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by Jonathan McCorvey (jonathanmccorvey1@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Sports   User Review:

Rene Carmichael II's dream is to play varsity basketball for his high school. There's just one problem: he is 5'7''. In the midst of striving for his hoop dreams, tragedy strikes, forcing him to go live with his estranged father in a new town. Follow Rene as he navigates through, rivalries, family, friendship, and romance in this tale set in the backdrop of early '90s hip-hop culture.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


SUPERIMPOSE: Moss Point, Mississippi - January 2008
We open seeing JAYDEN CARMICHAEL, 17, racing to the hoop, as
the crowd counts down the final seconds of the game. He
leaps and slams the ball down just as the buzzer sounds. The
whole gym explodes with mayhem as the crowd spills onto the
court to celebrate. Jayden looks into stands and holds up
his hands, as if to say, "So what do you think?"
                       P.A. ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
The final score: Your Moss Point
Tigers: 76, Harrison Central: 59!
And the player of the game is #22
Jayden Carmichael! 23 points, 11
assists, and 7 steals!
A handsome African-American couple remains in the bleachers.
Jayden's uncle RENE "DEUCE" CARMICHAEL II, 33, and mother
TOYA CARMICHAEL, 35, beam with pride as Deuce answers his
nephew's non-verbal question with a nod of approval.
Deuce and Toya fight their way through the crowd and other
post-game activities.
So what did you think, Deuce?
The boy's good...
"Good"? You call 23 points, 11
assists, and 7 steals "good"? You
better recognize!
Alright, my bad....He got skills.
You wouldn't be so surprised had
you came to more of his games...


I play pro ball, Toya! I can't
just get away whenever I want. But
I'm glad I did this time. Nephew
definitely showed out!
God, I'm so proud of him!
So who after him, Toya? 'Cause I
know he got a lot offers.
Kentucky, Indiana, Florida,
Georgetown, to name a few, but
that boy right there...he ain't
right in the head.
Why you say that?
'Cause he talkin' bout he want to
go to Memphis...like his big head
Sounds like an intelligent guy to
Deuce beams with pride. Someone calls Toya's name and she
runs off to speak. Deuce then stops and looks at an object
that's not in view. He walks towards it as if he is
We scan the TROPHY CASE passing up trophies and awards from
as far back as the 1940s...
He's still mesmerized, but there is something else he is
looking for.....
We then zoom in on a BABY-FACED PLAYER in the front row
donning a number 22 jersey.


                       DEUCE (V.O.)
Back when this picture was taken
basketball was all about going out
and having fun; playing your heart
out. Now days its all about
tattoos and dunks that aren't even
Deuce is having a nostalgic moment...
                       DEUCE (V.O.)
It was when this picture was taken
that my love for basketball went
to another level. It was my saving
grace at a time when I desperately
needed something to help me
believe in myself. Man...
We zoom in on the player that wears #22. By now we have a
pretty good idea about who the young man is....
                                         DISSOVE TO:
We see the same baby-faced boy from the picture bringing the
ball up court and flinging a Magic Johnson-like pass to his
TEAMMATE, who slams over his OPPONENT. This passer is now
revealed to be RENE CARMICHAEL, II at age 16. He and his
friend BRANDON WILKERSON, 16, are taking on a couple of
PROVINE HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS who are also their classmates.
                       YOUNG RENE
That's ten!
We see that Rene is barely 5'7'' giving him the appearance
of a middle-schooler instead of an 11th grader.
SUPERIMPOSE: Jackson, Mississippi - August 1991
Brandon takes out the ball.
      (to Rene)
Point game. Lets end this,


                       DEUCE (V.O.)
I've loved basketball for as far
back as I can remember. My friend
Brandon and I played every chance
we got. Older guys on the street,
each other; it didn't matter. But
who I really loved to play against
was Steve Chapman.
We see Steve and his TEAMMATE argue about losing.
                       DEUCE (V.O.)
Steve and I had been rivals since
the first grade. He was on our
varsity squad at Provine High
School as was Tim and Brandon. He
felt that he could mess with me
about my size, but I showed him
and anybody else who tried to mess
with me a thing or two; on and off
the court. However, he was on the
team and I wasn't. I was
determined to change that though.
Rene passes the ball back to Brandon as he drives up the
lane. He hits Rene on the wing who fakes right spins left
losing Steve and goes to the hoop for the easy lay-in.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (deeply satisfied)
And that's game!
Nigga, that don't mean shit! You
still ain't gone make the team
this year!
Steve, why you buggin', man? We
beat y'all fair and square. That
should prove that my boy Rene got
Whatever! The only reason y'all
won was because you was playing
with him.
                       YOUNG RENE
You know what, B? Since he's
crying, I'll give him a chance to
prove himself.
      (to Steve)


                       YOUNG RENE (cont'd)
You and me. One on One.
The two go to the half court line and check the ball up.
Rene starts to dribble then goes to his left with Steve
tight on him. Rene bounces the ball behind Steve's back and
retrieves it before he knows what happened. With his
cat-quick speed he is in the lane in no time starting his
ascent towards the basket. To be so small he has incredible
vertical leap. Before he can make contact with the rim,
Steve pulls him to the floor hard. Rene gets up and charges
at him.
                       YOUNG RENE
Nigga, I oughta bust you in your
head! What the hell is wrong with
Brandon quickly grabs Rene, before he and his teammate comes
to blows. Steve's, who is ready to fight as well, is
restrained by his teammate as well. It is not an easy task,
but Brandon manages to get his friend out of the gym.
Brandon releases Rene and barricades the entrance so he
can't get in.
                       YOUNG RENE
Let me back in there, so I can
bust your boy upside his head!
Man, are you crazy?! That dude
will hurt you, Rene!
Hurt me? You think he put fear in
my heart? Let me show just how
scared of him I am.
Rene starts for the door and Brandon restrains him again.
I said "No"! Now lets go!


Rene gives up and looks at the building giving it a "I'll
catch you on the rebound" glare, as if Steve is staring out
the window.
The two start walking towards us and Brandon starts
laughing. Rene looks at him as if he has lost his mind.
                       YOUNG RENE
What's so funny?
I'm just thinkin bout how high you
was in there! When you start
jumping like that, G?
                       YOUNG RENE
Man, all I did over the summer was
trying to increase my vertical. I
would wake up late at night sneak
out the house and go to the court
and just run and jump and touch
the backboard. Then I would take
the ball and just go to the rim.
So you dunking consistently?
                       YOUNG RENE
It's hit and miss. I still got to
get my accuracy down. You gon' see
it one of these days.
Man, if you keep jumping like
that...making the team ain't gonna
be your biggest worry. It's gonna
be colleges flooding your mailbox!
Rene scoffs in disbelief.
                       YOUNG RENE
Get out of here, G. You know Coach
Richardson ain't gon' pick nobody
my size.
Aw, don't start that again....


                       YOUNG RENE
Yeah, I'm starting that again.
I told you about that. Last year
we had to many returning seniors.
That's the reason why you ain't
get picked.
                       YOUNG RENE
Well what about Ricky Tompkins? He
was sophomore and slower than a
turtle. But wasn't he 6'4''?
Okay... so he was picked for his
                       YOUNG RENE
But, he moved to Georgia. So all
you got to do is play hard like
you do when we here and you and me
gonna be running the show like
Jordan and Pippen.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (not confident)
If you say so....
For real! This is what you gonna
be hearing in a couple of weeks:
Brandon cups his hands over his mouth to emulate a PA
                       BRANDON (cont'd)
At point guard for the Provine
Rams....a junior....standing at 5
feet, 7 inches, #32.....RENE
                       YOUNG RENE
Get it right: that's "Lil' Magic"
Carmichael. I'ma to be like my
boy...#32 and all. Plus, You know


                       YOUNG RENE (cont'd)
I hate my name.
Well, I'm sorry!
A car horn sounds causing Rene and Brandon to look off
We see a late 80's Toyota Camry pulling up and a very
attractive black woman behind the wheel. EVA HARRIS, 35,
blows the horn again to beckon her son, Rene, to come on.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (to his mother)
A'ight, I'm comin'!
      (turns to Brandon)
Yo, you need a ride?
Naw, I'm good. I'm gonna go back
in and shoot around some more.
      (giving Brandon
A'ight, 5,000, G.
Rene walks off screen towards the car.
      (calls out to Rene)
There's goes Provine's new
starting point guard!
                       YOUNG RENE (O.S.)
Nigga, you stupid!
Rene adjusts his mother radio and stops when he hears
Shanice's "I Love Your Smile".
So how was your workout?
                       YOUNG RENE
It was a'ight.


So how you feeling, baby?
                       YOUNG RENE
Feeling 'bout what?
About tryouts next week.
                       YOUNG RENE
I don't even know, Mama.
Rene looks out of the window. It's obvious to his mother
that his height is the main cause for his discouragement.
Rene, listen to me: Don't worry
about your size. You can't be any
other way then how God made you.
As long as you work hard and stay
positive, everything else will
fall in place for you.
                       YOUNG RENE
And the way you leaping now...the
coach would be a fool not to have
my baby on his team.
Rene looks over at his mother in surprise.
                       YOUNG RENE
How did you about my--
I heard you leaving the house one
night. So I wondered "Where the
hell does this boy think he's
going?" Then I followed you to the
playground and watched you just
push yourself. I was amazed.


Rene leans back in his sit and blushes. She knows just how
to raise her son's spirits.
See that's why you blushing,
'cause you know its the truth!
Rene's blushing turns into a full-fledged grin.
                       YOUNG RENE
So what you cooking tonight, Mama?
You're gonna have to fend for
yourself. I'm working tonight.
                       YOUNG RENE
Aw, man....
Boy...don't you start that. I'm
trying make enough money to buy a
car so you can have this one.
                       YOUNG RENE
Maybe you should drive faster so
you can drop me off and hurry on
to work then.
Uh-huh. That's what I thought.
A few minutes later, Eva's car pulls in front of their
Rene kisses Eva and starts out of the car.
                       YOUNG RENE
Have a good night at work, Mama.
Rene, wait.
He obeys his mother.


                       EVA (cont'd)
I just want you to know that
whether you make the team or
not...I'm very proud of you and I
love you.
                       YOUNG RENE
Thanks, Mama, and I love you too.
Rene continues towards the door of the house. He takes one
last look at his mother's car, smiles, then walks inside.
A few hours have passed since Rene has been home. On the TV
screen an episode of "In Living Color" plays. On the coffee
table we see the residue of a sandwich, soda, and chips. We
then go close in to the couch to see Rene asleep.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Rene is in a white and red Provine basketball uniform,
taking the ball hard to the hoop for a lay-up. The gym that
he is in is dark and empty, but we hear the cheering of
fans. He fires up a jumper that falls through the net. Then,
he drives the lane and slams the ball down, making the
invisible crowd go wild. He is performing just like his idol
Magic Johnson, who's number 32 he proudly dons on his
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
We are out of Rene's dream and back at his house and hear a
knock at the door that wakes him from his slumber. He
staggers over to the door and opens it to find Brandon.
                       YOUNG RENE
B, what the hell you doing here
this late man?


