limbs and
brush. He was chasing us down. I
finally fell. But I was lucky. I
fell next to a old wolf den. I
got most of my body in there and
pulled a bush up to my head..... I
had to listen to the screams,
silenced by a thud. Waiting for
my turn that never came. After
daylight, when all was quiet, I
made my escape.
After a brief silence.
My God. I can see why you gave up
being a knight.
      (More upbeat)
Well, I really didn't have a
choice. The King was going to
execute me for being a coward in
battle. But first, he made me
walk like a chicken. I can do, a
really good chicken walk. He
thought it was funny and he needed
a jester, so he named me Pogo and
here I am.
No one is allowed to say his
knight name, ever again. Now he
is the best Jester in all the
That I am.


I'm not saying that because he's
the only jester. He's a whole lot
funnier than the last jester.
The last jester, Fufu, mainly did
fort jokes.
Yeah, that kindly got old after
awhile. But thats all he had.
Except for that one
Yeah, that was funny.
They both start laughing.
What'd he do?
A horse kicked Fufu and knocked
him into the Washer woman.
She spilt her bucket of soapy
water. And they couldn't get up
without falling back down.
Fufu was all over her.
She was cursing Fufu, for all he
was worth.
      (Calming down)
Oh, we laughed for days over that.


Oh, but the King really got mad
over that.
Why did he get mad?
It was the funniest thing that
happened all year and he missed
it. Everybody talking and
laughing about it, for days made
it worse. So the King decided to
get them all back together again
and have them re-enact it.
Yeah.. The second time wasn't that
No, it wasn't funny at all.
Not at all?
No. The horse kicked Fufu in the
head that time and killed him.
Yeah, it took the humor right out
of it.
I can see why.
Back to Moe Ogg. How much do you
charge to show us the safest way
through the Lower Woods, to the
giant's liar?
I'll do it for six inklets.
Very well. Where can I buy a
giant cross bow?
I'm pretty sure Moe Ogg has one.


Ha ha, where else?
The craftsman, who makes them
lives in a village, three days
north of here. He would have one.
Okay. To save time. I will have
you show Newt, the way through the
Lower Woods. While I go and buy
the cross bow. Newt, you can map
the way. Show all the trails and
any special land marks. Keep good
notes. (To Barlow) We'll pay you
half to start and half on safe
Very well, You do know Jack. A
group of giant slayers with a
giant cross bow, didn't make it
out of the woods alive.
I'll be doing it differently.
I think Yore, is going to have a
new prince.
You know, I've never seen the
Princess. What does she look
Both Pogo and Barlow look at each other, with a moment of
She is the gem of the kingdom.
She is like a flower that blooms
in the springtime.
She is the King's only child and
he's very protective of her. Any
unfavorable word about the
Princess, is considered,


                       BARLOW (cont'd)
blasphemy. And the punishment is
Pogo is nodding his head, yes. Jack and Newton look at each
Jack and Newton enter back into the room. Newton plops down
on the bed.
I'm tired.
      (Sitting on his
I think we'll rest tomorrow.
Great ideal. Do you know how your
going to take down Moe Ogg?
Yes, I'll tell you the plan. But
your not to speak of this to no
one. Do you understand?
Yes. No one.
If Barlow ask, you don't know.
Yes, of course.
It's really quiet simple. We will
find a place along one of his
trails. I will mount the cross
bow to a tree in a hidden place. I
have some fine but strong cordage.
I will attach it to some bait.
Bait, not me right.
No, of course not. He seems to
like armor. When he lifts it. It
will trigger the bow. Aimed seven


                       JACK (cont'd)
to eight foot high. My poisoned
spear heads only need to wound
him. We will follow the blood and
retrieve the head.
Doesn't seem to dangerous.
We'll just check it once a day. If
he doesn't see it by the first
full moon, we'll move it by the
I hate to ask, but how am I going
to get a cut out of this job?
You get to be related to the
Prince. Your really a lucky man
That's what I've been told.
An open market of many vendors, lines the alley like street.
Amongst the vendors are two young maiden vendors, tending
their spot. Jack and Newton are walking towards them.
                       SAUSAGE MAIDEN
      (To Bread Maiden)
Look! That's Jack the Giant
                       BREAD MAIDEN
That's Jack.
As Jack and Newton are near them.
                       SAUSAGE MAIDEN
How about some fresh sausage,
Sure, it does look good.
                       BREAD MAIDEN
How about a hot bun, Jack?


