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For The Love Of Sam
by Frank D. Antonacci (usc_whammer@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

A relationship therapist begins treating 3 different patients, 2 men and 1 woman who have fallen in love with and had their hearts broken by the same amazing girl who is named Sam.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Camera shows a TV commercial.
      (doing the
Hi ! I'm Doctor Antonia Crane
author of 3 best selling books
about personal relationships. Are
you suffering from a broken heart
? Have you lost a love that you
think you may never recover from ?
I can help ! My advanced training
can help your broken heart heal
fast ! Call me at 1-555-1DR LOVE
for your FREE consultation !
That's 1-555-1DR-LOVE. Call me
today !
                                         CUT TO:
A brand new storefront in an upscale neighborhood is seen.
The camera zooms in to the plate glass window in the front
of the store. In OVERSIZE letters, the top of the window
reads: AS SEEN ON CHANNEL 11 NEWS ! In the middle of the
window, in even BIGGER letters reads: THE LOVE DOCTOR ! At
the bottom right of the window in VERY SMALL letters reads:
Dr. Antonia Crane, PhD
      (to Dr Crane)
That TV spot really did the trick.
The telephone has been ringing off
the hook with new patients wanting
appointments .


That sure is a relief. It is hard
to start a brand new practice in a
new city. That TV reporter really
helped me out with that piece on
"Dr. Love".
I'm sure you know that the"Dr.
Love"stuff is just TV hype. The
type of therapy that I specialize
in,cognitive behavioral therapy,
is both collaborative and solution
based, It should be a perfect
strategy to deal with patients
here. And, I know I have the tools
to really help my patients with
their emotional problems. If I
only get the chance !
I am sure you will, Doctor.
Just then a red light over the entrance door shines on.
Your first patient of the day is
here .
Send him in please, Becky
Jim Hooks walks into the doctor's office. He is in his late
40's, slim and distinguished looking with salt and pepper
hair. You can tell right away that he is a man who does not
give his heart away easily. Strangely enough, he is carrying
a photo album with him.
Mr. Hooks ? I am Doctor Crane.
Pleased to meet you.


Please Doctor, call me Jim I am so
glad you could see me.
What can I do for you, Jim ?
      (almost crying)
You have to help me Doctor ! I
have lost the love of my life and
don't know what to do !
Sounds serious.
SERIOUS ! I'll say it is serious !
      (pulling out a pad
       of paper)
Lay down on the couch, Jim and
tell me all about it.
Jim lies down on the adjoining couch and Antonia sits in her
chair behind him ready to take notes.
Now tell me all about this
Her name is Samantha but everyone
calls her Sam !
OK. Tell me how you and Sam met.
                                         JIM'S VOICE OVER


As we hear Jim's voice over, exterior scenes of Valley View
Country Club are shown.
      (voice over)
One of the things I love about my
job as a music appreciation
professor at a local college is
that it gives me plenty of time to
pursue my true love, performing !
                                         CUT TO
Jim is shown entering Valley View CC
                                         CUT TO
Jim ! You made it !
When have you ever known me to
pass up a chance to perform ?
Looks pretty quiet in here,
Well, it is a bit early and this
is only the 2nd Friday we have
done this. Hopefully, it will pick
up !
      (handing Jim a
       karaoke book)
Here, sit down and figure out what
songs you are going to sing


Jim sits down. Almost immediately, Sam the cocktail waitress
shows up at their table. Though she is dressed in standard
server attire, there is something about her that makes her
look both radiant and beautiful. She has auburn hair that is
tied back, beautiful big blue eyes and a figure that could
drive men to leave home and start robbing gas stations for.
In short, she is STUNNINGLY beautiful ! A dead ringer for
the actress Emma Stone.
Hi ! I'm Sam your friendly
neighborhood cocktail waitress !
      (stunned by her
Hi, I'm .....I'm.....
      (amused by Jim's
       inability to
You're Jim
I'm Jim !
Now we are making some progress
here ! What would you like to
drink, Jim ?
      (still at a loss
       for words)
Drink ?
      (putting one hand
       on her hip)
Let me explain it to you, Jim. You
order a drink, sing, have a few
more drinks, more people come in
and drink and sing, pretty soon


                       SAM (cont'd)
the bar is full of happy singers,
management is VERY happy and I go
home with a purse full of tips and
the world as we know it is now a
better place ! Get it ?
Jim is still too dumbstruck to speak
My god ! That was like listening
to Albert Einstein explain the
Theory of Relativity !
      (still in somewhat
       of a daze)
I'll have a Diet Coke and a glass
of water, please.
Better watch out, Angela. You've
got a real live one here !
Sam leaves to go get Jim's drinks
      (to Angela
My God ! Who is THAT ! What can
you tell me about her ? Is she
Hold your horses, Romeo. She has
only worked here a week or 2 but I
heard that she has a long term
boyfriend down in San Diego that
she is planning to marry.
Damn ! Why are the good ones
already taken?


I guess some things are not meant
to be.
                                         CUT TO
Jim is shown on stage singing karaoke. he is finishing the
song, "They Call The Wind Maria". As he finishes, the crowd
which has gotten larger, applauds him vigorously.
That was Jim, folks ! Wasn't that
just great ?
Jim returns to his seat amid the loud applause. As he sits
down, Sam appears with a glass of champagne.
What's this ? I didn't order it.
ANYONE who can sing that well
deserves a congratulatory glass of
champagne ! From me, on the house.
Jim smiles broadly and sips the champagne.
That tastes GREAT !
                                         CUT TO
Jim is back in the doctor's office
And that's the way it started.
Every Friday night I would sing
karaoke and Sam would bring me a
glass of champagne after my first
song. Of course, I ALWAYS left her
a BIG tip !


