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Nightfall - Episode 1 - The Feeding Chamber
by Tim Tempest (Sjsharksphan@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

In a dangerous land, a war brews between two empires, and a forgotten race pushes their way toward the land they were once driven away from.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A large community surrounded by wooden walls, gates thirty
feet tall. The sun shines high above a large watchtower,
manned by an archer, a young man wearing heavy leather, his
forehead covered in sweat.
The sound of horses; quite a few of them. The rumbling gets
louder as we move back from the large gates, moving now
through the dirt. Hooves come trampling past us, dirt and
dust flying upward in their midst.
There are twelve horses. The front man, or better yet the
leader, sits atop a muscular black horse with one red eye.
The rider is THEROS. He's tall and thin, though his features
are unknown as are the rest of the riders; their all cloaked
in black, from head to toe.
Their faces are shrouded in darkness, a blank space under
dark black hoods. The archer atop the tower raises his bow
to the men as they all come to a halt just outside the
Who wishes to pass through to
The blackness under Theros' hood stares up at the archer
with blank intimidation.
I can't allow you to pass until
you've stated your name and your
THEROS looks back to his men. They all sit with discipline,
waiting patiently for their leader.
Very well. I am Theros. I'm sure
you've heard of me.
The ocean of blood in the archer's face seems to go dry
within a millisecond. His hands start to shake as he lowers
his bow.
I've come to collect a payment. I
do believe the old man should be
expecting me, Edgar is it?


Um, yeah, right... Edgar.
The archer turns around, looks down inside the village from
atop the tower to the man who controls the gates, ARTHUR
Arthur, open the gates!
Arthur is a middle aged man, medium length hair with a soft
face and graying stubble. Leaning against a stone wall
shaded from the sun, he looks up to the archer. He nods and
starts to operate a large crank as the gates slowly begin
hoisting upward.
THEROS is followed by his men as their horses casually
stroll them through the gates of Montath. The village has
maybe thirty houses; it's a mixture of rather large cabins
and huts. The color of almost everything inside matches the
deep, dark brown of the walls and gates.
The horses stop in the middle of the village. The villagers
all look petrified, elderly folk stand idly by their houses
staring at the pack of riders, while parents sweep their
children inside closed doors.
Who here goes by the name of Edgar
Nothing but silence. Theros looks around at the villagers.
They all seem too nervous to speak even if they wanted to.
Come now, release that fear you
hold inside... I've not come for
any of you. Today shall remain
peaceful, so long as I get what
I've come for. I ask again, is
there an Edgar Wilhamb here in
this village?
The villagers look around to one another, their nervous
energy can be felt just by looking at them. But still,
nothing but silence.
Theros dismounts his horse. He steps forward and looks
I know I didn't ride all this way
for nothing.


The villagers still remain silent. Theros' hand slides
quickly down to his waist, clutches a shiny silver dagger
which sits idly in it's holder.
Just then, the door to a large cabin pops open. A short,
round elderly man with a scruffy beard steps out. He's
wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, ripped up pants and
overalls; all of which are quite dirty.
Ah, there you are. I hope you've
not forgotten me, Edgar.
Edgar's face fills up with something that closest resembles
false fear; a forced smile, with beads of sweat running down
his temples.
Theros, no, no, of course not!
I've been waiting for you.
The rest of Theros' men start to get off their horses, but
Theros puts his hand up and they all remain seated.
I'll step inside with Edgar
privately. This business is
between the two of us, as men.
Edgar's pale face looks to the spot where Theros' face
should be, the blackness... it just stares back at him.
Theros finally moves forward, the two men go into the house
and Theros shuts the door behind them.
Edgar scurries over to a round table, slides out an old
creaky chair and motions for Theros to sit, but he refuses
with the shake of his head.
      (looks around at
       the windows)
Could you?
Oh, yes of course.
Edgar hurriedly goes around to each of the four windows in
the room and closes the curtains, diminishing the sunlight.


I was starting to think maybe you
weren't coming, it's been well
over a month.
Yes, well...
Theros removes his hood. It's more like armor, a strong
leathery black material that seems to have some weight to
it, as Theros sets it onto the round table with a thud.
We get our first look at his face. His hair short and black,
matted down with sweat. The complexion of his face is
terribly pale, his eyes a haunting black. A fairly large
scar sits directly beneath his right eye. Overall, to say
this man is frightening is to put things lightly.
I never did say exactly when I'd
come. Just that I'd come for my
payment. And here I am.
Yes, right, it---
Does it matter? Is this not a good
time to come and take your slaves
off your hands? Because, sadly it
can't wait.
Theros grins, his eyes squinting into slits of black, his
teeth small and sharp, and two large fangs at each end.
Yes, the thing is... the men that
are here, they're just my men. No
one in this village other than
myself has any type of slave
working for them.
What's the point?
Well it's just that these workers
of mine, I don't even really view
them as slaves. I am the only
farmer in the village, my crops
are vital to this place and my
workers help me maintain things on
a day to day basis.


That's a shame, truly. But you'll
find new men. But they won't last
long, either. Because now that I
know who you are and what you
have, I will come back time and
time again to take it all. And do
you know why?
Edgar's sweaty face looks down to the ground and then
nervously back up to Theros.
It's because I can. And so I will.
And should you at any time refuse
me these workers of yours, I will
cut your throat where we stand and
feast on your blood.
The men stand only inches from one another. Theros stands
tall over Edgar, looking down at him intently.
Well what is it you're waiting
for, then? They're all in the
field in the south end of the
village. You want them so badly,
go and get em'!
Theros remains still, but slowly a smirk comes across his
Just a little over a month ago, I
had no clue who you were, little
old man. Never saw your face,
heard your name, never knew you
breathed a fucking breath on this
planet. But you, little old man...
you knew who I was. Yes, you knew
when you saw me in those woods
when your piece of shit wagon
collapsed, and you knew what I was
going to do to you.
Edgar gulps, takes a slow step backward.
But I didn't do what you thought I
was going to... I didn't rip your
throat out and let you bleed. And
do you remember why?