I love hot buns.
They both give Jack the sausage and bread.
      (To Sausage Maiden)
The Sausage smells good.
                       SAUSAGE MAIDEN
Would you like some?
She hands him a sausage.
                       SAUSAGE MAIDEN
That will be three pence.
You know, I'm Jack's cousin?
                       SAUSAGE MAIDEN
Oh, well lucky you, three pence.
                       BREAD MAIDEN
      (To Jack)
So your going to kill Moe Ogg and
marry Fedora?
That's the plan. Though I
haven't seen her. What does she
look like.
The two maidens stop and look at each other.
                       SAUSAGE MAIDEN
She's the gem of the kingdom.
                       BREAD MAIDEN
She like a blooming flower that
                       SAUSAGE MAIDEN
She's like a flower that blooms in
the springtime.
                       BREAD MAIDEN
That's what I mean't to say.


But, what does she look like?
He's interrupted by a annoying little voice from behind him.
A ten year old boy.
                       MARKET BOY
      (Butting in)
Hey! Are you, Jack the Giant
Jack turns to see the boy.
                       MARKET BOY
My father says, Moe Ogg is going
to kill you and eat you.
Well, your father is wrong.
                       MARKET BOY
He says, your just going to be a
big pile of giant dung, on the
side of the mountain.
Your father doesn't know what he's
talking about.
A man nearby comes walking up.
                       BETTING MAN
Hey! Are you Jack?
                       BETTING MAN
Are you planning on taking down
Moe Ogg?
                       BETTING MAN
Do you have some special mojo or


I have skill and wit, I have not
failed to bring down a giant yet.
                       BETTING MAN
Maybe I'll bet on you then.
People are betting on this?
                       BETTING MAN
Yeah. Next to the tavern. It's
five to one, Moe Ogg's favor
People are betting against me?
Jack the Giant Slayer.
Barlow comes walking up.
Jack! I've been looking for you
You know people are betting on
Yeah, this is a big event in Yore.
They have Moe Ogg as the favorite.
That's because he's killed a lot
of people around here.
They'll see. It will make me even
greater when I bring in his head.
When are you leaving to buy the
cross bow?
In the morning.


      (To Newton)
Well Newton, you want to take a
trip into the Lower Woods
Why not?
Well then, you need to stay at my
place tonight, so we can get an
early start.
Newton is riding Blue and Barlow is on his horse. They stop
at a trail that enters the woods.
This is a pretty safe trail I
haven't seen any signs of Moe Ogg
using it.
                       BARLOW (cont'd)
First thing you need to know. If
we see his hound, a large hairy
dog. Turn around and race out of
here. Moe Ogg will be near by. At
that point it's every man for
Is this trail going to take us to
his lair?
No. It will take us to another
trail, that the look out tree is
Show some different shots of them showing time passage.
Newton has a notebook size stretched skin he's marking on.
They come to another trail.
                       BARLOW (cont'd)
Alright this trail will take us to
the tree, where we can stop for


They ride up to a very large tree. Both are looking up.
                       BARLOW (cont'd)
This is it.
That's a big tree.
This is a secret, I'm sharing with
you. One of my tricks that's kept
me alive in these woods. I have
this tree rigged up so it's easy
to climb. I can see over the
other trees up there. I can see
Moe Ogg's mountain side.
Will you be able to see him from
up there?
No, the trees will block him. But
I can see smoke from his lair from
here. Which means he's home.
What, if you don't see smoke?
No smoke, we go back the way we
Barlow begins climbing the tree. Newton dismounts, looks
around and marks on his map.
Cut into the side of a mountain, a stairway leads to a flat
area, about three stories up. At the end of the stairs, an
open flat area starts (the patio). A eight foot wall
starting near the stairs runs on the mountain's side joining
with a twelve foot wall at the other end of the patio. The
twelve foot wall runs to the mountain s edge. There is a
four foot high cooking pit in the center and a look out
point near the end of the twelve foot wall. At the
back, the eight foot wall has a opening leading to Moe Ogg's
door to his stone house. Along the eight foot wall he has
fire wood stacked neatly.


Moe Ogg is putting firewood it his fire pit. Moehound is
there with him.
      (To Moehound)
Lets go check the hog trap.
Moe Ogg and his hound comes walking up to a wooden fenced
in, hog trap. Moe's carrying a sword. He sees that he has a
medium size hog trapped.
Goody! I've been wanting pork.
Barlow and Newton are riding the trail. They come to a
Okay, we're starting to get close.
There's a place we can tie our
horses over here.
They dismount and tie their horses.
How much further?
Not much further. This is the
closest I've been in years. Moe
Ogg can smell really well. He'll
smell these horses before he can
smell us. So, we walk from here.
They begin walking down the trail. Barlow becomes even more
cautious and squats down.
                       BARLOW (cont'd)
      (Talking quietly)
This is as far as I go. The Old
South Road is just right there. A
little further up you can see the
stairs to Moe Ogg's place.


