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The Party
by Brett Slaughter (golfnotom@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

The Party is a story revolving around raw characters that experience emotions and circumstances that will grip the reader and dive them into a mystery not about what happened, but why.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An outdated single wide trailer in a rundown park. The
interior is clearly aged as well.
Detective Emmett HARRIS, struggles out of bed.
Harris, in his late forties, is a tall and handsome black
man. His long face emphasizes his loneliness.
Harris enters the kitchen. He notices a picture that is
tipped over. He props it back up revealing a picture of him
and his especially pretty ex wife.
He walks over to his coffee maker and pushes a button. He
grabs an apple out of a basket and takes a bite.
His cat JUDE, gets on the kitchen counter and stands in
front of the coffee maker. Harris gets a can of cat food and
opens it.
Harris walks out of the bathroom with a nice shirt and
slacks on.
After hearing a loud commotion, he looks out the window and
sees his neighbors fighting.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I wonder what it's about this time
RAVON, a beautiful black women, walks out of her trailer.
Ravon's around thirty years old with a great body. ZIGGY,
her boyfriend, looks like a punk and is average size.
The two argue with each other.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (to Jude)
I wish she was walking out of this
trailer instead.
Detective Harris ties his tie.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
But nope I'm just the crazy guy
who talks to his cat.


He puts his pistol in a holster that hangs on his shoulder.
He then puts his badge on his belt buckle.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
See you later Jude.
The cat watches him walk out the door.
The house is a small, cute bungalow.
Harris sits in his Crown Victoria, parked in front of the
house. He honks the horn twice, before Detective JESSE
SAMUEL finally rushes out.
Detective Samuel is in his late twenties. He is very
handsome and buff. He's groomed well and looks very dapper.
Samuel gets in the passenger seat of the car.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I don't got all freaking day. When
I pull up I want you out here.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What's up your ass this morning?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Nothing. Just in a hurry. And be
ready next time.
The car drives away.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What's the agenda today?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Typical stuff.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
So nothing?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
We're probably going to drive
around. Hope to catch someone in
the act and be grateful we patrol
in the most boring precinct in


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
So I was watching Walker Texas
Ranger last night and I realized
we need cowboy hats.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
No we don't.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
We're cops in Texas. We need
cowboy hats!
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Here's the problem. You look like
you just left the set of a whitest
kid's you know video.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What are you saying about me?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
The only thing you're missing in
your wardrobe, is a wife beater
tank top and some pants two sizes
fatter than your ass.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
And what are you missing?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'm smooth, I ain't missing a
Detective Harris smooths his hair.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
My style is superb and I don't
even have to do anything. It just
comes natural.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
And you're saying I have to work
on the way I look.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Harder than anything else.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL


An old cathedral style building with beautifully landscaped
Insert - Title on door which reads:

Harry Winston
Office of President
Wellington Academy
A large and luxurious office. A very comfortable couch along
with two comfortable chairs inhabit the office.
HARRY WINSTON, sits behind an expensive wooden desk. Harry
is in his early sixties, he is very professional and looks
like a geek.
MAGGIE walks into the office.
Maggie's gentle brown hair flows elegantly with her fit and
seductive body. She wears a blouse that reveals enough
cleavage to be noticed, but not enough to be overly flashy.
Harry, it's so good to see you
Harry stands up.
Is there anything in particular
you need?
Shouldn't I be the one asking you
that question?
Harry walks behind Maggie and then walks up behind her. He
then puts his hand on her shoulder.
I might be able to think of
something you could do.
Harry kisses the back and side of Maggie's neck.
I've never been on the couch.


It's very comfortable.
The two fall to the couch.
Harry moves his right hand down Maggie's chest.
Harry lies on the couch with his hand on Maggie's knee, who
is sitting up. Maggie's blouse has a few buttons undone
revealing her bra.
Yeah Maggie.
Does your wife suspect us?
I don't know. To tell you the
truth I don't really give a damn.
What if she was doing this?
Harry sits up.
What do you mean?
You know, having an affair.
No, not her.
But if she was. What would you do?
I'd kill her.
Of course not.


The two chuckle. Harry kisses Maggie on the lips.
Let's not talk too much about her.
What is there to do? We've already
done everything else.
Harry chuckles.
I might be able to think of
something original.
Harry kisses Maggie.
A large room with desks filled with police officers,
uniformed and detectives.
Samuel leans on Harris's desk while eating a donut. Harris
plays solitaire on the computer at his desk.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
There's got to be something out
there. I mean come on, no murders
in three months. Is there anything
in the cold case files?
Harris stares at his computer screen.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Ace of spades, huh?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Are you even listening to me?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yeah, cold case is empty.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You mean you solved every single
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yep, all two.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Gosh, you could have left
something for me.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
People just aren't getting
murdered like they used to.
CAPTAIN MALLORY walks toward Detective Harris's desk. He
carries a coffee cup with three donuts resting on top of it.
The Captain has blond hair and a beer gut. He looks very
tough, but scary. His head has three obvious gunshot hole
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Those donuts for me?
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
I need all three. They'll only
give me enough energy for twenty
minutes or so. It's the bullet
holes. They make a sugar high so
desirable it's unbelievable.
Mallory points to his head.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
That's a lot of ables in one
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
How many times were you shot again
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
Three times. One nearly hit my
brain. Some say it did, but I
think it just grazed it.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
One way or the other, it sure did
come close.
Samuel rolls his eyes.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You've never been more right in
your whole life Detective Samuel.
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
Don't you guys have something to


Detective Harris stands up.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yeah, we're gonna go bust some bad
Detective Samuel jumps up.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
We are?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yeah, we are kid.
The two walk away.
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
Now don't be screwing around out
there. You're on the City payroll.
Harry dials a phone number and waits as it rings.
A luxurious stucco mansion in the prestigious Preston Hollow
neighborhood of Dallas.
LESLIE WINSTON and PAUL STONE, lay in bed together in their
underwear, kissing.
Leslie is gorgeous with brown hair. She is in her early
forties, but her body looks as if she is twenty one.
Paul is very handsome and professional looking in his early
The phone rings. Leslie reaches over and picks up the land
Honey, how's your day been?
Running errands all day.


You're home. I hope you are giving
yourself a little break.
Yeah things are going okay.
Well what would you say to having
a home cooked meal tonight? Call
in the housekeeper to help you if
you need.
Sure. What sprung this on?
I don't know, we just haven't
spent too much time together
lately. And Travis, I worry about
him. Maybe we need to act like a
sitcom family more. You know what
I'm trying to say.
Yes, it will be fine. I'll have
dinner ready around six.
Perfect! And Leslie, I love you.
Thanks Harry.
They both hang up.
Harry sits back in his chair and appears very depressed.
Maggie walks into the office.
Harry does not pay any attention to her.
What's the matter?
Harry stares at his desk.


First time in our entire marriage
I said I love you, and she never
said it back.
And you care about that?
Harry looks up at Maggie.
Of course I do. That means it's
over. It's literally over.
Detective Samuel leans against Harris's car, while Harris
sits in the drivers seat.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
We're the two best homicide
detectives in Texas and we ain't
got a thing to do.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
It'll happen, trust me.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Would someone just please kill
somebody already.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Like I said, it it'll happen. It
might be within the force, but it
will happen.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Ah shit. What's today?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Friday, why?
Detective Harris shuts the car door.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (shutting car door)
Get in the car.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What's the matter?


