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by Jonathan Everest (nevertheless414@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

A story of a man trying to release the local gang's control on the city he lives in along with a group of people with the same goals named the Maxima. Together they try to save the city from becoming a dark underworld where controlled crime rules.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


MARS KNOX sits on a worn-down couch waiting for something to
happen, a signal of his attackers. He hears footsteps and
jolts upwards and walks toward his large arsenal of weapons
becoming replete with all the guns and ammunition he could
possibly carry without it being a burden on his body.
                                         SMASH CUT TO:
A large crowd of about 20 men walks through the street, each
holding either a gun or a blunt weapon like a bat or pipe.
The GANG LEADER walks in front of all of them.
                       GANG LEADER
We know you're in there Mars!
don't make this any harder than it
needs to be.
                                         SMASH CUT TO:
                                         ABANDONED HOUSE
Mars pushes the rest of the weapons that he can't carry into
a chest going into the floor, he then closes the secret door
inside the floor and speedwalks out the back door.
                                         SMASH CUT TO:
                                         OUTSIDE STREET
Mars throws a smoke grenade after cutting a corner to act as
a diversion. He then runs down the cross walk onto the
neighboring sidewalk opposite to the abandoned house. He
goes into the opposite alleyway into one of the house's
The gang as well as the gang leader start to shoot through
the smoke hoping to catch Mars with one of the bullets to no
avail. As soon as they stop firing Mars fires a bullet from
his signature weapon, an M1 Garand painted black he calls
He fires three bullets before they find where he's shooting
from, he gets up but it's too late, they start to fire on
his location and he gets grazed by several bullets. He stops


himself from screaming in pain and runs away, dropping
another smoke bomb hoping it hides the direction he goes in.
                       GANG LEADER
Find him, he can't hide behind the
smoke forever.
The gang starts to move on Mars' previous location,
scattering everywhere trying to find him while he hides in
one of the houses trying to recover from the graze wounds.
                       GANG LEADER
Come back you coward, I know
you're here somewhere!
The gang leader says as he fires several shots off in the
                                         INTERCUT WITH MARS
Mars goes to the top floor of the house and looks through
the front window seeing the several gang members walking
around trying to find him. He opens the window slowly and
sticks the Thunderstryke out of it, taking several shots at
the gang members making them all scatter for cover.
                       GANG LEADER
Anyone see him?
                       GANG MEMBER
He's in the red and white house!
The group starts firing back at the house's windows but
don't even get close to hitting Mars. Mars waits until some
of them stop shooting and fires on some of them. After what
seems to be a stalemate with Mars not being able to shoot
them as they are constantly under cover and the gang members
not being able to shoot him because he keeps backing away
from the window, police sirens are heard and the gang leader
starts to retreat.
                       GANG LEADER
Come on! We'll get 'im next time.
You might've lucked out this time,
Mars, but next time, you ain't
gonna be so lucky.
Mars sighs a sigh of relief as he sees the gang leave the
area so as to not get apprehended by the police. He then
falls asleep as soon as he confirms the area's safe.


Mars walks down a busy sidewalk heading towards a small
house in the slums of the downtown area.
He approaches the house and knocks on the door once, then
twice, then once again, causing the person on the other side
to slightly crack the door open. When Mars opens the door to
come in he is met by an old man holding a shotgun to his
Who're you and how do you know my
secret knock?
Mars pushes the double-barreled shotgun to the side.
Don't point guns at me old man,
and who else would it be besides
JACK AXLE puts the gun down and goes to sit in the kitchen,
exhaling a deep breath.
One'a those mafia groups you keep
pissing off with your vigilante
activities, for all I know they
could've interrogated you to find
my location.
Mars closes the door behind himself and puts his bloody and
dirty trenchcoat on a nearby hangar.
                                         SMASH CUT TO:
They're not after you old man, so
that wouldn't happen. What will
happen is- did you take your pills
Jack shakes a bottle of medicine pills for himself then puts
it back on the table.
Good. What will happen is that
we're not gonna be able to pay the
rent for this place, we're already
struggling as is, and my work's


                       MARS (cont'd)
only gonna keep us up for so long.
And what do you suppose I do? In
the condition I'm in, I'm in no
state for work.
You sure old man? I saw a jogger
just around your age the other
Mars takes a seat across from Jack and leans back on his
And I mean... if someone your age
can jog, someone your age can
definitely work.
Pssh, I doubt whoever they were
had the same problems as I do, I
mean look at me, I'm in no state
to work.
Mars jokingly looks Jack up and down.
You don't look that bad, just a
'lil yoga and you're all set.
The both of them laugh about it.
Ahh... So, make any progress with
the whole "taking down the mafia
Afraid not, while I was in my
weapons' base they ambushed me, I
don't know how they found me, but
I need to find somewhere else.
Jack gets up and starts to pour the both of them some tea.


Well, and I know you won't do it
but... maybe you could take a
break. If you die, there won't be
anyone to take care of lil ol' me.
Jack, I think you're
underestimating yourself.
'Course y'do, kid, 'course y'do.
The both of them sit in silence while Jack cools the tea
down. After the tea is cool enough, Jack gives a cup to Mars
and sits across from him.
So what's your endgame then? What
do you do after you take them
Mars takes a long sip of his tea, almost drinking it all in
one swig.
I dunno, stay here with you I
You guess? Mars, I love you, I do.
You're like the son I've never
had. But you have to think further
about the future. You've got to
have an endgame, Mars, and I'm
hopin' you don't die before you
get to think about it.
Jack gets up, his tea finished, and slowly walks to his
bedroom to go to sleep.
Mars sits in the kitchen, thinking and drinking his tea,
when he's finished with the first cup, he gets a second and
keeps thinking, for hours he just sits there, drinking cup
after cup of tea and thinking, not just about the future,
but how they found him in the first place.
                                         FADE TO:


Mars gets up, wiping the crust off his eyes. He gets ready
for the day taking a shower, washing his face and brushing
his teeth. When he leaves the bathroom he finds folded
clothes on his bed. He takes them and smiles in gratitude of
Jack's parental providence, putting the clothes on.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Mars enters the kitchen to see Jack making breakfast for the
both of them.
I thought you were too old to
work, old man.
Too old to work yes, too old to
cook? Pssh.
Jack flips a pancake which lands flat on the pan making him
smile passionately.
You don't just forget to cook.
After you learn it stays in your
head, like learning how to ride a
Mars rolls his eyes and sits at the table waiting for his
So what trouble you plan on
causing today?
A group of like-minded people
wanted to meet with me, I don't
know if it's a trap or not though,
so I need to be prepared.
I see, and where did they say they
wanted to meet you?


Jack says as he sets down two plates, one having a full
stack of pancakes (for him) and the other having only two
pancakes with some scrambled eggs (for Mars). He then sits
down across from Mars and immediately starts to eat.
Central Park, why?
Kid, the Pink Elephants are
influential, but they're not gonna
try to anything in Central Park of
all places. Hell, that's probably
the only safe places in the city,
excluding churches, of course.
Yeah well, let's hope your theory
is true, I'll cya later old man.
He says eating the food even faster than Jack and putting
his trench coat on, he leaves the house, his Thunderstryke
hidden behind his coat.
                                         FADE TO:
Mars looks around to see if anyone looks like they're
waiting for someone or something but doesn't see a thing,,
he looks around once more and accidentally bumps against
someone. Before he can say anything, the person takes his
hand and walks him over to a secluded spot.
Who are you?
Th'name's Conrad, I'm a part of
the Maxima. The people that wanted
to contact you.
CONRAD IMMORTALIS takes Mars by the hand once more and
starts to walk him toward a small group of people, all
wearing black hoodies. Mars, not knowing exactly what's
going on, decides to follow Conrad if only to find out
what's going on.
Guys! Here he is.


Upon hearing Conrad's voice, the group turns to face the two
of them. One in particular, a woman with a red streak in her
hair, takes her hoodie off and stands in front of the group.
Odd, you seemed much taller from a
pair of binoculars. I'm
Maximillion, but you can call me
MAXIMILLION IMMORTALIS extends a greeting hand towards Mars,
but he doesn't return the favor, keeping his hands in his
pockets. After an awkward couple of seconds she lowers her
There's no need to be vigilant,
Mars, if we wanted to kill you, we
would've tried already.
That doesn't make you sound any
better. Who're you and why did you
want to see me?
Conrad walks toward the other members and starts to talk to
We're the Maxima, a group
dedicated to releasing the iron
grip the Pink Elephant Gang have
on Central City. I'm, obviously,
the leader of the Maxima, and the
person that led you here is my
son, Conrad. My intention was to
add you to our ranks, since you're
so efficient on not being killed
by them.
So you've been watching me? For
how long?
As long as we needed to Mars, for
instance, the other day we saw how
you took care of that small group
that had found you.


So why didn't you help me?
We did, who do you think called
the police? You really think
they'd do patrols in the slums?
So you've been watching me, and
now you want to recruit me? For
what? Don't you have a large
enough group as is?
Yes, but no one like you, and
judging from your recent
experience, you could use some
help as well.
Mars huffs and looks at the small group of people including
Conrad, upon counting, he finds that there are about 5 or 6
people, not including the people he already knows the name
Where's everyone else? Surely you
have a bigger group, right?
Yes, but they're not here, these
are just the main group, the major
members of the Maxima, I could
introduce them to you, if y'want.
I'll think about it, don't follow
Mars then turns and leaves the area to the disappointment of
both Conrad and Maximillion.
Mars closes the door behind him and puts his trench coat and
Thunderstryke away, he then looks around for Jack but
doesn't find him, he looks and Jack's room and finds him in
his bed asleep. He checks on him to make sure he's alive
without waking him up, he turns on the lamp on the side of
Jack's bed to see Jack's bottle of pills. He then checks his
pulse and finds that Jack is still alive. He doesn't try to
wake him up and instead tries to make some food for himself.


                                         DISSOLVE TO:
While Mars finishes up on making some food for himself Jack
wakes up from his room and walks into the kitchen, watching
Mars without him knowing. Eventually turns around to find
Jack leaning on the wall of the hallway, smirking.
Taking my hobby I see.
Your hobby? I thought your hobby
was sleeping all day.
Heh. How was the meeting?
It was fine, I got to meet the
leader and the name of the group,
they want the same thing I want,
but I feel there's something
they're not telling me. What you
I think you're bein' paranoid is
what I think. I also think that
sooner or later if you keep doing
this by yourself you're gonna find
yourself in a position you won't
be able to escape by yourself. You
need someone to help you Mars, and
as much as I wish I could, I'm too
Mars sighs while finishing the preparation of his food. He
sits down on the table and starts to eat.
Didn't make none for me?
I didn't know you were gonna wake
back up. I'll make some more if
Jack nods and Mars stops eating to make some more food for


So? What's the verdict? You gonna
join them or are you gonna do
something that will almost
definitely get you killed?
Same thing I told them. I'll think
about it.
Well think fast, 'cause the world
won't wait for you for very much
The two of them start to eat together, turning on the tv and
watching whatever's on, from the news to a cartoon show to a
talk show, they don't really care, as long as they have
something to eat with. After they're finished eating Knox
goes to his room to think on the situation he's in while
Jack continues watching TV. He takes out his cellphone and
takes out the card given to him by the Maxima messenger that
sent the time and place they wanted to meet him in and
starts to dial the numbers.


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