      (Talking quietly)
I'd like to see the stairs so I
can place it on my map.
Be careful he has a lookout point
up there.
Newton begins carefully moving forward, soon he's out of
sight of Barlow. Newton is at the bottom of the mountain
side, The stones to the stairway is coming into view.
The South Road is the main road to the south pass. But now
it's littered with logs every so often, blocking it's use.
Moehound is coming down the road with Moe Ogg further
Barlow hears the movement nearby, he's alarmed, looking
around frantically, he begins backing out.
Moehound looks down a side trail and starts growling. He
then takes off going after Barlow.
Barlow is in full run, looking behind him, he sees Moehound
Moe Ogg is carrying the hog under his arm. He has a sword
in his other hand. He looks toward the sound of Moehound.
      (Yells out)
Go get him hound, get him.


Newton hears Moe Ogg, he becomes wide-eyed and alarmed. He's
looking around for a place to go. The mountain is behind
him and Moe Ogg is coming from the other direction.
Barlow makes it to his horse and quickly mounts. With his
sword he cuts Blue's tie. Moehound is now, right at him. He
swipes at him with his sword to keep him away.
Back! yahh!
He takes off with Moehound following.
With Moe coming Newton has little choice, he begins going up
the stairs. They have big steps and a small side wall.
Newton makes it to the top.
Newton is looking for a place to hide. There's walls around
the open area and a drop off in front. There's a cooking pit
in the middle. With Moe coming up the stairs, he goes to
the corner of the two walls, were a stack of fire wood ends.
He squats down in the corner, in a gap of the fire wood and
twelve foot wall. Just it time as Moe steps onto the patio.
He props his sword on the edge of the pit and plops the hog
on top of it.
You stink hog, but your going to
taste good.
Moe steps over to the look out point. He carefully scans
the landscape below. He takes a deep breath and lets out a
incredibly long and loud yell, of his name, that radiates
through the Lower Woods.
      (Long and loud)
A flock of birds are seen leaving their trees.


Barlow is riding hard, down the trail.
                       MOE (V.O.)
      (Radiating yell)
Barlow slows down when he hears the yell. He looks back to
see Moehound way behind. He resumes riding.
Moe Ogg takes his sword and splits the hog open long ways
and lays it on top of the grill. He adds some wood to the
fire and sits on a bench seat, near the look out point.
Newton is crouched in his corner, peeking at Moe, who's back
is turned. Newton begins to get up to try to sneak off, but
Moe turns and Newton crouches back in the corner almost
getting detected. Moe checks on the hog then goes and sits
back down on his bench. Newton is looking uncomfortable,
stretching out one leg and wiggling a foot.
The hog is looking done. Moe, who's sitting on his bench,
starts sniffing the air and looking confused. He stands up,
walks over to the pit and sees it done. He sniffs and
smiles. He cuts himself off a large piece of meat and takes
a big bite, then walks back over to the bench and looks out
over the woods, chewing his meat.

Newton slowly eases out of his corner. As he's stepping
away from the wood he limps and knocks off a piece of wood.
Moe turns quickly and sees Newton. Moe points at him and
begins to yell.
      (A yell cut short)
You!..(Abrupt end, he's choking)
Moe's eye's bulge and he grabs his throat with both his
hands, he choking. Newton stands there like a deer in the
headlights. Moe staggers forward, turning red and looking
in distressed, still with his hands on his throat. Moe and
Newton have locked eyes looking at each other. Moe eyes
roll back and falls forward, Newton leaps out of the way.
Newton is in shock looking at this mountain of a man, laying
face down in front of him. He looks around and sees, Moe's
sword on the pit, he takes it and whacks three times to
Moe's neck.


      (Breathing hard)
Oh, my God! I've got Moe Ogg's
He bends down and picks it up by the hair. Holding the
head, he gives a distant look, taking in what has happened
and what this means. His in-depth thought is cut short, when
he hears a growl.
His head turns sharply to see Moehound at the bottom of the
stairs coming up. With the head and sword, he goes through
the wall opening that goes to Moe's front door. He grabs
the handle that's above his head, with his sword hand and
pushes with all his strength. The door starts to open. He
has to fight back Moehound with the sword to enable him to
squeeze through the door.
Once inside Newton leans back on the door to shut it.
Moehound is heard growling and tearing at door.
The house is quiet simple. The walls are about twelve feet
high, with a cathedrall ceiling. The main room is
rectangular shaped. There's candles around as well as some
wall torches. At the back is a fireplace and hearth. To
the left is a short log with six swords stabbed into it.
Above it on the wall, is a giant crossbow mounted. Just
past the swords, is a circular stone cistern, with a wooden
bucket on it's ledge. Pass that is Moe's bench seat and
On the other side of the room, is a short hallway with a
room on the left and a door at the end of the hall. In the
main room further down is Moe's sixteen foot bed. The bed
ends not far from the end of the room near the fireplace.
Newton is looking around and taking in what he sees. He
looks at the swords and crossbow and then puts Moe's head on
the bench seat.
      (To Moe head)
All I have to do, is get your head
back to the castle and I'll be
Prince. (boastfully) Newton the
Giant Slayer, that slayed Moe Ogg.
Well kind of. And Jack! "Suck
hind tit, I'm marrying the