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Just get in the damn car.
Detective Samuel gets in the car and shuts the door.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Is there an emergency?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Shit yeah. We gotta go!
Detective Harris starts the car and hits the gas. He swiftly
merges into traffic and then turns his lights and siren on.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What the hell is going on?
Detective Harris goes through a red light, causing cars to
swerve in order not to hit him.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You really should tell me. I mean
we are partners.
Detective Harris speeds on a two lane street. He goes to
pass a semi and sees a car facing him. With seconds to
spare, he swerves onto a sidewalk driving under storefront
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Now would be an awesome time to
tell me.
Detective Harris comes to another intersection, with a red
light. He hits the gas to the floor, without seeing what's
in the intersection.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Holy shit!
Detective Harris safely goes through the intersection. He
then hits his brakes and turns into a Sonic Drive-In.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What the hell? Did someone rob the
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
There's a two dollar special in
there that ends in two minutes.
Detective Harris pulls two dollars out of his pocket.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Why the hell are we here?
Harris hands Samuel the money.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Go get it for me. Cheeseburger, no
tomato or lettuce.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You go get it. I have to clean up
all the shit out of my pants.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I thought you were bored.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yeah, but I didn't want the shit
scared out of me.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Watch the car.
Detective Harris gets out and walks into the Sonic.
As Detective Harris walks in, he notices a ROBBER holding a
thirty eight pistol while pointing it at a female cashier.
The Robber is a fat guy in his late forties wearing a
jogging suit and a ski mask.
Give me the money lady!
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (to himself)
You got to be shitting me. Of all
Detective Harris takes his pistol out of his shoulder
holster and points it at Robber.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Drop the gun!
      (looks at Harris)
Kiss my ass.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Drop it now.
Harris walks toward Robber.
Get back or I'll shoot this woman
and then I'll shoot you.
Detective Harris stops and stares at Robber. Robber then
turns his pistol and points it at Detective Harris.
Detective Harris fires at Robber hitting him in the leg.
Robber drops the gun and falls to the ground.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (to radio)
I need a bus at the sonic on Davis
street. Bad guy is on the ground
with a bullet in his leg.
Harris walks over to the front door of the sonic and peaks
his head out the door.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Samuel, we're gonna be
here a while. I just shot a perp
in the leg.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What happened? Cashier wouldn't
give you the discount.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Very funny, now get in here.
Samuel enters the restaurant.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Seriously man, your jokes get old.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I know, but I ain't shitting you
this time.
Detective Samuel has a shocked look as he sees the Robber on
the ground.
Detectives Samuel and Harris stand in the Sonic as the
Paramedics carry the robber out on a stretcher.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
It's getting to the point where
nothing will surprise me about
this job anymore.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
It's like I said. You wait long
enough and shit happens.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yeah, no shit spoken there.
Short pause.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
But honestly, did you know this
was gonna happen? I mean like, is
this why we drove here so fast?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'm not that good. Came here for
the two dollar special. I intended
to partake of that special, and I
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
That was a lot of work for a
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Look on the bright side. We ain't
gonna be bored for a while.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Harry walks into the grand entryway of the house and shuts
the door behind him.
Honey, I'm home.
Leslie loudly responds from the kitchen.
Dinner will be ready in a minute.


Harry walks into the kitchen and sees TRAVIS, his only son.
Travis is seventeen. He's tall and athletic. A pair of
headphones cover his ears.
Harry walks up to Travis without him noticing. Harry grabs
one end of the headphones and lets go, causing them to snap
Travis's ear.
Ouch! What the hell did you do
that for?
You never listen to music at the
dinner table.
You and your old man rules. I've
been meaning to ask you. Can I
please get another Corvette? I'm
so uncool without it.
You should have thought about that
when you wrecked the first and
second one.
Come on Dad. It's been like three
My thirty day rule cannot be
broken. You must wait thirty days
for a new one every time you wreck
one. That's not too much to ask.
Yes it is. Gosh, every kid in my
high school has a Corvette or a
So did you, until you wrecked it.
Look you should be lucky you have
a car at all. When I was your age
I was lucky to drive my parents
station wagon. On top of that,
when you go to Harvard you can
take my Rolls Royce. That will
give you something to look forward


I don't want a stupid old mans
car, I want a nice convertible.
You don't pay three hundred
thousand for something stupid.
Leslie walks in carrying a ham. She sets it down on the
Come on guys, stop fighting. Let's
have a good dinner together.
Leslie kisses Harry on the lips and then sits down.
How was your day?
Very fulfilling. I got a lot done.
So did I.
Harry starts to dish up his food.
And you Travis? How was your day?
Not too bad. Basketball practice
hurt like hell.
Seat-belt whiplash sucks, doesn't
At least he was wearing one this
Do we have to talk about my car
accidents every dinner?
They're so frequent they tend to
be a good conversation starter.
And I wouldn't call your wreck an


I accidentally lost control.
Yeah, on a straight road.
Every damn road in Texas is
straight. Why don't we move back
to California? You can go be a
Principal for the children of the
They can't afford to pay your
Father what he's worth.
Speaking of teaching, I'm supposed
to have you sign this parental
Let me see it.
Travis pulls out a paper from his pocket and hands it to
Can barely read it. It's so
crumbled up.
I wanted to wait for the right
Harry studies the paper.
No, this can't be. This is
What? What's the matter?
Two C's. One D and three F's.
Harry snarls in disappointment.
Are you serious Travis?


It's not that big of a deal. Just
sign it so I can play at the game
You're ridiculous.
We have given him everything he
wants. The best tutors, the best
supplies. We hand him everything
on a silver platter and he can't
do shit to earn anything.
Travis go to your room.
Are you gonna sign it?
I suggest you listen to your
Travis gets up.
The hell with you Mr. Principal.
Harry grabs Travis's arm.
You don't know what I could do to
Travis yanks his arm away and rushes up the stairs.
Are you serious right now?
Don't tell me how I treated your
little boy unfairly.
Why? Cause you don't want to hear
the truth?


I love him too you know.
Not more than you love yourself.
Leslie walks away.
Leslie? Come back here dammit.
Harris walks into his trailer, grabs the remote off his
kitchen counter and turns on the TV. The Temptations sing
"It's just My Imagination".
Harris grabs a beer out of his fridge, and a cigar out of
his drawer and then sits down. He opens his beer can and
pours it into a champagne glass.
He sees a picture of his wedding day from the early eighties
and gets lost for a moment staring at it.
He then takes a utility lighter and lights his cigar. He
takes a puff, sips his beer, burps and looks outside at the
trailer across from his.
Ravon walks out of her trailer followed by Ziggy. She
carries Ziggy's bag toward his car.
Ziggy, I'm sick of you. You got to
But I didn't do anything.
Exactly. You do nothing all day. I
could do so much better than you.
You need to leave my house.
Ziggy stands by his car.
Come on, I swear baby. I'll get a


It's over Ziggy.
Ravon tries to throw the bag in the back of the car, but
Ziggy grabs her arm and takes the bag.
I ain't leaving girl.
Detective Harris opens his trailer door.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Is there a problem out here?
There will be if you don't go back
inside and mind your own damn
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I wasn't asking you.
Harris looks at Ravon.
A little disagreement. That's all.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well then, never mind.
Harris shuts his door and goes back inside.
Look what you did. Get your ass
inside girl. Now he's gonna be
wondering about us.
As Ziggy grabs her arm, she resists. He then pushes her onto
the ground.
Get up bitch.
Out of nowhere Harris tackles Ziggy to the ground. The rough
gravel scrapes Ziggy's face.
Harris sits on the ground with a prideful smile.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You look like your out for good.


That wasn't cool player.
Ziggy sits up and attacks Harris.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Ah, shit.
Ziggy manages to get his arm around Harris's neck so that he
is choking him. After a few seconds, Harris knees him in the
balls, and then elbows him in the eye.
Harris gets up followed by Ziggy. The two face each other
with both their fists up.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Let's do this thing.
Ziggy throws a punch at Harris, but he backs out of the way
causing Ziggy to hit the car with his fist.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
That's what I thought!
As Ziggy moans in pain, Harris jabs him in the face with his
fist. Ziggy goes to the ground with a bloody mouth.
Ziggy barely stands up.
You ain't a tough cop.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
How bout you get on both feet and
say that.
Yeah player.
Detective Harris leans over so that he is at eye level with
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yeah player.
Ziggy tackles Harris to the ground. He gets on top of Harris
trying to choke him. Harris throws some dirt in Ziggy's
eyes, and then punches him in the face.
Ah shit man. I'm blind. You


Harris stands up while Ziggy rubs his eyes. After struggling
for balance Ziggy stands up straight.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
There ain't no rules in this park.
Harris dives into Ziggy, causing Ziggy to brake the glass
window of his car with the back of his head.
Harris picks him up and notices Ziggy is knocked out.
Harris walks over to the driver side of the car and picks up
a can of soda that is in the drink holder.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Wake up shit face.
Harris pours the drink on Ziggy's face. Ziggy wakes up.
Harris pulls a small pistol out of his ankle holster and
puts it against Ziggy's forehead.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You listening?
Yeah I'm listening.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
If you ever come back here again.
Harris caulks the pistol.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'll put a bullet right through
your ugly stupid ass head, player.
Harris holsters his weapon and lifts Ziggy into the car. He
then picks up the bag and throws it into the car as well.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (turning to Ravon)
You want a drink?
Sure, I got no other plans.
Harris puts his arm around Ravon as the two walk into
Harris's trailer.