Edgar's shaky body just stands there, he stares at Theros
but doesn't say a word.
Theros lunges out and grabs Edgar's throat with his right
hand. He chokes him with sudden rage. Edgar's face twists
into agony, he struggles to breathe, and then ---
Theros releases his grip. Edgar falls like a rag doll to his
knees on the hard wooden floor, gasping and breathing in
It's because you begged me for
your life. Begged me and promised
me all of your innocent workers,
promised me that I can take them
and use them like cattle for the
rest of my people. Surely you
remember that? You, on the other
hand, little old man... you
continue to breathe. And so you
continue to live.
Theros takes his hood back off the table and sets it on top
of his head.
I want you to understand
something. Though you offered me
payment, begged me for your
life... I could've chosen to kill
you anyway, show your workers your
bloodless corpse and then take
them with me as my own. But, I'm a
man of my word; a man of reason.
And as I said before, this is
business. I understand that to
keep things in line, there must be
rules. I'm sure in time you'll
grow used to me, whether you like
it or not. But believe me when I
tell you, you ARE a lucky man,
Edgar. A lucky, little old man.
Edgar holds onto his throat as he continues to gasp for
breath as he looks up to Theros in terror.
Until we meet again.
Theros walks out of Edgar's cabin, slamming the door behind


The sun is starting to set in the distance. The large wooden
gate hoists up once again. Theros and his riders exit at a
casual pace, followed by a chain of forty-three slaves. The
slaves are all tied with rope to one another and linked to
the horses.
As the gate shuts behind the riders, the villagers gather to
watch them leave. Their chatter is loud and fast among one
another, except for Arthur Lindry. He just stands idly by
and does his job of closing the gate.
The archer looks down as the riders fade away into the thick
trees of the forest with their newly acquired cattle.
The archer lets out a deep breath and wipes the sweat off
his forehead.
The sky is bright, full of stars and in the presence of a
magnificent full moon, which sits over a massive city.
The city is a giant field of fire from above, as torches are
lined down every cobblestone street and alley. The houses
here are large, fancy. Few people wander the streets, a
couple walk by with a bag of groceries.
We hear a single horses' footsteps knocking calmly across
the cobblestone. The horse, and its rider come into view.
Manning the beautiful brown-white horse is a man fully
armored in silver plate-mail. He wears the helmet of a
knight on his head, also silver, with an emblem forged into
the side; it's a very stylish golden K with a sword standing
vertically alongside it.
This man is a watcher of of the city. His name is Ethan
Rallon, he's somewhere in his early 30's. He and his horse
pace down the main street of the city; it's obvious that
this place is housed by people of good wealth.
Some of the houses have large glass windows, candles lined
up inside them, others completely dark. As Ethan passes
through the street, a black cat inside one of the windows
glares at him. Ethan makes full eye contact with the cat and
turns his head, watching it as he passes the house; so much
so that he almost hits his horse into a woman on the street.


Ethan's horse stops suddenly. He immediately looks forward
and notices the woman standing in front of his horse,
looking up at him. He lifts his helmet up onto his head, his
face is bright red with embarrassment.
Lea, I'm sorry I was just ---
Looking at that creature? You know
it's not very smart.
Lea is short and thin. Her hair is long and black, her eyes
dark green. She has a kind face and soft eyes, a nice smile.
She's very attractive.
Oh, please. Don't tell me you
actually believe that tale.
I've good reason to, I've seen the
consequences of locking eyes with
a black cat. It's a curse.
      (smiles in
Is that right? And what evidence
do you have of this "curse"?
When I was eleven years old, my
baby brother, he was six years
old; he was curious, always found
a way to get into new things. Well
one day when my mother had us
outside, my brother had gone
missing right under her watch. We
both searched for him, and ended
up finding him a couple of streets
away. Apparently he had noticed a
black cat wandering, and decided
to follow it. It was sitting with
him when we found him, right at
his side. My mother and I, we
refused to look into its' eyes.
                       LEA (cont'd)
My brother, though. He had looked
into the cats' eyes. And not just
for a moment. We knew right away,
my mother and I; we knew something
terrible would happen. And it did,


                       LEA (cont'd)
two weeks later. My brother died
during his sleep. Just like that,
no illness, no signs of anything
harmful. But I know that the day
that little boy looked into the
eyes of that cat... he brought
upon himself more harm than the
largest batch of bad luck in the
Ethan now looks more saddened than anything. A twisted
expression comes across his mouth, it's visible that he's
unsure of what to say --- until he is.
I'm really sorry, Lea. That's
terrible, for something like that
to happen to a boy that young...
but I'm sure there are many
reasons that what happened to him
could have been with logic.
Unfortunately I'm no doctor or
anything like one, in which many
ways I'm quite content. However, I
do believe that sometimes,
horrible things happen, even to
the best of people. And sadly,
there's nothing we can do to
change that.
No, but we can choose to drink
coffee and wine over a glass of
rat poison.
The two of them exchange smirks.
I'll tell you what. If I survive
long enough to tell the tale of
how I stared into the soul of the
black cat and went unharmed...
you've got to have dinner with me.
Well, that is some punishment, I
can only imagine your cooking is
not very good.