                       NEWTON (cont'd)
Newton starts moving around with his sword.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
      (To Moe head)
But, I can't tell them the real
truth. (Acting out with his sword)
You came at me, I jumped out of
the way. (jumps) Then I swung a
hard blow and... NO, I would have
just hit your leg. (Thinking) I
was at the top of the stairs, you
were coming up...Na,..(Thinking) I
know. I was up on top, like I was.
I saw you coming. So picked up
this sword and climbed up on the
wall, by the stairs. And when you
walked by. (Swings sword) Hi ya!
Right to the throat. You never
saw it coming. You staggered
around and fell... Okay we'll go
with that.
Newton looks around studying the room. He goes to the
hallway and opens the door to the room, the door opens into
the hallway. it's a small room, used as a storeroom.
The room is filled with different objects, mostly armor. He
tries on a Knight's helmet. He picks up a nice bag with two
handles on top and brings it out of the room. He throws the
helmet back in.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
I can use this.
He takes out a nice burgundy cloak, from the bag and throws
it on the bed. He examines the base of the bed.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
Okay Moe Ogg, your bound to have,
some treasure hidden somewhere.
He checks around the bed and fireplace looking at ground
level. He makes his way back to Moe's head.


                       NEWTON (cont'd)
      (To Moe head)
Where would you put it? Wait,
your fifteen foot tall, you'd put
it up high.
He starts looking at the top of the walls and notices a hole
above the storeroom, a few feet from the bed Area.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
That's got to be it. (Looking
around) I need a ladder.
With his sword, he goes to the base of the bed. It has some
long planks that run the length of the bed. He begins
prying off the top plank with his sword. With the plank
laying on the ground, he gathers up the six swords and a
rock. He takes a sword and with a hard trust drives it into
the plank. The blade edge runs cross ways on the plank. He
then taps it in further with the rock.
All six swords have been drove into the plank, about two
foot apart. He lifts the plank from one end and props it at
an angle, to the top of the wall. He begins carefully
climbing up, his makeshift ladder. He gets up high enough,
to look into the hole.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
A small chest is recessed in the hole. He reaches in and
pulls it to the edge. The chest is about a foot and a half
in length and it has handles on each end.
Wow! It's heavy.
He pulls it where its just hanging partly out. He has to
let go and grab the wall for stability.
Whoa.. I need both hands.
He starts coming down.
Newton is laying on the ground looking at the chest,


I could just let it drop , but I
need the chest.... I know!
Fedora's coach pulls up to the Palace and she gets out.
Fedora enters, looks around and is hoping to slip through,
to her room undetected. But Ominous walks into the room.
So, You think you can just sneak
in here and not speak to anyone?
Fedora stops and freezes for a moment.
I want to speak with Motha.
You want to speak to Motha. (More
angrily) I am the one you
betrayed, don't you think you
should speak with me.
I'm sorry I could not marry him.
Spledora walks into the room.
Your sorry! Who said you had a
      (Upset, getting
He had a leg like a chicken and
his teeth were like...bad!
(Hurrying off yelling) He was
Fedora leaves the room.


      (To Spledora)
Can you believe that?
It is hard to believe, I've never
seen a man with a chicken leg.
No. The ways she's acting, no
respect. Oh, I would be so much
angrier, if Jack wasn't here.
Thank God for Jack.
Go to her. She needs to know
about the decree.
With his remaining sword, Jack is prying off another plank
from Moe's bed. He then drives the sword in about four foot
from the top. He goes to the storeroom and comes out with
some rope.
He now has the plank leaned up, on the other side of the
hole, with the sword towards the top of the plank.
He climbs up the main sword plank, as he did before. Then
he steps one foot across, on the sword of the other plank.
Now the chest is at face level with him. He ties the rope
to the handle. He struggles with the chest pulling it out
and lowering it to the ground. He has just a second of
relief, then a jolt of fear. The two planks start sliding
apart, making his legs spread widely apart. The planks fall
to the ground and Newton is hanging onto the hole, dangling.
He looks side to side. He starts hand to hand walking along
the edge of the wall, towards the bed. Which isn't far, but
the bed is not directly under him. He has to swing back and
fourth to land on the bed, which he does.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
Thank God.
He gets up and checks the chest. He opens it, it's full of
silver, gold and jewelry. He runs his hand through some of


