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A Child's Journey
by Caitlin mcGaffin

Rated: G   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Lights on young boy with headphones on sitting on a chair
next to another young boy laying in hospital bed.
Young 13 year old Parker
Harrington, the boy with light
brown curly hair and deep light
green eyes sat outside of room
seven again like every other time
he came to visit his twin brother
Eugene, who is dying from a rear
heart disease at the Great Ormond
Street Hospital here in London.
So here sits Parker listening to
music, waiting for Eugene to wake
Eugene wakes up and sits up in his bed and looks at his
brother Parker, who is still in the chair looking down.
Meredith and Thomas come on.
                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
Eugene your awake dare are you
ready for Christmas gifts.
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
I know I am ha ha Parker takes
that thing off. (Takes headphones
off Parker's head.)
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
Sorry I Didn't know you were awake
zoned out for few minutes.
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
More like hours ha ha.
Parker smiles at his brother. The family get their gifts an
put them all on the bed. Eugene grabs gift that looks like
there is two things in side of the wrapping paper.
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
Here is yours from me you, you
have to open all of yours first.
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
OK (Unwraps the gift.)


                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
What did you get?
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
What, no way!
(Looks at his brother every happy)
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
I knew you like it.
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
Well look at that more Queen songs
for him to sing and get stuck into
your heads and another Spider-Man
book for him to get lost in.
Who wants a hot chocolate?
                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
I would like one and the boys,
right boys? (Both boys shake their
head as a yes)
The family open more gifts and drink their hot chocolates,
when Doctor Morgan comes in.
                       DOCTOR. MORGAN
Mr and Mrs. Harrington may I speak
with you for few minutes?
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
Yes! of course.
(Both Thomas and Meredith get up)
The adults go off, leaving Parker and Eugene in the room.
The lights go down and only on light is on the boys.
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
It's about you.
(Paker looks at his brother)
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
May be not anyway I look better
today and happier.
(Has smile on his face.)
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
Eugene is taken back from what was just said and looks at
his brother for a few seconds who begins to cry, Eugene
grabs his hand and hugs his brother.


                       PARKER HARRINGTON
I'm sorry I--I -d-didn't mean i-it
Eugene(Pause) I don't want you to
(Hugs Eugene tighter)
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
I stole that Queen record from the
Parker lefts his head up.
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
And the comic book from the
library ha ha.
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
Just kidding ha ha ha (Pause)
Freddie Mercury gave it to me
himself and I brought the comic
book from the shop!
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
EUGENE! Really from Freddie.
(Stands up and throws his hands
                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
No dumb ass.
Both start laughing together. Parker sit on the bed and
starts reading Peter Pan to Eugene. Doctor Morgan and Mr and
Mrs. Harrington all come out and other set of lights are on
                       DOCTOR. MORGAN
You both look well today, I know
things have been tough.
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
Well yes your son is dying and we
just have to watch.
                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
Thomas please.
                       DOCTOR. MORGAN
No it's all right, I'm not here to
talk to you about Eugene.


                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
Your not? (Looking at the Doctor)
                       DOCTOR. MORGAN
I'm here to talk about Parker
because well you two had many
months to prepare yourselves for
Eugene's death but I'm afraid
Parker has not, Parker is going to
lose his best friend and his twin
brother, I don't want him to do
something that will get him hurt.
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
We understand ( Both looking
worried) We'll talk to him, keep
him close and safe we're his
parents that's what we do.
Doctor Morgan goes off, Thomas and Meredith hug. Lights are
on all four of the family then there is a blackout, where
Parker screams and cries very loud. Spotlight comes on the
narrator standing with both hands behind their back.
1987 the 27th the young loveable
boy Eugene Harrington passed away
with family and friends around him
and Great Ormond Street Hospital
heard the cries and the screams of
young Parker who could not let his
brother go.
(Lights go out and more crying is
Spotlight comes on Parker is sitting on the ground with his
knees to his chest and he s looking into the distance.
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
It sucked to see him go he wasn't
ready for it, he didn't deserve
WAS A GREAT PERSON (pause) Eugene
was everyone's friend at school,
everyone liked him, he played lots
of spots and he knew what to say
and he could get the girls but
with me I'm nothing, I don't do
sports, I don't talk to many
people, I only have one friend
well now I do and I can't get the