You'll have to give me the chance
to prove you otherwise. So long as
I live, that is.
Lea smiles and nods to Ethan. She walks by him and continues
on down the street.
Ethan smiles and sits still momentarily, then looks back to
the window, where the black cat no longer lays. A look of
curiousness fills Ethan's eyes then, as he looks back to Lea
who is halfway down the street.
If it's really a curse, how do you
suppose the owners of the house
are still alive?
Lea stops, turns around and thinks for a moment.
Perhaps they're blind.
She smiles once more and then turns off into an alleyway.
Ethan looks satisfied with her answer. He motions his horse
forward and continues on toward the largest house in the
city; the Castle of Kalmidos. It stands separately from the
city, across a bridge, though inside the same walls.
The castle is wide and bulky, with three towers. At the top
of the middle tower is the same emblem that we saw on
Ethan's helmet; the golden K and the sword standing next to
The bridge is manned with two guards who are equipped with a
sword and shield. The shield bears the familiar emblem of
the Sword & K. Under the bridge, deep blue water sits in
stillness. Ethan approaches the bridge and the guards let
him through without question.
As he reaches the end of the bridge, the castle doors, which
are massive and strong in appearance, open slowly. Ethan
posts his horse up into a shed outside the doors and then
walks inside the great fortress.
The room is marvelous. A golden-hued marble floor with
beautiful stone walls. Art lines the walls in many forms;
portraits, trophies, a large black bear head, a sword and
shield crossed over one another, the shield flashing the


sword & Golden K. In the back of the room is a large bed,
where a woman with curly blonde hair lays in a night gown,
looking through letters.
A man in a shiny golden breastplate walks in through the
door, closes it behind him. He lets out a sigh of relief and
smiles at the woman on the bed. The woman is the Queen of
the land, Elle Kalmidos. The man is her husband, the man who
keeps the peace; the King, King Nathan Kalmidos.
Nathan is in his late forties. He's got a short, clean
haircut which is starting to become grey throughout. His
face, though not shaven completely, is clean and
      (walking toward
       his wife)
You would not believe some of the
complaints I hear from people
daily. I sometimes wonder if they
all just secretly hate me and plot
to kill me with the power of
Nathan sits down on the bedside next to Elle. She sits up
and helps Nathan remove his breastplate; there are large
straps connected across his back that keep the armor in
You know they love you. Some of
them more so than others, but
that's to be expected. You don't
suppose men like Harold Ouger
would ever truly appreciate what
you do?
Nathan smiles and glances back at Elle.
Well, to be honest I don't care
about what men like him think. It
does bother me, though, when I get
complaints from men and women that
our services of protection are not
living up to expectations. I'm
unsure of whether or not the
problem lies within their own
minds, or am I truly not doing
enough for this land with the
current status of our military?


Half of the straps on Nathan's armor are removed. Elle stops
for a moment, thinks, then continues removing the armor.
You are Nathan Kalmidos. Your
grandfather built this city, in
its entirety. The people who live
here, there are many types. There
are those that understand that no
matter your title, your position,
you are indeed just a man. And
those people are the ones who will
remain loyal to you, to us,
because they understand that you
do everything in your power to
keep blood from being spilled in
our city, in our land. But there
are others, and there always will
be others... who think that you
can control it all. People who do
not appreciate how amazing this
city is, how safe the land around
it has been compared to others.
And these people will blame you
for everything that happens either
to them, or to the land; because
they do not truly understand.
Elle finally removes the last strap. Nathan's golden armor
loosens and he sets it down on the bed next to him. He's
very muscular, his skin is tough.
I like to think that what we have
here, the safety you speak of... I
like to believe that it is not
taken for granted. Or that it
shouldn't be, at least. I know
that you understand how fast our
safety can be compromised, how
much evil lurks beyond our walls,
beyond our land. I just wish that
everyone else knew, too. Knew that
I'm trying my best.
Elle softly kisses Nathan's neck, kneeling behind him,
hugging him.
You are the best King that you can
be, and I truly believe that you
will be just that until the day
you are no longer here.


All I ever wanted, from the time I
was a child, was for this land to
be different. I wanted our people
to be free, to live happily. I
wanted us to be as different from
the Western Lands as possible.
The Western Lands is filled with
primitives, savages, and beasts.
They know no civilization, only
survival of the fittest.
Nathan leans back and starts to kiss his wife.
You have kept us a peaceful
people. You will not be halted by
people filled with hate and
We are not the Western Lands.
The land is mostly barren, there are few trees, including
one giant that stands above the others. The ground is dry;
hard, rough looking. Nothing in sight for miles except for a
group of people with a carriage being pulled by one single
The people are all dressed in light-weight robes, all
covered in sweat and water. There are eight males, five
The women start to pass around a canteen full of water. As
they drink, one of the men rips the canteen out of one of
the women's hands and pours it over his own head. We'll call
the man ASSHOLE #1, and the woman will be known as WOMAN #1
                       ASSHOLE #1
Fuck this bloody heat, this filthy
fucking land. Fuck all of you,
fuck the 'orse, fuck the carriage,
                       WOMAN #1
I bet you'd like that, wouldn't
you? It's too bad you stink too
bad for any woman to even get near


Asshole #1, who's hair is long, scraggly, and greasy,
grimaces. His teeth are yellow and rotten, his face covered
in dirt and scars.
                       ASSHOLE #1
Yeah you're right, I'm sure you're
in much better condition than I am
under them robes, love.
He smiles widely, ear to ear. He's extremely ugly and
somewhat scary.
The woman spits in asshole #1's face. He simply smiles and
laughs at her.
                       ASSHOLE #1
The carriage continues pulling forward, the horse in charge
looks dehydrated and beat.
                       ASSHOLE #1
The horse is halted to a slow stop. ASSHOLE #1 smiles at
woman #1 again, the two of them standing only about three
feet from each other, separated by other men and women.
                       ASSHOLE #1
      (points at WOMAN
This bitch thinks she's better
than I am.
The CARRIAGE DRIVER, who is an old man in rough shape, steps
off the carriage with shaky legs.
                       ASSHOLE #1
Thinks she's more deserving of
water than I am, she does. Also
thinks I'm dumber than I am.
WOMAN #1 suddenly has a look of fear in her eyes. She's
                       ASSHOLE #1
I saw this bitch rummaging through
some dead ones a couple days back!
Saw her sneak a diamond ring right
off a little one's finger. Thought
no one saw 'er, but she was wrong;
I saw the bitch. Caught red


