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All for Love
by Laura Garbarino (lgarbo88@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A few scenes in modern times of Shakespeare's classic comedy The Merchant of Venice

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



                       ANTONIO (tall, dark, clean shaven man)
I am so tired of feeling this
sluggish depression. I do not know
why or how I am depressed, but I
get tired just thinking on it.
                       FRIEND (rugged looking fisherman)
You are not depressed my
friend...but your mind is full of
thoughts of the fleet. All those
boats out there crabbing and
trolling. Fighting the brutal
winds we are experiencing, I would
be stressed too! Even a little
I suppose.
Do you regret having all your
boats out?
      (Perks up a bit)
Not at all! I am happy to be doing
so well, plus not all my money
comes from the fleet.

Still I feel sad.
Are you sad some girl shot you
down then?
No, nothing so common as that


I still don't think you are
depressed. Although I do see that
you are not jolly either.
I am telling you I am depressed.
Umm, well looks like I am saved by
good old Richie. I would stay and
convince you that you are not
depressed, but I am sure Richie
can take up the task.

I got to go grab the wife and

See you guys later.
Friend leaves as Richie walks up.
                       RICHIE (blonde, well dressed)
Antonio! How the heck are you man?
Oh you know, I think my part in
this world is to be a little bit
Oh whatever! Sadness is a state of
mind man. You have to shake it
off, and choose to live a happy
How philosophical of you!
I'm serious! You got to get
wrinkles from spending time in the
sun, with a beer in your hand and
a grin on your face. The good life
you know?
Whatever you say Richie!

How is that girl you have been
seeing. Did you pop the question


Funny enough that is why I am
Ok color me intrigued, what is it
you need me for? Planning some
grand gesture, I know you are shit
at the romantic stuff.
They pause and look at the fishing fleet. Richie takes a
breath and launches into a seemingly rehearsed speech.
Aw Antonio, you know that I have
spent all my money to get a house,
and a car to prove that I can
provide for Rochelle.
      (sighs heavily)
As religious as her family is, I
stand little chance of getting her
to agree to marry me if I do not
have the whole American dream
persona going on. As you also know
my fishing boat has not been very
successful this year, so I do not
have much coming in, and I still
owe taxes from last year.
      (starts pacing)
So, basically I was hoping you
could lend me about 30,00 so I can
upgrade the equipment on my boat,
and buy her an appropriate wedding
That is a lot of money.
I know, hear me out please.

She has been giving me not so
subtle hints as to what she wants.

I know her parents, and her sister
will not forgive me if I don't buy
a large enough rock.

I wish I didn't have to ask my
friend but I am afraid I will
loose her if I don't act fast. Her
mother keeps setting her up with
this asshole doctor from Portland,


                       RICHIE (cont'd)
under the guise that they're old
childhood friends, but that shit
is starting to make me insecure.
You know I would love to help. I
love you man and want you to be
happy, but are you sure all this
is worth it.
She is!
You are making yourself miserable
and working yourself to death to
provide for this woman. Her
parents have ridiculous
expectations, if she loves you so
much, she would stand up for you.
I cannot help it man. I love her,
she is the whole world to me. I
will do anything to make her
happy. I must marry her, at any
cost. Money is just money. I have
always had luck with the fishing
game,so I know I can make it up.
My debts are handled I just do not
have excess. Can you help me?
man, you no I can't say no to you!

But... all my capital is tied up
at the moment. I can cosign a loan
for you though.
Really man you would do that for
I know a bank which will lend to
me. I am due for a huge pay check
next month when the boats come
back full of Dungeness gold.
      (Hugs Antonio
Antonio this is huge, It means


                       RICHIE (cont'd)
everything to me!
The pair get the loan but the interest is obscenely high.
There is a terrible storm. Antonio looses two boats with all
the crew and equipment. All the other vessels are damaged.
                                         WEEKS PASS
This is bullshit!
                       ANTONIO (sighs)
Calm down, it is what it is!
There is no way that they can find
you guilty, none.
Maybe they wont, we don't know
Dying at sea can happen to the
best of fishermen there is no way
we could have known, that storm
would be so brutal!
You are right, no way to know but
it doesn't matter now.
It was shit luck, and a tragedy
and all but there is no way that
it is your fault!