Harry sits at the bar next to BRUCE, his long time friend.
They both sip two bottles of Budweiser.
In his sixties, Bruce appears down to earth and exhibits a
man's man persona.
So Harry you wanted to talk.
What's the deal?
Yeah Bruce. You know what I said
the night before I married Leslie?
Yeah, something about how you
worried your age and experience
would block your ability to be a
good husband and father.
I was forty when I married her.
Forty Five when my boy was born. I
was too old to learn new things.
You can't teach an old dog new
tricks. But that's only true if
he's too stubborn to learn them.
And I am.
You said it. No one else did.
I don't know. I don't even know If
I ever loved her.
Why do you worry so much about
your approach as a husband and
Because I care.
And you don't think that's love?


I never knew what love was. I
thought I loved Shelly. And that
didn't work out.
You did love her. Just because
your college sweetheart dies of
cancer, doesn't mean you can't
keep living and loving. You know
that. That's why you married
That's the problem. When you love
someone your subject to every
single one of their thoughts and
actions. You live based on them.
You can't afford to loose her, can
That's what worries me.
You're worried about it because
you know it's true. You can't
afford to loose her.
So where does that leave me?
I think that leaves you in love
with your wife.
Detective Samuel knocks on the door of the trailer. Harris
stumbles to the door and opens it. He is wearing nothing but
a robe and his boxers.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You do know it's ten in the
morning, right?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Ah hell, man I forgot.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
It's not like you to be late.
      (from bedroom)
What time is it Emmett?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I'd forget too if I heard that
voice all night.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Shut your mouth!
Samuel laughs.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'll be ready in five, maybe ten.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Seconds or minutes?
Detective Harris delivers a look of annoyance and then slams
the door.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I'll be out here.
A newer fifteen story office building. CLYDE, stands on a
man lift, and pretends to clean the windows.
Clyde is in his early thirties. He has a beard and looks
very low class.
He holds a hidden video camera and records Paul Stone's
Paul Stone walks in the office with Leslie.
The two begin to kiss. They do not notice Clyde. Paul takes
Leslie's shirt off. Clyde puts his video camera down.
      (to himself)
I got enough now.
He slowly lowers the man lift toward the ground.


Harris sits at his desk reviewing paperwork. Samuel reads
the newspaper at his own desk.
Captain Mallory approaches their desks.
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
Why is it you guys are always just
sitting around?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
There isn't anything to do. That
is unless you have something in
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
McKinney had something. But, well
for one it's out of your
jurisdiction and for two, I don't
think they like you guys anymore.
Well not after an incident
occurred of indefinite
Samuel puts his paper down.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What happened?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Indefinite my ass. It wasn't even
that big of a deal.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What are you talking about?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'll tell you later kid.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well then Captain, is there
anything else we can do?
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
Oh shit, I almost forgot. The DEA
had a house they were gonna
checkout, but no one from their
office has the time.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
We look like narcotic cops?


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Let him talk, this may be
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
It's really nothing. The warrant
is going to expire tomorrow, so
just go over to the house and take
a peak. If nothing happens, go
over to Six Flags in Arlington and
send the DEA the bill.
Detective Samuel quickly stands up.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Awesome, it's about time we get
some excitement.
Detective Harris puts his shoulder holster on.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I don't call anything that has to
do with white trash junkies,
Detective Harris stands up.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I was talking about Six Flags.
The two story house is very trashy and in a low class
Harris and Samuel sit in their car which is parked across
the street.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
So in case I get killed today I
want to hear about why you pissed
off Detective McKinney.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Oh boy. Well McKinney heard on the
radio that shots had been fired at
a police officer. The officer
happened to be me. So he showed
up, slammed on his breaks and got
out of the car.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
So he saved your life?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Not exactly. He ran toward me, I
was ducked behind my car. The perp
took a shot and then I started
shooting back. I ducked, and then
the perp fired hitting McKinney in
the left nut.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
The sack?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yep, the sack. Rumor has it he
can't use nothing in that area
ever again.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
So that's what the Captain meant
when he said indefinite
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well, if my nuts were shot off
because of you. I would hate you
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Let's go get a bad guy.
Harris gets out of his car holding a pistol and wearing a
bullet proof vest. He rushes into the house, followed by
Detective Samuel.
FAT MAN grabs a thirty eight pistol off the coffee table.
                       FAT MAN
Cops! Scatter!
Fat man runs out the back door.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I got the fat man out back. You
canvas the house.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Got it.
Harris runs out the back door as Samuel walks into the
living room. A man sneaks down the stairs and sees detective
Samuel in the living room.
The man fires his pump shot gun at the detective, but he
dives out of the way causing the pellets to spray a coffee
As the man begins to pump his shotgun, Detective Samuel
stands up and fires two shots at the man, killing him.
Harris chases after Fat man. Fat man climbs over a short
fence and runs into the alley as Harris follows. Harris
falls backwards off the fence. He gets up and pushes his
call button on his radio.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I need a black and white on the
corner of Washington and third.
Harris climbs over the fence and runs toward the Fat man.
Fat man turns around and fires at Harris.
Fat man turns a corner and Harris follows. As Harris turns
the corner, he sees Fat man pointing his pistol at a little
boy. Fat man holds the boy by the throat.
                       FAT MAN
      (to Harris)
Looks like I'm in charge now.
What's it gonna be, you or the
little boy?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You don't have to do this.
                       FAT MAN
I don't have to do anything. If
you don't drop your damn gun in
the next three seconds, I'm gonna
scatter this kid's head all over
the place.
Detective Samuel jumps over a fence and then onto a
trampoline that is behind the fat man. Fat man turns around.
A fence separates the two.


                       FAT MAN
I got this kid man. You want his
blood on your hands?
Detective Harris attempts to distract Fat man.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Look we can talk about this.
                       FAT MAN
Drop the guns or I swear.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Why the hell do you wanna hurt
this kid? He's got nothing to do
with this.
Harris winks at Samuel. Fat man turns around and looks at
Samuel jumps and fires, hitting the man in the shoulder.
Samuel lands on his butt onto the trampoline.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (to radio)
I need an ambulance at Washington
and forth in the alley.
The little boy runs up to Harris.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (to boy)
It's okay now.
Samuel lies on the trampoline with an exhausted look on his
Harris walks up to Samuel, who leans against Harris's car.
Samuel is looking down with a long face.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
So, was I impressive enough this
afternoon for you to over look my
usual tardiness?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Impressive isn't the appropriate
word for today.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
If it's not, than what is?


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Heroic. You saved that little
boy's life. Don't ever forget
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
It doesn't feel right. I shot a
man. This job isn't what I thought
it was going to be.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
It was a clean shot. Like I said
you saved that kid's life.
Sometimes our job isn't that
mundane, is it?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I guess I just can't help but
second guess myself.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well I'm proud of you. Damn proud.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Are you getting sappy with me?
What next, you gonna tell me you
love me?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Get out of my way. We gotta go.
Harris pushes Samuel out of the way and opens the driver's
side door.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Okay. I can live with that. But
where the hell are we gonna go? We
got nothing to do for the rest of
the afternoon.
Harris sits in the drivers seat.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You're forgetting something.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Samuel walks around to the other side of the car
and gets inside.