WOMAN #1 looks extremely nervous, the rest of the men and
women surround her. They all start yelling, almost like a
                       WOMAN #1
No! He lies! How can you trust
this man? He's a killer!
                       ASSHOLE #1
And remind me again, 'oo is it
that I'm killin' for? Oh, that's
right. For all you fucking cunts!
You think you can take that ring
for yourself, and then what? Run
off when we near the borders, sell
it to some city asshole and 'ell
bring ya' in, welcome ya' to the
big FACKING CITY?! No, bitch! The
ring will be ours!
The crowd gets louder now, seemingly happier. They chant
harshly at WOMAN #1, even the rest of the women join in. The
carriage driver, though, does not chant. He steps closer to
the group of men and women, attempts to speak ---
                       CARRIAGE DRIVER
Quiet, I heard something.
The carriage driver, who as mentioned before is old and in
rough shape, is not heard whatsoever over the chanting of
the group. He steps up now even closer, raises his old shaky
voice to it's extent.
                       CARRIAGE DRIVER
The chanting stops. ASSHOLE #1 looks infuriated. He turns to
the carriage driver with rage in his eyes.
                       ASSHOLE #1
You interr --
                       CARRIAGE DRIVER
      (puts his hand up)
Shh. I saw something. Over there,
by the tree in the distance.
The group looks over to the biggest tree in the distant
land. It's about one-hundred yards away, surrounded by
shrubs and rocks.


                       ASSHOLE #1
I don't see anything. The 'orse,
he didn't make no fuss when we
were closer to it a few minutes
                       CARRIAGE DRIVER
Perhaps one of us should go and
make sure, just to make sure we're
not being followed?
                       ASSHOLE #1
Right, because we're not traveling
far enough already, ya' old fuck!
I'm not wasting any steps taken
from 'ere to a big fucking lake. I
need me a nice drink of water, all
for my fucking self. You want to
see if there's something back
there, go and check for yourself.
                       CARRIAGE DRIVER
I'm telling you, I saw the figure
of a man. I'm old, yes, but my
eyes do not fail me. Not yet, at
The horse starts to whine. A flock of crows emerges from
some nearby trees and bushes.
                       WOMAN #1
What if it was a distraction? The
man by the tree?
The group, including the woman, asshole, and carriage
driver... they all notice at once. They turn behind them, in
the opposite direction of the massive tree where the driver
saw the man. About twenty large, muscular men with animal
fur skirts and bone jewelry all across their bodies; they
all raise up from off the ground, emerging from their
These men all are equipped with weapons, mostly spears and
stakes. The biggest man of them all, though, holds a stick
with a massive claw on the end.
                       ASSHOLE #1
Oh, fuck. BEASTS!
The carriage group all begin screaming, running off in
different directions. But they do not get very far.


The men, the BEASTS, they charge at the carriage group from
behind with overwhelming speed. They jump out and stab them
through the back, lunging with their spears. Blood showers
the dirt in a good thirty yard radius. The horse is
struggling to pull itself free, unleashing loud cries of
ASSHOLE #1 is running off by himself. The biggest beast of
them all, the one with the claw-tipped spear, chases him in
hot pursuit. He closes in on him, hits him across the side
of the head with the non-tipped end of his spear. ASSHOLE
#1's head starts to leak blood from just above his right
temple. He falls down and struggles to make it back to his
                       ASSHOLE #1
You fucking beasts. You're all a
bunch of savages! You think you're
not, but you are. Fuck your way of
life. At least my people ---
You're people... the ones who kill
men for simple conflicts? They are
your people, yes?
                       ASSHOLE #1
Bloody fucking right! At least
we're not animals. We're real
fucking people! And what do you
pretend to be? What do YOU do?
You are real man, yes. I know what
you do, it is true.
The beast smiles down at asshole #1, a very evil looking
You run; and you die.
The claw-tipped spear is raised high up into the air and
then comes crashing down into the base of asshole #1's
skull, sending blood splattering from left to right like a
shower of blood.
Dead as dead can be, asshole #1's face is frozen in pain and
terror, his eyes enlarged, mouth open. The beast clamps the
claw down into his head and then yanks back, removing
asshole #1's head from his shoulders, sending even more
blood flowing out of his unfortunate self.


Back near the carriage, the rest of the beast's men search
through the carriage group's bodies. They rip their clothes
off in one tear, search through every piece of everything
they had.
As the beast with the claw-tipped spear, whose name is
officially SHIA'GAR, steps forward with asshole #1's head
mounted on his spear.
Have we found anything?
Most of the men shake their heads in disappointment,
Shia'Gar responds with a firm nod. But then there is one ---
one man about fifteen yards away, kneeling down next to the
body of none other than WOMAN #1. This man is one of
Shia'Gar's most loyal companions. His name is SHIA'TOLEN.
I found this, my warrior.
Shia'Tolen gets up to his feet, his hand enclosed over
something. He walks up to Shia'Gar and opens his hand to
reveal his finding; a beautiful, red diamond ring.
This is good. We will take it for
Shia'Beth. She will like it.
Shia'Gar walks over to the carriage, the horse still
connected to it, struggling to move anywhere. Shia'Gar kicks
the restraints holding the animal back, breaks them in half;
the horse immediately takes off, running fast as it can away
from the sight of the carriage.
      (watching horse)
You are free.
A teenage boy, fourteen to be exact, walks along the bridge
of the Castle. The sun is rising in the distance, the sound
of birds singing fills the air.
This boy is Nathan Kalmidos II, son of the King. Therefore,
we will know him now as Prince Kalmidos. The Prince nods as
he passes the guards at the end of the bridge. The city
streets are starting to fill up, people walking out of their
houses to join the morning shoppers.


