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by Angel Terron (angelnterron@outlook.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Family   User Review:

A woman who is dealing with issues at home and work, finds that medicating herself helps her live in her happily ever after,When face with the facts she may be suffering from Bi-Polar. will her dreams keep her in this fantasy or bring her to a self revelation of reality.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Lynn and Jalen are in bed asleep- (pan )to the alarm clock
going off at 7:30 am. We see pictures of them and pictures
of an older man and woman with a flower next to the frame.
Restless sleepy Jalen gets up and heads to shower while Lynn
remains in the bed.
      (tall handsome man
       getting out of
       bed no shirt)
Lynn get up, you're going to be
late for work.
      (beautiful woman
       messy hair
       moaning, throwing
       pillow over her
yep yep, be up in a minute.
      (sticking his head
       out the shower-
Lynn, I'm serious, your going to
be late. I'll leave the water
running for you.
      (getting up
       heading toward
       the bathroom to
       brush her teeth)
Good morning baby, save me some
hot water.
Oh it's nice and hot, come on get
(slow motion) Lynn takes off her gown and it drops to the
floor, we see her feet enter the shower as Jalen is getting


      (yelling from the
Have I told you today that I love
      (brushing his
Nope, cause the day just got
started, but hey I love you too.
Good you better.
As God as my witness. I do.
      (turning water
I know baby.
Jalen, shuts the door shaking his head.
      (talking to
       himself and
       looking up to god)
Darn, I love my life.
Lynn is all dressed then heading down to the kitchen
Lynn looks in the mirror to fix her hair and goes down
stairs in the kitchen to get coffee, then her daughter Jaden
comes down on her way out to school.
      (sipping coffee)
Morning Jaden! I see your all
ready for school.
      (grabbing a banana)
Morning mother, yep all ready to
go. Where is dad?


      (pointing up
He will be down in a minute.
How did you sleep last night mom,
I heard you moaning, did you have
another one of those dreams?
No Jade, It was your father..
No, I think it was you, but I did
hear him too. You both need to
stop eating pork so late before
going to bed, I hear it can make
you have bad dreams.
Oh really? well trust me we both
didn't have a bad dream, your dad
was taking me to wonderland..
      (looking shocked)
Mom, gross.. TMI. really? Y'all
are too old to still be doing
Jalen coming down stairs and hears the ending to the
conversation grabbing some juice out the fridge.
      (kissing Lynn and
Good morning, Too old for what?
what did I miss?
Mom was just telling me that you
took her to wonderland last night.
No it wasn't wonderland, what are
you talking about.. It was Magic


Dad! gross.
      (hugging Lynn)
Don't listen to her baby, we will
never be to old to......
Ok already, stop! I'm going to be
late. y'all nasty. love you bye!
Jaden kisses her parents and heads out the door. Jalen is
leaving too.
      (heading out the
Ok babe, see you tonight, have a
good first day back, by the way,
your hair looks great. I love you.
      (grabbing her keys
       and heading to
       the door.)
I am right behind you.
Jalen get in his care and drives off and Lynn sits in her
car for a second talking to herself.
Lord get me through this day.
                                         DRIVING THROUGH TOWN
Lynn puts on the radio to listen to some music, she comes to
a stop sign and look over to a house with a for sale sign in
the yard and smiles. Car horn blows for her to drive.
                                         PULLING UP TO A
Lynn parks and get out the car, zoom in on her small frame
in slow motion until she enters the building. Lynn enters
and walks pass a few employees who speak and smile.


Lynn is sitting at her desk reviewing some reports, she has
pictures of the family on her desk. Her co worker and best
friend Nicole - beautiful small frame woman with dark eyes
and a sassy attitude walks in.
      (knocking on the
Knock Knock, morning girl. How did
you sleep last night?
Hey, why does everyone keep asking
me how I slept? I slept in a bed,
just fine.
I was just asking, I know you said
that you have been having trouble
sleeping lately, just checking on
      (looking at
       Jalen's picture)
Yeah, um I slept really good last
night. Not to much sleeping if you
know what I mean.
      (grabbing the
       picture and
       staring at it)
Hmmm, ok. Well I'm happy someone
is getting loved. You're so lucky
to have him.
      (snatching the
       picture back)
Ok Ok, put your tongue back in
your mouth. He's my rock, and I
thank God everyday for him. He's
been supporting me and helping me
through this rough time .... see
you tonight right?
He is a good man. I'm glad that
you're able to cope with all that
has been going on and happy that
you're getting through it. Take it


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
one day at a time. Trauma like
that can lead to a lot of things,
but your coping.. good for you and
yes, see ya about 8 tonight..
Welcome back.
      (phone rings)
Yes I am.... Now back to work....

"Lynn may I help you?"
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn prepared a dinner for her best friend and husband and
daughter. She is making sure everything is perfect and in
place positioning the glass, forks.
Everybody is eating and talking, Jaden excuses herself from
the table after eating.
      (getting up from
       the table)
Well I'm going to let you old
folks have the rest of the night,
I'm going to bed. Thanks for
dinner mom, love you. Good night
Dad, Nicole...
Nite baby. I love you too.
      (telling jokes)
Ok, so whats the difference
between a hooker and drug dealer?
Neither can stop selling the
Good one babe.. heck I don't
know.. tell me.


Noooo, a hooker can wash her crack
and resale it again..
      (not amused)
Oh ok....hmmmm crack, oh I get
Um No!, anyways.. so Nicole, how
was having your boss back on the
first day.
It was cool, we are were saying it
was good to have her back, we
missed her.
Aww I missed you guys too. I was
happy to be back, I see you all
left me with a lot of work, but I
needed that. Thanks.
      (smiling and
       heading up
That's good. Welp, I'm going to
head to bed, I'm tired and have a
long day tomorrow. Nicole, it was
good seeing you again, good night
babe, see you up stairs. ladies...
Jalen heads up stairs and the ladies have a few more glasses
of wine and talk a little, then Nicole leaves.
Thanks for coming over, this past
month has been crazy.. I never
thought that I would be dealing
with so much in a year. My Pop
said that God will never gives us
more than we can handle.
You're Pops is a wise man.


The stuff that they were dealing
with was a lot, I drove pass the
house today, it was bitter sweet
knowing my childhood home was up
for sale. Pops really love mom and
the house, but sometimes we have
to let go of materialistic
Well they are together now in a
bigger and better place. I'll go
visit one day.
Well don't leave me here.... just
joking. But anyways, I am going to
get out of here.
Ok, I am going to go take a shower
and get stuff ready for tomorrow,
I already know that the reports
and article need to be finalized
next week. I am praying to keep
moving on up in this company.
Lynn, you got this. I wish to one
day have my dream job and man,
you're so lucky to have someone to
love you as much as Jalen, you
have the perfect job,
home..family. I just wish for all
of this one day.
      (cleaning up the
All of this is blessings not luck,
my faith and beliefs help manifest
all that Jalen and I have. I pray
that we can be like my parents,
they love each other so much,
Jalen and are not perfect by far,
even when my mom put my dad
through hell he stayed by her
side. I never really saw my mom
unhappy, boy I miss them being
      (holding lynn and
       preparing to


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
Aww sweetie, they love you. You
have Jal and Jaden here .. and
they love you too, your mom is
only 30 miles away. I will be here
for you whenever you need me,
anyways, let me go, I will see you
at work tomorrow, thanks for
Lynn walking Nicole to the door, they hug, Nicole looks at a
picture of Jalen)and then leaves.. Lynn heads up to brush
her teeth and then gets in bed.
      (pulling her close
       to him)
Dinner was good babe, I love you
so much.
      (kissing him)
I love you too.. thank you for
being here for me.
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn is staring at her parents picture and then starts to
have a headache, she reaches in her desk drawer to get a
medicine bottle out (it reads alprazolam) and decides not to
take the pills, she drinks some water instead and starts
back to work.