                       NEWTON (cont'd)
He looks around and sees a window up high.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
It's getting dark, I'll have to
stay here tonight.
A rooster is crowing. The Witch comes out of her front
door, still sleepy and goes to her outside fire area.
Something catches her attention.
Moehound walks up slowly and lays down in front of her. She
looks around.
                       WITCH (cont'd)
Where's big Moe? (She has a
realization) Oh, my. The change.
The stranger has come.
Newton is asleep on Moe's bed. He has a sword on one side
of him and the chest on the other. He wakes up abruptly. He
looks around , peeks in the chest briefly.
I've got to get out of here.
He gets up, takes the bag over to Moe's head and puts him in
Next he's seen with everything ready to go. The swords are
bundled together with a strap tied to it, so he can put it
over his head. He shoulders the chest on is right shoulder.
The head bag is in his left hand. He goes to the back door
at the end of the short hallway. He opens it and peers


Newton begins walking carrying everything. Not far from the
house is a large animal hide stretched out, between two
poles. The top of the hide is about five foot tall. The
bottom is about a foot off the ground. Peering over the
hide is Wilbert, with a extreme scowl on his face. When
Newton walks by, he sees it and is highly startled.
Ahh! God, you scared the hell out
of me. (Taking a deep breath) Are
you Moe's servant? (Wilbert just
stares at him.) I guess you know
he's dead? (Same scowling stare)
I'm a giant slayer and ah. Well,
how about six inklets, that ought
to cheer you up? (Same stare) I'll
tell you what, help me carry this
through the Lower Woods and I'll
give you twelve? (same stare back)
Good God, what do you want?
That's way more than you've ever
made. I've got to put this down.
He takes the heavy chest off his shoulder and puts it on the
ground. With his head down low he sees under the hide.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
      (Looking below the
       hide, he stands
Your just a head!
He looks over the hide to see Wilbert's head is on a pole.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
Why didn't you say something? (He
rolls his eyes when he realizes
what he said) I've got to stop
talking to dead heads.
Newton picks everything up , and starts walking. He's
walking on the back side of the twelve foot wall.
At the end of the tall wall, where it ends at the mountain
edge, Newton's heads looks around the corner. He has just
enough room to get around the corner, putting him on the
patio side, at the look out point. He walks to the bench


seat and sets down the chest. Moe's body lays behind him.
He looks out over the Lower Woods. He takes out his whistle
and blows it a few times.
Newton is now at the bottom of the mountain, walking away
from the stairway. Struggling with all he's carrying, he
stops and looks, he hears something. It's Blue. He sets
everything on the ground.
      (Over joyed)
Blue! Blue! (Meeting up with
Blue, he hugs his neck.) You
beautiful, mule. I love you.
Newton has everything tied on Blue. He mounts up and rides
down the mountain trail.
He comes in view of the look out tree. He dismounts and
starts leading Blue. He's looking carefully on each side of
the trail. He sees a large tree off the trail and walks
Blue over to it. The tree has a hollow area at it's base.
Newton takes the chest off of Blue. He opens it and takes
some coins out and puts them in his money pouch. He picks
up a ring from the chest.
      (To Blue)
This will make a good wedding
ring, Blue.
He closes the chest and starts digging out the hollow area
of the tree with his sword. He shoves the chest in there
and covers it up. He looks around carefully and leads Blue


Barlow is seen sawing on a log, as Newton comes riding up.
Barlow sees him, Newton stops and dismounts carrying the
Your alive!
Yes, but it was a close call.
What do you have in the bag?
Moe Ogg's head.
      (Burst out
What do you really have?
Moe Ogg's head.
      (Laughing and
No, really what?
Moe Ogg's head.
No, stop it. What do you have?
Newton reaches in the bag and pulls up the head. Barlow's
eyes bulge and face drops. Moe Ogg has a resemblance to
                       BARLOW (cont'd)
Dear, Mother of God.... I've never
seen him up close before. How in
the hell did you kill him?
He puts the head back in the bag.