Many people greet the Prince as he walks through the large
crowd toward the back gate of the city, he's showered with
"good mornings". and "honored to have you as the Prince"
comments one after another.
Prince Kalmidos is a kind person. He's tough at heart,
tougher than even he knows, but he's gentle and fair to his
people. He resembles his father, the King, except without
the facial hair. He wears silver armor trimmed with gold.
His breastplate shines with the all too familiar sword &
golden K.
A lone man sits with a bottle of wine in his hand, half
asleep next to the back gate. The gate is metal, narrow, old
and rusty. It's unlike everything else we've seen in the
city, for the simple fact that it doesn't look perfectly
well kept.
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
Harold, open the gate.
The gatekeeper is a grumpy looking balding man, who looks
even more obnoxious at the moment due to his drunken state
of consciousness. His name is HAROLD OUGER. The Queen
mentioned him earlier, not a very liked man inside the city;
or out of it for that matter.
Very well.
Harold lazily sits up off an old, uncomfortable looking
chair and walks even more lazily over to the gate crank.
And where is it that the Prince is
going this early in the day?
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
As if going out at night would be
a better idea?
Harold's mouth snivels up in disgust.
I didn't say that.
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
Just open it. You don't have to
worry about my safety.
Harold cranks the gate open, its rusty creeks echo off the


I don't care about your safety...
just so long as next time you
leave, you go out the NORTH GATE.
That way if you die, the King
won't have MY head.
The Prince shoots Harold a stern look.
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
At least you're honest. I suppose
that's one of your better
qualities. Or perhaps it's the
only one; at least I know who I
should worry about saving the day
that the Blood Knights come to
fight us for our city.
The Prince walks by Harold and exits the gate. Harold's face
is filled with a defeated scowl. He takes a strong swig of
his wine, looks off to the Prince as the gates now close
behind him.
      (mumbles to
Little shit.
The area is a giant forest. Great green trees stand guard
over thick bushes and colorful flowers. In a small clearing,
a nice open area, one fat tree stands alone; it's all sliced
up its trunk.
Prince Kalmidos walks calmly over to the tree. He takes out
his sword; a thick, shiny silver blade with a golden handle.
With one hand, he swings the sword and strikes the tree.
He starts to swing faster, laterally, vertically, he spins
while slicing downward, he jumps and slices, he starts to
move his feet faster as he hits the hell out of the poor
The sound of bushes rustling loudly.
Prince Kalmidos stops almost immediately. He turns behind
him, where the source of the sound is revealed; a young boy
and girl, about eight years old.
Sweat runs down the Prince's face. He looks at the two kids,


                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
What are you two doing out here?
Do your parents know you're
outside the gates?
The little girl looks to the boy, then back to the Prince
with a cautious look in her eye.
My name is Mary. This is my
brother, Sam. Our father knows
we're out here.
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
And your mother?
Sam looks up to Prince Kalmidos with a saddened expression.
She's dead.
      (leans over and
       hugs Sam)
We don't like to talk about her.
It makes us sad.
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
I'm very sorry. I'm sure she was a
nice lady.
Mary smiles at the Prince, then looks to his sword.
You're the Prince; why are you out
here alone?
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
      (looks to the beat
       up tree)
I'm training; teaching myself how
to fight.
But wouldn't you get tougher if
you did that inside the city, with
the warriors?
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
The warriors treat me differently
just because I'm the prince. They
think they have to pamper me. I
like to fight alone, teach myself


                       PRINCE KALMIDOS (cont'd)
what I want to learn.
Our father is a good fighter with
his sword; he says he's killed a
Blood Knight before. Are you a
good fighter?
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
I'm not exactly sure just yet.
Hopefully when I find out the
answer, it's the one I was hoping
for; which would be yes. What are
you two doing out here, anyway?
Aren't you a bit young to be all
alone in the woods?
We're not alone, we're with each
Our father trusts us; he likes us
to come and collect berries for
the three of us. He says we can't
be afraid to leave the city on our
own, we just have to be careful.
                       PRINCE KALMIDOS
Yes, he's right. Be careful. There
are bears in these woods, among
other things. Go and find your
berries and get them home safely.
Mary and Sam exchange smiles with the Prince and then head
off past him through the trees. Prince Kalmidos' face goes
from a smile to serious focus, as he turns back and starts
chopping at the tree again.
Large columns edged around a fairly large, circular room.
The floor is a reflective marble. Above, a wonderful rounded
glass ceiling. Sunlight pours in and floods through the
room. Five guards stacked from head to toe in silver armor
trimmed with gold.
King Kalmidos sits on his throne. He wears his golden
breastplate, though his pants are a thick black material,
not heavy armor. His crown is bulky and gold. He looks
relaxed, calm.


A woman in white, gold-trimmed robes walks into the room.
Her name is ALENA, she's young and beautiful; a peacekeeper
of the city.
My King, a man named Edgar Wilhamb
is here with a complaint, and
Edgar, with a complaint AND a
request? Yes, that seems about
right. Very well, send him in.
Alena smiles and nods to the King, then exits the room
And then --- in steps Edgar Wilhamb. He looks slightly more
miserable than he did when we first saw him in Montath.
Edgar steps forward through the room, gets to the center
where the floor is indented in the shape of a K. Edgar gets
down to one knee and looks up.
Edgar; seems like quite a long
time since I've seen you. Still
out in Montath, growing crops for
the community?
Yes, My King. Montath til the
death of me, or so it seems.
Growing crops? Perhaps not any
longer, not after yesterday's
And what happened yesterday?
It was Theros, of the Blood
Knights. He came and took my
workers away.
Nathan sits up in his throne, a concerned look flashes over
He forced his way into Montath?