      (on intercom
       calling for
Nicole, please come to my office.
      (knocks on door)
Hey, you alright.
      (drinking more
Hey Nicole, not sure, I think I
had too much moscato last night.
My head is hurting so I'm going to


                       LYNN (cont'd)
go home early, can you take all my
calls today?
Sure!, do you need me to call Jal
to come get you, can you drive?
      (getting her purse
       and heading out.)
No, No don't call him, I'll be ok,
I don't want to worry him. I'll
call you later.
      (getting all
       Lynn's files and
       see the desk
       drawer open)
                                         FADE OUT
Jaden is home from school and notice her moms car home, she
goes up stairs and see her mother in bed.
      (touching her and
       calling her name)
Mom, mom, are you ok? wake up.
      (rolling over)
Hey babe, how was school?
Why are you home so early
today,are you feeling ok? Does dad
I'm OK, I was having a headache
and just came home early. I'm
fine, no need to alarm your dad.
Can you make dinner tonight? I
just need to lay here for a while.
love you. Make sure no dishes are
in the sink.


Sure mom, I'll make something,
well go back to sleep, I'll check
on you in a bit.
Jaden heads down stairs and Lynn turns back over and starts
crying. Down stairs we see Jaden getting stuff ready for
dinner, then there is a knock at the door. It's Jaden
Koy-18 Tall handsome Caucasian young man in jeans and a jock
      (opening the door)
Hey you.
      (kiss her)
Hey, how was class? looks like I
came just in time, you about to
cook for me?
Ha ha ha you have jokes, class was
good. I'm making dinner for my
parents because my mom isn't
feeling well today,she came home
early and I'm worried about her. I
think she went back to work too
soon, she is still healing, I feel
so bad for her, she is putting up
a good front.
Your mom is one of the bravest
women I know. She is dealing with
all of this pretty well from what
I see.
That's the thing, you don't see
what I see everyday here at this
house, she is trying to be strong,
but I can see her struggling. It's
sad, I don't know what I would do
if I had to deal with are her
pain, I would go crazy.


Well all you have to do is be here
for her and keep telling her that
you love her, and give her space.
What time is your dad off?
He should be here any minute now.
Ok, well I'm going to leave before
he gets here, I'll call you later
ok? Love you.
Koy drives off in his car and a few minutes later Jal enters
through the front door.
Hey dad! how was work?
Hey there sweetie,good, how was
It was good, I came home and found
mom here in bed, I'm getting
worried dad, What if she went
back to work too soon?
      (looking concern)
Wait, your mother is here? What
happened? Is she ok?
Yes, she's up stairs, she said her
head was hurting, I told her I
would cook dinner tonight and for
her to get some rest.
Don't worry about making me
anything, I ate already, just make
yourself something and I'll check
on her.
Jaden sits down at the table and starts to cry. Jalen goes
up stairs and gets on the bed and holds Lynn and they start
to cry together.


      (holding her and
I'm here, I got you.
We see Lynn tossing and turning in her sleep.
                                         FADE OUT
      (on phone)
Yes, I understand, but she has
been having problems sleeping and
now headaches. I'll get her in
tomorrow, thanks man.
Jaden coming down getting ready to leave for school.
Who was that dad?
Hey baby girl, it was Phillip, you
know Dr. Hanes. I'm getting your
mother in to see him, she had a
rough night last night.
What do you think the problem is?
I'm not sure Jade, but I'm sure
Phillip can figure this all out.
Your mother has been through a lot
in the past month, she is still in
pain, we just have to let this
process happen, she will be ok,
don't worry to much. Now go before
you're late I love you and I'll
see you tonight. I'm taking off
      (heading toward
       the door)
I love you dad!


Jalen, waves and blows a kiss. He starts to clean and pick
up things around the house, we see him go up stairs and
check on Lynn.The phone rings and it's Nicole calling to
check on Lynn.
      (phone rings and
       he answers)
Hey you, what are you doing home?
I was calling to check on Lynn, is
she ok?
Hey Nicole, yeah, she's not
feeling well today, I took off to
watch her and she won't be in
tomorrow either, so make sure you
hold it down for her.
Ok, yea no worries, does she need
No, thanks, she has everything she
needs right here.. I'm the man..
anyways let me go check on her,
I'll let her know you called.
      (holding the phone
yes you are....ok..... bye
Jaden goes up stairs and knocks on her parents door, no
answer, so she opens the door and see her dad holding her
mom and both are asleep, she closes the door and sits
outside the door and cry.
Jal gets out the bed and looks out the window, he sees Jaden
car in the drive way and goes to check on her, he opens the
door and finds her asleep outside the door on the floor. He
picks her up and puts her into her bed in her room.


      (waking up)
Dad, can I stay home today?
      (kissing her)
Sure baby.. I'm about to take your
mother to her appointment, I'll be
home later, get some rest. I love
you. Hey... It's ok, she will be
I know daddy.
                                         FADE OUT
Jalen is getting ready and Lynn is up and dressed.
She head down stairs and looks at her kitchen, she see a
glass in the sink and gets upset and yells. Jal runs down to
see what is going on..
      (holding the glass
Jal, Why is there a glass in the
sink? You know how I hate dishes
in my sink.
Baby, calm down... It's just a
glass. I'll wash it out ok. Now
come on lets go.
I'm sorry, Jal, what's wrong with
It's ok, It's ok, Let's just go
and see the doctor, he can tell us
                                         FADE OUT


Lynn is sitting with the Dr. Hanes, a tall African American
man 6 ft dressed in his lab coat,He is also a friend of the
family discussing what she has been feeling.
                       DR. HANES
Hello Lynn, how are you coping
with everything? Let's talk, tell
me what's going on with you?
Sometimes silence is our loudest
cry for help!
Thanks Phillip, I mean Dr, Hanes
for seeing me today. lately I've
been feeling tired and drain, I
have been experiencing some head
aches and having trouble sleeping
at night. I thought when my dad
and mom left that I would be able
to deal, but it's been hard to
know that they are not down the
street anymore, and I'm missing
                       DR. HANES
How often are you having these
headaches? When you do go asleep
how long are you able to sleep
without waking up?
Headaches have been coming and
going for the past week. Sleeping
is the most difficult, I can go to
bed and be tired, then I find
myself wide awake.
                       DR. HANES
Have you been feeling any guilt
about anything? Maybe it's the
pressure of the separation of you
and your parents. Let me ask you
this... have you been experiencing
Sometimes... I'm just tired and
don't feel like myself. I feel sad
and anxious,little things has been
stressing me out also. Sometimes I


                       LYNN (cont'd)
feel as though someone is in the
room with me at night, and it's
not Jal.
                       DR. HANES
Any mood swings?
Yes, few times..I feel more sad
and depressed than anything.I
haven't been taking the anxiety
pills you prescribed, I just don't
like the way they make me feel.
Some days I'm happy and hyper and
some days I'm just out of it.
what's wrong with me?
                       DR. HANES
Mania symptoms include periods of
elevated mood swings and/or
irritability. When experiencing a
manic episode, a patient often has
high energy levels with reduced
need for sleep. Less often, people
may experience psychosis.
Depression symptoms include
feeling sad, low energy, low
motivation, or loss of interest in
previously enjoyable activities.
What does that mean exactly? These
are symptoms of what?
                       DR. HANES
Bipolar disorder, or possibly BPD.
You could be battling Depression
How does one get diagnoses with
these conditions? Could it be
something else?
                       DR. HANES
      (writing up
Bipolar is hard to diagnose, there
are so many variables to this
mental health issue, but lets get
you started on these meds and see
what happens, most important, I
need you to get some sleep. You


                       DR. HANES (cont'd)
must take as directed Lynn, do you
Yes I understand.
                       DR. HANES
      (Reaching for
       pamphlet on
Here take one of these and get
into some type of group. Don't let
this disease control you ok?
So Philip what should I do to
                       DR. HANES
Do exactly what you're doing now,
just be here for her and give her
some space. This condition is
treatable, but she is definitely
going to need the support of the
family and she needs you to
understand that most days she may
not be herself, just be there.
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn is in bed and Jal is in the shower. She is reading up
on Bipolar and trying to understand.
I don't see any of these traits in
myself babe. Do I really act like
this... Impulsive,irritable,memory
loss,confusion,I understand the
sadness part, but do you see me
like these traits?
Jal comes out of the bathroom in a towel.
Sometimes, do you remember what
happened today in the kitchen? you
flipped out because of a glass
babe a glass. I know that you've


                       JAL (cont'd)
been under stress and I get it.
You know how I hate dishes in the
sink, so stop.
Babe, it wasn't dishes it was a
glass.... come on, this isn't an
argument, I'm just saying, you
have been a little moody lately.
      (closing her
Maybe, but I'm going to do better
ok. I love you. Promise me that
you will forever be in love with
I love you too babe, I'll fall in
love with you over and over
forever, just follow what Dr.
Hanes says and lets see how you
feel in a week. Now come over here
and make love to your husband, I
need you now ..
      (taking off her
I need you too.
Jal turns the lights off and we hear the two of them
laughing. Outside the door we see Jaden listening and smiles
and goes to her room.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         MONTAGE OF LYNN
Lynn outside on her laptop doing research, she is very hyper
and Jal comes out with a glass of tea and lunch for the two
of them.