Back to Jim's voice over. As he speaks, scenes are shown
where Jim almost seems to be singing directly to Sam and she
responds VERY positively.
      (voice over)
I can't explain it Doc, but I
always felt like I was singing
only to Sam and that she was the
ONLY person in the room. And, I
sang BETTER than I ever have in my
life ! Than, a few weeks later
something happened.
Jim is sitting down having just sung on stage and Sam is
sitting down his usual glass of champagne.
That is one of my favorite songs,
Jim and you sang it beautifully !
Thanks, Sam. When are you going to
come on stage and sing with me ?
I told you, I only sing in the
shower !
Good acoustics in there ! Come on,
Sam. There is practically no one
here and I don't think anyone
would object.
You should sing with Jim, Sam.
You really think no one would


Sam looks around the room to see how few people are there.
Impulsively, she takes Jim's glass of champagne and chugs it
down in a single gulp.
Let's do it !
                                         CUT TO ANGELA ON
And, now a special treat ! For the
very first time please welcome to
the stage Sam and Jim !
Sam and Jim are shown getting on stage. Once there, they
begin to sing the duet from Grease, Summer Love. Even tho
they have never sung together before, they are PERFECT in
every way with their gestures and cute interplay between
each other. They look like they have done this a thousand
times before. When they finish the song, the few people
there give them GREAT applause.
      (gesturing towards
       Sam and Jim)
Let's hear it for Sam and Jim !
As they take their bows, Sam hands Angela her cell phone.
Please take a picture of Jim and
me on my phone.
Angela snaps a picture of them using Sam's phone.
                                         QUICK CUT TO JIM IN
Jim is shown pasting the picture of he and Sam into a new
photo album.
      (voice over)
And that, was the first of many
pictures that Sam and I took


                       JIM (cont'd)
                                         QUICK CUT BACK TO
That was SO MUCH fun, Jim ! Thank
you !
Sam, you are a NATURAL !
Thank you, kind sir.
On Wednesday nights, I know a
place that has a weekly karaoke
contest with cash prizes ! We
could meet up there and sing
I'm not too sure if I am brave
enough to do that !
C',mon Sam ! What is life if you
did not take some risks ?
I'm glad you feel that way ! how
about if we make a deal ? I will
sing karaoke at the contest with
you on Wednesday nite, but YOU
have to do something for me !
Name it !


Sam takes a newspaper notice out of her pocket and hands it
to Jim.
      (reading the
Open audition for the Tri Cities
production of "My Fair Lady" You
want ME to audition for this ?
You would be a natural for the
role of Professor Higgins ! Have
you ever acted on stage before ?
Not since college. You know how
slim the odds are of me being cast
in this show are, don't you ?
That's my price for singing with
you ! Besides, just think how
amazing it would be on opening
night ! Me, in the very first row,
cheering you on !
Sam, you have a deal !
Sam and Jim are shown entering a karaoke club the following
Wed night.
      (sitting down)
I am not so sure this is a good
idea Jim.
Relax ! We are going to do fine !
And, remember our agreement.


                                         CUT TO GREG ON STAGE
Let's welcome 2 new singers to our
weekly karaoke contest, Sam and
Jim !
Sam and Jim go on stage and sing the MOST BEAUTIFUL version
of "All I Ask Of You" from Phantom of the Opera. Once again,
it looks as if they have been performing together for years.
The audience goes crazy as they finish their song.
      (at the end of the
Well, it is pretty clear who
tonight's winners are, let's hear
it for Sam and Jim !
Sam and Jim are shown on stage, Jim holding a trophy, Sam
holding a $100 bill.
      (to Greg)
Can you take a picture of us
together on my phone ?
                                         QUICK CUT BACK TO
Once again, Jim is shown pasting another picture of he and
Sam into his photo album.
                                         QUICK CUT BACK TO
That was AMAZING !


      (gesturing with
       the $100 bill)
But how are we going to split this
up ?
      (holding the
I'll tell you what, I will keep
the trophy and YOU keep the cash !
      (hugs Jim)
You are the SWEETEST man in the
whole entire world !
Since you are in such a good mood,
I have concert tickets to see one
of my favorite bands next Saturday
night. Would you be my date ?
I would love to !
      (not wanting to
       bring it up)
What will your boyfriend in San
Diego think ?
Don't worry about that, we broke
That's GREAT ! I mean, I'm sorry !
                                         CUT BACK TO DR'S


As you can imagine, I was pretty
excited about having a date with
So, how did it go ?
Amazingly well.
Jim and Sam are shown sitting in the front row of the
concert venue. Between them and the stage, there is an open
area for couples to dance. And, of course, Sam takes a
picture of them sitting at the concert using her phone.
      (to the crowd)
We are going to slow things down
and give all you lovers a chance
to get up front and personal with
your special someone.
As the band begins to play a slow song, couples get up and
start slow dancing to the music.
Would you like to dance, Sam ?
I'm afraid I am not very good.
Don't worry, just follow the old
master !
Jim and Sam get up and begin to slow dance. At first they
both feel a bit uncomfortable as they have never been this
intimate before. But before long, it looks amazingly natural
and intimate. Jim has an amazed look on his face as if he
cannot believe this amazing woman is in his arms. Sam's face


shows amazement as she starts to have feelings that she has
never had before. Other couples look at them in admiration.
Jim pulls back a bit and looks directly into Sam's big blue
                                         CUT BACK TO DR'S
      (speaking to Dr.
That was the moment I fell in love
with Sam. It was a feeling I have
NEVER ever felt before in my life.
Wow. What happened next ?
Something pretty unbelievable !
                                         CUT TO PARKING LOT
Thanks so much, Sam. I had an
amazing time.
Me too.
Sam stops at her car and looks at Jim with her big blue
eyes. Impulsively, he pulls her into a deep passionate kiss.
                                         CUT BACK TO DR'S
I swear, Doctor. I have never felt
a kiss like that EVER before in my
life ! It felt like a thousand
volts of electricity had surged
thru out my entire body. I was