Harry walks into the house. Travis walks down the stairs
toward the entryway.
Travis, can we talk?
About what?
Most of it will be an apology on
my part.
I guess so.
I got a couple of hours. What do
you say we go golfing?
I thought Mom grounded me.
This dosent count. You'll be with
Okay I guess I could hit some
Good. I think it will help both of
The two leave the house.
A lush and expensive country club golf course.
Harry and Travis walk the course carrying their clubs.
One thing I don't understand. Why
didn't we get a cart?


This is a good workout. Besides
you need strength for your
basketball game on Friday.
You're gonna let me go?
I realize you're at a point in
your life you'll never be at
again. You should be able to have
some fun.
Thank you Dad.
No problem. Just try to be a
little better.
I will, I promise.
Do you remember when you first
wanted a Corvette?
I was pretty young.
We were at the airport in a toy
store. You couldn't stop playing
with a model Corvette. You weren't
even eight years old. You knew you
wanted one though.
And my awesome Dad got me one.
Yep, and I'll do it again for you.
Thanks again Dad. I'm sorry if I
act like I don't appreciate it.
It's okay son. Things are gonna be
different. Things are gonna be


A small Chinese restaurant with just a few tables and
Harris and Samuel sit at a table as they chow down on their
Chinese food.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
This place makes the best damn
sweet and sour pork anywhere.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
It's pretty good.
Samuel appears to be uneasy.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Not a big fan of Chinese?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I'm not really in the mood for
anything right now.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
So you drew some guys blood today
and now you can't eat?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
That's poetic.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You put your twenty years in and
you'll see where I'm coming from.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I don't know. I just think I
joined the force for the wrong
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
This is so cliche. Every damn
rookie questions themselves.
Especially after they fire their
gun for the first time. It's just
the beginning of a helluva ride.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I don't think I have the stomach
for it.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
First day at the academy. What'd
you say when they asked you why
you wanted to be a cop?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
To help people.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
And they bought that bullshit
answer like it was a hot
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well I don't buy it one bit.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
My Father was an attorney. A rich
attorney. We lived in Preston
Hollow. He defended the
respectable scum of the earth.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I've yet to meet respectable scum.
You grew up in the nicest
neighborhood in Dallas, some say
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yeah and I was a punk. My Father
didn't think I could make it in
the Preston world. So I tried to
prove I was tough. And that there
was more to life than a whole lot
of money.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
And now you wish you would have
stayed in the Preston world?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
No. I wish I had more courage than
a wimpy kid on the schoolyard.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
It'll come. Give it time. You
gotta develop courage, you aren't
born with it.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
And you? You're a mystery to me.
Did you even used to be married?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
We ain't that far yet. Maybe we'll
talk later.
Detective Harris pulls out his wallet.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What are you doing?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'm buying. This is a celebration
dinner. Detective Samuel's first
act of courage. Saved a little boy
and his partner's life today. Now
that's something you can take
pride in.
Samuel humbly shakes his head.
Leslie's car is parked in front of Paul Stone's house. Paul
sits in the passenger seat while Leslie sits in the drivers
Paul's house is a two story in a middle class neighborhood.
You're beautiful.
Paul kisses Leslie.
We're at your house.
We've been parked here for twenty
Leslie lightly laughs.
Paul kisses Leslie passionately.
I don't want to, but I have to go.


You know I can't.
Paul kisses Leslie's arm and shoulder.
I have a husband. More importantly
I have a son.
I know. And we both know I'd be a
better influence on him than
Yes, but we can't bank on this. We
can't have expectations.
Leave him. We both know you want
to. And you know you should.
We've talked about this before.
And we always go back to how
miserable you are in your
Goodbye Paul.
Leslie kisses Paul on the cheek.
Paul gets out of the car and looks back at Leslie.
Just know you deserve better.
Paul you are way better than
That's not saying much.
Leslie waves goodbye and drives away.


Clyde stands in front of Harry. Harry stands behind his
Did you get it?
Yeah, but you shouldn't see it.
I hired you to bring me the
evidence. What good is it if I
don't see it?
Clyde shows his video camera to Harry. The video runs,
showing Paul and Leslie having an affair.
Harry looks away in shame.
I said you shouldn't see it.
Harry takes the video camera and throws it against the wall,
shattering it.
What the hell man?
Harry pulls out an envelope of cash and hands it to Clyde.
There better be enough here to buy
me a new video camera.
Don't you worry about that.
Is there anything else I can do
for you? Send a message? Enforce
the laws of retribution?
No. I'll deal with my own


Well, it's been a pleasure doing
business with you. If you got any
friends in your zip code I could
help out, send them my number.
Yeah I will.
Clyde leaves the room as Harry rubs his face in frustration.
Sunset on the lake provides a beautiful backdrop. The giant
lake is relatively free of people.
Harris and Ravon sit at the edge of a long dock, with their
feet dangling in the water.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
So what's the deal with you and
I don't know. He was at the right
place at the right time I guess. I
needed someone and he was there.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You're a smart girl. He must of
been pretty fake.
You barely even know me! And yes
he told me all the right things.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I know you enough to know that I
wanna know you a hell of a lot
Ravon smiles.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Did that even make sense?
That made perfect sense. And I'm
Detective Harris puts his arm around Ravon and rubs her


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well I have to question how I come
across sometimes, because I
haven't been out with a woman as
beautiful as you in a long time. I
guess never.
Well Detective Harris, you have
great timing.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
No, I'm just lucky.
Harris kisses Ravon on the lips.
Lucky, huh?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yeah but one day all that luck is
gonna catch up to me and I'll have
to pay for all I've done. And I've
been bad.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yeah, really.
As the two laugh, Harris kisses Ravon. They lay down on the
dock continuing to kiss.
A fancy restaurant. Harry wears a suit and Leslie wears a
I'm glad we decided to take this
evening and spend some time on
each other.
Me too.
Did you know that people can


Yes, what do you mean?
People can change. For better or
for worse. Sometimes in an instant
and sometimes it's a process, but
people can change.
What are you saying?
I'm saying that I've changed. In
just a few weeks I've changed. My
outlook is different. I realize
what I want. And I already have
Are you saying you're happy?
Yes. That's exactly what I'm
saying. We are two imperfect
people. Flawed, but none the less
we love each other.
Yes we do.
Harry holds Leslie's hand.
Honey. I've been unfaithful. I've
done things that meant nothing,
but yet they could destroy
Are you confessing an affair to me
or something?
Yes. But I hope you see what we
have here. I want a brand new
start. I don't care what you've
done. I just want a brand new
I haven't done anything.


Good. As for me, I'll do whatever
it takes to make things right.
You've cheated on me?
I did yes. But that was the old
I don't know about this.
You've been faithful. You've never
cheated on me?
No. I love you.
I love you too. That's why we're
gonna start over. I'm gonna be a
model husband.
I hope you realize it's gonna take
an incredible amount of time to
get through this.
Absolutely. I've done you wrong.
It's time to repair what I've
Okay. Let's start working on it.
Harry smiles.
I'm gonna make things right. I
love you.
Harry kisses Leslie's hand.
I'm going to be a better father
and a better husband.


Harry washes his hands and face as Leslie brushes her teeth.
I talked to Travis the other day.
I told him he could go to his
basketball game and that I'd sign
his permission slip.
Leslie spits in the sink.
No he can't. I specifically told
him he couldn't.
I know. I thought he shouldn't
either. But I changed my mind.
Well I didn't.
The two walk into the bedroom and prepare to settle into
Look it's not that big of a deal.
I really think he has learned his
No. He hasn't. I said he couldn't
go and he can't.
That's it? End of discussion?
You need to back my play. Whatever
happened to you being a better
husband and father?
I'm sorry. If that's how you feel
I will tell him.
Good. We need to be on the same
page about everything.