      (placing the tea
       and food down)
Hey babe,how did you sleep? what
are you doing?
Doing some more research! Did you
know that this conditions could be
Really? wow, was your mom or dad
ever diagnosed with mental health
I think my mom battled depression
for a while.
Well, I hope you find the answers
we need. Come on put the laptop
down for a bit and eat. Did you
take your meds?
No, give me a minute ok, I'm so
close to getting more information.
I'll take my pill after I eat.
Stop pressuring me ok?
I'm not pressuring you, I just
want you to eat something and take
your meds. Your getting so
involved with this research and
you don't even make time to eat,
you at you.. you're losing weight.
      (raising her voice)
Make up your mind.. Do you want me
to get better or what. One minute
it's do research, the next it's
stop doing the research. your
driving me crazy.


It's not that serious Lynn. Listen
I'm outta here, I'll be back
later. just take your damn pills.
      (throwing her
       glass down)
Damn! really...
Jal leaves and Lynn continues to do research, she looks at
her bottle of meds and throws them off the porch.
                                         FADE OUT
Jaden come in and sees her mother watching television, she
decides to go sit and talk to her. Bottle of pills and glass
of water on the table.
Hey mom. how was your day? How are
you feeling?
      (sitting up)
Hey baby, my day was good, I'm a
little tired, but I will be ok.
watching some reality t.v
      (sitting down and
       seeing the laptop)
My day was long. I see your doing
your research? I just want you to
get better.
      (getting up to hug
I love you sweetie. Go get ready
for bed, you have school tomorrow.
      (looking confused)
No mom, it's Saturday!
Oh ok...Well I'm a day behind..


      (kisses her)
Go to bed mom.
      (looking at the
I'm waiting up for your father, he
still isn't home?
Did he go to work? It's Friday,
you know it's his late day.
      (looking confused)
No, I think he was off today! I
think, I can't remember, he left
mad..I think.. Damn all my
thoughts are boggled together.
Where is your father?
      (calming her down)
Mom calm down, I'll call him ok,
just go to bed. I love you.
Jade walks her mom up to her bedroom and puts her in bed,
she calls her dad to see where he is.
                                         ON PHONE
Dad, where are you? I need you to
come home now! It's mom...
                                         30 MINUTES LATER
      (on the sofa
      (hugging Jade)
Hey baby, I got here as fast as I
could, what's wrong? Where is your
mother? Is she ok?
Up stairs... what's going on with
her.... She...she..... just


                       JADE (cont'd)
Jal running up stairs, opening the bedroom door.
Lynn, hey babe, wake up.. what's
wrong? How are you feeling?
Nothings wrong.. I did what you
ask I took my meds. You all seem
to be the experts, Hell you tell
me.. Tell me what's wrong.
Stop Lynn, now that's not
fair..you know we only want what's
best for. Jade is a mess right
now, do you think she likes seeing
you like this?
       out of bed)
Like What?? What?? I don't know
whats going on with me, What
you're doing and what Dr. Hanes is
doing, isn't helping me. I'm my
best now when I'm asleep, I feel
at peace. you know I'm in this
place far away and someone is
there with me, I'm not afraid in
fact I'm happy, I feel safe. So
you ask.... what's wrong, well
there is your answer, I'm not
happy here, I'm happy there. He
understands me, he understands my
inner thoughts and feelings. You
      (confused, getting
       up yelling)
Wait, who is he? What are you
speaking about? I am the one who
has been holding your polar behind
down.. I am the one who is concern
and trying to get you help, and
you come at me with some crazy
crap HE? Man get the heck out of
here with that bull! You see Lynn
I thought that you were happy, I


                       JAL (cont'd)
thought I was giving you what you
needed, but now I see.. It's not
me. It's.... what your guys
name...HE. You're acting like a
crazy woman.
      (yelling ,and
       thinking about
       what Jalen just
What did you just say to me? Did
you call me "Polar" was that a
joke, cause I remember my dad
saying that was a nick name he
gave my mom, what does that mean?
Polar? Wait... are you really
calling me crazy? meaning
Bi-Polar, so that wasn't just a
name he gave her, he was mocking
her her, just as you are now.. So
I am crazy, say it, that's what
you think of me. Go screw
      (grabbing her)
Come here.. Listen..I'm sorry, I
didn't mean that, babe I know that
this isn't you talking right now,
calm down.. I'm here, I love you
Lynn, I'm hurting right here with
you. Tell me what to do. Please,
Jal.. just let me sleep.. you're
forcing me to take meds, be
mindful you said, listen,do what
the Dr. says.. Has anyone ever ask
me how I was feeling..?? Truly
What I'm feeling inside,How can we
help ease the pain? No and now you
want answers, I just need some
time so I can breathe,
Babe, I don't know who he is, help
me understand! Help me Help you.


Jade running up stairs entering the room
Mom, stoppppp please, just
stopppp. I love you...stopp
      (holding both Jade
       and Lynn)
I got you both, and I love you
both more than anything, God knows
how important my family means to
me and I will go to the ends of
the earth to make this family stay
together. Lord I am praying to you
for strength and guidance right
now. Lord I need you to heal the
hurt my family is going through, I
need you to rebuke that lying
devil trying to take my wife. The
devil is a liar. We need you oh
God, hear my cries and prayers.
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn wake ups in the arms of Jalen and Jade she is crying
and sits down to write a note while Jal and Jade are asleep
on top of the bed.Pill bottle is empty after Lynn pours them
all in her hand and swallow them.
      (V.O- music plays
My dearest loves, it hurts me to
have to write this letter, but I
feel it's time. I can't go on
another day knowing that my
actions have hurt you both. I'm
alone inside my heart and inside
my head. I feel no pain, I'm numb.
I want to see the butterflies now.
I want you two to know that I love
you very very much, Jade, I want
you to know that it will get
easier. Jal, you are my rock and
my friend.. I've loved you from
the very first moment I met you,
You have brought so much joy to my
heart, but I can't live like this


                       LYNN (cont'd)
anymore. This illness has affected
so many people and we have to get
more people involve to help.. Well
you have to do this.. Please do a
foundation in my name and call it
The Lynn Life Foundation.. Don't
let anyone else suffer without
knowing there is help, I did my
research on NAMI, so many factors
to this organization. I just don't
have it in me to fight I just want
to die today.. I would rather live
in my dreams than this
reality..Babe when I said HE- I
was speaking about you-- You are
the one I close my eyes to be with
in this far away place. He is you,
and you are always going to be
with me, here.. It's always been
you. I love you.. You'll see me in
your dreams...
The pen falls and Lynn falls to the floor- Jal hears the
fall and wakes up, he sees Lynn on the floor calling her
name, Jade starts screaming.
      (crawling on the
       floor holding her
Babe, babe.. wake up.. wake up
babe.. Babe!!!! No Babe, what did
you do.. No!!!!!
Butterflies flying outside the window.... Pamphlets on the
National Hotline - Suicide Prevention - 1800-273-8255
Mental Health Treatment- NAMI- 1-800-950 NAMI
                                         FADE OUT
Music is playing at the home of Lynn and Jalen. Few friends
over celebrating Lynn's new position as a head editor at her


      (kissing lynn)
Congrats baby, you deserve it. I'm
so proud of you.
Thank you baby.... I can't wait to
get started on my first
assignment, I am so happy to see
our friends here tonight
celebrating with us. I see mom, I
wish my Pops was here.
This is all for you. Mom is going
to always be around to show
support. She told you
      (coming to hug her
Mom, you did it! I love you.
Yes Mrs. Vance, well deserved.
Congratulation baby.
Aweee, I appreciate you guys. Now
lets party.
Jalen and his friend Garret are talking, and hes smiling at
Lynn from across the room.
So my man, what's been up? I
haven't talked to you in four
days, what's been going on?
Adjusting to this single life, I
had No clue that this transition
would be so hard, I must admit, I
miss my wife.
Whatttt? I don't understand, so
why get a divorce if you still
love her?