No, my King. He didn't force his
way in.
Nathan now looks confused more than anything.
You let him in? With what reason?
Well, my King... it's a bit of a
story, not sure if ---
I'll be sitting here for quite
some time, tell the story.
      (nods firmly)
About a month back, I had been
traveling home from Elseigh,
they've got one of the best
taverns in the land there. I went
with my carriage, I prefer the
relaxation and comfort over riding
with a saddle. Anyway, I remember
I came to a fork in the road.
Perhaps it was a sign of myself
getting older, but I seemed to
forget which way led home. It
wasn't til much longer that I
realized I went the wrong way,
because I came to a big rocky
area, made one of my carriage's
wheels snap right in half.
Nathan leans back in his throne, listening intently.
It was dark by the time I was
stuck in the middle of some place
I did not recognize. I started to
worry, to panic a little. Then I
heard the horses, a couple of
them; they were coming in my
direction, and fast. For a second,
some stupid piece of me thought it
was going to be someone that might
help, either try and fix the
carriage or help me and my horse


But it turned out to be Theros?
It did. And when he saw me, he
smiled. His men smiled too. He got
down off his horse, that ugly
beast with the red eye; he walked
over to me and got right in my
face. He asked me what I had,
gold, drinks, anything and
everything. I told him I just
spent the rest of my coin drinking
at the tavern. He laughed in my
face, pushed me to my knees and
told me that every man should have
a drink before he dies.
Theros is an assassin. I wouldn't
ever expect mercy from him, so how
are you still alive, exactly?
Edgar hesitates, his face now filled with shame; and sweat.
I begged him. I was out there, in
that forest, my horse whining, my
legs and back aching. Maybe it
would have been better for me to
just let him end it right there,
but I didn't have it in me; I'm a
coward. I've always been terrified
of the Blood Knight's, the moment
I saw Theros I thought I was dead
Which leads me to ask you again;
how are you NOT dead? Surely
Theros has been begged before, but
I doubt that begging alone would
grant a person the assurance of
their life.
Edgar's face starts to tremble. His eyes tear up.
No, my King. I offered Theros all
of my workers. I told him I had
about thirty of them; turns out
there were forty-three. I told him
he could take them, do what he


                       EDGAR (cont'd)
pleases with them so long as I
went unharmed.
Nathan is disgusted. He looks down at Edgar with a disturbed
You let him have them as cattle?
Do you understand that the last
time a commoner made a deal with
an outsider was over one-hundred
years ago? We have a system in
this land, Edgar. We have a way of
doing things; your way, it's not
Well what makes what you do so
much better?!
Excuse me?
Last time I checked, you and your
"warriors" trade off men and women
every other month to those
outsiders, those Blood Knights.
Last time I checked, the men and
women my city hand over to the
Blood Knights are prisoners;
people who've committed serious
crimes, like murder, rape,
betrayal. We trade our prisoners
instead of executing them on our
own with the benefit of
establishing a sort of trust
between us and the outsiders. It's
a way of keeping the peace and
avoiding war, not just some last
minute trade-off where we luckily
have men and women whom we can
spare in place of ourselves. Do
you see the difference?


The only difference I see, is that
you wear a big fucking crown and I
I would watch what you say to me,
Edgar. I've known you for many
years, since before I was King.
But that doesn't mean I'll show
you favored mercy. You said you
had a complaint, and a request.
I've heard the complaint, I think
you're pathetic to hand over
innocent lives just because you
were too irresponsibly drunk to
find your way home. Now what is
your request?
Edgar looks unsure of what he should say next, but he
gathers enough courage to spit this out ---
My request WAS going to be that
you spruce up the forest roads
with Warriors of the city. It's
too dangerous for us commoners to
travel at night ---
You mean it's too dangerous to get
drunk and get lost while far away
from home, farther than you should
be when it's dark. A man your age
should be wiser, Edgar. I've not
known many men who were dumb
enough to think the forest safe
enough for travel at night,
especially alone and drunk off
their ass.
Well it doesn't matter, "MY KING".
I said that WAS my request. My
request NOW, after seeing how much
you care about your people... is
for you to take that golden hat
and shove it straight up your ass!
Nathan's guards instantly draw their swords from their
holders, a collective "shiiiing" echoes through the room.


You have some nerve to talk to me
about caring for my people; a man
who would sell the lives of
innocent men and women so he can
continue to live as a coward. I DO
care for my people, Edgar; the
people of Kalmidos and the
surrounding land. But you, you are
not my people, not anymore. I will
do everything I can in my power to
retrieve those workers you sold
like sheep; but you, I will not
try to justify what you did. Just
as easily as you cast those men
and women off to be slaughtered, I
now proclaim you a prisoner of the
city of Kalmidos.
Edgar's face fills up with shock and terror.
A prisoner?! You can't! I've come
to you to ask for help! You're the
King, dammit!
That's right.
      (motions to his
Take him to a cell. I don't want
to look at him any more.
The guards hoist Edgar up with force. They walk him out of
the room, but Edgar doesn't go silently.
What kind of land is this? Where
men have to resort to such things,
because their life isn't guarded
properly!? What kind of King are
you, dammit?!
Nathan looks up to the glass ceiling, where a large cloud
slides like a cupboard door over the sun, putting the throne
room into temporary darkness.


An amazing castle hulks out from the middle of a monstrous
mountain. The sky is dark, the only source of light are
torches near the castle that dimly light the forest around
On a steep pathway up the mountain, Theros and his men on
horseback, followed by Edgar's workers, make their way
toward the Night Keep.
The men and women tied to the horses look entirely
exhausted, beaten and ready to fall over. Spikes with
mounted skulls line the pathway, along with random bones
scattered across the ground.
      (looks back at the
I'm sure you're all in need of
rest. You'll all rest soon, I can
assure you.
Theros' evil face flashes a wicked smile as they come upon
the castle's entrance.
The horses come to a stop. Theros dismounts, followed by his
men. The workers hobble around behind, some of them kneeling
over so they don't fall.
      (addressing his
You've all been exceptional on our
journey. I'm sure the Lord Emperor
will have a nice reward for after
delivering him this gift. I will
be sure that you all are paid
properly for escorting me.
One of Theros' men, ALAC, steps forward. He's got a long,
bony face, his eyes just as black as Theros; a common trait
among the outsiders. His hair is long and dirty, his robes
covered in dirt also.
Knight Theros, you must know we
require no payment. You are our
clan master, we are at your
command, you must know this by