                       JIM (cont'd)
stunned and speechless. Driving
home that night I wondered, could
this AMAZING girl actually care
about me ?
And, did you get your answer ?
I thought I did !
      (voice over)
Believe it or not, I was cast as
Henry Higgins in the production of
" My Fair Lady" that Sam pushed me
to audition for. And, just as she
promised , Sam was front and
center for my performance on
opening night !
                                         CUT TO:
Jim is shown on stage in costume as Prof Henry Higgins in"
My Fair Lady". He starts to sing the song:" I've Grown
Accustomed To Her Face". After a few bars, the camera zooms
in on Sam sitting in the front row. As if the angelic aura
around her was not enough, over her face comes a powerful
look of both pride and happiness at Jim's performance on
                                         CUT TO:
Jim and Sam are sitting at the bar having a drink together
after Jim's performance.
      (really happy)
You were SO good ! I felt so proud
to see you on stage. It was really


                       SAM (cont'd)
Thank you, love. You made it all
possible, and you being in the
audience made it ever so special
for me as well.
Sam pulls an envelope out of her purse.
      (giving the
       envelope to Jim)
I have something for you. But, you
have to PROMISE you won't open it
until you get home.
I promise.
                                         QUICK CUT BACK TO
What was in the envelope ?
      (pulling a pink
       lacy card out of
       his photo album)
Antonia begins to read the card :
"As you fall asleep tonight,
imagine that you feel my hand slip
into yours; our fingers
interlacing so that we can roam
together in dreams. Love
transcends the distance between
us, for your heart is always close
to mine".


      (now speaking to
Wow ! Those are very DEEP
sentiments !
That's why I really started to
believe that Sam cared about me, I
could envision our lives together,
marriage, kids the whole ball of
wax !
So, what happened next ?
Well, each country club can send
it's local winner to the regional
karaoke finals in Reno, Nevada.
Angela asked if Sam and I wanted
to represent Valley View. When I
said she wanted to go ! We were
going to be in Reno for 4 days and
3 nights. I was SO excited about
Sam and I going away for the first
time together as a couple. I
reserved us a suite at the
Atlantis resort and even made
different restaurant reservations
for each night we were going to be
there !
Sounds great ! What went wrong ?
I'm not really sure. All I know is
that I was SUPPOSED to pick Sam up
at her apartment on a Monday
morning at 9 a.m. to leave for our
trip. But when I got there, her
roommate Bella answered the door.
                                         CUT TO:


Bella answers the doorbell.
Hi Bella. I'm here to pick up Sam.
Is she ready ?
You'd better come in, Jim.
When Jim enters, he notices a lot of empty space and moving
boxes. Obviously, someone is moving in....or out !
Sam is not here, Jim.
      (not fully
I told her I would pick her up at
9 a.m. Will she be back soon ?
Sam has moved out. Her boyfriend
in San Diego bought her a HUGE
engagement ring and she has moved
down there to get married.
That's just not possible.
I'm afraid it is.
Did she leave me a letter or a
note or anything ?
No, she just told me that if
anyone called or came by that she
had moved down to San Diego to get


Camera zooms in on Jim whose face is showing unbelievable
                                         CUT TO: BACK TO
The same close up of heartbroken Jim is shown but now he is
back in the Doctor's office.
And that was it. I have not seen
or heard from Sam since. I called
her half a dozen times, my calls
went straight to her voice mail
and she never answered them. I
sent her 5 or 6 text messages but
she never answered any of those
      (holding out his
       photo album)
It is so strange Dr. I was
starting to think about Sam and I
having a real future together.
And, now, nothing.All I have left
are these pictures of Sam and I
                                         CUT TO:
Montage of Jim and Sam singing karaoke together, slow
dancing and sharing their passionate kiss.
How often do you look at those,
Jim ?
Not very often. Maybe once or
twice a day. I am HEARTSICK Dr.
Crane ! There are times now, Dr
where I will be singing karaoke at
the country club and I swear I see
Sam standing in the back of the
room even though I know she is not
there. I have never felt this way


                       JIM (cont'd)
about a girl ever in my life ! I
just cannot seem to be able to get
her out of my mind or my heart.
Please, can you help me ?
You have a real problem, Jim.
Fortunately, real problems have
real solutions. I have both tools
and strategies that can help you
overcome this in a fairly short
span of time. How does that sound
to you ?
Great ! In fact, I already feel
better from telling this all to
I would recommend that we meet
twice a month to work on this. One
other thing though, as your
therapist you HAVE to trust me.
What do you mean ?
That photo album.
Jim immediately clutches it to his chest.
I want you to let me keep it, just
until our next visit.
But why ?
Holding on to those photos and
memories will impede the healing
process. But I have an idea. This


                       ANTONIA (cont'd)
is my just published new book, The
Loss of Love.
She holds up a copy of the book showing both the title and a
BIG picture of her on the cover.
You lend me your photo album and I
will lend you a copy of my new
book to read. I promise if you
want the album back I will return
it to you at your next
appointment. Do we have a deal ?
      (very hesitatingly)
I guess so.
Antonia and Jim swap his photo album for her new book.
Now see Becky on your way out to
make your next appointment.
Goodbye for now.
Thank you Dr. Crane. See you soon.
Jim exits the office. Antonia sits down at her desk and puts
a big post it note on the front cover of the photo album
that says SAM. She places the album in a lower desk drawer.
      (into a micro
Notes on session with Jim: he is
obviously heartbroken over his
breakup with a girl he was dating.
At this point, I cannot tell if
the problem lies with Jim or with
this girl, Sam. Further sessions
with Jim should clear this up.
                                         FADE OUT.