      (laughing, looking
       at Nicole)
Wait, hold on, I said ...miss her
not love her. I just miss the way
we use to be before all the
disconnect. Looking at you and
Lynn gives me hope that I can have
that again one day. hmmm and maybe
with Nicole, look at her looking
all good.
You funny.. You funny.
Lynn, Nicole and Mom are talking.
Big day tomorrow, going in with a
new title.
Yes yes Boss lady. I can't believe
you will be my boss now, it's all
good, I'm glad you got the
position over Kim, I can't stand
her attitude.
I raised you to be a Boss!
I'm no ones boss, again just a
title. But I did that darn thing,
and now I'll be sitting next to
the corner office with a window
      (laughing, looking
       at Jalen)
Awe stop it! But I am very happy
for you. Can I ask you a question?
      (looking concern)
Yeah, everything ok? What's the


No No everything is fineeeee, I
just wanted to know your secret to
a happy marriage with Jal?
Girlll, no secret and I mean
exactly that, we love each other
and trust one another, we just go
with life ups and downs and
So you mean to tell me that you
tell Jal everything?
Yes girl everything?
      (play hitting
Well not everything. ha!, some
things you have to keep to
yourself, but it doesn't mean that
it's a secret, it's just stuff and
words left unmentioned. you feel
Okay, Edgar Alan Poe!
Yes yes my darling, always keeping
one in suspense with the unknown.
You crazy girl, No I really mean
      (whispering in
       Lynn's ear)
Watch her!
The guys come over to the ladies.
What ya'll over here talking


Definitely not you. Anyways, great
party Jalen. You really know how
to win a woman heart.
Yes he does.
Okay okay, may I have everyone's
attention. Today, I just want to
wish my lovely wife a huge
congratulations for being promoted
to head editor at her forum, raise
your glasses... to you babe!
Yay mom!
I'm so proud of you, I love you
Cheers, lets eat. Thank you baby.
Garret trying to get Nicole's attention, but she walks away.
      (going up to
So Nicole....
Not now Garret.
The guest are drinking and eating, when the phone rings..
Jade goes to answer the phone. It's a women on the other end
of the phone from the hospital.
      (answering the
Hello.. yes this is the Vance
residents, how may I help you? Yes
he's my granpa, When, Where.. ok
we are on the way.
Jade, yells across the room--(pan in on her slow motion)


                                         MOMENTS LATER
Lynn and Mom are at the hospital, bedside of an older man-
her father "Pop" who is sick. equipment beeping.
      (half asleep)
You look tired baby, why don't you
go home and get some rest, I'll be
Silly old man, you look tired.
No, I'm staying right here with
you Pop. Are you in any pain?
No not really, they got me hooked
up to all these darn drips. I
don't feel a thing, so did you get
the promotion you wanted?
Yes sir, you're looking at the new
head editor. I'm really happy Pop.
That's my girl, I knew you could
do it. You remind me of your
mother when we first met, she was
a go getter and didn't let nothing
get in her way. Whatever she
wanted, she went after
it...including me.
Yes I did, Well I am going to go
get some coffee, I'll let you guys
Mom was definitely one to go after
what she wanted,she seemed to be
enjoying herself, what do you mean
including you?


      (looking concern)
At your party? Well when we
started dating she was never too
sure if she wanted to be in the
relationship, she would call me
one minute saying how much she
loved me and then five minutes
later telling me she hated me, boy
I was so confuse by her actions,
but she finally made the decision
to allow me to be in her life. She
knew I was good for her and trust
me I'm not sure no one would ever
understand her non rational way of
thinking, but hey that was your
mother. But she got ya Pops. I use
to call her Polar, that was her
nick name. 2 persons.. I was
dealing with, love them both.
"Polar" guess she was cold as
ice?I love her so much, It's been
a tough year Pop. I think back to
before she got sick,she told me
once that living with you was a
challenge, what did she mean by
      (tearing up)
Your mom was battling some demons
baby girl, her challenges became
mine. There was never a right and
wrong way to love her, she
resisted the love late in our
marriage, you see last year she
just gave up on the marriage but I
wasn't having it. I was like, I'm
in it all the way.
Wait, I'm confused.. I was under
the impression that you stepped
out on her.
What? really, how could you think
such a thing about your Pop? I
loved your mother very very much,
she didn't know what she was
dealing with and all her thoughts
became cloudy, your mother thought


                       POP (cont'd)
that my best friend Lisa and I
were having an affair, but that
wasn't the case at all, she and I
were just friends, but your mother
never got over the fact that Lisa
and I were very close, she felt as
though I was giving Lisa more
attention than her. The only thing
I could do to prove my love to
your mother was to end my
friendship with Lisa. There was
nothing I wouldn't do for your
mother, I just hate that she had
to leave me with a broken heart, I
did everything baby girl,
everything to love her and assure
her, but her mind was telling her
Wow Pops, I had no clue that you
and mom were dealing with any
problems, she would always say
that "Polar" was doing well today.
I never knew what that meant til
Yep. Polar was always her way of
telling me she was ok, it was her
other personality. You mother was
very sick, I did all I could to
get her the help she needed, but
she said to me that she had it
under control, so I left her
alone..I didn't want to aggravate
her condition any further.
So why tell me all of this now?
Because, I started seeing some of
those traits of your mother in
you, are you doing ok?
Pops, I'm doing fine, besides the
stress of work, nothing else
bothers me. "Polar" was kinda a
disrespectful way to address her,
don't you think?


I know it was, but at the time she
was acting bizzare and I just kept
the name for her. She would always
laugh it off, so I thought it was
cool. But Ok baby, just know that
Pop worries about you and loves
you, whenever you're feeling down
just know me and your mom are here
for you. She told me once that
when she died, that she was going
to come back as a butterfly, I
told her when I die I would come
back living, get it? living
Well keep living and you wont be
seeing a butterfly for a very long
time. Now you need to get some
rest, I love you.
Heading toward the door and sees mom.
Time to head home.
Mom goes into the room to say good night.
      (standing over Pop)
Get some rest, I still love you.
      (hearing a voice)
I love you!
Lynn and mom in the car not saying anything. Mom gets out
the car and heads into the house.
      (driving off)
Good night Mommy!
Lynn in her car driving up to her home upset. Jalen sees the
car lights and comes outside. Jade upstairs looking out the


      (helping Lynn out
       the car)
Baby come on, you alright, is
No, hes alive, just don't know
what to do, I can't lose my dad
right now.
He's going to be ok, trust God ok,
now come on it's cold out here.
Jalen helping Lynn out of her clothes and putting her in
bed. He hold her close to comfort her.
I love you Lynn.
Jade at the table getting her books together for school. Koy
comes to get her. Knock at the door.
      (knocking at the
Hey babe, how is your Grandpa? How
are you and your mom doing?
Hey, Thanks for coming to pick me
up, He's doing ok for now, but my
mom is out of it, I saw my dad
bringing her in last night and she
didn't look good. I pray he gets
better for my moms sake, she can't
handle anything else right now.
I'm here for you and the family.
Just keep praying, did the doctors
say what happened?


