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Black November - Hiring
by Roan Cushing (roan.cushing@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It's the not too distant future. Corporations control every
aspect of government. Kreuger Securities, K-Sec, have
replaced the police force. A small but organized rebellion
named Black November, threatens to overthrow the corporate
We are standing with a young man next to a street light.
He's nervously fiddling with his passport and looking
around. We suddenly hear someone from off screen.
Nathan Stevenson?
Nathan whips around to see Merc. A tall person in his
mid-twenties. He's wearing mostly black with other muted
colors, and he has on a messenger bag which he wears cinched
tightly over his shoulder. He is reading the name off of a
small clip board.
Are you Nathan Stevenson?
Y-yes. Are you with Black
Sort of. Please sign here.
Merc hands Nathan the small clipboard. The clip board has a
small window for Nathan's signature, just like you'd see in
a bank to keep people from forging signatures. Merc needs to
make sure this is Nathan.

Nathan finishes signing and hands back the clip board. Merc
inspects his signature against the others, and puts the
clipboard away deep in his pack.
Good. I've been tasked with
gathering some information from
you Nathan, and a couple
documents, did you bring
everything? Passport, social,
birth certificate?


Yes I have them all right here.
What- What can you tell me about-
Yeah, yeah.
Give 'em here.
The recruit hands over the last of his documents. Merc pulls
out a black light to test the authenticity of the passport
and drivers license.

When he's satisfied, he tucks all the documents discreetly
into his shoulder bag and looks up to meet Nathan's eye.
And you are aware that in order to
be considered...
Merc notices something across the street that makes him
examine everything around him in much more detail. He
hesitates before continuing.
Let's do this moving.
They start walking down the street. Merc is looking all
around now as discreetly as he can, but you can see he
wasn't expecting this.
Are you aware that these documents
will be permanently destroyed?
      (half jokingly)
Good riddens, my identity's not
worth much anyway.
Merc notices a car drive off from a stoplight too quickly.
He notices the homeless person on the curb sitting a little
too attentively and he starts to get worried that K-sec
might be onto this meeting.
Have you told anyone about this


No. No one.
      (under his breath)
Well shit, how'd they find us?
What? Who?
As they walk, a civilian comes out of their apartment
      (to the civilian)
Hold the door please! Thank you.
When Merc gets to the double doors, he ushers the recruit
inside and stands in the doorway. Merc pulls out a bicycle
chain with a small black box stuck to one end of it. Merc
quickly shuts the doors, wraps it around the door handles,
and secures the lock.
Go up to the third floor, and wait
for me there! Go!
The K-Sec officers start sprinting towards the door. Merc
flips a switch on the black box at the end of the bicycle
chain, and a taser starts buzzing.
A K-Sec officer dressed in street clothes grabs the handle
trying to get the door open, gets shocked and falls back
Our recruit is standing in the third floor stairwell waiting
for Merc. He's scared and breathing heavily. Merc comes up
to where our recruit is standing, and hands him a legal
agreement. About ten pages long stapled at the corner, and
This is a written agreement
between you and the Black November
group. Under normal circumstances
I'd have you read through this the
best you can.


Merc pulls the recruit away from the corner and pulls a
small cylinder out of his bag. He places it hidden in the
corner behind a pipe.
Step into the hallway.
The recruit tries to, but we hear the door is locked.
Merc presses a button on the cylandar and a red light starts
flashing. Merc spins around and kicks the door open
violently, then yanks the recruit into the hallway and
closes the door behind them.
Merc starts walking down the hallway, Nathan in quick step
behind him, with the document still in his hand.
      (Walking and
Like I was saying, normally I'd
have you read it carefully, but
seeing as we've got K-Sec up our
ass, you'll have to listen to me
VERY carefully.
                       MERC (CONT.)
By signing that document you agree
to the application process of
Black November. In doing so you
agree to a deep-web background
check. Do you agree?
They stop in the hallway and Merc hands Nathan a pen, and he
                       MERC (V.O.)
Initial here.
We hear Merc and Nathan's voices but see the happenings in
the stairwell.


K-Sec have broken open the door and are starting up the
stairs. At the first floor landing a small disk emits an
earsplitting sound and the K-sec officers reach for their
ears, search for and smash the speaker.
One group goes up after their perp. We stay with one of the
officers, inspecting the speaker. Seconds later we hear the
same sound, Merc has left a speaker on the second floor
landing as well. We hear wailing.
                       MERC (V.O.)
You agree to having each and every
piece of your digital footprint
                       RECRUIT (V.O.)
                       MERC (V.O.)
Initial he-
                                         CUT TO HALLWAY
Merc is interrupted by the siren and the wailing from the
speaker. Merc looks down the hallway at the sound. Then
ushers the recruit away from that end of the hallway. Merc
continues to go through the contract while they briskly
While he recites the terms he walks to one end of the
hallway around a corner. He stops in front of a door. He
kneels in front of it, and starts picking the lock.
You agree to relocate to an as of
yet undisclosed location, leaving
no indication to any person as to
where this location might be.
You agree that any mention of
Black Novemberís location, itís
members or even itís existence to
any person not already a part of
the program will result in
relocation, banishment, or even

Do you agree with the terms?
Merc finishes picking the lock, and stands up to make eye
contact with the recruit.