There's a look of sorrow on Brandon's face. He looks out the
door and see Brandon's father's cop car with it's lights on
behind him. He gets a bad feeling...
                       YOUNG RENE (cont'd)
What's goin' on?
Uh...my daddy wanted to talk to
you but i told him I'd do it.
                       YOUNG RENE
Talk to me about what?
      (struggling to
       find words)
Rene...your mama...your mama was
in an accident.
Rene's tries to keep his composure and not assume the worst.
                       BRANDON (Cont'd)
One of her back tires went
out...and she lost control of her
car and was hit by a truck head
                       YOUNG RENE
      (in denial)
B-but sh-she's a'ight though,
Brandon looks into his eyes and it gives Rene the unwanted
conformation about his mother's demise.
                       YOUNG RENE (Cont'd)
      (breaking down)
Rene tries to break away from Brandon, but his friend grabs
him and he finally breaks down and accepts his mother's
death, grieving.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The day of Eva Harris's funeral is ironically a beautiful
one, clear and sunny. We faintly hear the preacher, due to


Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye" being heard over
the scene. We see the faces of random people in the crowd
before we see a close up of Rene, who is heartbroken. The
only person who has ever loved him unconditionally is gone.
He's all alone in the world.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Buses are revved up ready to go. Passengers are mad-dashing
either to buses taking them to their destination or
collecting their luggage. In the middle of this chaos we see
Rene and Brandon who each have a suitcase in their arms
walking towards us. Rene's whole demeanor is melancholy.
Brandon is also in a state of depression. This is the last
time he and his friend will have together.
I guess we ain't gonna be like
Jordan and Pippen after all.
                       YOUNG RENE
Guess not.
Maybe going to live with your
daddy in Moss Point might not be
so bad. Y'all might-
                       YOUNG RENE
My daddy could care less about me
coming to stay with him, G.
      (changes subject)
Well, look on the bright side.
They probably ain't had tryouts
yet. You could play down there...
                       YOUNG RENE
To hell with tryouts. I ain't got
nothing to play for anymore.
Hold up.
Rene tries to walk off, but Brandon grabs his arm.


"I ain't got nothing to play for?"
What the hell is wrong with you?
Your mama wouldn't want you to
give up just like that!
                       YOUNG RENE
Yeah, but she ain't here no more,
is she?! Do you know how much me
making the team would have meant
to her? I wanted to make it for
her more than for myself! I wanted
to make her proud!
Rene, do you really think your
mama gave a damn about whether you
played ball or not? She loved it
because you were her son and You
loved it! She loved you!
                       YOUNG RENE
Why the hell does it even matter
anymore? She all the family I had
in Jackson and now she's gone.
It's over.
Brandon can't seem to find the words to respond and loses
his opportunity when the bus bound for Moss Point,
Mississippi pulls up. Rene puts his bags under the bus then
turns to Brandon.
                       YOUNG RENE
I guess this is it.
Rene gives Brandon a brotherly love hug then gets on the
Yo, Rene!
Rene goes to the door to see what his friend wants...
                       BRANDON (cont'd)
Your mama may be gone, but you
still got family in this city, G.
Know that.


Touched, Rene looks into his friend's eyes and find
sincerity in them. He nods then turns to get on the bus to
begin his new life in Moss Point as the door closes behind
The bus is great distance from Jackson as we pan from the
passenger sitting in front of Rene to him. He is staring
blankly out the window at the side of the highway. He
reaches for
The Bridge of Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye"
starts to play over the scene as Rene looks over the picture
of his mother holding him as a child, parties smiling.
Rene puts the picture back in his pocket and looks back out
the window, fighting back the urge to cry.
                                         FADE TO:
Rene has gotten off the bus in Moss Point and searches for
his father. When he does not see him, he becomes frustrated
and sits down on a nearby bench and buries his face in his
hands. He is tired emotional and physically.
                       YOUNG TOYA (O.S.)
Rene? Is that you?
Rene recognizes the voice and looks up to find his gorgeous
half-sister TOYA CARMICHAEL, 19, holding her 17 month-old
son JAYDEN, coming towards him.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (standing up)
Rene and his sister engage in a hug that's full of warmth.
It's obvious that these two are very close despite there
distance from each other.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Hey Baby Brother!


she steps back to take in the site of him.
                       YOUNG TOYA (cont'd)
Let me look at you! Looking all
                       YOUNG RENE
Appreciate it.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Daddy wanted to come but he had
                       YOUNG RENE
      (cutting her off)
Is this big joker right here my
Toya can tell by the way he changes the subject that Rene's
not happy about his father's absence.
Yeah, this is my baby!
      (to Jayden)
You want to say hey to your Uncle
Baby Jayden grabs his mother's arm tigthly in fear of this
stranger before him.
      (to Rene)
Don't worry bout that. He'll get
used to you. But I got somebody
that is used to you.
Toya steps back to reveal their cousin TONY "T.L." LEWIS, 15
sitting in the seat next behind her.
What up, G?
                       YOUNG RENE
Goddamn, Tony "T.L." Lewis! What's
up, kinfolk?
They embrace each other. Toya smiles and walks ahead in the
f.g. The two boys, each with a suitcase, in there hand begin
to follow slowly behind her.


Yo, I'm sorry about your mama. I
know how much she meant to you.
                       YOUNG RENE
Appreciate it, man.
Notices T.L. height, which is 6-feet even.
                       YOUNG RENE (cont'd)
You done got big! What you been
eating, boy?
Yeah, you ain't gone be able to
whoop me on the court like you
used to.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yeah, but I beat I can still beat
your ass though.
It's a modest one-story house in a decent middle-class
neighborhood in West Moss Point.
Rene is sound asleep in his bed. We see that he has given
his room his own personal touch with things such as a Magic
Johnson poster on his door and a New Jack City Soundtrack
poster on the wall above his bed.

The silence is broken when Ralph Tresvant's "Rated R" blasts
on his stereo. He fumbles awake to find Toya standing next
to it.
She turns off the radio.
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (sing song)
Time to get up and go to school,
baby brother!
Rene lays back down.


                       YOUNG TOYA
      (walks over to bed)
Come on, now....Don't be like
      (sing song)
Think about all them skeezers
that's gonna be there.....
That would motivate any teenage boy with raging hormones,
but not Rene, who doesn't budge.
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (to herself)
I'm gon' hate myself for this...No
I'm not.
Toya lifts Rene's mattress off of the bed and sends him
crashing hard onto the floor. He sits on the floor stunned
as she walks out.
                       YOUNG TOYA (O.S.)
Get up. The bus will be here in
about an hour.
As we scan through the area of this predominately
African-American institution, we hear A Tribe Called Quest's
"Check The Rhime" coming from someone's stereo, and see
students sporting high-top fades, overalls, Starter
basseball caps, and other styles of the era.
Rene kneels to open his locker as the other students rush to
homeroom. After getting the combination, he pulls the door,
but it remains shut. He pulls it a couple of times more but
gets the same result.
                       YOUNG RENE
He has the feeling that his whole world is collapsing right
in front of him. Suddenly fate deals him a winning a hand as
a palm slams against his locker, making it creep open.
                       UNKNOWN PERSON (O.S.)
You got to beat these raggedy
lockers to get them to open


                       YOUNG RENE
Rene stops dead in his tracks, once he gets a eyeful of
JANELLE WILLIAMS, 16, One of the most beautiful girls at
Moss Point High.
                       YOUNG RENE (cont'd)
Don't worry about it. I ain't seen
you around here before. This your
first day?
                       YOUNG RENE
Ye-Yeah. I just moved here from
Rene checks her out. This girl is drop dead gorgeous!
Oh, okay. Sorry, I ain't even
introduced myself. I'm Janelle.
And you are...?
Rene's eyes are focused on her breasts which are snug inside
her Moss Point Cheerleading t-Shirt. He snaps back before
Janelle notices.
                       YOUNG RENE
Huh? Oh! I'm, I'm Rene.
Janelle chuckles.
                       YOUNG RENE
I know. It's a girl's name. But
I'm named after daddy and my
grandmother was Creole so--
No, no! I like it. It's unique for
Rene is flattered. He can tell that this girl is attracted
to him as he is to her.


                       YOUNG RENE
Thanks again for helping me with
my locker.
Oh, it ain't no thing.
                       YOUNG RENE
Yo, Janelle, I was wondering...
He plans to asks her out, but they get on their feet, he
aborts his plan. Janelle is a couple of inches taller than
him. She notices this as well, but thinks nothing of it.
Rene on the other hand feels awkward.
Looks at his schedule in his hand. His confidence is gone.
                       YOUNG RENE
Can you tell me how to get to
Go down this hall and take a right
at the stairs.
He heads in that direction.
                       YOUNG RENE
Thanks, and it was nice meeting
Nice meeting you too, Rene.
Rene is still walking, disappointed.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (to himself)
The first honey that I meet, and
she's a goddamn giant. There's no
way I stand a chance with her.
He turns around.
We see Janelle's shapely backside as she sashays down the


                       YOUNG RENE
But a brother sure can dream,
though. Lord have mercy!
He continues his search for his class.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
School has ended for the day when we find Rene walking
through the semi-filled hallway. He spots T.L. a few feet in
front of him.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (calling out)
Yo, T.L., wait up!
He trots over to him.
What up, Big Cuz? How your first
day at Moss Point go? I know you
snatched you a couple of skeezers.
                       YOUNG RENE
I hollered at one honey but...
Well, who is she, so I can give
you the low down on her.
                       YOUNG RENE
Her name is Janelle, but--
Janelle?! Janelle Williams?! Tall
red-bone with long hair, and
def-ass body?!
                       YOUNG RENE
That fool about to be hittin'
Janelle Williams's skins! And she
a cheerleader too? You are the


                       YOUNG RENE
Whoa! I wouldn't go that far. All
she did was help me open my
But you got her number, right?
Rene shakes his head no.
Aw...nigga you bullshittin'! Why
                       YOUNG RENE
She a little taller than me, G.
That don't mean nothing! They all
the same height when they on they
                       YOUNG RENE
Look, we'll talk about this on the
The bus?
                       YOUNG RENE
Yeah, you know the thing that
takes people to and from school?
You ain't gonna stay for
basketball tryouts?
                       YOUNG RENE
Naw, I ain't know nothing about
Well, today is your lucky day! Now
let's go in here and run these
boys off the court!
Deuce has to get out of this and quick. He can't deal with
that pressure right now. Basketball just isn't on his mind
right now.


                       YOUNG RENE
I can't.
      (in disbelief)
Why not?
Rene looks for the perfect excuse.
                       YOUNG RENE
Because....look what I got on!
We survey Rene's outfit: a Bart Simpson T-shirt, Guess
jeans, and Reebok Pump tennis shoes.
What you tryin' to impress
somebody? Ain't nobody worried
'bout how you dress. Plus, you got
on sneakers! That's all that
matters! Now come on!
Before Rene can offer up an argument he is following T.L to
the school gym.
We follow behind Rene and T.L. as they enter the gym which
is filled with over 30 African-American boys that hope
become Moss Point Tigers. They all have a clear height
advantage over Rene, making him nervous.
You oughta see this place when its
packed. It's like Madison Square
                       YOUNG RENE
I bet it is...
DALE EASTMAN, 16, and ARMOND HENDERSON, 17 come walking
towards us.
      (to T.L.)
I see your young ass finally
decided to get here!