I love you Koy, Thank you for
that. My dad told me that he had
some chest pain, so with him being
in his 60's the doctors wanted to
keep him and run test.
The doctors know what they are
doing, he will be fine, come on,
let's go before we are late.
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn standing in the window watching Jade and Koy leave.
      (rolling over in
       the bed)
Hey, you ok? I took off today, so
come get back in bed, Is it Pops?
      (getting back in
No, the hospital says he's doing
ok this morning, I'll go check on
him in a few,I was just watching
Jade and Koy leaving, I think he
really cares and loves our
He better, if he know what's good
for him. Guess what?
I care and love you very very
You better, if you know what's
good for you. Love you too babe,
and Thank you for last night, I
have an awesome husband, by the


                       LYNN (cont'd)
way, I think you have an admire.
Oh yeah, Who? You?
What? In what way?
I think she is secretly in love
with you.
       Lynn a kiss and
       getting up)
Well she is out of luck, I only
have eyes for one woman and that
woman is you..... Nicole that's
funny. I'm going to go take a
      (laying in the bed
funny huh!
      (yelling in the
I love you Lynn Vance.
Sureee you do, I love you too,and
hurry up.
Lynn and Jalen getting into the car heading to the hospital
                                         FADE OUT
Hope Pop is feeling better today,
I need answers. I don't even know
who his new doctor is.


      (Almost running a
       light while
       looking at his
       phone- car
Well I guess we will find out once
we get here. I am going to need
you to not panic and lose control
when you see him, you know he
hates having you worry about him.
Jalen watch out! Oh my god, can
you just keep your eyes on the
road please? You nearly killed us.
Stay off the phone when we are in
the car together.. There is a law
against texting and driving you
Pulling up to the hospital and getting out the car.
Jalen and Lynn coming into the room to see Pops!
      (kissing him)
Hey Pops, how you feeling this
Hey y'all!, I'm feeling much
better.Doc says I can go home in a
day or two. What are you all doing
Good to hear Pops, We here to see
you. How are you really feeling?
You look great.
I'm good. Can't wait to get out of


Have you seen mom today? I'm going
to make sure the doctor says you
are A-Ok to leave. As a matter of
fact let me buzz the nurse.
      (blank stare)
Yes babe, I saw her earlier, have
you seen her today?
No not today! but I'm glad she
came to check on you. I knew she
still cared.
How often are you seeing her?
Not much since she has been gone,
but hey 30 miles isn't far to
No it's not sweetheart.
Nurse comes in the room.
Hi everyone, Did you need
Hey, yes, my wife and I would like
to know if Dr,Hanes is is working
Yes he is. He just walked passed
me, Let me have him paged to the
Oh good. He has been busy, when
was the last time you spoke with


Hmm, it's been about a week. I
know he was at a doctors
convention this week, I'm just
glad he is working today.
Y'all silly, Phillip isn't even my
We know Pops, we just want to see
if he knows anything, that's all.
Dr. Hanes come into the room.
                       DR. HANES
Knock Knock, Hello everyone. Jalen
how's it going? Nurse said you
wanted to speak with me?
Yes Phillip, we were just trying
to find out who the on duty doctor
was attending to Pops?
                       DR. HANES
You're looking at him. I just saw
that your dad was assign to my
I'm confused, I thought he was
brought in due to chest pain,
you're a Psychiatrist.
Hey I just requested Phillip
because I trust him, you know how
these doctors up here.
Ok that's fine Pop but you told me
you were here for chest pain,and
that Phillip wasn't your doctor,
so why are you really here? Are
you ok?


Listen, I'm fine ok and Ill be out
of here in a couple of days, so
stop worrying, tell them Phillip
that I'm ok.
                       DR. HANES
He will be ok as long as he
follows his instructions, Jalen,
can we speak outside for a moment?
Don't you guys be out there
talking about me.
Dr. Hanes and Jalen leave the room to talk and Lynn and Pops
Pops, what are you not telling me.
You know I worry about you. I love
Sit down baby girl. Let Pop talk
to you.
Dr. Hanes and Jalen talking in the hall.
What's going on Phillip, are you
or aren't you his doctor?
                       DR. HANES
I am, but I thought you and Lynn
knew that already?
No man, we didn't. We were told he
was in here for chest pain. So
talk to me, What's going on.
Show Lynn and Pops talking and Lynn crying, Show Dr.Hanes
and Jalen talking and Jalen upset.
                       DR. HANES
So Lynn's father has been under my
care since after the incident, He
is being treated for a brain tumor
and he is battling Dementia, Jal
he's been in treatment going on 9
months, how could you both not


                       DR. HANES (cont'd)
We didn't, I know Lynn doesn't
know and I sure as heck didn't.
Why didn't you say something to
                       DR. HANES
Hey Jalen, I'm your friend but I
have an obligation to my patients
confidentiality. I'm sorry. Right
now I shouldn't be speaking to you
about his condition, I could lose
my license, You and Lynn need to
go speak to Pops.
So what's really going on with the
brain tumor?
                       DR. HANES
The brain tumor is progressive,
and now he is developing signs of
Dementia and a rare form of
Alzheimer disease that can be
passed on from generation to
generation,he mention his mother
had the disease so yes genetics.
this is called Familial Alzheimer
Disease. (FAD) there is also a 50%
chance of children inheriting it.
Progressive cell death can occur.
He's not doing well at all.
How does one get diagnose with
                       DR. HANES
Well for months, Pops has been
experiencing memory loss,
inability to use or find the right
words,increase in social
withdrawal mainly headaches, He is
exhibiting all of these.
So what happens now?


                       DR. HANES
We continue treating him,
Glioblastoma Multiforme is the
deadliest. He has 1 year max of
survival Jalen. I'm sorry.
Lynn and Pops speaking.
So what your'e telling me is that
you are dying? Did you think that
I should have known what was going
on with you?
Baby girl, I am so sorry, I didn't
want you to fine out this way, I
love you and I wanted you to just
heal from what you were dealing
with your mom. The brain tumor is
progressive and I want to spend as
much time as I can with you and
the family.
How much time do we have?
Only God has that answer, whenever
he is ready, I'll be ready. Let's
just take it day by day.
Pop stop talking like that ok,
you're going to be around for a
long time. Does mom know?
Yes I am sure she does, she use to
come by the house recently. I just
want to see the butterflies and
I said stop talking like that,
there isn't any butterflies in
here Pop. Let me go out side for a
minute and speak to Phillip, I'll
be back.
Lynn steps outside and crunches down to the floor crying,
Dr. Hanes and Jalen see her and rush to assist.


Lynn, are you ok? Come over here
and sit down.
Phillip, please tell me that Pops
isn't dying? I can't handle this
right now.
                       DR. HANES
Lynn, I am so sorry. We are doing
everything we can to make him
comfortable. But for now, let me
check your vitals and prescribe
you something to calm your nerves.
      (see her mom and
       runs down the
       hall and faints)
This isn't fare! God why???
Dr Hanes, The nurse, Jal and Mom gather around her.
Lynn, wake up Lynn...
                                         FADE OUT
      (opening her eyes
       then closing them)
Lynn had a panic attack and got over excite and passed out,
she wakes up in the hospital bed.
      (getting out the
Lynn, baby wake up it's me. Mommy
is gone, but I am her ok, I'm
What happen? Why am I in this bed?


Lynn, you experienced a panic
attack and Dr. Hanes gave you
something to calm you down. He
wanted to keep you in observation
until you awaken. How are you
I'm fine, I just want to go see
Let me call Phillip first, you
have been out for 3 hours Lynn.
      (getting up and
       heading toward
       the door)
Phillip isn't my doctor, so he
can't tell me when to get out of
this bed, so move Jalen.
      (blocks the door)
Maybe not, but as your husband and
the man who loves you, I am asking
you to get back in the bed until
Phillip comes back, now do this
for me.
And as your wife I am asking you
to move so I can go see my Pops.
now move Jalen... NOW!
Jalen moves out the way so Lynn can pass by, she walks
through the hall looking for Pops in his room, but he's not
in the bed, so she goes crazy again.
      (in Pops room)
Where is Pops? Jalen where is
The nurse took him down for more
test, can you please calm down and
let's talk? We have to figure out
what arrangements need to be made
for Pops.