I was near the stairs when I heard
him coming. I had no choice, but
to go up the stairs. His cooking
pit is up there and more walls. I
grabbed a sword from the pit,
climbed up the wall by the stairs.
And, "Hi Ya", right to the
throat, when he walked by.
Unbelievable, you really are a
giant slayer.
Well, there was some luck
I wouldn't take that head to the
      (Angry look)
Why not?
It would be blasphemy.
Take my advice, take it back to
the woods and bury it.
You just don't want me to be
Barlow's twelve year old son, Taylor, and his friend, come
walking up.
My son is coming, don't show him
the head.
      (To Newton)
I heard you were killed.


Well, you heard wrong.
What's in the bag?
      (Cutting in)
You two move along, me and Newton
are talking here.
Moe Ogg's head.
Barlow gives Newton a hard look.
      (And friend laugh)
Let's see it then.
No! You two can't look at it. Go
up to the house and wait for me.
Do you really have his head in
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
We want to see it.
No you can't. You know there's a
curse, that says "any young lad
that looks on the face of Moe Ogg
will go blind'.
I never heard that.
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
Me neither.
      (To Taylor)
Don't I always tell you, that you
never listen.


Well, you would know if you'd
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
I want to see it anyway.
How are you going to find your way
home if your blind?
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
Taylor can take me home.
He can't lead you around the rest
of your life.
Okay. Let them just look at the
back of his head.
Alright, then you two have to go,
I need to talk to Newton.
Newton pulls the head out and shows them the back of his
head. The two stare hard at the back of a big head of long
black hair.
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
I want to see his face.
      (Angrily yells)
Alright get! I'm about to whip
both of you. (He kick's at
Taylor's butt) Get!
The two walk off.
Is there really a curse?
No. I didn't want them to see his
face. You need to take that head
out to the woods and bury it.
You just don't want me to be the
prince. You wanted Jack. Well,


                       NEWTON (cont'd)
thats too bad. I'm taking the
head to the King right now.
Okay then, you do that. I
wouldn't show it to anyone before
the King sees it. He'd probably
get angry if people see it, before
he does.
Newton gives him a hard look and mounts up on Blue.
Newton rides through the gate and up near the stairs, that
leads to the palace. People are starting to take notice.
Newton dismounts and calls to a guard.
      (Calling out)
Hey guard! (The guard looks at
Newton.) I need to speak with the
                       PALACE GUARD
Who are you and what do you want
with the King?
I am, Newton The Giant Slayer, and
I have slayed Moe Ogg.
                       PALACE GUARD
Ha ha ha, The Hell you say. You
killed Moe Ogg?
I have, and I'm here to present
his head to the King
                       PALACE GUARD
Let's see the head.
No one should see it, before the


                       PALACE GUARD
I'm not bothering the King, unless
I know for sure.
      (He takes it
       partly out of the
Here, this is the back of his
head. The King should be the
first to see the whole head.
                       PALACE GUARD
      (With a concerned
Wait here, I will notify the King.
People are beginning to take notice and are gathering. In
the perimeter of the crowd, Barlow is seen as well as Taylor
and his friend.
The Washer Woman is walking along with her bucket and she
notices, Taylor's friend, whom she knows.
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
      (To Taylor)
There's my Aunt. (Referring to
Washer Woman)
He walks over to her.
                       WASHER WOMAN
What are you doing in town?
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
Haven't you heard? A giant slayer
has Moe Ogg's head.
                       WASHER WOMAN
Awh, I don't believe it.
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
No it's for real. I've seen the
back of his head.
                       WASHER WOMAN
The hell you say. Why just the
bad of his head?
                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
Because of the curse.
                       WASHER WOMAN
What curse?


                       TAYLOR'S FRIEND
If any young lad were to look at
Moe Ogg's face he'd go blind.
King Ominous comes walking out, followed by Splendora and
Newton is at the bottom of the stairs with the head bag.
King Ominous is looking around and past Newton.
Where's Jack?
It is I, Newton The Giant Slayer.
Newton, Jack's cousin.
Well, where's Jack?
He's not here. I am the one who
slayed Moe Ogg.
At this time Fedora comes out and stands next to the King.
      (To Ominous)
He's kind of skinny, but I like
Newton sees Fedora and is dumb founded by the resemblance to
Moe Ogg. He has the deer in the head light look.
Did Jack put you up to this? Is
he joking with me? (Looks around)
Where are you Jack?
People in the crowd start calling out.
                       CROWD (V.O.)
Let's see the head.
Show us the head.
Newton begins looking around at the crowd.