Becky comes rushing into the Dr's office.
      (very excited)
OMG, Dr ! You will not believe the
DREAMBOAT filling out his
paperwork at reception !
Rebecca ! We are trained medical
professionals and we DO NOT call
our patients dreamboats !
OK, but wait until you see this
Just then, the red light above the door flashes on.
Send my next patient in and
remember, a little professional
decorum, please !
Tom Patraw, Valley View's golf pro enters the office. He is
around 30 years old, slim but very athletic. He has jet
black hair and blue eyes. He looks like a male model from
the pages of Golf Magazine.
Mr. Patraw ? I'm Dr Crane. Nice to
meet you.
Please Dr. Call me Tom, everyone
As he says that Antonia notices he is carrying a photo
album. It throws her off for a second but doesn't give it
any thought.
What can I do for you, Tom ?


You have got to help me, Doctor !
The girl of my dreams has left me
and broken my heart !
      (almost as a
Seems like there is a lot of that
going around these days.
What was that ?
Oh, nothing. Please lie down and
tell me all about it, Tom.
      (Lying down)
Well as I said, I met the girl of
my dreams, Samantha !
Antonia drops her pad as if she cannot believe what she is
What was that ?
Oh, nothing. I just dropped my
pad. Now tell me about this girl,
Everybody calls her Sam !
Antonia sits down with her mouth gaping open as if she
cannot believe what she is hearing.
                                         CUT TO:


As scenes from the Country Club are shown, Tom's voice is
heard in voice over.
      (voice over)
I LOVE my job as golf pro at
Valley View Country Club. I get
paid for teaching and playing the
game I love ! One day, while
playing a round of golf with one
of the members, this girl Sam
appeared out of nowhere !
                                         CUT TO TOM AND A
I don't think I have ever seen you
swing the golf club this well,
Jack !
Thanks to you ! That tip you gave
me about loosening my golf grip
really works !
All of a sudden, a golf cart filled with bar items pulls up
next to the green and Sam steps out. She is wearing a tennis
skirt that shows off her shapely legs and a Valley View golf
shirt and golf hat. Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail
and she looks incredibly beautiful.
Hi boys ! I'm Sam, your friendly
neighborhood beverage cart girl !
Tom is too bowled over by Sam's appearance to even speak.
Hi Sam ! Remember me ? Jack ? We
met out here last week ?


Oh sure, Jack. I remember you.
Who's your friend ?
Tom still cannot speak.
This is Tom.
He is the golf pro here !
      (still in a daze)
Hmm. The strong silent type ! I
like that ! What can I get you
boys to drink ?
Drink ?
      (with her hand on
       her hip)
Let me explain it to you boys. It
is hot out here today. Without
liquids you could get dehydrated
and pass out and then I would have
to administer CPR ! I charge EXTRA
for CPR !
Wow !
Wow !


2 orange Gatorades please, Sam.
Coming right up !
Sam pulls 2 Gatorades out of the ice and hands them to Jack.
That will be $ 8.00.
Jack hands Sam a $20 bill.
Here, Sam. Keep the change.
You two are my kind of golfers !
I'll be back to check on you two
later to see if you need more
drinks or CPR !
Sam drives off in her beverage cart.
      (still in a daze.)
      (coming to his
How could a girl like that work
here and me NOT know about it ?
Tell me everything you know about
her, Jack ! Is she single, is she
married, is she single ?
      (amused by Tom)
Hold your horses, Tiger. All I
know is that she has worked here a
couple of weeks, is single, but
has a serious boyfriend down in
San Diego.


Why are all the good ones already
taken ?
Some things I guess are just not
meant to be.
                                         CUT BACK TO DR.
And that is how it all began.
OK,so you "met cute".
In your experience, does that
happen often ?
      (with irony)
Lately, Yes !
Well, a few days later, I was on
the driving range working on my
swing, when I met up with Sam
                                         CUT BACK TO
Tom is shown on the driving range practicing his PERFECT
golf swing when Sam walks up.
Hi Tom. Remember me, Sam ? The
Gatorade girl ?
Of course I remember you, Sam !
You made QUITE the impression.


So, the golf pro can actually
speak ! You have a beautiful golf
swing !
That is kind of a prerequisite for
my job here. What can I do for
you, Sam ? Are you looking for
someone to give CPR to ?
Ha Ha ! Very funny. But one of the
reasons I took this job is that I
LOVE golf ! My uncle was a golf
pro and he used to take me out on
the course with him. Of course,
that was over 20 years ago and I
was hoping working here might help
me get back into the game. Have
any suggestions ?
I do. On Wednesday mornings I give
beginner group golf lessons. Do
you have your own clubs ?
I sure do ! And, Wednesday is my
day off.
Great, bring your clubs here to
the driving range at 10 am on
Wednesday and we'll see what kind
of a golf swing you have.
I will do that. Thanks, Tom. See
you on Wednesday.
                                         CUT TO:


Sam is shown in a line with other beginning golfers on the
driving range hitting golf balls. Tom is walking up and down
the line watching the golfers swing and giving them tips.
      (watching Sam hit
       a half decent
Wow. That is not a bad swing at
all. Where did you learn that golf
grip ?
      (hitting another
My uncle taught it to me.
Well, it is absolutely PERFECT.
Don't change it at all.
May I make a small suggestion ?
Of course ! You're the pro.
Move the ball 2 inches back in
your stance.
Sam does that and her next shot is much better.
Wow ! Thanks. I just wish that
sometimes I did not swing so fast.
That's an easy fix. Who is your
favorite movie star ?