                       PARKER HARRINGTON (cont'd)
girls, sometimes I wish it was me
not him (another pause) And now
things have just gotten worst it
happened at school at break.
Bell rings and more lights come on and three kids come on
stage. Alex valley comes to Parker and sits next to and puts
is arm around him to give Parker a quick huge.
                       ALEX VALLEY
Sorry of your lost man (pause) Are
you OK?
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
What are you sorry for?
                       ALEX VALLEY
Well nothing it's just what people
say to make people feel better
even tho it doesn't really work.
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
Yeah I guess.
Paris in their class comes over to them with her hands full
of books and she sits down next to them.
                       PARIS COLLINS
Hello Parker, Hello Alex (pauses)
I brought you some books to get
your mined off things.
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
Um sure Paris thanks. (Parker
gives a half smile but then looks
Paris gets up and leaves the two boys alone. Alex and Parker
look through the books.
                       ALEX VALLEY
She's a weird one, don't you
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
No she's the nice one out of the
Across from Alex and Parker a boy name Jason who is much
bigger than them, throws a rugby ball at Parker, but Parker
blocks it with his hands just in time. Jason laughs and


walks over to Parker and Alex. Alex gets up and so does
                       JASON COLLINS
Sorry I didn't mean too ha ha ha.
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
It's not a laughing mater Jason,
                       JASON COLLINS
Back off Parker you can't protect
yourself. Since your brothers not
                       ALEX VALLEY
Watch what you say and back off.
                       JASON COLLINS
What? He won't do anything.
(Grabs Parker's bag off the ground
and opens it up and dumb
everything on the ground.)
Alex and Parker rush to pick up Parker's things but Parker
pushed back by Jason and Alex is as well.
                       JASON COLLINS
DON'T TOUCH! Now he is not here I
can beat you as much as I want.
(In Parker's face.)
                       JASON COLLINS
(Moves away from Parker and grabs
the comic book.) What do we have
here Parker?
                       PARIS COLLINS
Jason don't! (Jason ignores her)
                       PARKER HARRINGTON
(Gets up and tries to grab the
                       JASON COLLINS
Eugene is in Neverland, flying
with the fairies gay and dead ha
ha ha.
Parker pushes Jason on the ground and Parker hits him the
face a few times. Paris and Alex run off stage to grab the


teacher. The lights go down and loud chanting come from
voices of children chanting "fight, fight,fight."
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Harrington I'm
sorry for your lost but the
behaviour Parker pulled today was
not the right way to handle the
stiuation he was in, he should of
come to me and tell me how he was
feeling. I'm sorry to say Parker
can not come back to school due to
being stood down, I hope your son
can find something to calm his
pain of losing Eugene. Eugene was
a great kid and so is Parker.
Lights come back on and Mr and Mrs. Harrington are sitting
at the table.
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
Stood down! Stood down for what?
Protecting himself.
                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
He punched a kid Tom.
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
So that boy has bullied your kids
since they were like five.
                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
I know but Par...(Gets cut off by
                       THOMAS HARRINGTON
But Parker what?
Was he just meant to let this boy
bully him and say nasty things
about Eugene being dead?
                       MEREDITH HARRINGTON
No (nearly in tears.)
Your right Parker protected
Lights go down and spotlight comes on to Eugene who is
sitting in a chair. Parker is on the phone behind Eugene
walking up and down across the stage.


                       EUGENE HARRINGTON
It's been few years now since my
passing and my brother Parker is
eighteen years old. As I watch my
brother from down above, I see the
young man I knew my brother would


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