Very well, show me his head.
Newton sees Barlow with his arms crossed, smiling. He also
sees Taylor.
I don't have all day.
Newton is in a fix. He can't show them Moe Ogg's face, but
he has to. So he takes his knife off his hip, he opens the
bag and starts jabbing and cutting on Moe Ogg's face.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
Good God, Have you gone mad?
Newton lifts the head from the bag. Many from the crowd
gasp. Ominous stares deeply at the mutilated head.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
What the hell is wrong with you?
Why would you do such a thing?
He's already dead.
Because there's young lads here.
And because of the curse that
says, "if any young lad looks upon
the face of Moe Ogg, he'd go
What! I've never heard of such a
curse. (He looks to the crowd) Has
anyone here ever heard of such a
The Washer Woman steps forward and raises her hand.
                       WASHER WOMAN
Yes, I have.
Oh. I guess it's true then. But
how do I know this is Moe Ogg? (He
looks to the crowd) Has anyone
here seen Moe Ogg? (He sees
Barlow) You there, Barlow is it.
You go into the Lower Woods, have
you seen Moe Ogg?


I have, but not up close. I do
believe this is him though.
Oh. Where is Pogo?
From the back of the crowd, Pogo comes out.
Coming, your majesty. (He
hurriedly trots towards him)
      (To Pogo)
Stop! Go back.
Walk funny.
Pogo goes back and does a little skippy like trot up to
You have seen Moe Ogg up close. Is
that him?
It was very dark. He was just a
giant dark figure. But that is a
giant's head.
Oh, I almost forgot. Who helped
you slay this mighty giant?
It was just I.
      (Let down)
Oh, well then, tell us how you
managed such a incredible feat.
I went into the Lower Woods to map
it for Jack. I was near his
stairs and I heard him coming
from the woods. So I went up the
stairs. At the top of the stairs,
he has a large cooking pit and
more walls. (Getting dramatic) He
was still coming, so I grabbed a


                       NEWTON (cont'd)
sword from the pit. Then I
climbed on top of the wall near
the stairs. I knew I had only one
chance. As he walked by, Hi Yaw!
(swings his knife, the crowd gasp)
Right across his throat. He
grabbed his throat, as blood
gushed out. He stumbled around
and fell.
You've got to be the luckiest Son
of Bitch I've ever met.
There was some luck involved.
      (Calls to guard)
Hester walks over to the King.
Yes, my Lord.
You and Malcolm go to Moe Ogg's
house and see if he's really dead.
Yes, my Lord.
As he walks by Newton.
                       HESTER (cont'd)
He better be dead.
Lets go inside.
Fedora is smiling and watching Newton. Newton walks up to
You must be a very brave man?
I have my moments.


They are all in the lounge room. a servant has just brought
some fruit and bread and placed it on the table. The King
and Spledora are at the table with Spencer. Newton is
sitting nervously in a chair next to Fedora, who is holding
his hand. Fedora is smitten with Newton.
So, exactly where are you from?
Originally, Jack and I come from
southern Carintha.
You have travelled far. Fedora!
Let go of him. (She does so
reluctantly) Do you, by any
chance, have any royal blood?
Not that I know of.
What does your father do?
He's been dead for a few years
now. He was a wheel wright. My
mother has remarried.
A wheel wright. (He looks at
Spledora unenthused) I wasn't
expecting this to happen so soon.
Come back tomorrow, that will give
me time to think of what to do
Newton gets up, grabs some bread and fruit.
      (To Fedora)
I guess I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.


Ominous walks up to a door, looks around, then calls for
      (Whispering call)
Spencer steps out of the room.
Yes, my Lord.
How can I get out of this decree I
Not so easy. A royal decree, by
your own authority. Your bound to
Oh come on, there's got to be a
way out.
Everyone knows of it. And is
watching to see if you break it.
Your royal authority will be
questioned. A King does not break
a royal decree.
What if, what's his name, Jack's
cousin, was to die?
It would look very bad. If you
killed him before he married
Fedora, then you did not fulfill
the decree. You would have to wait
awhile after the marriage.
Oh, I don't know if I can bare it.
The King is in bed. Spledora comes in and lays in bed next
to him.


What a day. How can I have such
bad luck? What makes it even
worse, I can't blame that damn
royal decree on anybody but
Look on the bright side. Moe Ogg
is dead. You can now reopen the
Southern road.
I know. But I wanted Jack, not
some, string bean cousin of his.
Well, Fedora really likes him.
What does she know? What am I
going to tell the other Kings and
royalty, when they ask,"who'd
Fedora marry"? Well, not Jack,
but a string bean, giant slayer,
that nobody knows.
I know what you need to do. You
need to knight him. Then he'll
be, Sir Newton, the knight that
killed Moe Ogg.
That does sound better. I guess
your right.
Spledora, Fedora and Spencer are in the lounge room, when
there is a knock on the door. The announcer opens the door.
                       YORE ANNOUNCER
There is a Newton here, should I
show him in?
Yes, do so.