You know I had to come out here
and school all you niggas.
The two look at Rene.
Who this?
Oh, this my older cousin Rene. He
just moved here from Jackson.
Rene, these are my homies Armond
Henderson, and Dale Eastman.
Armond and Dale look at Rene awkwardly. "Older cousin"?
"Rene"? What the hell kinda name
is that for a dude?
Ay, chill out on my people, G!
      (to T.L.)
I'm just playin', T.L.
      (to Rene)
I guess you trying out too, huh?
Rene nods his head.
Kinda small ain't you?
Don't let that fool you, Armond.
My cousin got game, trust me.
Yeah, well we gon' find out...
      (looking Rene up
       and down)
He and Armond laugh uncontrollably at that joke. Rene rolls
his eyes. More ignorance to deal with.


A whistle blows and all of the players jog to sideline to
sit. An African-American MAN stands over them. He is Moss
Point varsity basketball coach MELVIN HAYNES, late 40s. He
look more like a Marine Gunnery Sergeant.
First off, I want to welcome you
all you to varsity tryouts. As
most of you knoq, I'm Melvin
Haynes, head Coach of the varsity
team. I'm gonna be brief because I
don't want to waste any of y'all's
time no more than I want you to
waste mine.
Rene is shocked by the coach's bluntness.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (to himself)
I'm looking for 12 disciplined,
well-rounded players that want to
play team ball. Not the next
Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley.
If don't like what I'm saying,
feel free to leave now.
Nobody moves.
                       HAYNES (con'td)
Let's ge down to business then,
                                         SMASH CUT:
All of the boys on the court are giving everything they have
in the scrimmage.
We go to the sideline and find T.L. and Rene looking on,
waiting for their turn to take the court.
Yo, Rene, I know the real reason
why you ain't wanna try out.
                       YOUNG RENE
You do?


His insecurity about his size has come to the light...
Yeah, it's because of your mama,
ain't it?
It wasn't what he thought T.L. would say but, it is somewhat
true so he gives no response.
                       T.L. (cont'd)
Look, I know that you really
wanted her to see you do your
thing, but I'm telling she'd want
you to do this for yourself. Plus,
I needed you here, G.
                       YOUNG RENE
What for?
Look at these boys, kinfolk! I got
to have somebody here to have my
back. And the way me and you are
when we together on a court...how
can I not make the team, know what
I'm sayin'?
Haynes blows his whistle, and all of the players come to a
Alright! Now for the next group.
He takes his list and calls out another 10 boys whose name
include Rene and T.L.'s.
As all of the boys walk onto the court Rene notices a
certain heir about GROVER LEVERETTE, 17, and ALVIN BOOKER,
                       YOUNG RENE
What's up with them?
T.L. sees who he's referring to and acts like a kid in fear
of a bully.
      (with reverence)
Kinfolk, that's Grover and Alvin.
They two seniors and they are BAD!
They the only two you really need
to worry about.


Rene glances at them.
We see that the two obviously don't think much of the
competition on the court.
Rene is determined to prove them wrong.
                                         CUT TO:
We see Alvin bring the ball up and has a cocky demeanor once
Rene starts to defend him.
This is gon' to be too easy.
Alvin then fires up a jumper that falls straight through the
net. He smiles at Rene, igniting a fire in him. NOW he's
concerned about basketball.
T.L. inbounds the ball to Rene and the little man goes to
work. He quickly races up the court to the lane which is
sealed off by Alvin. Looking dead in his eyes he flicks a no
look pass to T.L. for a backdoor lay-in.
                       YOUNG RENE
      (to Alvin)
You keep telling yourself that.
The other boys on the sideline trying out are impressed by
Rene's playmaking.
1. Rene crosses over his defender, puts the ball on the
floor before firing up a jump shot that falls through

2. Rene throws a no look pass to his teammate, who scores.

3. Rene steals the ball from Alvin and races down court for
the easy lay-in.

4. Rene speeds away from one defender, goes in the lane, and
makes a reverse lay-up over Grover and another defender.
Dale and Armond are on the sideline in awe of Rene's


T.L.'s cousin bad, ain't he?
Yeah, and he in jeans! Just image
him without them...
Dale gives his friend a hard look about that "funny"
                       ARMOND (cont'd)
Fool, you know what I mean!
We go back to Rene who is smiling as he jogs down court. He
is actually confident about his chances.
                                         SMASH CUT:
It's nightfall when tryouts come to an end. Coach
Haynes is standing in front of the group with a clipboard in
hand. A mixture of nervousness and negativity come over the
players as they wait to hear their fate.
First of all, I want to thank all
of you for trying out. When you
hear your name called, go to the
locker room to find out when the
first practice is...
We see the faces of various players. Did they have what it
takes to make varsity?
                       HAYNES (O.S)
...Now if you don't hear your name
called, it's not the end of the
world. Just keep working on your
skills and try out again next
All the confidence that Rene had after his scrimmage has
vanished. What if he didn't do as good as he thought? What
if Haynes is prejudice toward small guys?
Haynes calls out few names that include Dale, Armond, Grover
and Alvin. A couple of more names are called and T.L.'s
joins the ranks he lags behind to see if Rene has made it.
Rene is certain that he has not made it until....
                       HAYNES (O.S.)
...and Rene Carmichael.


He is paralyzed. He did it! He made the team!
Haynes looks out among the players.
Is Rene Carmichael still here?
Rene bolts up.
                       YOUNG RENE
Y-y-yes sir! I'm here.
Well, if you want to play, head on
to the locker room, son.
We stay with Rene as he walks to take his place with his new
teammates. Once behind Haynes he gives a creative high-five
to a smiling T.L. Haynes continue to say something but we
trail off from it...
Rene and T.L. let loose all of the composure that they had
in the gym and celebrate their accomplishment.
We did it! We made varsity! I told
you we would!
                       YOUNG RENE
Yo, I still can't believe I did
Well, believe it. And believe
this. With your playmaking and my
lockdown D...State Champs, G!
                       DALE (O.S.)
The two look in the direction of the sound and find Dale by
his car.


Congrats on y'all making the team
and shit, but come on its gettin'
late, so come on!
      (yelling back)
We comin', nigga!
The two laugh and walk off to Dale's car.
As Rene enters the house, his father RENE CARMICHAEL, 38,
gets up from the couch and walk towards him. We see that
Rene's height is hereditary, because his father is only
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Boy, where the hell have you been?
                       YOUNG RENE
I'm sorry, Daddy. I stayed after--
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
You don't know how to pick up a
phone and call nobody?
Rene is trapped until...
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (coming from the
Actually he did, Daddy. I talked
to him on the phone earlier and he
said he had to stay after school
                       YOUNG RENE
...Basketball tryouts.
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (following suit)
Basketball tryouts. That's right.
And he told me he'd be late. So
that's on me, Daddy. Sorry.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
That's alright, Baby Girl.
      (to Rene)


                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
Just don't let it happen again.
                       YOUNG RENE
No, sir.
Mr. Carmichael walks back to his room. Rene and Toya breath
sigh of relief when the coast is clear.
                       YOUNG RENE
Thanks, sis.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Oh, you owe me BIG time for that.
So how did tryouts go?
Rene lowers his head in shame.
                       YOUNG TOYA
You gotta be kidding me? So I went
through all of that for nothin'?
                       YOUNG RENE
I don't know how to tell you this
lifts his head and a grin from ear to ear is shown.
                       YOUNG RENE
I'm a Moss Point Tiger!
Toya starts shrieking and hugs him frantically.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Congratulations! I'm so proud of
Lets him go when she smells him.
                       YOUNG TOYA (cont'd)
      (fans her nose)
But I you need to go bathe.
Because you stink.
Rene smells himself.
                       YOUNG RENE
I think you might be right.
He walks off and Toya shakes her head laughing.


Rene rubs a towel on his neck as he enters. He sits down on
his bed and looks at a picture of his mother that is on his
night stand, as if he can feel her presence.
                                         SMASH CUT
                       YOUNG RENE
I did it, Mama.
He kiss two fingers, places them on the picture, and hits
the lamp, causing the room to go pitch black.
A clear Saturday morning outlines the silhouette of the
All of the players are in line picking out their jersey
number and practice gear.
First day of practice, boy! It's
about to be intense!
                       YOUNG RENE
How you know? You ain't never
played varsity before.
Actually...I have. I played as a
Rene feels deceived.
                       YOUNG RENE
So what was all that shit you was
talkin' at tryouts?
You my older cousin. I know you
always feel the need to have my
back so, I played into that.


Rene doesn't respond. How can he? It worked.
      (to Grover)
He gets his gear and gets out of line.
      (to T.L.)
Does the same.
      (to Rene)
                       YOUNG RENE
Does the same.
We follow behind Rene until he stops at his locker next to
T.L.'s. and starts suiting up.
I thought you was a Magic fan.
                       YOUNG RENE
I am.
Why you ain't get 32?
                       YOUNG RENE
Because 22 got special meaning to
me. 2 for February. 2 for second.
Febuary 2nd: My mother's birthday.
T.L. nods his head in understanding.
You don't need to get a jersey,


This gets under Rene's skin, but he remains calm.
                       YOUNG RENE
What's that suppose to mean?
Nothing, G.
                       YOUNG RENE
Naw, you obviously got something
on you want to say to me. So be a
man, and get of your chest.
The whole locker room's attention is on them.
Look, nigga, my little brother
didn't make the team because of
your short ass. You don't belong
                       YOUNG RENE
The way I see it, if you ain't in
this room, then you ain't earn the
right to be on the team.
So you saying my little brother
wasn't good enough to play
                       YOUNG RENE
      (stating the
I don't see him in this room....
The whole locker room begins to "ooh", egging on a fight.
Grover, the team's big man, is impressed by Rene's toughness
despite his stature.
Alvin is stunned. Nobody has ever challenged him.
      (glaring at Deuce)
What you say?
                       YOUNG RENE
      (looking him in
       the eye)
I ain't gotta repeat myself. You


                       YOUNG RENE (cont'd)
heard me the first time.
Well I want both of y'all to hear
me: You fight, you run you til I
get tired. So what's it gon' be?
Rene and Alvin eye each other again and resume dressing.
Haynes gets up and starts towards the door.
Everybody, out on the floor.
The players obey the order. Alvin eyes Rene once more.
You better stay out my way.
                       YOUNG RENE
Ooh...you got me pissing in my
Rene and T.L. lag behind as Grover is sitting on top of his
Say, Little Homie...
Rene and T.L. stop. They are not punks, but he seems like he
has something to say, so they intend to listen.
Nobody ever stood up to Alvin
before. You a'ight with me.
Grover hold out his hand and Deuce gives him five.
                       YOUNG RENE
Appreciate it, G.
What's your name again?
                       YOUNG RENE


      (cracking up)
Rene?! Are you serious?!
                       YOUNG RENE
I'm named after my daddy.
Hell, naw. I gotta call you
something else. Are you a junior?
                       YOUNG RENE
Naw, the second.
The second, huh? Let me think...
      (it hits him)
I got it: "Deuce".
                       YOUNG RENE
Yeah. Because you named after your
father, and you wear number 22.
See there's even two reasons for
the name. It's meant to be.
I think it's dope.
That settles it. "Deuce" it is.
Come on, Deuce. Let's go before
coach makes us run.
Stands up and exits the locker room.
With the new moniker "Deuce", Rene trails behind him with
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (quoting T.L.)
"I think it's dope"?
Would you argue with him?
Deuce doesn't answer. They both know the answer to that
                                         SMASH CUT:


We hear a whistle blow.
We see the whole team doing suicides as Haynes imitates a
drill sergeant as we hear Sounds of Blackness's "The
Touch the baseline! Don't just
step on it! Put your hand down
The song continues as it plays over
1. The Tigers are in a line bouncing the ball off the

2. Deuce is in his room doing push-ups.

3. Deuce is in his room doing sit-ups.

4. Deuce, Dale, and T.L. engage in the figure eight drill.

5. Deuce is running down the streets at dawn dribbling a

6. Deuce is running up the steps of the football stadium
bleachers at dawn.

5.The Tigers is doing defensive stance drills down the
length of the court.