Johnny Depp.
Great. On your back swing I want
you to say aloud the word Johnny
and as you come thru the ball say
Depp. That will get your swing
into proper tempo. But you have to
say the words aloud as you swing.
Sam says the word Johnny on her back swing and Depp as she
comes thru the ball and hits an absolutely PERFECT golf
      (watching Sam's
Wow !
Wow !
The 2 look at each other and swap especially large grins.
Keep doing that !
Hey Sam. Since it is pretty slow
out here on Wednesday's I usually
play a round about this time.
Would you like to come along and
hit some shots ?
I would LOVE to !
Sam is shown loading her golf clubs onto Jim's golf cart. A
montage begins of them playing golf together, both hitting
GREAT shots and having a wonderful time.
                                         CUT TO:


Sam is staring down a 10 foot putt while Tom is standing off
to the side holding the flag.
Remember what I told you. See the
line the ball is going to travel
to the cup. Visualize the putt in
your mind going in. Make a smooth
stroke and hole it.
Sam takes her stance and follows Tom's instructions.
Expertly, she rolls the putt into the cup.
      (jumping up and
I made it !
      (running to give
       Sam a hug.)
You sure did !
      (pulling out her
I want a picture of us !
                                         CUT TO:
Tom pasting the picture of he and Sam into his photo album.
                                         CUT TO:
Dr. Crane ROLLING her eyes at this.
                                         CUT TO:
Tom in close up.


From then on I saw Sam regularly
on the golf course, hitting balls
on the driving range, sometimes we
would even go to lunch.
As Tom is speaking a montage shows them doing all these
things with Sam taking pictures on her phone anytime she
                                         CUT TO:
Tom in close up again.
And as I got to know Sam better, I
was amazed by her personality. I
am big fan of old tearjerker
movies. Every time I mentioned one
of them to Sam, she either knew of
it or had seen it. She was
incredibly well read and smart.
She even knew about golf ! She
thought that the women's golf
fashion market was under tapped.
She showed me some designs for
women's golf clothes she had made
and they were incredible ! And,
even though I was very much
smitten with Sam, because I knew
she had a boyfriend, I avoided
asking her out. Until one day,
quite by accident......
                                         CUT TO:
Tom walks in and finds Sam tending the bar.
What are you doing here, Sam ?


The regular bartender called in
sick and since it was quiet out on
the golf course, they asked me to
cover for her. I really LOVE
tending bar !
Well, you certainly brighten up
this dreary place !
      (taking a bow)
Thank you, kind sir. What would
you like ?
A cold draft beer would really hit
the spot !
One draft beer, coming right up !
Sam pours Tom a beer.
Won't you join me ?
I'm not supposed to drink while
I'm on duty.
She shyly looks from side to side to make sure the bar is
But, what the hell ?
Sam pours herself a shot and as the two clink glasses she
To us !
Tom visibly melts at this.


      (reaching for his
What do I owe you, Sam ?
The golf pro's drink is on the
house !
OK, but it's only fair that the
golf pro should pay for the drink
he has bought for the beautiful
bartender !
Tom pulls out a $20 bill.
Keep the change, Sam.
Aw, thanks !
And with that, she leans across the bar to kiss Tom on his
cheek. As if it were possible, Tom melts EVEN MORE !
Have you ever seen the film "The
Horse Whisperer", Sam ?
No, but I have always wanted to.
      (very hesitatingly)
I am going to a screening of it
tomorrow night, would you like to
come with me ?
I don't know, watching a
tearjerker movie with someone is a
pretty big risk.


What would life be without taking
risks, Sam ?
You know, I feel exactly the same
way ! I'll tell you what, I will
go with you if you do something
for me !
Name it !
Sam pulls a one page notice out of pocket and hands it to
      (reading it)
Country Club Pro Golf Tournament ?
Sam, where did you get this ?
Off the company bulletin board !
Why are you NOT playing in this
event ?
I did, a few years back. And I
played so poorly I embarrassed
myself and the Country Club.
Well, that would not happen now,
especially with me driving your
golf cart and keeping your score
card !
What kind of scheme have you
cooked up, Sam ?
I talked to our GM. He says if we
both wear our Country Club shirts,
he will pay me for the day for
being your caddy ! Come on, Tom.


                       SAM (cont'd)
Let's do this ! Let's take a risk
together !
And if I do, you will go to the
movies with me ?
I would LOVE to go with you, Tom !
Won't your boyfriend object ?
Not to worry, we broke up !
That's great ! I mean, that's
awful ! I mean, you what I mean !
Yes I do. See you tomorrow night
at 7 pm.
                                         CUT TO CLOSE UP OF
And just like that, we had our
first date !
                                         CUT TO CLOSE UP OF
      (with irony)
Seems like there is a LOT of that
going around. So, what happened at
the movies ?
                                         CUT TO:


Sam and Tom are shown sitting together watching "The Horse
Whisperer". The ending of the movie is moving Tom to tears.
He turns away from the screen in hopes of fighting back his
tears when he looks right into Sam's face. She is totally
sobbing ! At the realization that they have both reacted to
the movie the exact same way, the 2 of them break into a
tearful grin.
      (between sobs)
Please, Tom. Can't we go back to
hanging out together at the golf
course ?
                                         CUT BACK TO DR'S
      (close up)
At that moment, I realized that
had fallen totally in love with
                                         CUT TO CLOSE UP OF
Dr. Crane is shown shaking her head at what she is hearing.
And then...
There's more ?
                                         CUT TO:
Thanks for coming tonight, Sam. I
had a great time.