How are you so calm?
Don't get yourself all worked up
Richie, you know I do not blame
you for this.


I am worked up, this is my fault!
the loan...
It is not your fault!

I understand their desire to blame
me, although there is not much
more I can loose, I am facing
bankruptcy already, there is no
financial gain for them in suing
Richie doesn't answer, but is visibly upset. Antonio stands
tall and ready to enter the courthouse with Richie at his
side. He secretly contemplates suicide if the outlook is
                                         FADES TO COURTROOM
                       JUDGE (Stern older man, with golden glasses)
Which one of you is Antonio?
I am your honor.
Do you know why you are here?
Yes your honor.
I see you have forgone legal
representation, can you tell me
why that is?
Everything I had has been spent
trying to salvage the vessels and
pay the families. It Seemed
pointless to spend more money.
You say you have paid the families


Yes your honor, as much as I
Ok well it seems the families do
not feel that was sufficient
compensation, so here we are.

Let me see...
In bursts Rochelle. She is tall and intimidating. A sizable
diamond sparkles on her ring finger. All eyes are on
Richie's gorgeous new bride.
Pardon my intrusion your honor, I
wish to speak on behalf of the
defendant as his legal
Voices are heard throughout the courtroom.
Rochelle, this is not necessary.
Richie looks surprised to see Rochelle looking so fierce.
She walks past him without a glance.
      (Hits gavel)
Some voices quiet down, but the judge has to bang his gavel
two more times to establish order.
All will be silent! Now, this is
highly irregular but as Antonio
has no previous criminal
history... I will allow it.

I would address the Jury, with
your permission?
You may proceed.


      (Faces the court)
Ladies and Gentlemen I am sorry we
are here today. While there is no
denying that a great loss has
occurred, there is no measurable
way to determine for certain
whether Antonio is at fault.

What has been recovered from the
sea shows absolutely no indication
of negligence. Antonio has always
done his best to keep his
equipment and his employees safe.

This is a small community, so you
all know that his charitable
nature is just who he is. His
employees make more than any other
fishermen in the area. So I say
again, it is a sad day that sees
us here in this court house.

These two families are choosing to
blame a man who is the very
definition of a kind, generous and
caring individual.
She faces the prosecutors and speaks
I am terribly sorry for the
unimaginable loss you have
suffered, I truly am.

Yet, I cannot in good faith stand
by and let you put Antonio through
more hardship. He is already
facing bankrupsy, he has given you
stipends to the maximum allowance
of his means. What more will you
have of him. It seems to me you
will not be satisfied until he to
is gone like your loved ones.

Will having his blood on your
hands make it any easier? Will it
bring your loved ones back?

No it will not!


The court is eerily quiet. There is palpable tension, tears
and angry looks from the prosecution stand. Rochelle
continues he defense.
Your honor this trial is a sad
production. It is not fueled by
evidence, but by a need for

I implore your honor to dismiss
the case, nothing Antonio could
have done would protect his
vessels from an act of God.
Someone has to pay for our loss.
His stipend is not enough. We have
families to feed.
Your honor surely he cannot be
expected to support these families
for the rest of his lives?
I would if I could!
Squabbling breaks out, as the defendants begin to shout and
curse at Antonio. The judges voice thunders above the noise.
Silence! Everyone I have heard

It is true we are a fishing town.
Many people have suffered your
loss, but the hard truth is that
this is a possible outcome of
these men's chosen profession.

Antonio did not force them to
fish. From what I have before me
it seems Rochelle is right there
is no merit to your claim.
The defense stars to shout again, but the judge quickly
dismissed the case, and leaves the court. Antonio is
stunned. Richie runs to Rochelle.
You are a genius!


You shouldn't be surprised hun!
I am not, just relieved. Thank
      (stands and throws
       his arms over
Dismissed! The case is dismissed.
I have no words Rochelle.
You are important to Richie, so
you are family to me.
I love you guys!
I have to admit I was really low.
I even contemplated suicide.

You have saved my life!
Rochelle and Richie are shocked. Antonio seemed so strong.
They pledge to help him back on his feet. Rochelle even
agrees to sell her engagement ring to help Antonio with his

Richie vessel has an amazing crabbing season, so he takes
over the stipends to the families who sued Antonio. In time
Antonio recovers from his financial hardships.


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