Good night.
Harry kisses Leslie on the lips.
I love you.
I love you too.
Harry closes his eyes.
YOUNG HARRY, is twenty years old sitting beside a BEAUTIFUL
WOMAN around the same age. They sit on a blanket on lush
green grass adjacent to the lake.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Do you love me?
                       YOUNG HARRY
Of course, and I always will.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
I love you too.
                       YOUNG HARRY
I'll never love anyone as much as
I love you.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
We're gonna build a cottage and
have two kids and plenty of money.
The two laugh.
                       YOUNG HARRY
Beautiful woman kisses Young Harry on the Lips.
Young Harry leans over a casket weeping.
A rundown apartment...


Harry at age twenty five sits at a table with textbooks
stacked high. He glances over at a picture of Beautiful
A tear rolls down his face.
Harry grabs the picture and holds it tight. He begins to
Harry at age thirty five sits at the bar beside Bruce.
Harry I miss her too. But you got
to do something. You don't have to
forget her, but you do have to
keep living.
Harry is dressed in a tuxedo and Leslie in a white wedding
dress. Harry is forty and Leslie is twenty five.
They feed each other cake as guests watch...
                       HARRY (V.O.)
I need you to be there for me. I
need you to save me.
Harry and Leslie dance together...
                       LESLIE (V.O.)
I need you. I need you to be
faithful to me. I need you to love
me forever.
Paul and Leslie kiss. They fall into each others arms. They
lay down on the couch.
Harry is lying in bed beside Leslie. He is sweating
Harry suddenly wakes up.


No, no ,no.
Leslie wakes up.
What's the matter?
Nothing, just a nightmare.
You need anything?
No, I'm just gonna go get
something to drink.
Harry gets out of bed and walks out of the room. Leslie goes
back to sleep.
The bar is similar to a honky tonk due to it's country style
atmosphere. The customers are dressed in western style
outfits. Most drink beer from a bottle as a country tune
plays in the background.
Samuel walks up to CARRIE, who is surrounded by a small
group of friends.
Carrie has dirty blond hair and is very beautiful. She, like
all the other girls in the joint, is dressed like a cowgirl.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
      (to Carrie)
Hey girl, I think we went to high
school together.
I've never seen you before. You
must have me confused with someone
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well, why don't I buy you a drink
I should say no, but you're a cute
cowboy. I guess I'll take you up
on that offer.


The two walk over to the bar and sit down.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Cute is not exactly the word I was
hoping to be described with
Well what word did you have in
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Rugged. Or maybe classy. Actually
both. Ruggedly classy. That's what
I was going for.
Oh, well for now you're just cute.
Then again the night's not over
yet, so things could change.
Samuel and Carrie smile at each other.
A bartender approaches Samuel.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Two Coors's please.
That's not proper English.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well forgive me ma'am, I'm just a
humble cop.
Politeness, such a rarity.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I'm just trying to keep chivalry
And a cop? You just keep getting
cuter and cuter.
Detective Samuel and Carrie dance to "Mendocino County Line"
by Wilie Nelson, a romantic tune. They dance closely and
intimately as they kiss frequently.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I gotta say your the best looking
cowgirl I've ever found.
The song fades out and switches to a fast Clint Black song.
Let's get out of here. Take me to
your house.
Carrie gives Detective Samuel a commanding kiss.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yes, ma'am.
The two walk out of the bar.
As they walk down the steps holding hands, Carrie notices
her estranged husband BRAD. Brad stands beside two other
Brad is a very buff cowboy wearing nice boots and a nice
Brad? What are you doing here?
What the hell are you doing? And
who the hell is this?
He's a cop.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Off duty.
I don't give a shit, off duty or
not. Anyone loving on my wife is
gonna get their ass kicked.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
We're separated.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well if I would have known.


Don't matter what you know or
don't know. I'm gonna beat your
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Okay shit talker. If you want to
go I'll match you. But I gotta
know, what kind of a man gets mad
at his wife for going to pick up a
cowboy, when he's doing the exact
same thing? Looking for a cowboy
that is.
You pile of shit.
Brad swings at Samuel, but Samuel ducks and comes back with
a fist to his jaw. Samuel then hits Brad in the back. Samuel
then knees Brad in the stomach and hits him in the nose.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You know what they say, "The
bigger the fool, the harder the
fall" at least that's what
Kristofferson says.
Brad slowly stands up.
A little help boys.
The two guys with Brad grab Samuel and hold him in place.
Carrie stands by and watches as Brad hits and kicks Samuel
till he falls to the ground.
I think we've taught him a very
valuable lesson tonight boys.
Carrie walks over and looks at Samuel.
Carrie, you coming or not?
Carrie looks at Brad and then back at Samuel.
I'm sorry, but I have too. He is
my husband.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
      (barely conscious)
Good, you all fit well together.
Brad and Carrie walk out holding hands.
Harry sits at the bar next to Bruce. They both sip a bottle
of Budweiser.
It isn't good is it?
What gave you that idea?
Maybe it was the two A-M phone
It's bad. It's worse than bad. She
lied right to my face.
Harry, you know I'm an honest man.
I feel like I can tell you
anything. Even if you don't want
to hear it.
Yeah. I might not like it, but you
will probably still say it.
You've been unfaithful too.
Who are we to judge than?
It's different.
How can you say that?


I don't love my secretary. A man
has needs that have to be met. I
still love my wife.
It doesn't make a damn bit of
difference what excuse you come up
with. Right is right and wrong is
wrong. You know that.
It's not the fifties anymore. Not
everything is in black and white.
Some things never change. Even if
society changes, there will always
be things that are unchangeable.
You cannot have specific
principles today and a whole
different set tomorrow.
And you've never done anything you
Yes. I have and I'm alone.
And I'm not, so I must be doing
something right.
You know Harry, the one thing that
has changed in society is that
selfishness is more acceptable, as
long as it doesn't hinder another
person's livelihood. But that's
the problem, selfishness can't
help but hinder another person's
And you think my having a double
standard is selfish?
The problem with selfishness is
that the self can't see that being
selfish leads to being with one's
self. Alone, needing and searching


                       BRUCE (cont'd)
for whatever it is they lost.
I look at motive. I cheat because
I'm missing something at home. She
cheats because she's been living a
damn lie her entire life. Now
who's in the wrong?
There's no question about it. You
both are.
Damn you for comparing my motives
to hers.
I haven't convicted you. Your
conscious has. Remember that.
Why is it the ones we trust the
most, also hurt us the most?
Bruce stands up and grabs his jacket.
It's the truth that hurts us. I
told you it because I care about
you. I care about you because I
love you. That may be a strange
thing to say in a bar, but I just
don't want you to be alone like I
am. Cause it sucks.
Bruce walks away.
Detective Samuel sits on a chair in front of his house when
he looks over and sees ANGIE, his neighbor flipping
hamburgers on the grill.
Angie is wearing old torn up clothes, with her red hair
bunched up. A single mother in her forties, she appears worn
out, but is still attractive.
Angie's dog runs out of her gated yard.


The barbecue smokes as Angie runs out to get the dog.
Samuel runs out to the street and grabs the dog.
Thank you.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Your foods burning ma'am.
Oh crap.
Angie runs over to the barbecuer.
Samuel leads the dog back to Angie's yard.
I'm sorry you had to do that. My
kids must have let him out.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
No problem. I think it's time we
met since we've been neighbors so
Yeah we have been. Would you like
some dinner? I'm just offering
because, well, I'm making it right
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Samuel, Angie and her two kids, age ten and seven finish
eating dinner on the back porch.
Well I better put them to bed.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yeah. Afterwards, if you wanna
come over and have a beer, you're
welcome too.
I don't know, I'm pretty tired.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
It will be relaxing. A chance to
talk to an adult for a change.
Okay, well, I'll think about it.
Samuel and Angie sit on Samuel's front porch.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
All asleep?
Hopefully, but I doubt it. At
least they're in bed.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Always look for the positive!
Angie examines his face.
So you're sort of starting to
bruise up. I didn't want to say
anything but, it's kind of
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Oh brother. I completely forgot.
Long story?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
"Looking for love in all the wrong
To tell you the truth, I don't
think there is a right place.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yeah. Good point. So what's your
Same old, same old. I picked the
wrong guy and he just happened to
give me two of the greatest kids
in the world. Of course I'm warn
out all the time and my patience
is tested to the max. But it's


                       ANGIE (cont'd)
definitely an adventure raising
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
And you look great doing it.
Are you hitting on me?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yes! I think so. Is that okay?
Do you know how old I am?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Do you know how attractive you
I guess not.
They both look at each other with mystery. Angie quickly
kisses Samuel.
I'm sorry. I don't know about
this. Maybe I was jumping the gun
a little bit.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What don't you know?
This just isn't the right time. I
gotta go.
Angie walks away.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Angie you're fine.
Angie pauses, facing her house with her back to Samuel. She
smiles grandly.
Maybe I'll see you soon?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I sure hope that was a question
and not a statement.