Thank you for asking me.
With that, Tom pulls Sam close and gives her an amazingly
passionate kiss.
                                         CUT TO:
And it was the most AMAZING kiss I
have ever felt ! Like thousands of
volts of electricity surging thru
my body. Like every question I had
ever asked myself was magically
That must have been some kiss.
It was. And what happened next
proved to me that Sam really cared
about me.
Oh, God. Not again ?
Yes, just as I promised, Sam and I
went together to compete in the
Country Club Pro's Golf Tournament
at PGA West.
And, what happened there ?
                                         CUT TO:
Sam and Tom are shown driving their golf cart up to the 18th


      (voice over)
Looking back, I wonder if it was a
coincidence that with Sam by my
side I played the very best golf
of my life !
Well, pro, where do we stand ?
      (looking at the
Right now, we are tied with the
leader in the clubhouse. But, if I
can get this putt to drop, we win
the whole thing !
Tom, see the line the ball is
going to travel to the cup.
Visualize the putt going in. Make
a good stroke and hole it.
      (taking Tom's head
       into her hands.)
      (with a big smile)
You got it, hon !
Tom is shown going thru all the steps and then stepping up
and calmly making the putt.
                                         CUT TO:
Tom and Sam standing behind the green. Sam is holding a huge
trophy while Tom holds the winners check. And, of course,
Sam is having someone take a picture of them together with
her phone.
                                         CUT TO:


Sam and Tom are shown sitting in the bar having a quiet
drink together after the golf tournament. The huge trophy
sits between them.
Say, aren't we supposed to drink
champagne or something out of this
thing ?
Yuck ! Pretty unsanitary.
I am SO very proud of you, Tom.
I could not have done it without
you, Sam.
Sam pulls a pretty pink envelope out of her purse.
      (giving it to Tom.)
I have something for you, Tom. But
you have to promise me you will
not open it until you get home.
                                         CUT TO:
Tom starts to pull out a lacy, pink card out of his photo
Unseen by him, Dr. Crane reacts with horror mouthing the
words to herself,"NO" !!!
      (handing the card
       to Antonia)
She gave me this.


      (under her breath)
My God !Did she buy a box of these
things ?
What did you say ?
Nothing. I mean, very pretty.
      (begins to read)
As you fall asleep tonight....
I am very familiar with that card
Really ? Well, I have never seen
anything as beautiful in my whole
life ! I now KNEW that Sam REALLY
cared for me !
So, what happened next ?
Honestly, Dr. I don't know. For
the very first time in my life I
was truly in love with a girl. I
had never ever considered getting
married before but if Sam had
wanted that I would have jumped at
the chance. Which makes what
happened next all the stranger.
Tell me about it.
                                         CUT TO:


The exact same scene that happened before with Jim and Bella
is shown again except this time it is with Tom. No dialog is
heard, just Tom's voice over as you see Bella and Tom having
the exact same conversation that Bella and Jim had.
      (voice over)
My college roommate works as the
golf pro at the Pebble Beach Lodge
and Golf Resort up in Monterey. He
had always told me that if I ever
met that "SPECIAL" girl, he could
comp us a stay up there. When I
told Sam about it, she was super
excited to go ! That is why I
almost could not believe it when
Bella told me that Sam had gotten
engaged and moved to San Diego. I
called her several times but all
my calls went to her voice mail
and were never returned. Neither
were the text messages I left her.
                                         CUT BACK TO DR'S
      (clutching his
       photo album)
All I left are my photographs and
memories of Sam.
                                         CUT TO:
Montage of Jim and Sam playing golf together, holding hands
in the movies and sharing a passionate kiss.
      (to herself)
Unbelievable !
There are times Doctor Crane when
I am out playing golf and I can
almost feel Sam sitting beside me


                       TOM (cont'd)
in the golf cart. I cannot seem to
be able to get her out of my mind
or heart. Can you help me Dr.
Crane ? I am totally heartsick !
Seems like there is a lot of that
going around these days.
What did you say ?
Oh nothing. But yes, I can help
you. The pain you are feeling is
real and there is a real solution
to healing you of it. I know both
strategies and tools that will
help. Would you be willing to see
me twice a month to work on it ?
Sure ! In fact, I feel better
already just talking to you about
As your therapist you have to
trust me. Now about that photo
      (clutching it to
       his chest)
What about it ?
Obsessing over those pictures will
hold back the entire healing
process, Tom.
But I only look at them 1 or 2
times a day !


Nevertheless, I want you to let me
have them, just temporarily. In
fact, I will make you a trade.
      (holding up a copy
       of her book.)
This is my new book, The Loss of
Love. I will lend it to you in
exchange for you lending me the
photo album. And, I promise, if
you want the photo album back I
will give it to you at your next
visit here. Deal ?
       handing over the
I guess so.
Great. Now see my receptionist
Rebeca on your way out to make
your next appointment.
Rebecca is the LOOKER who works in
your front office ?
Exactly ! You see Tom, you are
already starting to forget about
Sam !
Wow ! You may be right ! See you
again soon, Doctor.
Tom leaves the office. Antonia takes Tom's photo album and
puts a sticky note on the front of it. On the sticky note in
big block letters she writes the word SAM. She opens her
bottom desk drawer to place the album on top of Jim's photo


      (to her micro
It appears that Tom has fallen for
and had his heart broken by the
very same girl that broke my
patient Jim's heart. I do not
think I have ever encountered
anything like this before.
      (to herself)
Good Lord, Sam !
                                         THE SAME OFFICE,
Now that's what I call a full week
of new patients, Doctor !
You just cannot underestimate the
power of television advertising.
Your last new patient of the week
is filling out their new patient
info forms in the outer office
right now.
NOT another love sick Romeo, I
hope ?
No, this patient is actually a
young lady.
That will be a welcome change.
Just then, the red light above the door flashes on
indicating that the next patient is ready.