I appreciate that, Alac. However,
I will decide a fitting reward
when I feel necessary. My clan
shall celebrate together. For now,
I want you to go and take our new
friends to their destination.
Prepare them while I inform the
Lord Emperor of our return. I'll
handle the rest.
Alac smiles and nods at Theros, who nods back at him with
A windowless room. A mysterious dark red lighting emits from
an assortment of candles. A chair crafted out of bones;
sitting on it, a dangerous, scary looking man.
He's tall, thin. His fingernails are long and dirty, his
hair black and shoulder length. His face just as pale as
Theros', his eyes just as black. He wears black plated
armor, a heavy black cloak lined with red trim on the
This is the LORD EMPEROR. He looks pleased to see Theros,
though even when happy he's not very pleasant looking.
Theros bows before him, a swift bend of the knee and motion
of the hand.
I have returned, Lord Emperor.
                       LORD EMPEROR
Yes, and how did the roads treat
you, Knight Theros?
Well, Lord Emperor. I've brought
you a gift. A serving of slaves,
fresh from Montath.
The Lord Emperor seems to be amazed. He is refreshed by the
                       LORD EMPEROR
And how exactly did you manage
that? I assumed you were headed to
visit your sister at the Blood


I did visit the Tower, Lord
Emperor. Alaina is well, along
with the rest of her clan. I
struck a deal with Edgar Wilhamb
of Montath last month. He agreed
to give me his slaves in exchange
for his life.
                       LORD EMPEROR
Amazing. There hasn't been a trade
from any commoner in over
one-hundred years. How is this
possible, Knight Theros?
The villagers all just stood by
and watched. Too scared to say
anything, I imagine. Or perhaps
they just weren't as dumb as they
                       LORD EMPEROR
I suppose it doesn't matter, you
have accomplished something
magnificent, Knight Theros. What
of this Edgar Wilhamb?
I assume he'll collect more men
and women; he's a farmer. I
assured him I'll be back to take
everything he has. He'll grow
accustomed to my visits in time.
                       LORD EMPEROR
I commend you for your work,
Theros. I do wonder what the
King's reaction will be, though.
I don't imagine he'll have one.
Edgar Wilhamb is too cowardly a
man to say anything, and I don't
believe anyone of the Montath
villagers will risk telling on me,
do you?
The Lord Emperor smiles, his spiky teeth clenched together.


                       LORD EMPEROR
You are a force of the Blood
Knights, Theros. You're deed will
not go unpaid.
The Lord Emperor rises from the Bone Chair. He strides over
to Theros. The Lord Emperor reaches inside his cloak and
hands over a golden coin.
Theros twirls it around his fingers, looks at it with
curiosity and then up to the Lord Emperor.
Just one?
                       LORD EMPEROR
You remind me of me. Always
wanting more.
My apologies, Lord Emperor, I di
                       LORD EMPEROR
Half. One now, another after you
make sure that the Montath workers
go strictly to my brides. When the
men find out, they will act like
starved fiends. Will you see to it
that the slaves go to the brides,
and the brides only, with the
exception of yourself; you brought
these slaves home, I will allow
you to enjoy a goblet or two for
your dedication.
Of course, Lord Emperor. Anything
for you.
                       LORD EMPEROR
You are dismissed. I'm grateful
for your services, Knight Theros.
Theros walks away, almost out of the room when he stops and
turns around.
                       LORD EMPEROR
Something else?


The men of my clan, they all
traveled at my side to the Blood
Tower, Montath and back to the
Night Keep. I feel as though them
being with me to bring back the
workers deserves some sort of
reward itself... perhaps you could
allow me a barrel for them to
The Lord Emperor stands and thinks for a moment, looks down
at the ground and then back to Theros.
                       LORD EMPEROR
You will receive three barrels,
and you will take part in the
celebration with your clan. I will
announce your great accomplishment
to the rest of the Keep, however I
will not do so until tomorrow
night's council.
Theros nods respectively and then heads out of the room as
the Lord Emperor grins once again, pleased with Theros'
The room is brightly lit with torches. Lots of red curtains
hang from random spots on the ceiling, marked with foreign
symbols. Skulls are mounted on the walls.
Multiple strong, large steel chains hang from the ceiling
over a hole in the room the size of a small swimming pool;
it looks like a big silver, drain-less sink.
The room is filled with completely naked women. They're
laying across the floor like animals, patiently waiting as
the Montath slaves stand near the giant chains. These women
are the brides of the Lord Emperor.
The slaves' ankles are all bound in tight iron clutches,
which interlock with the chains hanging from the ceiling. A
hunched over old man wearing dirty robes stands near a big
wheel-like device. He stares at the slaves with hatred.
The echoed sound of a door opening, and a large group of
people walk in; men, women, children. They look excited,
curious. They're all wearing unwashed cloth robes. They look
like slaves themselves, but they all have matching black


Through this group now, a large man pushes through with a
clan following behind him. They stop in the center of the
room, the naked women lying on the floor look to the biggest
man with disgust.
This man's name is Elrath. He's big, muscular. A big bushy
black beard covers his face, matching his eyes.
Feeding time, is it? I hadn't
Elrath's voice is deep, powerful.
The old man standing over the wheel steps up and speaks in a
low, cracked voice.
                       WHEEL MAN
I was told to wait for Knight
Theros' command, Knight Elrath. I
will do as I am told.
Theros? What makes him so fucking
Theros pushes through the crowd himself now, apparently
having heard Elrath himself.
I guess you haven't heard. That's
alright, I'm sure you'll hear all
about it in great detail at the
celebration after tomorrow's
What celebration? What will I hear
I brought these slaves here to the
Night Keep.
You? What the hell do you mean by
that? How can YOU have gotten
You didn't hear me right, Knight
Elrath. I didn't say prisoners. I
said slaves.