Angie gleefully walks into her house.
A Rolls Royce parked under a bridge in an abandon part of
Harry sits in the drivers seat. He pulls out his car phone
and dials some numbers.
A very trashy motel.
Clyde pulls his Firebird up to a parking spot. His phone
rings and he answers it.
This is Harry.
So do you have another job for me
It depends where you draw the
Money can erase any line.
Can you do it?
I'll do just about anything for
How much?
Twenty thousand for one or thirty
thousand for two.


Just one for now.
It's a deal. I need details.
Meet me. Arlington, south of the
old stadium. There's a spot next
to the old train depot.
I know that spot well. Give me
twenty, thirty minutes.
No problem. See you then.
The two hang up.
Very low class motel room.
SANDY lays on the bed as Clyde walks into the room.
Sandy is in her mid twenties. She's a junkie, looks a little
rough although she is slightly attractive.
Sandy, I just made a big score.
What happened baby?
Clyde kisses Sandy on the lips.
I'm gonna get us twenty thousand
dollars. Easy money.
But how?
Don't worry girl. We're gonna fix
the Firebird and then we'll drive
down to Brownsville. We can live
on the beach.
Clyde I knew you'd come through.


Sandy, I'm about to get you all
you ever wanted.
Clyde I love you.
I love you too baby.
Clyde kisses Sandy on the lips again.
Clyde walks away.
Harry's car radio plays "I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin'
Songs Today". He chugs a whiskey bottle while sitting in the
drivers seat watching for Clyde.
Clyde drives his car up to Harry's and stops. The two get
out of their cars.
You got the money?
Of course, but first we need to
discuss the situation. I want you
to do it at a party we're having
Friday. That way I have a damn
good alibi.
Just her?
Yes. No one else.
I'll go as low as twenty five for
the two.
I'll deal with him. You don't
worry about that.
Don't you rat me out. Just
remember I got friends.


I won't. Just make sure you get
the hell out of town for a while.
And you remember I've got friends
Well I ain't gonna get caught. So
don't worry about it.
The cash will be in a post office
box in Waco. Number
three-five-four-nine-seven. Here's
the key. Get it out Saturday
Harry takes out a key and hands it to Clyde.
I'll do it.
And don't be bragging about
anything to your buddies.
You got it.
Pleasure doing business Mr.
Oh how I wish I could be the one
that pulls the damn trigger.
I'll make sure to enjoy it enough
for the both of us.
Harris stands beside the car as Samuel struggles out the
door. He has a bruised up lip and a black eye.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
What the hell happened to you?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I don't want to talk about it.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Come on, entertain me.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I dressed up like a cowboy and
went to a country themed bar and
Harris and Samuel get in the car.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Enough said. Those cowboys are
awful anal about other people
touching their steers.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Ain't that the truth.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I've been thinking about what you
suggested and I decided I would
look damn good in a cowboy hat.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I said we both would.
Harris puts a cowboy hat on.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Fair. Besides, I'd look good in
The car drives away.
Harry drives with Travis in the passenger seat.
I must say this car is not as
uncool as I thought. I mean when
my friends saw it they were pretty
It gets me around in comfort.
That's for sure.
I just wish you didn't have to
pick me up everyday. I mean the
school probably needs you.


Wellington will be fine without me
for a few hours. How was practice
Practice today was pretty good.
Everyone was happy you signed that
Travis about that. You can't play
What? You told me-
I know what I said, but I talked
to your mother. She is dead set
against you playing. I'm sorry.
There was nothing I could do.
So it's Mom's fault?
It was her decision but I respect
it. On top of that we could use
you at our fundraiser dinner at
our house Friday.
I can't believe this. You guys
must hate me.
I don't hate you. You're all I
have in this world. I care about
you more than anything or anyone.
You're the only good thing I've
contributed to this world.
Then why won't you fix this?
I can't. I'm sorry, maybe someday
you'll understand.
Travis shakes his head in disappointment.


Leslie and Harry sit at the table. A third place sits empty.
He's mad at me, isn't he?
He'll get over it.
Maybe we should have let him go.
It doesn't matter.
Yeah, I guess in the Long run it
Samuel sits in front of his house beside an empty chair.
Angie walks up to him.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
That was quick. Twenty four hours.
Too quick?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Felt like two years.
Angie sits down in the empty chair as she smiles.
Samuel hands Angie a beer.
You were expecting me?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I was hopeful.
Well my ex mother in law took the
kids for the night.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
That was convenient for both of
Give any tickets today?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I'm not that kind of cop.
What kind are you than?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
A homicide detective.
Very intriguing.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I guess so.
You must always be trying to get
people to come out with the truth.
Are you any good?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
When you walked over here, did you
think of what might happen if you
came over?
No, I just thought of what I
wanted to happen.
The two lean toward each other.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I sure hope we're on the same
Well if you're about to kiss me we
Detective Samuel kisses Angie.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
To think you've lived just next
door this whole time.
The two kiss again.


I've never been inside your house
before Detective.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You want the tour?
Angie kisses Samuel.
Not right now. That can wait.
They continue kissing.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yes ma'am.
The two fall to the couch.
Detective Harris and Ravon lie in the bed.
Tell me about your ex wife.
Harris caresses Ravon's hair.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
There's a lot of other things we
could talk about.
I want to truly know you. I can't
if I don't know about your past.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well, I met her in the eighth
grade. We dated throughout high
school and married at twenty. I
really thought it was meant to be.
No kids?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Nope. I always wanted some.
Harris sips a can of beer.


What happened? Is that why you
guys divorced?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
She was cheating on me. I knew it
the whole time. One day I came
home and she had been with
someone. I could sense it.
Did you call her out? Did she
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
No I just starred at her and she
said "What is it you want?".
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
After all that I still wanted her.
I thought I did anyways. I guess I
just wanted her to want me enough
to stop messing around. Then I
wandered into the kitchen and saw
the divorce papers.
And that was it?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yep. It was over. She got her
freedom back. Not that she ever
acted like she was bound to anyone
Does it still hurt? Or is it
getting better?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Being without her isn't painful.
Wondering if it will happen again,
that's the torture. The pain is
never the worst part. It's the
unknown that hurts.
I admire you. A lot.
Ravon gently rubs Harris's head.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I guess as far as me and her goes,
if it's just not supposed to be,
than it's just not supposed to be.
Well I hope we're supposed to be.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
We wouldn't be here if it weren't.
Harris kisses Ravon.
The property is gated and very private. People park their
cars next to the perfectly manicured lawn. A big fountain
shines in the middle of the mansion's driveway.
People walk up to the house. They are all dressed in formal
People mingle with each other. Harry sees Paul walk into the
Paul, how are you doing?
Harry shakes Paul's hand.
I'm doing great. How's the school
year been?
Things are going well. Enrollment
is up, we're even doing some
remodeling. Surprisingly with all
that, I've been able to spend more
time with my family lately.
Good, that's important.
Most important. How is the stock
market doing?


Well you should know, considering
you have two million in it.
See, with someone like you running
my investments, I don't have to
worry about that shit.
Well thanks for your confidence.
As for the stock market, it could
always be worse.
Leslie walks up to the two men.
Yes it could always be worse.
Honey you remember Paul Stone,
don't you?
Of course. Someone around here has
to know how our investments are
Leslie shakes Paul's hand.
Well, I hate to leave you two, but
I gotta go round up some auction
Good to see you Harry.
Let's play golf sometime. Set an
appointment up or something.
Sounds good.
Harry walks away.
      (quietly to Leslie)
Is now a bad time?
For what?