6. Deuce is shooting jump shots after practice with T.L.
rebounding. He makes all of the shots. Haynes notices this
as he leaves to go home.

7. Deuce is at a playground basketball court at night in the
pouring rain repeatedly trying to get his dunking accuracy
down. He sighs with dissatisfaction but keeps at it.

8. The whole team is at the school track running. Armond
stops and Deuce goes back to get him urging him to go on.
This impresses Haynes though he doesn't show it.


It is now November, and the day before the first game of the
We hear Naughty By Nature's "O.P.P." coming from Deuce's
Walkman. He is proudly wearing his new Moss Point Basketball
Starter jacket, that has his name and number on the back. On
his head is a Detroit Tigers baseball cap. The "D" on it
being symbolic of his new moniker....
                       JANELLE (O.S.)
      (tapping Deuce's
Excuse me....
Deuce takes his head phones off and wonders who touched him.
He smiles when he sees it's Janelle. We see that they have
struck up a friendship since their first meeting.
I'm sorry to bother you, but could
you tell me where I could find
Rene--I'm sorry--Deuce Carmichael?
Deuce erupts with in quiet laughter.
                       JANELLE (cont'd)
Somebody told me that you might be
him, but that can't be true,
'cause I heard he on the
basketball team, so he gotta be
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You're a regular Eddie Murphy, you
know that?
Congratulations! I didn't even
know you could hoop!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I can do a little something on the
Nigga, stop frontin'! I bet you a
regular Isiah Thomas out there.


                       YOUNG DEUCE
I ain't Isiah, but I am a bad boy.
Deuce realizes that that last line was very cheesy and
Janelle confirms it with a little giggle, as the school bell
Well I'll see you later...bad boy.
She walks off.
Deuce buries his hands in his face completely embarrassed
and shakes his head shame.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (to himself)
"I ain't Isiah, but I'm a bad
boy"? Damn, that was corny!
                       T.L. (O.S.)
Pretty much!
Deuce looks up. It couldn't be! He turns his head in anguish
and finds T.L. grinning from ear to ear.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Fool, how long you been there?
Long enough to find out that you a
bad boy.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
This keeps getting worse...
They start for the school's entrance.
Aw, stop being a titty-baby!
Besides you ain't got a shot with
her no way.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Why? Because she's taller than me?


Man, come off that shit! Your
height ain't got nothing to do
with it.
He points off screen and Deuce's eyes follow his finger.
                       T.L. (cont'd)
THAT is why you ain't gonna get
We see Alvin with his arm around Janelle. She is smiling as
if she has found the biggest treasure in the world.
                       T.L. (O.S.)
Because she's Alvin's girl. Y'all
ain't cool but, we don't need no
static on the team.
We see that Deuce is hurt and trying to disguise it. He
never really expected to hook up with Janelle, but as long
as she was single, he could always hope.
You aight?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yeah, I'm straight. I ain't
trippin' over her.
You better not...
Mr. "Bad Boy".
Deuce playfully shoves T.L. as they continue into the
It's a little past 5:00pm when Deuce walks up the driveway
to find his father working under the hood of his car.


                       YOUNG DEUCE
Hey, daddy!
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Hey, boy. What you doing home so
early? I thought y'all had
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Naw, the first game is tomorrow,
so coach gave us the day off.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Then why you getting home so late?
Deuce is fighting a losing battle. No matter what he says he
going to be at fault.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I had to go over to Dale's to get
my fade shaped up. Gotta look fly
for the game tomorrow night, you
Mr. Carmichael grunts. Its seems that Mr. Carmichael is not
interested in what Deuce has to say. The latter senses this,
and starts for the house.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Since you trying to look so good,
you must be starting.
Deuce stops. Maybe his father is interested after all.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
No, sir. T.L. is going to start at
Mr Carmichael abruptly stops working on his car and looks
his son in the eye.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
      (not understanding)
So you getting all worked up and
you not even starting?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
But I should to get decent playing


                       MR. CARMICHAEL
You should get decent playing
I guess, son.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What's that suppose to mean?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
I mean don't get your hopes up.
You ain't starting and you ain't
all that big. What you think they
gonna put you in when the game is
on the line? Be real, Rene.
The last statement makes Deuce's blood boil. He doesn't show
how devastating it was to him, and give his father any
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Say, Daddy, I got a lot of
homework, so I better get inside.
Deuce is furious, but decides to go in the house before he
has a confrontation with his father.
Rene storms into his room and slams his door close.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Nigga always got some shit to say!
He takes off his jacket throws it, his bookbag, and cap on
the bed. He turns on his TV and finds Sports Center.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (mimicking Mr.
"You think they gonna put you in
with the game on the line? Be
real, Rene."
He sits on the bed and proceeds to do his homework.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (about Mr.


a few seconds go by before....
And in breaking news, Los Angeles
Lakers star guard Earvin "Magic
Johnson" has announced his
retirement from the NBA today
after contracting the HIV virus.
Deuce eyes shoot to the TV, in disbelief of what he just
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What the hell....?
On the TV screen is the darkest chapter in NBA history: the
infamous press conference that marked the end of Magic
Johnson's career.
Deuce listens for a few more moments until he hears Magic
say "I'm going to beat it". He furiously tosses his book
across the room and walks out.
                                         FADE TO:
It's around 7:00 am as we hear Christopher Williams's "I'm
Dreaming" being played.
Deuce is feeling that he's dreaming with the first game of
the season being that night.

He vibes to the music, courtesy of his stereo, as he put's
on a t-shirt. He then puts his earring in and throws on his
Magic Johnson jersey.

He puts his team jacket on and goes over to his nightstand.
He kisses two fingers and puts them to his mother's picture.
We follow him as he walks toward his door then stop.
We are looking at Magic Johnson's poster.
Deuce nods his head and give a gently pounds the poster as a
sign of admiration. He owes Magic something too.


We see people scurrying to get inside the gym for the first
game of the season.
The GYM is packed. It seems like every student that attends
Moss Point and all of their relatives are in attendance.

Janelle and the rest of the CHEERLEADERS are performing a
routine to the sounds of the MARCHING BAND.

Toya is holding Jayden as she and her friends find their
                                         CUT TO:
The Tigers are all clad in their uniforms and warm-ups which
look identical to the Georgetown Hoyas. We pan from the door
across the whole room where we find players doing various
pregame rituals.

We stop once we get to Deuce. We zoom in on him as he puts a
white SWEATBAND on his left wrist. "EVA" is printed on it in
navy blue lettering.
                       DALE (O.S.)
So how we gonna line up?
I say by class. Seniors first,
then so on.
Hell naw! I ain't trying to be in
the back of the line! I say
starters first.
So just because we ain't starting,
we got to get to the back?
You don't play first, you don't go
The whole team erupts into an argument.


Deuce is too preoccupied by his wristband to worry about the
argument until....
                       T.L. (O.S.)
What you think, Deuce?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
How you think we should line up?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
He feels pressure on him. He quickly has an answer.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
How 'bout by height...from
smallest to tallest?
We go back to see the team's reaction. They all seem to
agree except for one...
Yeah, he would want to do it that
way, so he can be at the front.
Why don't you quit acting like a
bitch and get with it?
Alvin eyes Grover for a second then walks on. He's not
                       GROVER (cont'd)
Come on, Deuce take your spot at
the front, homeboy.
Grover walks off.
Deuce leans back and look off into space...as the cheer of
the crowd cresendo.
The crowd's roar reaches it's zenith as the Tigers, lead by
Deuce, hit the floor for warm-ups.


The BAND begins to play "Eye of the Tiger" as Deuce lays the
ball up.

He comes down and takes in everything he sees: The crowd
going wild, Janelle looking gorgeous in her cheering
uniform, and finally the opposing WAYNE COUNTY WAR EAGLES.
He's Ready!
                                         CUT TO:
Grover swats it to T.L. who races up court. He passes it
Alvin who puts up and 18-foot jump shot that falls through.
                       P.A. ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
Alvin Booker!
1. T.L. throws the ball down court to Grover who is a foot
ahead of a WAYNE COUNTY DEFENDER and lays the ball in.

2. Dale drives to the hoop, draws a foul, and scores.

3. The WAYNE COUNTY GUARD loses T.L. and drives the lane. He
puts the ball up, but it's blocked by Armond.

4. T.L. steals the ball from the Wayne County guard and
races down court slamming the ball down and sending the
crowd into a frenzy.

5. Deuce smiles and cheers his cousin on from the sidelines.
                                         SMASH CUT:
36 seconds are left in the game with the Eagles clinging to
a 48-47 lead.
The Wayne County Guard throws an outlet pass to his FORWARD
who's just past half court and half a foot in front of
                       HAYNES (O.S.)
Get back, Alivn! Cut the lane off!
Alvin doesn't even try to make an effort to stop him as he
slams the ball down. Its now 50-47, Wayne County, with 30
seconds to go.


Damn it!
Grover inbounds the ball to Alvin who goes up court putting
the moves on a couple of WAYNE COUNTY DEFENDERS.

Dale is wide open on the wing, but he'd rather look fancy
than win and steam rolls a defender on the way to the hoop.
The REFEREE blows his whistle. As Wayne County signals for a
time out.
I got a charge on #23 white! Time
out, Orange!
All of the Tigers huddle around the bench. Haynes is about
to let Alvin have it!
Goddamn it Alvin, what the hell
were you thinking, huh? Instead of
putting us in a position to win,
you just gave them the ball with
the lead!
Coach, if it wasn't for me, the
game wouldn't even be this close.
So why you trippin'?
Haynes can't believe what he just heard from this boy. It's
time for him to learn a hard lesson.
Oh, I'm tripping? Well, thanks for
letting me know, because now I can
fix it...
He looks at Deuce.
Deuce, go in for Alvin.
Deuce is ecstatic! He's getting his first action of varsity
What? Coach, you can't be serious!