Show my next patient in please,
Becky leaves the office. As she does, Ally Williams enters.
Ally is barely 5 feet tall but trim and athletic looking
with a Peter Pan hair cut and tattoos on both of her arms.
The camera can see that she is carrying a photo album very
similar to the one both Tom and Jim were carrying but
Antonia does not pay it any mind.
Ms. Williams ? I am Doctor Crane.
Pleased to meet you !
Thank you, Doctor. I saw you on TV
and think you may be the only one
who can help me !
Of course ! Please make yourself
comfortable on the couch and tell
me all about it.
      (lying down)
I just got my heartbroken into a
million pieces and don't know what
to do !
Seems like there is a lot of that
going around these days. But I'm
sure I can help. Tell me all about
this thoughtless guy that broke
your heart.
Actually, it was another woman. Is
that OK ?
Of course !


As Antonia says this, she notices the photo album Ally is
carrying. She starts to shake her head "No" as if she cannot
believe what she is about to hear.
      (voice over)
I own a camera photography shop
downtown. One day, out of the
clear blue, this AMAZING girl
named Sam walked into my shop and
my life !
Doctor Crane once again drops her notepad. She is so stunned
by hearing this that can barely speak.
      (in a whisper)
No, no. Not again.
                                         CUT TO:
Sam is shown standing outside the shop looking at some of
the pictures hanging in the window. She is wearing jeans,
flip flops, a tee shirt and looks stunningly beautiful.
After a few minutes, Sam enters the shop.
Hi. May I help you ?
Hello. I was just admiring some of
the photos you have hanging in
your window. They are really
Thanks. And I know the
photographer would be very pleased
to hear that.
How could you know that ?


Because I took those pictures !
Both of the women laugh at that.
      (extending her
I'm Samantha Greer but everyone
calls me Sam.
I am Ally Williams and everyone
calls me Ally ! I own this shop.
                                         CUT TO:
Doctor Crane sitting in her office listening to this looking
like she is almost suicidal.
                                         CUT TO:
Ally back in her shop
Are you interested in photography,
Sam ?
Oh yes ! I have always wanted to
learn about taking photos.
Do you own a camera ?
I do. A VERY nice one that my
boyfriend bought me for Christmas
last year.
Upon hearing that Sam has a boyfriend, Ally's face shows
disappointment but she still goes on talking with Sam.


I have a beginners photography
class here every Wednesday morning
at 10 a.m. You should come.
Wednesday is my day off ! How much
does it cost to attend the class ?
Not much. You have to buy 2 rolls
of film from me and pay me to
print up the pictures you take.
That sounds VERY reasonable. I
will be here on Wednesday !
Great, see you then.
                                         CUT TO:
Back to the Doctor's office.
You could almost say that we MET
Do we have to ?
                                         CUT TO:
There are several people including Sam shown watching Ally
at a white board explaining photo composition and lens
                                         CUT TO:
Ally walking around the class helping students take and
evaluate photos. Some students are taking photos of
themselves and others, some are taking pictures of props


around the shop. Sam is shown fixated on something above the
All right, Sam. Let's see what you
have done.
Ally takes Sam's camera and looks into the view finder.
                                         CUT TO:
A close up of the red EXIT sign with the sign letters blown
up out of proportion.
I set the lens aperture to make
the sign bigger than the doorway
just like you said. And, you know
how all of your photos have titles
? I thought I would title this
photo," NO WAY OUT" !
Wow, that's really impressive. You
have quite an eye for a beginner.
Thanks !
I am heading out to the desert
after this to shoot pictures of
wildflowers. Would you like to
come with me and shoot some more
photos ?
I would LOVE to !
                                         CUT TO:
Ally and Sam are shown driving on the freeway in Ally's open
air Jeep. Ally's voice is heard as the scene is shown.


      (voice over)
Sam was so different that anyone
else I had ever met. She was a
total free spirit, a real lover of
life ! She told me that she was
saving up her money to back to
school to become an esthetician
and I was very impressed by
that.In fact,I was totally smitten
with her. If only she did not have
a boyfriend !
                                         CUT TO:
      (voice over)
And, she had a real talent for
shooting pictures.
Sam and Ally are shown posing together for a "selfie".
And, as you can imagine, I shot a
ton of photos of Sam and of Sam
and I together.
                                         CUT TO:
Ally pasting pictures of she and Sam into a photo album.
                                         CUT TO:
Doctor Crane rolling her eyes at hearing this.
                                         CUT TO:
Ally in close up.


Sam would come to my class and
sometimes we would go shoot photos
together. Then, something
      (under her breath)
Here we go
What did you say ?
Go on. Please go on.
                                         CUT TO:
Sam is shown entering Ally's shop.
Hi Ally. I have 2 rolls of film I
would like you to develop for me.
      (with a smirk on
       her face)
Your wish is my command, ma'am !
You've got a strange look on your
face. What's going on ?
      (acting nonchalant)
Oh, nothing much.
Come on Ally. I know you. What


Remember the still life photo of
the cacti that you took and I
framed and placed in the shop
window ?
Sure. What about it ?
A customer came in, LOVED it and
bought it on the spot. You have
your first sale !
Ally hands Sam a check.
      (jumping up and
Oh my God ! That is SO exciting !
Thank you so much Ally. We need to
celebrate !
Margaritas or mojitos ?
Both !
                                         CUT TO:
Ally and Sam out together for drinks. Scenes are shown of
them drinking together and dancing together on the dance
floor.Ally's voice is heard in voice over.
While Sam and I were celebrating
with drinks, we both let our hair
down a bit. I confessed to her
that I was more into girls than
guys. She suspected as much. When
I asked her if she had ever been
with a girl, she told me "No" but
always had wondered what it would
be like. Then, she confessed to me
that she had doubts about her


                       ALLY (cont'd)
relationship with her boyfriend in
San Diego. They had been together
a long time and she knew that he
loved her but she had doubts. BIG
doubts. I am not sure if it was
the alcohol or the confessions
that caused what happened next,
                                         CUT TO:
Close up of Antonia
Oh no.
                                         CUT TO:
Thanks so much, Ally. I can't
believe one of my photographs
sold. You are a true friend. But,
can I ask you a favor ?
Anything, Sam.
There is a photography contest at
the local college next weekend and
I think we should enter some of
your photographs !
I don't know, Sam. That is a bit
of a risk.
What is life without taking some
risks ?


