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Furious George
by Seby (tsase@utschools.ca)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Furious George Writers Craft

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The door opens and Georges enters the room. He is wearing a
green dress shirt with pink flamingos and unironed khakis.
His shirt is slightly untucked and his belt is missing one
of the loops. He is in handcuffs. Hunter walks in behind
him, wearing an expensive suit.
Case number 20035. The crown
versus Georges Lemieux. We are
here today to hear preliminary
statements and rule on bail.
      (Whispering to
She seems mean. Do I have a
      (Whispering to
Don't worry. Just tell her what
happened and everything will be
good. Leave the rest to me.
Georges nods and fidgets with his glasses. He sits down in
his chair and looks around at all the people. He closes his
Would the prosecution please stand
up and present their case to the
Prosecution lawyer stands up and adjusts his suit.
      (With authourity)
Yes, your honour. On April 20th,
Riley Reid was found brutally
murdered at the corner of 60th and
9th. The accused, Georges Lemieux,


                       P (cont'd)
was found sitting beside the
victim with the victim's blood all
over his hands and shirt. A knife
was laying beside him.
A few gasps come from the audience.
The police dusted the knife for
fingerprints and found Georges'
fingerprints all over the murder
weapon. We offer condolences to
Riley's family.
Thank you. Defense, please rise
and present your case to the
Hunter rises.
Thank you your honour. My client
has decided to plead not guilty.
Georges was walking down the
street when he saw the victim
laying in the alley. He walked
over and took the knife out and
attempted to resuscitate her but
it was too late. I was the one who
arrived at the scene and I alerted
the police.
Georges stands up abruptly and raises a sheet of paper into
the air.
This is my first aid training
certificate! I just wanted to help
her. I'm sorry I couldn't save
Georges starts tearing up. After a few seconds of sniffling
he starts bawling.


      (To the bailiff)
Bring him a tissue box.
Georges smiles while looking down, before quickly returning
to a somber mood.
Bailiff brings Georges a tissue box. He blows his nose
loudly and wipes away his tears.
Thank you ma'am. You are sweet.
Like my mother.
Judge chuckles.
Why thank you Georges!
Audience murmured. Weird looks are exchanged.
You are such a sweet young man. My
nephew has autism. He loves
Georges face lights up.
Picasso is my favourite artist! I
love him!
The judge smiles.
The prosecution lawyer stands up abruptly
Your Honour, can we please move on
with the proceedings?
I think it's important for me to
speak with Georges and gain more
insight on him before declaring
bail. Do you have somewhere to go?


I have a lunch meeting. But...
Alright. So let me keep talking to
Yes, your honour.
Alright Georges. I want you to
explain what happened.
Your honour, is it better if I ask
the questions to him?
Everyone stops talking in the court. Dead silence.
I will give you a chance to ask
your questions later. I want to
make sure Georges has a proper
trial. I have experience in
communicating with people with
mental disabilities and I want to
make sure we hear his point of
Yes your honour.
So Georges, what were you doing on
the night of April 20th?
Georges closes his eyes. He puts his head in his hands.
I was walking down the street
after eating food. I had a burger
with cheese. I think the cheese
was moldy though. I didn't feel
that well after but maybe it was
because of the dead body I saw


                       G (cont'd)
after. I don't know why.
Sorry Georges, I can't hear you
with your head down. Can you
repeat that?
Sorry ma'am. The burger was pretty
good other than the cheese.
Everyone in the audience laughs.
Your honor, this line of
questioning seems irrelevant. Is
there any way to speed this up?
I'm going to be late.
Everyone starts murmuring. Pan to up close faces of people
in the audience.
      (to E2)
What's going on?
      (to E1)
I don't know. I think we need to
listen to Georges though and this
lawyer is interrupting. I feel bad
for Georges to be honest.
Judge immediately loses her smile.
Judge bangs gavel on the desk. Everyone goes quiet
Order in the court!
Georges, please continue with your
story. Don't listen to anyone


So I was walking down the street
and I saw a butterfly. This
butterfly had the most amazing
colours. It was beautiful. It had
yellow markings on its back. I've
always loved butterflies! Do you?
      (To E1)
What is he talking about?
      (To E3)
I have no idea. He's adorable
though there's no way he could
commit a murder.
Yes Georges! Me and my nephew used
to try and catch butterflies all
the time!
Georges gasps and puts his head in his hands. He starts
rocking back and forth.
Butterflies should be allowed to
fly free! Not caught! Not Caught.
George. Don't worry we let them go
free after. Don't worry they were
Georges stops crying. He grabs another tissue.
That's good. I think we could be
good friends miss.
George, that means a lot to me.
How did you come to see the murder


I was chasing the butterfly and I
followed it into an alley. The
butterfly landed on the body and
that's when I saw it. I was
scared. I took the knife out of
her chest and I tried to use CPR
on her. After a few minutes,
Hunter walked into the alley and
called the police.
It's true your honour. I saw him
in the alley and I called the
police. He didn't commit the
Judge looks at Hunter and Georges.
I have come to the conclusion that
bail should be set at 2500
dollars. Georges is not a menace
to society. However, I think that
there needs to be someone here
that can take care of him.
Georges looks up sadly.
Miss! I promise I don't need
anyone's help. I promise. I
promise. I promise.
Sorry Georges. It's the only way
I'll allow bail. It's for your
Everyone looks around expectantly. No one is volunteering to
take him.


      (Whispers to E2
       and E3)
Do you think anyone will take him
They both shake their heads.
This is the last call. If anyone
wants to step forward, now would
be the time.
Awkward silence ensues. The judge looks expectantly at
Alright. I will take him in.
That will be all. Court adjourned.
Georges gives a toothy grin to Hunter. Camera cuts out


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