Oh I'm very serious. I want you to
sit your ass on that bench until
you learn how to respect me! You
Alvin sits down in disbelief as Deuce takes off his
      (to the team)
Alright, we can still win this.
They got the lead but they have
been have been playing sloppy, so
we ain't gonna have no trouble
getting the ball back. We're going
to run a full-court man-to-man.
Box out and crash the boards.If
that ball comes loose, get after
it. Now lets take care of
All of the players except for Alvin put their hands in.
1, 2, 3, DEFENSE!!!
Deuce goes over to the scorers table to check in then goes
onto the floor as the referee blows his whistle to resume
the game.
                                         CUT TO:
The young ladies are in the stands chatting when Toya can't
believe her eyes! Her baby brother is going in!
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (to her friends)
That's my baby brother!
      (yelling to him)
Go Deuce! Whoo!
                       P.A. ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
Now checking into the game for
Moss Point: #22, Rene Carmichael!
Rene receives light applause from the crowd, very light.
Some of the spectators are wondering why Haynes would
substitute this diminutive scrub for his superstar Alvin.
T.L. senses his cousin's nervousness.


Come on, G. We got this.
Deuce nods in agreeance.
Back in the stands...
                       HECKLER (O.S.)
Yo, Haynes! I thought you wanted
to WIN the game, man!
Toya is heated. No one teases her baby brother.
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (to the heckler)
How 'bout you sit down and shut
the hell up?
Deuce looks around the court and is still unsure of himself;
he can't do it. He looks off screen at something.
We see Janelle looking back at him and mouth's "You can do

His confidence is now restored.
The referee hands the ball to the WAYNE COUNTY FORWARD who
inbounds it to the guard just behind half court.

He looks at Deuce and grins before he starts up court.
Seeing what he believes to be an advantage over his smaller
opponent, he gets fancy.
Force the turnover!
Deuce looks at the clock.
The scoreboard reads 21 seconds left in the game.
Deuce better do something, quick! The Wayne County guard
tries a cross over but Deuce uses his cat-like quickness
stripping him of the ball and heads for the goal.

Another War Eagle defender cuts off the lane. Deuce fakes
left and the defender bites, giving him the easy score.

The crowd lets him know that it was good move. This little
guy can play! Wayne County's lead is now cut to one with 10
seconds remaining.


The Eagles have trouble inbounding the ball due to the press
the Tigers are running. To avoid a 5 second inbound call,
the trigger man tries to sail the ball to half court, but it
is intercepted by T.L. who takes the ball in transition.
Deuce, look up!
He passes the ball to Deuce who has Grover on his other
wing. He moves down court staying in close proximity to T.L.

When the Wayne County defenders try to trap him anticipating
a jump shot, he zips a no look alley oop to Grover who slams
it down. The crowd goes nuts! Magic couldn't have done it
better himself!
Moss Point takes the lead 51-50 with 2 seconds left...
The War Eagles try for one last desperation shot at the
basket. It hits the rim and bounce off.
Moss Point wins! The players go crazy on the court
bombarding Deuce with high fives, hugs, and compliments.
1. Spectators are going crazy.

2. Toya is bragging to everybody in the stands that Deuce is
her brother.

3. Janelle is whooping with the cheerleaders, though she
seems a little more into it then the rest of them.
Alvin walks towards the locker room in the f.g. disgusted.
He looks at the celebration that his teammates are having
and rolls his eyes.

Deuce feels as if he is on top of the world!
                       P.A. ANNOUNCER
The final score...Your Moss Point
Tigers: 51, Wayne County: 50!
                                         SMASH CUT:
Deuce is among the last few players leaving out of the
locker room. He realizes he left he jacket so he goes back


to get it. As he puts it on, he hears Haynes's office door

Alvin storms out out in a huff.
Deuce's eyes follow Alvin all the way to the exit. What's
going on?
                       HAYNES (O.S.)
His eyes are now on Haynes.
In my office, now.
Deuce obeys the command and walks to the office with the
pace of a death row inmate on the way to the gas chamber...
The two go in and have a seat. Deuce tries his best to hide
his nervousness.
That was a hell of a game you had
tonight. We were down, but you
ain't give up and you were aware
of everything that was going
around you, and made smart
decisions. You got good leadership
skills, Deuce. I've noticed that
about you for quite some time now.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Thank you, Coach.
There's a change that I've though
about making since practice
started. And after the way you
played tonight, I now know that
it's right.
Deuce has a quizzical look on his face.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What change is that?


About who I want starting in the
back court. I just talked to Alvin
about you and him running it
This could be it! Could Deuce be Moss Point's new starting
point guard?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Wh-what did he say?
Haynes has a look of "I don't know how to tell you this..."
on his face.
He said "forget it". Said there's
no way he's sharing the back court
with some "shrimp" as he put it.
He said that either he and T.L.
was going to run the back court or
he was going to walk. So I did
what I felt was best in order to
Deuce sighs with disappointment and stands to leave. Every
time he gets his hopes up, disappointment shatters them. As
soon as his hand hits the doorknob...
                       HAYNES (O.S.)
So do you think T.L. can adjust to
shooting guard with you running
the point?
Did Deuce just hear that he was going to be starting? Is
this really happening? He turns to Haynes who's confirms it
by lightly nodding.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yes sir, I think he can. And
thanks coach; I won't make you
reget this.
You better not. Now get out of
As Deuce walks out of the office, Haynes shakes his head and
                                         SMASH CUT:


Even though the lights are out in the gym, Deuce's day is
now brighter then the sun on the hottest day in August. When
he gets about halfway across the court he leaps into the air
and lets out a triumphant yell.
Deuce has already told T.L. the good news by the time we
catch up to them walking towards Grover's house party.
Yo, this is dope! My cousin and me
starting together....We bout to
take this thing over like New Jack
So that makes me Nino, right?
How you figure that?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Because Nino was at the head man
and he ran things...like a point
guard runs plays.
      (playfully shoving
Aw, whatever nigga!
Now let's go in here and get busy.
The PARTY is in full swing when Deuce and T.L. step in. Boyz
II Men's "Motown Philly" keeps the crowd moving.
My man Deuce!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
G Money....
They give each other five.


You wrecked shop out there
tonight, boy! Making me look like
a superstar with that alley.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I do what I can, baby.
I ain't gonna hold y'all fools up.
Its my party! Go get up on some
skeezers and enjoy yourselves.
You ain't got to tell me twice.
T.L. grins devilishly as his hormones lead him to the dance
floor. Deuce laughs then goes over to the couch to sit down.

Based on his demeanor, we can tell that Deuce hasn't been to
a lot of parties. Next to him is the sultry and curvaceous

He sneaks a peek at her luscious thighs. She catches him and
he straightens up. Tanya grins when she realizes who he is.
Hey, ain't you the short guy that
plays on the baskeball team?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Y-ye-yeah, that's me.
Tanya's grin gets bigger.
I thought that was you! You went
off tonight!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Thank you.
So why you not out there dancing
with your girl?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I ain't got no girl.


She crosses her legs in a seductive manner and puts her hand
on Deuce's thigh. He MUST be dreaming!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yeah. Plus, I don't know how to
dance no way.
This is the perfect time to learn,
Tanya takes Deuce by the hand as Maxi Priest and Shaba Ranks
get the GRIND SESSION of the party started with "House

Tanya leads him to a spot on the dance floor and immediately
goes to work. The way she's moving on him is as if she is
trying to have sex with him right then and there.
Deuce is struggling to keep up with her, but concentrates so
he doesn't get "excited". She leans forward and kisses him.
Deuce can't believe this is really happening!
Tanya breaks away from Deuce's lips.
Come help me get my jacket so we
can get out of here.
Deuce's face lights up. He's about to get laid!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (maintaining his
The two make their way to...
Deuce opens the door and hits the light as Tanya follows him
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (going to the
So which jacket is yours...


Its the brown leather one.
Deuce goes through the closet looking for the JACKET. After
a short search, he finds it and grins. He's one step closer.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (turning to Tanya)
Yo, Tanya, I found...
Deuce has just discovered Tanya's gorgeous body clad in
nothing but her bra and panties. He wasn't expecting this to
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Wh-wh-what you doing?
      (walking towards
I thought maybe we'd celebrate you
winning the game.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I thought that's what they were
doing out there.
Baby, trust me, what I got in
store is way better then anything
out there.
Deuce just stands there as Tanya walks towards him. He
doesn't have much experience in sex department either...
Aw, you shy...that's so cute.
She starts to kiss Deuce passionately, taking off his team

Somehow Tanya backs Deuce onto the bed and sets him down
like a mother does an infant. She gets back up and goes over
to the light switch. She hits the radio on the dresser next
to it and Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up" fills the
      (staring at Deuce
Just relax baby. Mama ain't gon'
hurt you...


With that she flicks the light off not allowing us to see
anything. A moment goes by and we hear...
                       YOUNG DEUCE (O.S.)
Ohhhhh...sweet Jesus!
Deuce and Grover are headed to the gym as the former tells
about his sexual escapades with Tanya.
How you gon' do that on my bed,
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Nigga, she basically jumped me.
What was supposed to do?
You could took the skeezer to
bathroom. Not bone her on my bed!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Aw, you'll live, G.
Just as the two reach the gym entrance, Deuce notices
Janelle and Alvin at some lockers across from him. Things
don't look as pleasant as they did that day he first learned
about them.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (to Grover)
Yo, I'll be there in a minute.
He makes sure he's out of the couple's vantage point and
sees what's going on.
Baby, why are you acting like
Cause you won't leave me the hell
alone, Janelle! I just want to be
left alone!


It's obvious Alvin is still upset about being kicked off the
team which Janelle has no knowledge of. He's channeling that
frustration into her.
Alvin, I'm just trying to see
what's wrong with you! You've been
trippin' since the game Friday!
      (moving in close)
You know what you need to do,
Janelle, instead of worrying about
me? Step off.
Deuce is silently wondering how can this fool talk to this
sweet girl like that when all she does is care?
Janelle can't believe what she just heard.
What are trying to say, Alvin?
Janelle knows what he is trying to say. She's just in denial
and need to hear it flat out.
Are you that stupid you can't
Alvin walks off, bumping Janelle knocking her lightly into
the lockers. Janelle tries to hold it together but fails and
breaks down crying.
Deuce starts outs to her, but an unknown force within him
stops him from going over and comforting her. She and Alvin
were having a private conversation, and sees it is in his
best interest to go on inside the gym.
Deuce is just arriving home from practice to find his sister
over the stove, father seated at the table reading the
newspaper and Jayden in his high chair.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What's up y'all?


                       YOUNG TOYA
      (stirring food)
What's up baby brother?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
      (still reading)
Hey boy.
Goes to the stove and looks over his sister's shoulder.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What you cooking?
                       YOUNG TOYA
Pork chops, mash potatoes and
peas. Everything is done.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Fix me a plate please?
Toya shoots him a look that reads "what the hell?"
                       YOUNG TOYA
Fix you a plate?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Thanks, sister!
      (kisses her cheek)
Love you!
Deuce gives Toya no time for a rebuttal as he rushes to his
seat and begins to play with Jayden who has opened up to him
by this time.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
      (getting up)
Don't worry bout me, Baby Girl.
Unlike your lazy brother, I can
fix my own plate.
As his father goes to the stove, Deuce silently mimics his
last statement, and resumes playing with Jayden.