You inconsiderate bastard, he's
not even dead yet and you're
trying to plan his funeral
already. How dare you!
Shut up Shut Up!. That's not what
I was speaking about. I'm talking
about him coming to live with us,
to spend his final days with
people who love him, that's all I
meant babe, please just calm down.
I am sorry I yelled at you, but
you're driving me insane right
now, and I don't know how much
more of this I can take. We need
to get you on some meds Lynn.
No meds, No meds, I'm sorry. I am
just so worried about Pops. I just
want to see him please.
Yeh! just sit here and let me fine
Phillip ok? I'll be right back.
Jal leaves the room, as he opens the door pan in on national
hot-line sign for suicide.Lynn get in Pops bed and start
crying uncontrollable and praying.
                                         FADE OUT
Jalen has left the testing area and waiting for Pops to be
brought back to the room, he run into Nicole and Garrett in
the hall.
Hey what's going on? How is Pop
and Lynn?
Hey, how did you guys know we were
up here?


Nicole tried calling Lynn phone
and it kept going to voice mail,
so I called the house and Jade
told us you both were here. How is
Pop doing. Where is Lynn?
Aww Thanks guys, well Pop is
really ill and not doing good at
all, Lynn had a panic attack and
has completely lost it up here. I
am so worried about her.
What do you mean lost it? Where is
she now?
She went crazy on me and out of
control, it's like she became
someone I didn't know.
Jal, it's your wife, that doesn't
even make sense. You know that she
has been dealing with a lot.
Yeah man, she needs you, and
whatever she is doing, it's just a
cry for help. Listen, I'm going to
go use the bathroom, I'll be right
Lynn is rolling over in Pops bed and wakes up to see the
room is empty, she gets up and heads out the room door and
see Jalen and Nicole talking, she can't hear what they are
saying and see them hug.
I know, I have just been hit with
so much today, you are right. I
love her so much and Thank you for
being a good friend, she needs
      (giving Jalen a
You need to get some rest, but
first go check on Lynn and let her
know that we love her and we will


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
check on her tomorrow.
Lynn goes back in the room, and Garrett returns to say
Alright well I guess we will go so
you can get back to Lynn,but man
keep God first and we will be
praying for you. This is your
faith being tested. Just pray.Call
you tomorrow.
Nicole and Garret leaves and Jalen heads back to the room
where Lynn is.
      (waiting for Jalen)
Hey, did you find Pop? Is he still
having test done?
Hey babe, yeah the nurse should be
bringing him back up any minute
now, I was in the hall talking to
Garret and Nicole, they came to
check on Pop, Nicole says she will
call you tomorrow and Garret send
his prayer and love.
hmm, Nicole and Garret or just
I said, Nicole and Garret. They
both just left, check your phone,
I think Nicole left you a message.
But ....
Nurse bringing Pop back to the room, he is out of it from
the meds.
Here we go, back in bed he goes.
He will be out for a little bit,
but he can hear you talking. Don't
stay in here to long ok? Mrs.
Vance why are you out your bed,
you should really go back to your


      (interrupts her)
I'm fine!
Ok, Well I'll let Dr, Hanes know
that your'e up and see if we can
get you discharge from the room.
      (being short)
Yes, you do that!
      (follows her out
       the room)
I'll go with you to find Dr.
Hanes. I'll be back Lynn.
Jalen follows the nurse out the room to look for Dr. Hanes
and Lynn sits next to the bed to speak with Pop.
      (holding Pop hands)
Pop, I pray that you can hear me,
I'm lost right now and I need you
, I don't know what I'm going to
do without you. I remember when I
was a little girl and we use to
get all dressed up to go to church
on Sundays, my favorite thing to
do because you would always say
that I was the prettiest little
girl in the whole wide world. Pops
I stop wanting to be the prettiest
girl in the whole wide world
because now as an adult, I only
wanted to be just your little
girl, ugly,bad,indifferent. As a
child I think I was dealing with
issues of self love and I always
wanted to have the love of my Pop
and Mom. I didn't not want to grow
up because as I grew older the
change started taking effect, I
wasn't that pretty little girl
anymore. I never told you and mom
that I use to cut myself when I
was younger, it fueled my soul and
made me feel good. self infliction
was my way of coping, yeh your
little girl was also battling some
demons.. I love you and mommy so
much. I just wanted my daddy all


                       LYNN (cont'd)
to myself, and I want my daddy
now. Please don't leave me.
Do you see the butterflies?
      (crying looking
Yes Pops... I see the butterflies,
it's not time.. it's not time.
Together soon. "Polar"
      (kissing his hand)
I need more time Pop. Everything
is going to be ok. I tried calling
mom and something is wrong with
her phone, can't get through.
Dr. Hanes and Jalen comes back into the room.
      (entering the room)
Lynn, are you awake? Come on babe,
let's go home, Phillip has
discharged you so you can go get
into your own bed and get some
rest.Kiss Pop and we will come see
him in the morning.
                       DR. HANES
      (giving Lynn her
Here are the med, I have
prescribe, Jalen stopped by the
pharmacy so you are all good to go
now, let me know if you have any
question, go get some rest and we
will keep you posted on Pop.
Lynn kisses Pop and her and Jalen head home.
In the car driving back to the house.
Jal I am really sorry for what
happened back there?


It's not your fault, just forget
about it ok? Let's just get you
home in bed.
Driving pass Lynn's old house, she sees a light go out.
I guess mommy is going to bed now.
      (looking over at
       the house)
What are you talking about?
      (falling asleep)
Mommy is sleeping now.
Yes she is resting!
Lynn and Jal pull up to the house and Jal wakes Lynn up
      (entering the
So good to be home, can you go
check on Jade?
      (walking up stairs)
Yes, and you go get in bed ok, be
in there in a moment.
Jal goes and peeps in on Jade who is sound asleep.
      (in her closet
       looking for a
       t-shirt and a box
       falls out)
Oh darn.. What is this?
The box is her moms box with items in them- on the floor is
a wig.


      (entering the room)
Hey babe! what are you doing? I
ask you to come in here and get in
Yea, I came in here to get
something, now I can't remember
what it was, but this box
fell..this is my moms box, why is
it over here? OMG look at this
thing, lol. I forgot that my mom
use to wear this old thing. My Pop
is always telling her how he loves
her natural hair. so funny, mom
was just wearing this..
      (taking the wig
       and interrupting
Come on baby, you're tired and
don't know what your saying. Let
me put you to bed, and I'll pick
up the mess.
Jal putting Lynn in bed and looking in her drawer, he sees a
pill bottle.
      (tearing up)
Seroquel.... Dammmit Lynn.
Jal goes over to the end of the bed holding the bottle and

Pan over slowly to the window with a caterpillar crawling.
                                         FADE OUT
Jalen is waking up off the floor looking around for Lynn
      (calling Lynn)
Lynn, hey baby where are you?


Jal head down stairs to the kitchen, where he see Lynn and
Jade laughing and talking.
Morning you two. What's so funny?
Oh hi daddy, nothing really,mom
was just telling me how Grandmom
use to do her hair when she was
little and when she got to school,
she would redo it. Thank God for
weaves and wigs now.
True, I remember when I watched
her relaxing her hair and trying
to cook at the same time,I smelled
food burning and she was yelling
not because the food was burning,
but her head was burning,I never
saw your grandma run so fast, she
put her head under the water and
all I know is when she finished
washing her hair, it was all in
the sink. Oh my goodness, all of
her hair fell out, and that's when
she started wearing the wig.
Wow! that is crazy.
Yeh, it was, Pop use to say to
her, " Janaan, take that wig off,
I love your bald head. My mom was
not having it. Till this day she
would never be caught without
wearing her wig.
Mom did love her wigs.
What do you mean "did" she still
loves her wigs. She says that
wearing the wig help her with her
confidence and the day she takes
the wig off would be the day she


Ok, mom well it was so good to see
you laughing and well rested, I
have to go, but I'll see you guys
later ok, tell Pop I love him.
      (going up stairs)
Come on babe let's get ready to go
see Pops.
      (going up stairs)
Lynn and Jalen are in the room and Lynn goes to the
bathroom, the door bell rings, it's Nicole.
      (goes downstairs
       open door)
Oh hey Nicole, what are you doing
over here so early?
You guys up right? I just stopped
by to bring Lynn the new
assignment so she can work on it
here at home. Now can I come in?
I'm sorry, come on in, Lynn is in
the shower,so you can just leave
it on the table, I'll make sure
she gets it.
Oh ok, no worries. So how is Pop?
and how are you?
Pop is hanging in there, as a
matter of fact we are about to
head over to the hospital, as far
as me, I am doing ok, I have to
make sure Lynn is ok first.
Well you really need to have
someone to take care of you.