You know!
Paul, we need to talk. We need to
determine what we're doing and
where it's going.
Is this the right place for that?
Come on. Where can we be alone?
There's a bathroom upstairs.
Would you mind showing me?
At my own party? That I'm hosting.
It's your husband's party. And
it's been a long, long time.
It has been a while.
Paul and Leslie walk upstairs.
Paul and Leslie sneak into the bathroom. Leslie closes the
door and turns around. Paul unbuttons his shirt.
So either he has no idea, or he's
a damn good actor.
She unzips her dress.
Trust me, if he knew, you wouldn't
be alive.
He takes off his belt.
That's comforting.
The two begin kissing.


Leslie puts her dress back on and wets her hair.
Paul buttons his shirt and buckles his belt.
It's a miracle no one needed to
use the bathroom.
Yes it is.
So when are we gonna talk about
the permanence of our romance?
Let's meet at a hotel tomorrow and
do this again.
I'm already looking forward to it.
Leslie kisses Paul on the lips.
Leave in a few seconds. It would
be quite suspicious if we left at
the same time.
Wait Leslie. Why are you suddenly
interested again? Last time we saw
each other like this you acted
like it may be the last time.
Harry's fakeness. That combined
with the realization that he was
the worst decision I ever made.
No mistakes moving forward. Us
together will be the best decision
we could've ever made.
The two kiss one more time.
Leslie walks out the door.


The backyard is very private with trees and lush grass.
Behind the backyard is a cliff that leads to a pond below.
The kitchen windows face the backyard.
Clyde crawls up the yard and crouches downed behind a stump.
Clyde places a sniper rifle on the stump and takes aim at
Leslie, who is in the kitchen.
Leslie stands in the huge kitchen facing the windows. Harry
stands beside her. Paul stands beside Harry.
MR. CURTIS, Harry's lawyer stands beside Leslie as well. Mr.
Curtis is both short and fat. He's in his early seventies
and has white hair.
                       MR. CURTIS
Does the Winston family have any
vacation plans this year?
Travis walks toward his mother as Clyde hovers his finger
over the trigger.
We're going to Vegas, right?
Yep, I hope you like it
considering that's your graduation
The group laughs.
Thanks mom.
Travis talks quietly alone with his mother.
Mom, I just wanted to say I might
have been mad at you, but this
night turned out alright.
Clyde waits for Travis to move for a clear shot.
Good. I'm glad.


As Travis steps to hugs his mother, Clyde fires. The bullet
hits Travis in the back. Leslie screams with a face of
Everyone inside the house screams.
Oh shit.
People scatter inside the house.
Harry runs to Travis as he falls to the ground.
Try to breath son.
Leslie falls to her knees.
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.
Travis starts to fade away as his body shakes.
Somebody call an ambulance.
Harry feels around for his son's heartbeat, but doesn't find
Leslie he's dead. He's dead.
No, no.
Harry looks at the bullet hole in the window.
The shooter. Get the shooter.
Did anyone see where the hell the
shot came from?
Out of breath Clyde runs to the cliff and hides on the edge
of the hill in some bushes.


The inside of the house fills with panic and chaos.
Harris and Ravon lie in bed together.
Harris's phone rings.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Dammit that's the emergency ring
Harris picks up the phone.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Harris. Yeah, okay.
Twenty minutes. I gotta pick the
kid up.
Harris hangs up the phone.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I gotta go, but when I get back
we're gonna talk all about you.
I'm sick of talking about me.
I'll be waiting for you.
Harris kisses Ravon.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
It's always nice to have someone
waiting for ya!
Better get used to it baby!
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Oh I will! Gladly!
Harris smiles as he gets dressed.
Detective Samuel cuddles Angie on the couch.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Gosh, I picked the right house to
move into.


They kiss.
I know what you mean!
Headlights in the window interrupt their tender moment.
Who could that be?
Samuel looks at his phone that sits on the coffee table. He
notices he has three missed calls from Detective Harris.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I gotta go. Feel free to stay. I
don't know when I'll be back. I
think we have a dead body.
Why are you so excited?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Nobody ever commits a crime in
Preston Hollow.
That explains the dead body
Detective Samuel gets dressed.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I sure hope this wasn't a one time
Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll
be a double homicide tomorrow
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
No, I meant you spending the
Oh, I hope it wasn't a one time
thing either.
Samuel kisses Angie and then runs out the door.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I will see you soon, but not soon
Detective Samuel runs to the car and gets in the passenger
seat, while Harris remains in the driver's seat. Harris
wears his white cowboy hat. The car drives away.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Did I see a second person in that
house when I pulled up?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You look ridiculous and yes, you
did see a second person. A woman
to be exact.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
A very attractive woman.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'm glad you're back. You've been
needing to get laid.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well thanks for your input on my
personal life.
Harry sits in his Rolls Royce sipping champagne. Mr. Curtis
walks out to the garage. He then opens the passenger door of
the car and gets in.
                       MR. CURTIS
Harry, I've been looking for you.
Why don't we go inside and talk
about what happened?
I can't deal with this right now.
I wish I could, but I can't.
                       MR. CURTIS
I can't imagine what you're going
through, but Leslie needs you.
Besides, the cops want to take
your statement. They'll be


                       MR. CURTIS (cont'd)
wondering why you're out here.
This is all my fault. I can't
believe this.
                       MR. CURTIS
No, no, don't blame yourself.
I caused this.
                       MR. CURTIS
No, don't think that way. Some
freak did this. The police will
find him and arrest him.
I'm not holding my breath. And who
knows how they'll try to connect
him to me.
                       MR. CURTIS
I saw you in the kitchen when it
happened. There's no way you
could've had anything to do with
this. The police just want to know
if we can find out some answers.
That's all.
That's all huh?
                       MR. CURTIS
That's it. Now what do you say we
go in there and settle this thing?
                       MR. CURTIS
Harry is there something you want
to tell me first?
Like what?
                       MR. CURTIS
I am your lawyer. Nothing you say
to me needs to be repeated.


I'll keep that in mind.
The two get out of the car and walk into the house.
The room is very elegant, but crowded with cops and
Detective Harris and Samuel sit in two chairs, while facing
Harry and Leslie who sit on a couch.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'm Detective Harris and this is
Detective Samuel. We'll be the
ones investigating your son's
Thank you for your service. I'm
Harry and this is my wife Leslie.
He was our only child.
Harry tears up as Leslie rubs his back.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Was your son involved in any
No. No way.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Are you sure? I mean kids can
often deceive their parents.
We kept tabs on Travis. We gave
him a lot, but we expected a lot.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Was he involved in drugs or
No, he was just a typical
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Now in the report, You were
hugging Travis when he was shot.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
How soon after the hug started,
did you hear the shot?
I don't even think he was in my
arms for a second.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
It seems Mrs Winston that you may
have been the intended target.
What? Why?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
We're going to need to examine
both your lives. Anything that
could of led to something like
this, please tell us immediately.
Detective Harris and Detective Samuel walk out of the house
and into the backyard.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
A murder! Can you believe it? We
actually have shit to do.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Don't act too excited, I mean
there are victims here.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I know. I just don't feel an
emotional attachment to the
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Samuel. You're gonna
make a great cop. If you get too
involved it clouds your judgment
and you become worthless.
Detective Harris wanders over to the stump and notices a
shell casing.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Samuel, we have a shell
He picks up the shell with a hook as to not get fingerprints
on it.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What kind of gun?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
It looks like a 30-06.
Detective Harris takes out a tape measure and pulls out one
end and hands it to Detective Samuel.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Hold this while I walk to the
Detective Harris walks over to the window of the dining room
and examines the bullet hole. Detective Samuel looks over
the cliff at what's below. He then notices Clyde's arm
resting on a tree.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Harris, I see something.
Detective Samuel drops the tape measure and walks over to
the cliff and begins to meander down toward the bottom.
Detective Harris follows.
As Clyde notices the two walking toward him, he fires his
thirty eight pistol towards Detective Samuel's direction.
Leaving his rifle behind, Clyde runs down the cliff away
from the house.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Don't go down there he's shooting
at us.
With his Glock pistol drawn, Harris walks down the cliff.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Just don't get shot.
Detective Samuel pulls out his Glock and slowly follows
Harris down the cliff.
Clyde fires twice at Detective Harris, but does not hit him.
Clyde then disappears into the forest.