Where is their location?
      (loudly and clear)
agree with these terms, as they've
been read to you?
Yes! Yes!
Merc snatches the papers, flips to the next page. Hands the
papers back to Nathan and points at where to initial.
Initial here and give me your cell
The recruit hands over the phone and initials the document.
Merc takes the phone, steps toward the end of the hall and
chucks it through the closed window smashing the glass.
What the fu...?
Have you initialed?
Yeah, but...
Get in there.
Merc pushes him in through the open door as we hear the
third siren go off.
                       COP #1
      (off screen)
Merc closes the door softly behind them, quietly gets up,
and turns around. He snatches the document from the recruits
hand. He flips through the pages stopping occasionally to


                       MERC (V.O.)
initial here, and here, print your
name here, the date here, aand the
signature here.
The audio of them initialing things stays with us, but we're
in the hallway. The K-Sec officers are slowly progressing
down the hallway kicking open doors.
C'mon man, why are you hesitating
now? If you don't sign, I can't
hand this off, I can't get paid.
Wait, hand this off... You don't
work for Black November?
No I'm the courier.
Do you know where the Black
November compound is located?
No I've never been there. Sign the
      (under his breath)
Well you're under arrest.
Nathan reaches for his gun tucked into the back of his
Oh shit.
Merc snaps into action and quickly slaps the recruit in the
throat. Then disarms the recruit, and flips him onto the
floor. Just then the door to the apartment is kicked open by
a K-Sec officer.

We see the hallway from the K-Sec's perspective. We see an
empty hall with the undercover cop unconscious on the floor.


                       COP #1
      (Into his walkie)
We have a man down, apartment 384.
The K-Sec officer starts to slowly step into the doorway,
and Merc slams the door in their face sending them falling
back into other officers.
Merc gets out onto the fire escape and starts to climb up.
We see a couple K-Sec officers rounding the corner of the
alley he's in and they notice him.
                       COP #2
      (into his walkie)
We got him, he's on the west fire
escape. Climbing to the next floor
Merc has climbed to the next floor up and dives in through
the open window onto a bed dragging long flowing drapes in
his path. He rolls into the room and sprints through the
apartment, dodging it's inhabitants.
Merc spills into the hallway. At the other end of the
hallway we
see a police officer from the floor below stumble into frame
behind Merc. Merc does a quick look behind him and bolts in
the opposite direction. He rounds the corner and slows his
pace. We can clearly hear the police officer's footsteps
getting louder and louder. Merc is calculating when the
officer will round the corner.
Merc starts sprinting at the bend in the hallway, and at
just the right moment, he slides and trips the K-Sec. The
momentum from the K-Sec's run carries his body through the
closed door at the end of the hallway. The door smashes open
and the police officer is left lying there unconscious.
Merc gets up and starts dragging the police officer into the
hallway by his ankles. The residents start slowly walking
into the doorway, looking scared and confused.
Oh...So sorry.
Nothing to worry about here...Just
a...routine check of...door


The stairwell door bursts open and three K-Secs pour out.
looks at them over his shoulder, and runs through the open
door into this apartment, pushing past it's residents.
Merc maneuvers through the apartment and he makes his way to
the fire escape. He climbs out and goes to the roof.
As Merc climbs over the edge, the roof access door flies
open and a line of K-secs are standing there. The one in
front, triumphantly shouts:
                       COP #3
We got ya now!!
The cop starts to walk onto the rooftop. From off screen,
Merc jumps and kicks the door closed on him, for the second
gag. We hear a row of cops falling down the stairs amidst
Merc jumps from one rooftop to the other, and makes his way
down to the ground.
When Merc makes it to ground, he's in an alleyway. A K-Sec
car pulls into one end of it, and starts driving after him.
Merc is running as fast as he can but the car is gaining on
him. The car hits him and he falls onto the hood. The car
speeds up even more, and Merc stands up on the hood to run
over the car and make his escape.
When he jumps off, he turns to catch himself in a proper
roll. Once he's leapt off the trunk, the K-Sec officer slams
on his breaks. Merc lands but doesn't have enough room to
complete his roll and exits it straight into the bumper of
the police car, head first.
                                         SMASH CUT TO BLACK


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