Lynn getting out the shower and looking out the window
seeing Nicole's car, she opens the bedroom door and hears
Jal and Nicole talking.
Lynn takes good care of me.
      (getting up close)
I think I can do better.
Whoa... stop it Nicole, now you
know that's not cool. What are you
thinking.. you Lynn's best friend,
have some respect for yourself and
your friend. I love my wife so
whatever little fantasy you have
playing out in your head, get rid
of it. I think it's time for you
to leave, I'll make sure she gets
the work.
Jalen, I am soooo sorry, I should
have not said that. Lynn is my
friend,It's just I have been in
love with you for a very long time
and I can't help the way I feel.
Lynn standing outside of the room door listening.
      (speaking to
Mom told me to watch you.
I am not going to entertain this
Nicole, Listen Lynn is upstairs,
should I go get her so you can
tell her how you feel about me, or
should I tell her? your choice.
I'm sorry!
Yes you are, your best friend is
going through a difficult time and
all you can worry about is your
selfish needs,don't come back over
here disrespecting our home. your


                       JAL (cont'd)
NO friend. Please leave.
Jalen shuts the door and heads back upstairs.
Everything alright?
      (kissing lynn)
Everything is fine, had to put
some trash out.
Lynn and Jalen heading to the hospital.
Lynn and Jalen in Pop room talking.
How you feeling today?
      (In pain)
Not to good today. How was your
night? I saw your mother this
morning looking beautiful as
No Pop! I haven't seen her today,
So what is Phillip saying today?
Well he wants me to start the
Chemotherapy treatment tomorrow, I
am not sure I want to go through
all of that babe, It's not the
disease it's the treatment that
kills people.
Well Pop you need to go ahead and
do the treatment or have the
doctors to go in and try to remove
the tumor.
Too late for all of that, my
condition is progressive, so right
now Phillip is going to make me
comfortable. I'm not sure why he


                       POP (cont'd)
wants to start chemo?
Well I am sure he knows what he is
doing. God has the final say Pop.
So true Pop!
Dr. Hanes comes into the room.
                       DR. HANES
Good morning! How are you all
doing today? Lynn, you getting the
rest you need right? You taking
the pills i prescribe right?
I took two this morning,I think I
am doing better. But I am more
concerned about Pop, he says you
may want to start a chemo
                       DR. HANES
Pop you ready for us to discuss
your treatment plan? Ok so what I
suggested was we do the treatment
to see if we can kill off some of
the cancer cells, but now chemo
isn't an option because the cells
are generating at a faster pace,
pretty much ( brain metastases)
spreading rapidly, so I think we
need to focus on Palliative care
right now, relieving pain and
making you comfortable.
Meaning,no cure right, so my Pop
is going to die?
                       DR. HANES
Lynn, you and I disgust the
outcome, we have done all we could
do and he has some time so enjoy
every moment with him. Pop do you
have any questions for me?


Can I get a drink, I am thirsty.
      (upset and leaves
       the room)
That's not funny Pop!
Lynn leaves the room crying and see her mom.
So you know Pop isn't doing well?
      (holding her)
Yes babe,I know he is ready to
come home with me now.
I don't want him to die mommy.
It's ok Lynn, God knows exactly
what he's doing. We can't question
his decision, we have to allow him
to do what is in his plans. I'm
going to still be here for you, so
clean yourself up and spend as
much time as you can with him, he
needs you.
Lynn goes to the bathroom and clean her face and heads back
to Pop room.
You alright?
I'm fine, I was just speaking to
my mom, I'm ok now so let go.
Ok, you sure?
Going over to Pop bedside.
      (leaning over the
Hey Pop! I'm sorry I ran out, I
just needed some air, so I am
going to leave and let you rest
ok, I am sure mommy will be in


                       LYNN (cont'd)
soon, I saw her in the hall. Ill
check on you later tonight.
Your mother? Ok babe, I love you.
Lynn and Jal leaving out the room and Lynn meet Mom coming
in the room.
Watch him mommy!
She will! Let's go!
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn is doing some reading and looks over at the paperwork
that Nicole brought over, she decides to go to the office.
Hey babe, I'll be back in a few.
Lynn is cleaning up Nicole's desk while she is at lunch.
      (intercom speaker)
Todd, can you come into my office
Hey Lynn, you ok? Why are you here
I had some unfinished business to
take care of, but I want you to do
me a favor?
Ok sure anything!


I want you to finish cleaning up
Nicole's desk and go ahead and put
your stuff there, I am promoting
you to my assistant now. Nicole is
no longer an employee here.
Wait what?
Don't ask any questions, if you
want the position then go get your
desk together, I will be taking
more work home, so you will be
over seeing the accounts until I
come back. Congrats, now go back
to work.
Todd, is cleaning off Nicole's desk and boxing up her stuff.
Nicole comes back from lunch and wants to know what is going
Todd, why are you removing my
stuff from my desk?
Lynn asked me to box up your
Did I get promoted? Is she here?
Oh my god, yes.. moving on up!
Nooo more like moving on OUT!
      (going to Lynn
Boy move....
      (knocking at the
Hey Lynn, I wasn't expecting you
here, did I forget something in
the files I dropped off?


Oh hey Nicole, No I have
everything I need, but speaking of
forgetting something, Is there
something you need to tell me?
Um No!, but why is Todd moving my
things, am I moving in here?
You would want that.. No Nicole,
here is the rest of your things.
Wait, what's going on? stop
      (headin toward the
No one is playing Nicole! Your
services are no longer needed.
Your'e FIRE!
Lynn walks out the office and yells for Todd to make her
Make me proud Todd!
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn is driving and pass a mile marker that says 30 miles to
Atlanta, she stops and turns around. Her phone rings and
it's Jal telling her to come to the hospital.
Lynn sees Jal, Jade, Koy and Mom in hall way. Slow motion
Lynn breaks down. Jalen shaking his head as everyone is


He's gone baby.
How? he was fine this morning.
He had no my fight left in him
babe. I'm sorry.
Lynn is crying uncontrollable as she watches mommy walk in
Pop room.
Lynn sitting on the bed with Jalen taking off their Church
clothes from the funeral.
The pastor preach a awesome
Eulogy. I still can't believe he
is gone.
      (holding her)
You alright? You know I'm here for
you right?
      (grabbing her
Yeh, I'm going to go take a
Lynn is in the bathroom with the shower running and she sits
on the floor crying.
Lynn is in her car driving and she passes the house and see
the for sale sign being taken out of the yard. She drives up
to the mile mark 30 miles to Atlanta. As she is driving she
reaches her destination.
      (in her car)
Well I'm here, hope you guys can
hear me?