As Toya sets down a plate of peas and mash potatoes for
Jayden on his high chair, she notices her brother's chipper
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (going back to the
Why you so happy tonight?


                       YOUNG DEUCE
Life, Toya. Life.
Toya comes back to the table with a plate of food for her
and Deuce.
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (sitting down)
Well what particular incident in
life got you smiling like there's
no tomorrow?
Mr. Carmichael sits back down with his plate of food.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Well I was gonna save it for the
next game and surprise y'all, but
I might as well tell y'all now.
You're looking at Moss Point's new
starting guard.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Get out!
Mr. Carmichael takes a bite out of his pork chop with no
evidence of joy on his face.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Rene, I thought you said that Tony
was starting point guard.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Well, Coach moved T.L. to shooting
guard. And nobody calls me "Rene",
Daddy. They me "Deuce".
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Your birth name is Rene, like
mine, and I'm gon' call you that.
Not some nickname you picked up in
the streets.
Toya sees that the situation will get out of hand if she
doesn't do something quick.
So baby brother, you think you can
handle the pressure of starting?


                       YOUNG DEUCE
I'll find out tomorrow when we
play Biloxi.
      (turning to Mr.
You comin' to the game, Daddy?
Deuce has a sparkle in his eyes. Surely his father would
love to see his son shine on the court.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
I got a date tomorrow night.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Maybe you could bring her along.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
We already got plans, son. Sorry.
Deuce gives up.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Naw, its aight.
Can y'all excuse me?
Deuce get up and walks out. Toya shoots her father a look.
Mr. Carmichael is oblivious to what's going on. Toya follows
her brother to
Deuce is heading for his room with Toya close on his heels.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Deuce. Deuce!
He stops and looks at his sister. He is pissed!
                       YOUNG TOYA
Look, don't let Daddy get to you.
That's just how he is.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Toya, don't make excuses for him
being an asshole. 'Cause that
shows you condone it, and that
makes you just as bad as him.


Deuce goes to his room and calls it a night, leaving Toya in
the hallway glancing to the heavens for strength.
Deuce has beaten every BILOXI DEFENDER down court for the
easy lay-in.
                       COMMENTATOR (O.S.)
Carmichael with the lay-in! What a
wonderful addition this little guy
is to Moss Point as they defeat
Biloxi 71-58!
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It's Saturday Morning as we find Deuce with Jayden in his
lap, watching a college football game.
Toya walks in with hair care products in her hand.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Can you please let my baby watch
something else besides sports?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Girl, ain't nobody studdin' you!
He's a boy! He needs to watch
stuff like this!
                       YOUNG TOYA
Let my baby see whatever HE wants
Deuce knows that if he don't turn it off, his sister will
never leave him alone. He does so and finds Janet Jackson's
"Love Will Never Do" video which gets Jayden to smile.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (looking at Jayden)
Good choice, nephew...
Toya cringes at the two's perversion.


                       YOUNG TOYA
Both of y'all are awful...
We hear a knock at the door.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (goes to answer)
Don't look at me. That's your
He opens the door and is shocked to see...
He slams the door in her face and runs to his room. What is
Janelle doing on his doorstep?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Oh shit!
                       YOUNG TOYA
      (yelling to the
Boy, what's wrong with you,
slamming the door in that girl's
face like that?
Deuce reappears with his sneakers and blue Moss Point
Basketball hooded sweatshirt in hand.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (putting on his
When you said you was doing
somebody's hair, you ain't tell me
you was doing Janelle Williams's
hair! Got me answering the door
looking like a bum!
                       YOUNG TOYA
What's difference does it make if
it's her hair or anybody else's?
Deuce doesn't answer and continues to get dress.
Toya knows why he's acting strange now.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Awww...you like her, don't you?


                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (dodging the
I gotta jet.
Deuce starts for the door, but Toya races to it and answers
it before he can get out. Why must she torment him like
                       YOUNG TOYA
Hey, girl! Sorry bout this fool
right here slamming the door in
your face.
      (coming in)
It's cool. I wasn't disturbing
y'all was I?
She looks back and forth between the two suggesting that are
sleeping together.
                       YOUNG TOYA
OH, GOD, NO! He's my brother,
Deuce is standing there like a 5 year-old that about to get
spanked for eating cookies when told not to.
Oh, I didn't know that.
We see that Janelle's a little relieved by that, but Deuce
doesn't pick up on it. He's more concentrated on leaving.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (going for the
I'ma let you 2 ladies have the
house to yourselves. Later.
He vanishes out of the door, leaving the two girls confused.
Dale is putting the finishing touches on Armond's haircut as
Deuce and T.L. sit on his bed. We faintly hear the Geto
Boys' "My Mind is Playin' Tricks On Me" on the stereo in the
window sill.


      (in disbelief)
You ran out of the house?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What else was I suppose to do?
      (stating the
Stay there and mack her down!
      (to Armond)
Thank you.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What a minute, T.L. Ain't you the
one that told me that I ain't have
a shot, because she goes with
That's before he left, kinfolk!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What the hell you mean "left"?
      (concentrating on
       Armond's hair)
Man, after he got cut from the
team, Alvin transferred right to
I heard the coach over there was
so happy, he let him on the team
      (snaps his fingers)
like that!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Y'all actin' like Pascagoula is
100 miles away. It right next
door. How we know he and Janelle
ain't still kickin'?
What we do know is he ain't at
Moss Point no more, and what he
don't know won't hurt him.


Deuce lets his cousin's words sink in.
The Tigers call a timeout with 12 seconds left in the game.
They are huddled around the bench trying to find a way to
upset the OCEAN SPRINGS GREYHOUNDS who are ahead 63-62.
Look y'all we got 12 seconds!
That's a lifetime! Deuce, take the
ball to the top of the key and hit
Dale on the wing! Dale, they gonna
trap you, and when they do, lob it
to Grover for the backdoor!
Alright lets go!
The Tigers put their hands in. Deuce has become the
unofficial leader of this team as he yells...
                       YOUNG DEUCE
The Tigers take the floor with T.L. as the trigger man. He
inbounds it to Deuce who is being closely guarded by a white

He manages to get to the top of the lane and passes off to
Dale. Just like Haynes predicted, they trap.

Dale zips the ball over his head to Grover who catches and
goes for the hoop. He does not make the lay-up as he is
knocked down by a DEFENDER as the buzzer sounds.

The Greyhounds celebrate as the Tigers protest, claiming
their big man was fouled. Their prayers must have been
answered because the referee blows his whistle.
Hold up! I got a foul before the
buzzer! Two shots! Clear the
All of the Tigers celebrate as they clear the court. All
except Grover who is standing at the foul line looking like
a child on his first day of kindergarten.


                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (walking to the
Two free ones! We got this!
I don't know, Deuce. Grover
struggles from the line. And it's
T.L. shakes his head as if to say "no way".
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Come on you got to have faith in
your teammates, little cuz!
The court is completely clear of everyone except Grover, who
has a look on his face as if he ate something bad.

The referee passes him the ball. He bounces it and fires it
up. Off the front of the rim. The crowd groans.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Told you...
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Don't trip. We still got a chance
to tie.
The referee gives the ball back to Grover. He bounces and
fires up a shot that...bounces of the left side of the rim.

The Greyhounds jump for joy as they narrowly defeat the
mighty Moss Point Tigers.
Grover looks as if he wants to climb under the floorboards
if possible. We go back to the sideline to find Deuce with a
sympathic look for his teammate.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Deuce and T.L. emerge from the locker room with
thousand-yard stares. They must have gotten a post game
tirade from Haynes.


                       YOUNG DEUCE
Coach was mad, wasn't he? I even
know some of them words existed!
When Haynes gets hot...he gets
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I see...So what you 'bout to get
into tonight?
I'm going to Kendra's house.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
For what? You ain't gon get none.
That's what you think. See she
like a man with a sensitive side.
So all I got to do is go over
      (fakes crying)
...and act like I'm all torn up
about the game!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Nigga, you horrible!
But I get what I want though!
The two stop when they hear a ball hitting the rim. We see
Grover on the other end of the court trying desperately to
make a free throw.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yo, T.L., I'll be outside in a
T.L. nods and precedes out of the gym.
Grover fires up another free throw that doesn't fall


Deuce has never seen the big man lose his cool. Grover feels
something behind him and turns around to find the little
What's up, Deuce?
He shoots the ball and misses. Deuce hurries to get the
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (passing the ball
       back to Grover)
Nothin'. You straight?
Grover holds the ball.
I lost the game for us, man.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Don't beat yourself up, G. Can't
win 'em all...
                       YOUNG DEUCE
But you shouldn't never lose on
free throws! And I just can't hit
Deuce face lights up. He has the perfect solution for
Grover's problem.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Give me the rock.
Grover bounce passes it to him as they switch positions.
Deuce takes off his trademark team jacket and sits it on the
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yo, you be hittin' skins on the
regular, huh?
Come on, Deuce...
      (points to his
Why you think I got that? I keep a
flock of skeezers.


A'ight. A'ight. I'm just messing
with you.
      (begins to bounce
       the ball)
So you know you got to be smooth
with the ladies...take your time.
And when the moment is right...
He floats a free throw that hits nothing but the net.
                       YOUNG DEUCE (cont'd)
...you'll hit every time.
Grover grabs the ball and passes back to Deuce.
      (bounces ball
But if you rushing...and you make
a move too soon...
Deuce fires up a free throw that hits the rim and bounces
off and Grover gets the rebound.
                       YOUNG DEUCE (cont'd)
...you ain't gon' never hit
Grover understands the analogy because it relates to
something he enjoys. He goes to the free throw line to put
it into use.
      (bounces the ball)
Be smooth...take my time...and
when the moment's right...
He puts it up and it falls through perfectly. He actually
made it! He even looks as if he wants to jump for joy!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (grinning proudly)
And it's just that easy, G Money!
As they give each other five we go to
The gym is rocking, fueled by MC Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit",
as the starting line-ups are being called.


                       P.A. ANNOUNCER (o.s.)
At guard...a junior...standing 5
feet, 7 inches tall...#22...DEUCE
Deuce runs through the tunnel of reserve players and
cheerleaders with a look of determination on his face. This
is what he's always wanted. And he proves how legit he is as
the song overplays...
1. Deuce puts a 3 pointer over a GEORGE COUNTY GUARD.

2. Deuce makes a no-look pass from half-court to Dale on the
baseline for the score.

3. A newspaper article showing Moss Point winning 72-63 over
Geroge County.

4. Deuce steals the ball from a GULFPORT GUARD and takes it
the other way for a lay-in.

5. Deuce dives into the bleachers to save the ball from
going out of bounds.

6. Mr. Carmichael finds an article with his son being named
player of the week. He covers it with his coffee mug,

7. Deuce throws up an alley-oop that is slammed down by

8. Deuce makes a behind the back pass to T.L. who takes it
to the lane for the score, leaving his DEFENDER confused.

9. Newspaper article with a picture Deuce, T.L., and Grover,
describing them being big assets for the Tigers.

10. Brandon looking at the article and smiling for his

11. Deuce walking down the halls of Moss Point High with
everybody knowing his name, and girls whispering and
giggling sheepishly as he passes.