Detective Harris walks down to the pond and sees a dock that
extends twenty feet into the pond.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Can you see him?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Harris points his gun at Clyde, who is trying to hide behind
a log. Detective Harris fires at Clyde, grazing him in the
Harris runs onto the dock. Clyde fires his pistol at him
hitting Harris in the leg. Harris falls off the dock into
the Pond.
Clyde gets out of the pond and starts to run away.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Detective Samuel fires at Clyde, as he runs into the pond
toward Detective Harris. Clyde disappears into the forest.
Detective Samuel pulls Harris out of the pond.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Don't worry about me. Next time
get the son of a bitch.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Sorry, but you're more important.
Harris holds his leg while Samuel ties his tie around
Harris's leg.
Clyde rushes into the motel room. Sandy is lying on the bed
watching TV.
Clyde what's your deal?
Sandy notices Clyde's shoulder. He has a bandanna stopping
the bleeding.
What the hell happened Clyde?


Sandy we gotta go.
Right now?
Yeah girl. Right now.
Where we going?
It doesn't matter baby. Just get
your shit ready.
I ain't packing until I know
exactly where we're going.
Waco tonight and Brownsville in
the morning. Now get your shit
Clyde grabs some of his stuff and slams it into a travel
Harry sits at his desk on the phone when Harris and Samuel
walk in. Harris has a foot brace on.
      (on the phone)
Yeah I think we can work that out.
I gotta go though. Okay, bye.
Harry hangs up the phone.
Hi, what can I do for you?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well we thought that since the
other night you were under a lot
of stress, we'd talk to you today.
Harry stud dies Harris's leg.


Sure, I mean whatever you want me
to help you with. How's your leg?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Oh it's fine, just grazed me a
little. Mr. Winston-.
Harry. Please call me Harry.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Harry, who do you think did this?
I have no Idea. There's really no
one I can think of, but don't you
think the guy you shot did it?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Yeah of course, but we think he
was hired.
Why anyone would want to kill my
son I just don't know.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Maybe your son wasn't the target.
Either way my son was killed. I
don't understand why. You need to
figure that out for me.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
The thing is we've got
eyewitnesses that claim your son
jumped in front of your wife to
save her.
You mean to save Leslie? he was
just hugging her.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You're not the most happily
married couple are you?
We have decided to file for
divorce yes.


                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What caused the break up? If you
don't mind me asking.
Oh, so you do talk.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yeah, so what caused the divorce?
I cheated. Come on, every man
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I haven't.
Are you married detective?
Detective Harris rubs his face.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Samuel shoots a puzzled look at Harris.
Good for you.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Here's what I think. I think you
did the math and realized you'd be
a very rich man if your wife was
dead. My question is since your
original plan back fired, are you
gonna try again?
Bold son of a bitch. How dare you
come in here and make pathetic
allegations. And I'm already rich.
I don't need anymore money. I need
my son back.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You're getting very heated for a
simple conversation.
I want you both out of my office
and off this property, or I'll get


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Have a nice day Harry.
Harris and Samuel walk out of the room.
Harris and Samuel both walk toward their car.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Do you always rub your face when
you lie?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You mean the marriage thing?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well if you always was as quiet as
you were in there, I think we'd
get along just a little better.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
So why'd you lie?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I was learning his tells.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Haven't you ever played poker
before? Every man does.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You know I was thinking, he
doesn't know that our suspect got
away. Why didn't he ask about him?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Samuel you are on smart
rookie. He knows something. He's
deep in this thing. I guarantee
The two get into their car and drive away.


Harry drives a dark sedan up to the front of the motel and
gets out of his car.
Harry walks up to number six and pulls out a pistol. He
pulls the lever back to caulk it and opens the door.
The motel is trashy and small. Very cluttered with one bed
and a bathroom. The shower runs as Harry walks into the room
and pauses.
The shower stops.
Sandy is that you? I'll be out in
a minute.
Harry remains silent.
Clyde walks out of the bathroom wearing briefs.
Let's get some take out honey-.
Clyde notices Harry and pauses.
Holy shit.
You made a big mistake.
Harry I know. I'm sorry man. I'll
give you the money back.
You killed my son. I don't want
the money back. I want my son
Clyde moves toward a nightstand. Harry notices a pistol on
the nightstand. Clyde runs for it and Harry shoots him in
the face.
Harry rushes out of the motel, gets in his car and drives


Harry quickly drives down the road. With tears in his eyes
he holds the gun.
He finds an empty field and pulls over. He gets out and
wanders in the field with the gun. He puts the gun to his
head and contemplates pulling the trigger.
He stares at the gun shaking in complete despair. He throws
it across the field.
Detective Samuel sits on Detective Harris's desk. Detective
Harris looks at a computer screen with a picture of Clyde.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What are you looking at?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Clyde Scott; our bleeder. It's a
damn good thing I got him in the
shoulder. Now we at least know who
he is.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Do we have an address?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Last known address was the State
of Texas correctional facility.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
A record and in the system. Sounds
like your murder for hire theory
is becoming more concrete.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
On top of all of that he's
probably desperate for cash and he
has a history of assault.
Detective Samuel, do a check of
local hospitals, urgent cares and
private doctors.
Detective Harris points at himself.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You can't live long after being
shot by this marksman without
medical attention.


Captain Mallory walks up to the desk.
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
Well you can stop looking for your
shooter. I just got a call from
the McLennan County Sheriff's
department. Your guy is their John
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
That's what a John Doe is kid.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
What do we know? How did he die?
                       CAPTAIN MALLORY
They said he was found a few hours
ago in a flea bag motel. Shot and
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Detective Samuel we're gonna take
a trip. You ever been to Waco?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Of course. It's in Texas ain't it?
Detective Samuel drives the cop car with Detective Harris in
the passenger seat. They both have their cowboy hats on. "I
Can't See Texas From Here" by George Strait plays on the
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
I can't see Texas from here. Play
it fiddle.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Damn that would be a travesty.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
What would be?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Not seeing Texas.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
You ever been out of the state?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Never had a need.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
That explains a lot.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Yeah whatever. Now I got a
question for you.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Okay shoot.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Why'd you let me drive? You never
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Good mood I guess.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Did you recently get laid or
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Something like that. And you? Tell
me about the red head.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
How'd you know she has red hair?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I'm a damn good detective.
Harris merges off the freeway onto a busy street.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well she's real attractive. She's
serious, don't seem to play games
with men like the younger ones
love to.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Age don't matter, they all do. Now
how old is she?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Thirty five.


                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Try again.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
You are good. Thirty nine.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
She's a lot older than you.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
And your's is a lot younger than
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Your a good detective too. But
that's a little strange on your
side, don't you think?
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
What? It's alright for you to date
a younger woman but not for me to
date an older woman?
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
I guess so, I mean it's not
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Well I don't want to be normal
Detective Samuel pulls the car into a motel parking lot.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Well here we are.
Yellow police tape spreads around the exterior of the motel
room. A McLennan County Sheriff's DEPUTY, stands in the
middle of the room right next to Harris and Samuel.
The Deputy is fat, bold and in his fifties with a cowboy hat
and a thick Texas drawl.
All three face Clyde's dead body while eying the room.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
What do we know for sure?


Shots rang out around nine a-m
this morning. He had a girl with
him, but she's gone.
                       DETECTIVE HARRIS
Any description of her?
We got her on the video camera
from the lobby inside. She was
crying when she left. Must have
been close to him.
                       DETECTIVE SAMUEL
Anything on the shooter?