Elrath is surprised, he looks at Theros as if he's lying.
I'm the first outsider to take
slaves from a commoner in over
one-hundred years. The Lord
Emperor is extremely pleased with
Well I'm sure he is. It is a great
accomplishment, "KNIGHT" Theros.
'Cause that's what matters to you,
right? Your loyalty to the fucking
Lord Emperor? The man who tells
you you're so special, praises
your every move, and tells you
you're of great importance to
him... yeah, right. Til' he has no
use for ya' anymore and decides to
cut your fucking throat himself.
Elrath's clan all laugh and grimace behind him, while the
group of men, women, and children look somewhat scared, but
anxious to see what happens. The naked brides all lay and
watch patiently; they look almost bored.
I'm not here to listen to rants of
broken loyalty, Elrath, so save
this bullshit for someone who
cares. I'm here to do my job, and
that's it.
Oh, and what is it then? Your job?
To assure that these slaves go
purely to the brides.
The brides instantly smile and start crawling toward the
slaves, talking with each other as they get closer.
The group of men, women, and children burst out into
riot-like shouting.
You think we're all just gonna
stand here and watch these bitches
have their way with the slaves, is
that right?


That's exactly what I think.
You've no reason to complain, you
get plenty enough of barrels sent
your way, as do the rest of you
      (nods to the men,
       women, and
Barrels? Compared to fresh fucking
blood? FUCK THAT. I won't stand
here and let this happen.
You're right. You'll step outside.
All of you will. And then the
brides will get what's theirs, and
the Lord Emperor will remain
I'll tell you what, you little rat
faced fuck. If you wanna try
stopping me, you'll have to stop
the rest of my clan as well.
Elrath's men stand behind him firmly and nod.
You know I sometimes forget your a
clan leader. I've never heard of
anything you've done to be honored
with such a position. And you and
your men all mock the Lord Emperor
with no regrets. You're more than
undeserving, if you ask me.
Well no one did ask you, and no
one will! You think for bringing
these slaves home it proves you as
some kind of hero? Is that what
you think?
I think it proves me useful. Can
the same be said for you? Now that
I think of it, what HAVE you done
for the Order? Because I've never
seen you in a battle before. I
don't think I've ever even seen
you fight.


You're gonna see me fight in a
couple of seconds if you don't
fuck off and give me what I want.
The slaves belong to the brides,
and the brides only. Last warning.
A WARNING?! Is that what it is?!
Theros and Elrath stand with deadly expressions, face to
face. Elrath rips out a dagger from its holder on his waist.
If you swing, you'll be sorry.
Elrath, much taller than Theros, looks down at him. He
smiles and laughs to himself.
A bloody fucking WARNING!
Elrath plants his left foot on the floor, steps back and
then lunges forward at Theros, his dagger outstretched and
aimed at Theros' heart ---
But in a flash, Theros removes his own dagger from his waist
and swings it in a smooth, lightning fast motion straight
across the neck of Elrath, who's eyes widen instantly as his
body falls with dead weight to his knees.
Theros' arm is still outstretched, his dagger in the same
position it was when it slashed Elrath's neck. Elrath holds
his wound with two hands, the blood spews out between his
Finally, he falls over flat on his face. Dead.
The room goes silent. The men, women, and children all look
horrified. The brides look pleased with Theros. Elrath's
clan look shocked, unsure of what to do.
      (looks to Elrath's
Your clan leader is dead. You have
no reason to fight me, I do not
want to kill you. The Lord Emperor
will assign you to a new leader,
someone stronger and surely,
someone smarter.


Elrath's men look around to one another, they start to
If any one of you wish to
challenge my authority here, step
forward now. If not, I ask that
you please step outside of the
feeding chamber, along with the
rest of the men, women, and
The clan members talk it out for a few more moments and then
--- they all nod and head off toward the door, along with
the men, women, and children.
The crowd of them all bunch up as they pass through the
door. The brides all look up to Theros and smile, pleased
with his enforcement.
Theros walks over and waits for the last few remaining
people to exit, and then he closes the door but remains in
the room. He looks over to the old man who operates the
wheel and gives him a signaling nod.
The old man begins turning the wheel. The chains the slaves
are connected to start to pull upward. The slaves fall over,
some hitting their face off the ground. They are raised up
by their ankles slowly, left to hang upside down like
sleeping bats.
The old man reaches for a large blade on a table, but ---
No, don't. This is my batch, I'll
do them.
The old man seems surprised, but understanding as he steps
back and sits down, nods to Theros in confirmation.
Theros takes his blade out from its holder again. It still
drips blood from Elrath's neck. He walks across the chamber
floor, through the cluster of naked brides. He comes upon
the slaves, all hanging over the big sink, which now appears
to be more of a well, waiting to be filled with water of its
own kind.
The slaves are all crying. Some of them speak foreign
languages, some not. Even still, it's easy to understand
that all of them are begging for their lives. It doesn't
matter, though.


Theros walks in a line and does them each, one by one; he
cuts their throat in one quick slice, sending their blood
like a fountain, pouring into the well beneath. The big
container of blood fills up rather quickly.
As the dead ones go limp, the wheel operator turns some
more, sending the living down the line, like a conveyor
belt. Theros keeps on slicing.
We get a montage of Theros' blade going across several
necks, speeding up, almost in fast forward, until finally
--- one final splash of blood. The slaves are all dead. A
line of forty-three corpses hang across the chamber, and the
big sink, or well, or whatever you want to call it, is
completely filled with fresh blood.
The brides crawl over to it as quick as possible, like
thirsty animals. They gather around the blood and scoop it
up into their mouth, like drinking out of a lake. Some of
them splash large amounts upward, soaking their entire
bodies in it.
As they drink, the blackness in their eyes turns to a
strong, blood red except for the pupils. Theros takes a
large silver goblet off a table and puts it fills it in the
pool of blood.
He drinks casually out of the goblet, his eyes turning red
like the brides.
Theros stands back and watches the feast. Some of the brides
crawl into the pool, they soak in it and even dip down
underneath it, swimming in it. The wheel operator sits back
in his chair as if he's seen this many times before; it's
nothing unusual or exciting to him.
Theros looks down at his hand. He's holding the gold coin
given to him by the Lord Emperor. He twirls it around in his
fingers again, smiles, and looks over to the spot on the
floor where Elrath's large, dead body remains.
                                         END OF EPISODE 1


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