12. Deuce puts up a tough shot in the lane against two
HATTIESBURG DEFENDERS. He hits the ground hard but makes the

13. Deuce making a sharp pass through the lane to Armond who
scores over a ST. MARTIN DEFENDER.


14.Deuce fires up a jumper over 2 HANCOCK COUNTY PLAYERS
that falls through.

15. Toya is leading the crowd as they chant his name.

16. Deuce jogs down court throwing up the "deuce" sign.
The cafeteria is filled with the hustle and bustle of
students getting and putting up their trays and socializing
as we hear Mariah Carey's "Emotions" playing on someone's
We find T.L. and Deuce at a lunch table reading about Moss
Point's football team winning the 1991 state title.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You see this? The Pascagoula game
is tonight, and all they talkin'
'bout is the damn football team!
Well they did win State, Deuce.
They just can't ignore that
because we on a roll.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I guess...
Deuce turns away from his cousin to look at Janelle sitting
at a table with her friends, laughing and talking. He comes
back when he hears
Yo, why you ain't got at Janelle
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Why you ain't got at Janelle
She ain't nothin' but a friend.
That's all.


Bullshit! You feelin' that girl.
I'm your cousin. I know you.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
A'ight, so maybe I do like her,
but that don't mean she like me
There's only one way to find out.
My homeboy Bryan that plays
football is throwing a party after
the game tonight to celebrate them
winning State. Ask her to roll
with you.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I don't know, man...
      (fed up)
That's it...
T.L. gets up from his seat to go over to where Janelle is.
Deuce grabs his arm.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What you doin'?
Going over there to tell Janelle
that you plan on taking her to the
                       YOUNG DEUCE
No the hell you ain't!
Well you better go ask her
yourself then. 'Cause if you
don't, I will.
Deuce sees that he is serious. He takes a deep breath and
heads toward Janelle and her friends. Every step feels as if
someone is pouring more and more cement into his shoes.
Finally he gets to the table.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What's up ladies?


      (in unison)
Hey Deuce!
All eyes are on him now. What an awkward position! But he's
on a mission.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Janelle, is cool if I, um, holler
at you for a second?
He thought that would give him some privacy but the girls
are still there. As if on cue, the bell rings. All of the
girls scatter, but Janelle stays behind. What a break!
What's up?
Deuce grabs a seat and looks her in the eye.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Well, um, you know Bryan throwing
a party tonight, right?
Yeah, I heard about it...
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Well, you know, I was
wondering...that if you were
goin'...that maybe you would like
to roll with me?
You mean like a date?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yeah, well...I mean, i-it ain't,
it ain't got to be like that if
you ain't--
That sounds cool. We can do that.
Deuce is shocked! Did his dream girl just say yes? He looks
as if he can barely contain himself from doing back flips.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
A'ight, cool.


      (gathering her
Look, Deuce, I'm bout to be late
for last period, so I'll holler at
you after school about what time
to pick me up.
      (getting up)
A'ight. Later.
He walks toward T.L. who is waiting on the other side of the
So? What happened?
Deuce let's his head hang.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I don't know what happened...
      (raises his head,
But I got a date tonight!
That fool going out with Janelle
The Moss Point Tigers have just crossed the Singing River
Bridge into Gautier, Mississippi.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Say kinfolk, why are we playing in
Gautier? Why not at our house or
T.L. keeps his eyes locked on his Gameboy that his is
Almost every year there's a fight
after the game, so the district
decided a few years back to move


                       T.L. (cont'd)
it to the Junior College in
Gauiter. Neutral ground.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Come on, man it can't be that bad
It's just a basketball game!
T.L. gives him a look a look that reads, "you'll see" and
resumes playing the Gameboy.
We can tell that it's packed, because we can hear the crowd
from out here.
The noise fron the crowd is deafening as we See Alvin racing
downcourt in his PASCAGOULA PANTHERS home uniform that has
the same color scheme as the Kansas Jayhawks. He's all alone
as he dunks the ball sending the Panther fans into a frenzy.

The Moss Point fans are groaning and can't believe that they
are losing to their arch rivals 45-32 at halftime.

Alvin comes down from the rim and gets in Deuce's face.
I told you! You too small for me!
      (flicks him with
       his finger)
Little bitch!
      (shoving Alvin)
Don't put yo hands on me, nigga!
Both the Moss Point and Pascagoula benches clear as an all
out brawl ensues. The coaches jump in to break up the fight.
The referee blow the whistle and instruct both coaches to
get into their locker rooms.
                       HAYNES (O.S.)
Now you saw what just happened,


Haynes and Deuce are outside the locker room having a
private powwow. Deuce has his hands on his hips as he looks
off into space infuriated.
See how I tried to calm 'em down
and they kept fighting? They can
use energy for bullshit, but they
can't use it to play. They not
listening to me so you got to get
their attention. And I know you
mad too. You want to go out their
and kick Alvin's ass, don't you?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You damn right.
Then you get them to help you do
it on the scoreboard.
The team huddles around Deuce.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (fired up)
Aight 16 minutes left in this
game! I don't know bout y'all, but
I'm trying to back to Moss Point
with the W! We got way more game
than them! So let's go out there
and put our heart this shit, man!
Let take this one home!
The team puts their hands in.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
And take it home is just what they do.
                                         SMASH CUT:
Deuce races down court, pushing the tempo against the
Panthers. He gets to the lane and flicks the ball out Grover


on the wing who sends up a 18 footer that falls straight
1. Deuce drives the lane and gets a reverse lay up to fall.

2. Alvin puts up a finger roll that gets rejected by Armond.

3. Deuce drives the lane and dishes the ball back to T.L.
who hits the wide open 3 pointer.

4. Grover catches an outlet pass and slams it home.

5. The Moss Point fans are getting back in the game.
Deuce gets a pass from T.L. and calls for an isolation
between him and Alvin. He hits him with a stutter step that
causes Alvin to stumble.

He loses him completely when he crosses over to right and
bolts to the lane for the lay-in.
A PASCAGOULA PLAYER takes the ball out.
                       PASCAGOULA PLAYER
      (inbounding ball)
Little nigga quick, aint he?
Shut up!
20 seconds left in the game. Pascagoula has the ball and a
67-66 lead. Deuce is guarding Alvin tight who is clearly
trying to run the clock down.

Deuce's good defense however forces Alvin to pick up his
dribble. He passes it off but it is intercepted by T.L.

Deuce sprints for the goal as T.L. sails the ball to him
with 7 seconds left. He catches it just on the other side of
the half-court line and races to the goal. He gets in the
paint and then...
Deuce takes flight and keeps going up raising the ball in
his right hand.

We are brought back to real time as he brings it through the
rim as the buzzer sounds. Deuce dunked it!


The gym goes into absolute bedlam as the Moss Point fans
rush the floor and overwhelm Deuce.

We see Toya in the bleachers holding Jayden laughing and
Janelle with the cheerleaders whooping and hollering as if
she just seen Michael Jordan. Haynes is even cheering.

The crowd hoist Deuce up and chants his name as he hollers
incoherently about the win.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Deuce's gets out of Toya's car dressed just like a typical
early '90s black teen: 8-ball leather jacket, a wild print
rayon shirt, black slacks and dress shoes.

He proceeds to the front door of Janelle's brick, one-story
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (to himself)
Aight Deuce. Just be cool.
He gets halfway to the door when...
It opens, stopping Deuce dead in his tracks. Janelle has on
the tightest black dress that he has every seen. This girl
is beautiful!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (walking toward
Hey, Deuce. I see Toya let you get
the ride.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Something like that.
Janelle surveys Deuce's outfit.
Well, this is a first.


                       YOUNG DEUCE
You ain't wearing your basketball
jacket. Almost every time I see
you, you got it on.
But I like your outfit. You look
sharp tonight!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I can't half-step when my date
looks as good as you.
Judging by Janelle's blushing we can tell that was a good
move on his part. She gets in the car. Deuce looks up to the
                       YOUNG DEUCE
It's finna be a hell of a night!
We see that this PARTY is 3 times as live as the one at
Grover's house as everyone grooves to Kid n' Play's "Ain't
Gonna Hurt Nobody". We find Deuce sitting saying something
that makes Janelle giggle. So far so good.
Bryan is on the turntables mixing with his letterman jacket
on. He gets on the mic.
Yo, I want to thank all of y'all
for kickin' it with me tonight!
And I wanna also give a shot out
to my homeboy Deuce!
We see Alvin in a corner, rolling his eyes.
                       BRYAN (cont'd)
Moss Point's own Spud Webb!
Deuce playfully flips Bryan the bird.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I ain't thinkin' bout you, nigga!


So are we gon' sit here all night,
or get busy?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
We've been sittin' here all night.
      (stands up)
Lets dance.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
He had another "get busy" in mind.
Janelle leads Deuce to the dance floor as TLC's "Ain't 2
Proud 2 Beg" begins. We also see the rest of the Moss
Point's starting five dancing on various GIRLS.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
We are in the middle of the SLOW SESSION as Hi-Five's "I
Can't Wait Another Minute" causes everybody to snuggle up
close to their dance partner, including Deuce and Janelle.
You played a great game tonight.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Thank you.
So...what took you so long?
What you talkin' 'bout?
To ask me out, fool!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What a minute. So you've waiting
on me to make a move?
Yeah. Ever since I first saw you,
struggling with your locker, I
thought you were so cute. But I


                       JANELLE (cont'd)
saw the look on your face when I
stood up, and figured I didn't
have a chance.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Girl, no! I thought I ain't have a
chance with you because of my
So we've been avoiding this
because we both worried about the
same thing?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Ain't that crazy?
But, I'm glad this finally
happened though.
      (looking into his
Me too.
Both of them want to kiss but neither wants to be the the
initiator. Deuce steps up and Janelle follows suit. Alvin
destroys the moment by pulling at her arm.
We need to talk.
      (snatching her arm
We ain't got nothing to talk
about, Alvin.
She turns back to Deuce who was halfway excepting a
Alvin tries again.
Janelle, please. I just need two
I said no.


      (to Alvin)
Hey man, chill out. We just trying
to have a good time.
Nigga, I ain't talkin' to you.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
But you talking to my date, and
she said she don't want to talk to
you, so go 'bout your business.
Deuce is not playing around. By this time the party goers
focuses on the ordeal. T.L. comes over to back his cousin
Alvin grabs Janelle again.
Bitch, I said we gon talk.
Let me go!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (removing Alvin's
Don't touch her, man!
      (shoving Deuce)
Fuck you, nigga! What you gon do?
Deuce answers that question with a RIGHT CROSS straight to
Alvin's face, which puts him on his back. All of the party
goers are stunned!

Deuce puts Alvin in a headlock and faces him toward Janelle.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Apologize, nigga!
I'm sorry!