Fedora is anxious and excited. Newton enters the room.
Good morning my Queen and Fedora.
Fedora walks up close to him.
Good morning. I have some good
news for you.
Really, what?
Your going to be a knight.
      (Looking at
Is that so?
Yes. You did kill Moe Ogg, that no
other knight could do.
I'm honored.
But first, where going to have to
get you some suitable clothes. For
the King is going to knight you
the day after tomorrow.
Very well.
King Ominous is sitting at his desk and a knock at the door
is heard.
It is I, Spencer. (opens the door)
Hester is back.


Send him in.
Hester comes in carrying a two foot long sandal.
Your Majesty.
What have you found?
This is Moe Ogg's sandal. He's
dead, just as the slayer said. In
front of his house.
I was afraid of that. Leave me
Hester leaves the room.
                       OMINOUS (cont'd)
      (To Spencer)
Have you thought of any way out of
this decree?
No. Nothing that would have a
good ending. The people seem to
like him, and everyone seems to be
in better cheer.
      (High pitch mock)
"The people seem to like him".
What do they know? He's not
marrying their daughter. I guess,
I have to grit and bare this for
It's a large gathering. People are gathering around, with a
open lane going up the stairs to the palace. The royal
family and Spencer is at the top of the stairs. A row of
knights align each side of the stairs, with Newton at the
bottom. Newton is now in a leather attire similar to Jacks.
He is grander than ever before. The Princess is smiling
and proud. Familiar smiling faces are seen in the crowd.


The King shows no emotion. The Announcer steps out to the
top of the stairs.
                       YORE ANNOUNCER
Hear ye, hear ye. The good people
of Yore. I present to you, Newton
the Giant Slayer... Today, our
King Ominous will knight him for
the incredible feat of slaying Moe
Ogg the Giant.
The Announcer steps back.
Newton begins walking up the stairs. At the top, he kneels
down in front of the King.
      (With sword in
Do you...(Stops, looks at Spencer
and mouths) what's his name?
Newton! Swear to protect Yore,
from all enemies and honor the
I do.
The King touches Newton on top of each shoulder with the
You are now Sir Newton.
Newton then stands up and looks toward the Princess and
Your, Sir Newton now.


Newton in his new attire is walking proudly down Market
lane. The vendors and others acknowledge him. He's well
liked now in Yore.
      (Hands him a apple)
Sir Newton.
      (Hands him a roll)
Sir Newton.
Newton smiles, nods at them.
Newton still strolling along, crosses path with Barlow.
Newton. Well, look at you.
I guess you know now, why I told
you to bury the head?
Why, did you not tell me?
Would you have believed me?
Well, now we share a dark secret.
Moe Ogg is dead. There is no
But his daughter lives.


That's blasphemy!
You have seen it too.
You are wrong and you can be
killed for such.
It will be just between us. As
the Prince, you will need someone
you can trust.
We will never speak of this again.
It's amazing no one around here,
has seen his face and lived, in
the last twelve years.
The last twelve years?
Yes, that is when he came to Yore.
I remember, it was the year my
son was born.
Fedora is eighteen years old.
      (Surprised look)
She is. Then how can that be?
That's blasphemy you fool, just
thinking of such.
Forgive me, the resemblance.
Be gone.
Barlow leaves. Then Newton realizes what has happened.
                       NEWTON (cont'd)
      (To himself)
She's not Moe Ogg's.


Jack is seen riding through the gate. He is pulling to long
poles behind him, with a giant crossbow attached. He rides
into the outer courtyard area, dismounts and ties his horse.
Newton sees him, and calls out.
      (Calls Out)
Jack looks at him with a puzzled look. Newton comes over to
What the hell are you wearing?
These are my new clothes now. A
lot has happened since you've been
Look, I'm tired. That was a long
trip. I'm going to get something
to eat. Take the crossbow back to
the room. Then take Maynard, to
the stable.
                       STREET MAN
      (Greeting to
Sir Newton.
Good day.
      (Curious look)
What was that about?
Jack. I killed Moe Ogg, I'm a
knight now.
      (Burst out
Ha ha ha... that was funny. Where
did you get those clothes? Your
going to get in trouble wearing
them. I've heard things about the
King. He has a mean streak.


No Jack. I really did kill Moe
Alright Newt, it's not funny
anymore. Take the crossbow back
to the room.
                       FEDORA (V.O.)
      (Calling out)
They both look to see Fedora coming their way. By Fedora's
attire one can tell she's royalty.