Lynn walking through the cemetery and sits in front of Pops
tombstone talking to him.
April 4, 1946 - 11-6-2019
Pop, it's been hard, I miss you so
much and I'm afraid of what might
happen to me. I don't want to be
like mommy, I really want to beat
this disease, I have a wonderful
husband, daughter that are relying
on me. I'm going to keep praying
and asking god to help me beat
this demon, but I want you to keep
watching over me ok? you know
since you have been gone, I don't
see mom as much, but I know why
now, she has you back, so at least
you two are together again, but
hey I'm still here, come see me
Lynn looking over at Janan Askew headstone.
June 13,1948 - Feb 6,2019
      (blowing a kiss)
I miss you too mommy.
Lynn walking away and music starts to play. Butterfly
sitting on top of Mommy head stone.
Lynn is at home on the sofa watching tv and her phone keeps
beeping. Nicole sending messages, Lynn is ignoring them,
Jade comes in with the mail.
Hey mom, how was your day? No work
today? Here is the mail.
I'm ok babe, and No.. put the mail
down on the table and before you
say anything, Yes.. I took my
meds. How was school?
I wasn't going to ask that mom,
stop being so defensive ok, I'm
not here to judge you, all I want


                       JADE (cont'd)
is for you to get better and for
things to be like they use to. All
you do now is sleep and stay in
the house, it's not healthy.
I know babe, but I am trying, I
just lost both of my parents in
the same year 9 months apart.. I
am dealing with a lot. Do you know
how much pain I am in? No you
couldn't possibly know because you
have your father and myself, Jade
I can't pick up the phone and call
my mom and tell her how much I
love her anymore, I can't get hugs
or hear Pop tell me I am the
prettiest girl in the world
      (giving Lynn a
Look what I got from school today,
this organization came out to
speak to us students about mental
health and depression, I now
understand what you're going
through, look at this.. 30-70% of
people who are dealing with
depression or bi polar disorder
are suicide victims. I don't want
you to be a statistic mom. About
16.2 million adults experience
depression, so you are not alone,
Mom it's not your fault., you are
doing everything your supposed to
be doing, just keep it up and know
that dad and me are here for you.
I'm trying, I really am.
We are your support system, but
you need to definitely go sit in
on a group with women and men who
are also dealing with depression.


I will babe, give me the brochure.
I love you, now go to bed.
Lynn is reading the brochure and writing down some info, she
gets the mail from the table and see a letter from National
Life Insurance company, she opens the letter and it's a
check for
1.5 million dollars.
This letter is to inform you that
you were listed as Beneficiary on
Mrs. Janan Life insurance policy-
paid in the sum of 1.5 million
Opening another letter from the same insurance company.
Oh my god, what? Benefits claim
paid in the amount of $1.5 Million
Lynn is on the floor crying and praying up tp god.
The next day we see Lynn at the bank making a deposit and
speaking to the bank teller.
                                         FADE OUT
Lynn is laying in the bed asleep with her brochures and pill
bottle next to the bed, Jalen comes in from work and walk
past the kitchen with dishes in the sink he then goes up
stairs to the room and sits on the bed talking to her.
I miss the way we use to be, now
when I come home you're always
sleeping, I just want my wife
back. I can remember once when a
glass in the sink would trigger
you and now there is a sink full
of dishes, I wish I wouldn't have
taken that one little thing for


Jalen gets up and look out the window and see the cocoon
from the caterpillar he once saw. He goes into the bathroom
to take a shower and Lynn sits up in the bed.
Lynn wakes up and Jalen is already left for work. Lynn
decides she needs to go see Dr, Hanes, she gets up and
change clothes and head out. Moments later Lynn is at
Dr,Hanes office waiting for him to come in.
                                         FADE OUT
                       DR. HANES
      (entering the room)
Hi Lynn, what a surprise, how are
you doing?
Hi Phillip, I am not doing well, I
am really struggling bad, what
should I do?
                       DR. HANES
When you say struggling, what does
that mean?
      (tearing up)
Well I am still mourning, and I
don't see my mom as much anymore.
                       DR. HANES
See your mom? Explain that
      (flash back of mom)
Before Pop pass, I would see Mom
every day with us at the hospital
at my party, she would talk to me
and tell me things.
                       DR. HANES
No Lynn, it would be impossible to
see your mother, you see she died
nine months before your dad. Did
you read the side affects from the
medication on the info sheet, it
does state that you could possibly
hallucinate at times, are you
feeling depressed or suicidal?


NO, I know it was my mother and
Pop saw her too, he told me he
                       DR. HANES
Lynn, your Pop was very ill also.
People who are yearning for a love
one tend to see them in a
comforting manner.
Let me ask you something? Do you
believe in Angels? Do you believe
that when we die our souls carry
on on earth to watch over our love
                       DR. HANES
Yes, I believe all of that.....
      (interrupts him)
Well there you have it,so it is
possible that I was seeing my mom,
I'm not sure who the male figure
in my dreams are, maybe it's my
dad or maybe just Jalen watching
over me, but I'm at peace.
                       DR. HANES
Lynn, maybe I should call Jalen.
Let me ask you this, have you been
feeling like you want to hurt
yourself or someone?
Come on Phillip, do you really
think I would tell you yes.... no
no no. look, I'm ok. I'm fines, If
I have any suicidal thoughts and
if I want help, I know how to dial
911. Let me ask you this before I
leave? Do you believe that if a
person commits suicide that his
soul is trapped in purgatory, will
god forgive us?
                       DR. HANES
      (writing a rx)
My spiritual views aren't at
question Lynn. I believe that
there is a heaven and hell and I


                       DR. HANES (cont'd)
believe that god is love. So let
me prescribe you something to calm
you tonight, follow the
instructions Lynn and let's do a
follow up next week. As your
friend not your doctor, I'll be
praying for you. Nothing stronger
than medication than the power of
prayer.Tell Jalen I'll call him
Dr, Hanes give Lynn a hug and she leaves his office, heading
home. She arrives and is on the sofa asleep. Jalen comes in
and walks her up stairs.
We are 2 months PRESENT- Lynn and Jalen and Jade are all
asleep on the bed, Lynn wakes up and starts writing the
letter.She has taken all of her medication.
My dearest loves, it hurts me to
have to write this letter, but I
feel it's time. I can't go on
another day knowing that my
actions have hurt you both. I'm
alone inside my heart and
my head. I feel no pain, I'm numb.
I want to see my mom and Pop now.
I want you two to know that I love
you very very much, this so called
mental illness has taken control
of me, I can't live like this
anymore. This illness has affected
so many
people and we have to get more
people involve to help.. Well you
have to do this, enclosed in this
envelope is a signature card
giving you and Jade full access to
my account, Pop and mom left us 3
million dollars and my last
request is for you to start a
foundation in my name and call it
The Lynn Life Foundation.. Don't
let anyone else suffer without
knowing there is help, I did my
research on NAMI, so many factors
to this organization. I just don't
have it in me to fight I just want


                       LYNN (cont'd)
to die today.. I would rather live
in my dreams than this
reality..Babe when I said HE that
night..- I
was speaking about my mom, I
thought he was a she, but then I
remember that my mom would always
take her wig off before going to
bed so the figure I was seeing was
her, she kept her promise to
always watch over me.-- You are
the one I close my eyes to be with
in this far away place I love
Lynn falls to the floor and Jalen hears the noise, he
screams for Lynn to wake up, he and Jade are crying and he
lays her body down in the bed then picks up the phone to
call 911, he walks over to the window and watches the cocoon
break open into a beautiful butterfly.
                                         FADE OUT
Young people are all around and Jade is speaking at the
podium, Jalen is standing next to her and Koy. All Lynn co
workers and Garrett, Nicole are in attendance
First let me say Thank you for
celebrating the life of my mom
Marilyn Vance. My mom was a
beautiful strong woman,she loved
her family and did all she could
do to keep us happy, a year ago my
mom was diagnosed with depression
and mental illness, at the time we
didn't know the severity of this
disease, but as the months went by
and she loss her mom and dad, her
condition got worst, she began to
isolate herself and turn into
someone different. I wish I knew
then what I know now, because
maybe I could have saved my mom.
Not a day goes by that I don't
think about her, she was a brave
woman dealing with this issue
alone. Don't get me wrong, my dad
and I were here for her, but when
someone is dealing with depression


                       JADE (cont'd)
you have to give them space but
love them hard. I wish I would
have done that, so with our new
foundation bringing others with
mental illness together we can be
darn sure to have more resources
and counseling available. If
you're battling depression, you
don't have to battle it alone. The
National Alliance foe Mental
Illness is there to assist. Please
help me by counting down to the
(for you POLAR) I love you.
Cutting the ribbon and panning over to a poster of Lynn with
a butterfly logo and a butterfly flying around. MUSIC PLAYS
                                         THE END


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