All right, Sam. I will do it for
There is a pause and then Ally pulls Sam into her arms and
kisses her deeply on the lips. Sam does not pull away but
she does not react in the positive way Ally would have
liked. Ally senses this.
      (pulling away)
I'm sorry, Sam. I should not have
done that.
I'm glad you did, Ally.
And with that, Sam steps back into Ally's arms and they both
share a deep emotional kiss.
                                         CUT TO:
It was almost too good to be true.
I felt.......
Like a million volts of
electricity surged thru your body,
that all your relationship
questions had been answered, yada
yada, yada !
How could you know that ?
It seems to be a pretty common
theme around here lately ! So,
what happened next ?


Well, Sam helped me set up my
exhibit at the photography contest
and I even put in a couple of her
photos as well. Our photo exhibit
looked GREAT !
                                         CUT TO:
And now, the winner of the $500
Grand Prize for her still life
photo titled "Wildflowers and
Waterfalls", Ally Williams !
Cut to scene of Sam and Ally accepting prize check, jumping
up and down with happiness and Sam shooting selfies.
                                         CUT TO:
I cannot believe I won ! A first
for me and I owe it all to you,
Sam !
I knew you would do well, Ally. In
fact, I brought you a present but
you cannot open it until you get
Sam hands Ally a frilly pink card.
                                         CUT TO:
Ally pulls the very same card out of her photo album that
both Tom and Jim had.


      (under her breath)
Did she buy these things by the
gross ?
What did you say ?
How beautiful a card that is.
I have never seen anything so
beautiful ever. Let me read you
the inside.....
      (cutting her off)
I am actually VERY familiar with
that card !
This card made me believe that Sam
had the same strong feelings for
me that I had for her. I could see
us having a future together. A
couple of days later, I asked Sam
to go camping in the desert with
me and she readily agreed. I was
so happy thinking about me and Sam
alone in a tent in the desert
together. That's what made what
happened next so unexpected.
Let me guess. when you went to
pick her up for your camping trip,
her room mate told you that Sam
had gotten engaged and moved to
San Diego ?
How could you possibly know that ?


That seems the way these things
usually turn out lately.
Wow ! I see why they call you
Doctor Love ! You really know your
stuff !
I try my best. Tell me, did you
ever hear from Sam again ?
No, I did not want to call her and
arouse her boyfriend's suspicion
and the half a dozen text messages
I sent her were never answered.
She never even picked up the 2
rolls of film she left for me to
develop !
      (clutching her
       photo album)
All I have left are these
photographs and my memories.
                                         CUT TO:
Montage of Ally and Sam riding in her jeep together,
shooting photos together in the desert and sharing a
passionate kiss.
      (under her breath)
Oh, please. Spare me. Ally I can
help you. The pain you are feeling
is real and there are real ways to
make it go away. Would you be
willing to see me twice a month ?


Absolutely ! In fact, I feel
better already just talking to you
about all this.
Great. One other thing, that photo
album ?
What about it ?
The constant looking of those
photos will only slow down the
healing process.
Constant ? I only look at them two
or three times a day.
Never the less. Here, I will trade
you a copy of my new book "The
Loss of Love" for your photo
album. And if you want it back, I
will return it to you at your next
appointment. Deal ?
      (handing over the
Deal !
Great, see my receptionist Rebecca
on your way out to set up your
next appointment.
Rebecca ? Is she the very
attractive girl that works in your
front office ? You wouldn't happen
to know if she has a boyfriend
would you ?


You see Ally. You are already
feeling better. See you soon !
Ally leaves Doctor Crane's office
      (speaking into the
Note to self, for my very next
article for the Journal of
American Psychiatric Medicine,
let's write something about a new
psychiatric disorder I may have
discovered. SWS, short for
Samantha Withdrawal Syndrome !
Antonia takes Ally's photo album and puts a sticky note on
it that says "SAM". She opens a drawer and puts it on top of
the other 2 photo albums while shaking her head her head in
                                         CUT TO:
Antonia is shown sitting at her desk writing up some notes
when the red light above the entrance door flashes ON.
      (into her intercom)
Send in my next patient, Rebecca.
Yes, Doctor.
Antonia stands to greet her next patient when in walks the
one and only Sam ! She is dressed simply but looks
SPECTACULAR ! Antonia does not recognize her having only
seen her in photos. Besides, she is looking to see if Sam is
carrying a photo album and relief shows on Antonia's face
when she sees that she is not.


Ms. Greer ? I'm Doctor Antonia
Crane. Very pleased to meet you.
I saw you on TV Doctor Crane and I
really hope you can help me !
      (starting to
       recognize her)
I will do my very best. Ms. Greer,
have we ever met before ?
Oh no, Doctor. I am completely
sure I would remember meeting you.
And please, call me Sam. Everyone
calls me Sam !
All of a sudden, Antonia recognizes Sam. She is stunned,
awestruck. Not because of Sam's beauty but of the
realization of the wreckage Sam has brought to the lives of
3 of her patients.Coming face to face with the woman who has
caused all this, for once in her life, she is totally and
completely speechless.
Doctor Crane, you have to help
Upon hearing that, Doctor Antonia Crane who has NEVER said
or done anything unprofessional in her entire life, exclaims
in a voice you could hear 3 blocks away.....


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