                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (shoving him)
Now, get the hell outta here!
Alvin hightails it out of the party with what's left of his
dignity. Everyone stares at Deuce amazed.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What y'all standing around for?
This a party! Bryan, hit the
Bryan complies and everything goes back to normal.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (to Janelle)
You a'ight?
Yeah. Look Deuce, I think we need
to jet, so I'ma go our jackets.
Janelle walks off as we see Deuce with a look of
disappointment. He was this close to kissing her and now
it's shot to hell.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
The only noise in the car is Jodeci's "Forever My Lady"
playing on the radio. As Deuce drives, he tries to figure
out how to make things right after fighting with Alvin.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Look, Janelle...I'm sorry I hit
Alvin. I didn't mean to upset you.
I ain't trippin' 'bout that. It's
just the mood was destroy, that's
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Sure was...
A moment goes by before Janelle starts to giggle.


                       YOUNG DEUCE
What's so funny?
I'm just thinkin' bout how you
bust Alvin in his face. The way he
went down...Oh my God! How'd you
get to be such a tough little guy?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
When I was in 3rd grade, the ice
cream man would stop by the
playground every Friday after
school. My mama used to give me
money so I could get something.
But, there was this big kid named
Walter James that used to take my
ice cream every time. So One day
my mama decided to pick me up and
she noticed that I didn't have any
ice cream or money. So I told her
about Walter, and she was pissed.
She said, "I don't care how small
you are, you ain't nobody's
pussy!" So the next week she gave
me five dollars and said, "I don't
care how you do it but you better
bring back my change and some ice
cream, or I'll take Walter's place
and beat your ass myself." So I
bought the ice cream and Walter
tried to take it but this time I
refuse to give it to him. He
shoved me and I just went to
wailing on him. I mean I beat him
bad! So I went home and gave my
mother her change and showed her
the ice cream, and she had the
proudest look in the world on her
face. And from that day on I ain't
never been scared of nobody bigger
than me.
Janelle and Deuce walk slowly up the cement pathway that
leads to her front door.


You and your mama must be really
                       YOUNG DEUCE
That we were.
Well why you not still living in
Jackson with her?
What? She pulled a Boyz N The Hood
and made you go stay with daddy so
you can learn to be a man?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
My mama was killed in a car
accident back a couple of months
Deuce, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean
                       YOUNG DEUCE
That's a'ight. You ain't know.
Ay, your parents ain't gon trip
about you coming in so late, are
Naw, they are out of town.
They finally reach the front door.
I had fun tonight.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Me too. But before I go, there's
something I want to give you.
Deuce makes a bold move and goes for the kiss. Janelle
complies and the passion that they have shows how long they
wanted for this moment to occur.


After they are done Janelle opens her door and takes Deuce
by the hand leading him inside. His biggest dream is about
to become a reality.
Janelle leads Deuce up to her room. She hits the lights and
we see Ralph Tresvant and D Nice posters on her wall. Deuce
closes the door and goes to sit on Janelle's bed.

Janelle goes over to her desk, and turns on her radio and,
LeVert's "Baby I'm Ready" floods into the room.

She then takes a seat next to Deuce. She is just as nervous
as he is.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You sure about this?
Yeah, I wanna do this. But not if
you gone leave here thinking that
I'm just another hoochie who gave
up the panties.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Janelle it ain't gon be like that,
I promise you.
They look eye each other for a moment before they kiss
again. Levert now plays over the scene as
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Deuce is in his boxers as he lays on Janelle who is in her
bra and panties. By the way he is touching her and the look
of bliss on her face we see that he has much more sexual
experience now than he did with Tanya.

The two are under the covers still kissing. It is evident
that they not having sex but making love.

Afterwards, they are sound asleep with Janelle's head
resting on Deuce's chest, and his arm around her waist.
                                         FADE TO:
It's the Tigers first day of practice since coming back from
the Christmas holiday. We see the players bobbing their


heads to Heavy D and They Boyz's "Is It Good to You".

Deuce comes strolling in on Cloud 9.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I know I'm a couple of days late,
but happy 1992 to y'all!
Deuce, where the hell you been
hiding? I ain't seen you none over
the Christmas break.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I've just been layin' low, G
Naw...I know what you been doing.
Or should I say who you've been
doing. I saw you and Janelle at
the mall the other day.
So you finally hit that, kinfolk?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I don't kiss and tell, little cuz.
That fool finally got them
      (a la Arsenio Hall)
Deuce and Janelle got busy!
The other teammates start do like the Dog Pound from the
Arsenio Hall Show as Deuce shakes his head at them.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Y'all niggas dumb.
Finally, you got with her! Took
you long enough.
See Deuce, if you were like me you


                       GROVER (cont'd)
woulda got her sooner. I play my
women like I play basketball. I
don't work the perimeter for the
open shot. I take it straight to
the hole for the slam!
Yeah, I remember you did that a
while back and that skeezer hacked
yo ass and you had to go to the
Everybody starts to laugh as Grover shoots Armond an evil
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yo, I ain't hear 'bout that,
Armond. But I did hear 'bout that
girl who called that 5 second
violation on him though.
Everyone burst out into laughter after that innuendo. An
embarrassed Grover rushes out of the locker room.
Aw, come on G Money, don't be like
that! You know we love you!
Deuce puts up a 3 pointer over the OCEAN SPRINGS GUARD that
hits nothing but net.
                       P.A. ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
Deuce Carmichael!
The crowd goes wild as Deuce trots back down the court. He
spots Janelle who is grinning at him.

Deuce kisses his two fingers and puts up the "deuce" at her.

She begins blush and hides her face in her pom-poms. We see
a blue tiger paw painted on her left cheek with #22 on it.
They are officially a couple.


Deuce is holding Jayden up as the toddler imitates Kriss
Kross's "Jump" video that plays on TV.
Toya comes in and hands Deuce a newspaper.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Something in there I know you gon'
She walks away as Deuce opens the paper and reads a headline
that talks about Magic Johnson returning for the NBA
All-Star Game.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
We see Magic Johnson in the All-Star game firing up a 3
pointer that hits nothing but nylon. He turns to the crowd
and they go wild.

Deuce has a gaping smile on his face as he sits on his bed
watching his idol do what he does best.
Janelle and Deuce are take a romantic stroll along the pier
at Pascagoula Beach as Guy's "Lets Chill" plays over the
                       YOUNG DEUCE
      (about Magic)
You don't know what that meant to
me to see him play tonight.
You really admire him, huh?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yeah. He showed me that you ain't
got to dunk like Jordan in order
to be a superstar. He's a
superstar 'cause he makes his team
play better. That's why he my
favorite player.


      (looking in his
You know you my favorite player...
Deuce kisses her. She lets it go for a moment before she
pushes him away.
Uh-uh. See you tryin to get
somethin' started. We outside.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
So? We can go under pier where
can't nobody see us.
Boy, I ain't bout to catch
pneumonia out her messing with
you. Plus, it's late, we need to
go home.
Walks away from Janelle with mock anger.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Aw, you suck.
Janelle giggles as she catches up to him.
It's 2:00 am when Deuce walks through the door and finds his
father there waiting to pounce.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Boy, where the hell you been?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Daddy, I'm sorry. I lost track of
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
You think you can just walk up in
here at all times of the night
whenever you please?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
No, sir. I just--


We see Toya walking out of her room and heading toward the
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Just shut up! You may be a big
basketball star, but while you
live under my roof, you live by my
rules! You got that! Now get out
my face!
Deuce starts for the hall, but turns around. This is the
straw that broke the camel's back! Toya tries to lead him to
the back but he snatches away.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You don't hate the fact that I
came in late. You just hate me,
don't you?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You hate me, 'cause I'm not
miserable like you. That's why you
said something about me playing
ball. It all makes sense now: you
jealous of me.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
You think I'm jealous of you? Boy,
I'm trying to get these silly
dreams of playing ball out of your
head! You 5'7'', Rene! You think a
D-I school is going to pick you
over some guy that 6 foot
something? It ain't gon' happen! I
ain't like your mama! I'm not gon
fill your head with that fairytale
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You leave my mama out of this! You
have no right to talk about her!
She did way more for me than you
ever did!


                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Oh, yeah? Well guess what? Like it
or not, I'm all you got now,
'cause she dead!
Deuce looks as if his whole world has just sunk. Even Mr.
Carmichael knows he cut too deep with that remark but he
stands behind it.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
You go to hell.
With that said, he goes to his room. Toya tries to see if he
is alright but he pushes her away.
                       YOUNG TOYA
Why did you do that? You know how
he feels about his mama!
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
I'm tryin' to make him tough. I'm
tryin' to save him some
                       YOUNG TOYA
By doing what, Daddy? Treating him
like crap and crushing his hopes
and dreams?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Toya, just leave it alone.
                       YOUNG TOYA
No, I'm not gonna leave it alone.
You know, I feel sorry for Jayden
'cause his daddy ain't in his
life, but I feel even sorrier
Deuce because he don't even have a
mama or daddy in his.
She goes back to bed as Mr. Carmichael stands there and lets
her last statement sink in.
                                         CUT TO:
Mr Carmichael goes over to the TV in the living room and
finds a VHS labeled "MP VS Pascagoula - 12/13/91". He pops
it in and sits down on the couch. Once he sees his son on
the screen, he is amazed. He's shooting touch, his passing
skills, his toughness, and when he sees the dunk at end of


the game he can't believe his eyes. This little dude can
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
      (proud and amazed)
That's my son.
                                         FADE TO:
The Tigers are huddled around Haynes as the gym is buzzing
with excitement due to it being STATE TOURNAMENT time. We
hear the band playing "Eye of the Tiger" hyping the fans up.
Listen up! We win this one, we go
on to play for the south state
title. Now you've beat this team
once, so I don't see why you can't
do it again. Give a 100 percent
for 32 minutes and I promise you,
we will win this game! Hands in!
                       YOUNG DEUCE
T.L. notices something is just not right with his cousin as
they walk on the court.
You aight, G?
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yeah, I'm good.
You better be!
      (nods towards the
We got a scout from LSU here.
Deuce looks up and finds the SCOUT dressed in the LSU purple
and gold.



His face shows no confidence.
                                         CUT TO:
Deuce brings the ball down court. He makes a move and the
ball bounces of his foot and out of bounds. He hears his
father's words from their argument in his head.
Deuce brings the ball up and it gets stolen with ease by the
BILOXI GUARD who take it the to hoop unmolested. Deuce hears
his father's voice again.
Deuce keeps hearing his father's voice as puts the moves on
his man. He gets by him and tries to make a quick pass to
T.L. along the baseline, but he overshoots him and it sails
out of bounds.

Janelle looks out on the court wondering what's up with this
awful performance.
Get in the game, baby.
Deuce looks into the stands.

We see the LSU scout not interested in what he sees.
Deuce's lack of confidence now turns to anger.
Deuce is on his man like white on rice. He tries to cut him
off from the lane by taking a charge, but the referee calls
a foul instead.
      (in disbelief)
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Ref, my feet were set!
Your foot wasn't all the way down,
son! Now go on!


                       YOUNG DEUCE
Man, that's some bullshit!
The referee blows his whistle.
You're outta here!
We see Deuce protesting as Haynes steps in and ushers him
off of the court before there is an altercation.
The LSU scout shakes his head in disappointment.
Mr. Carmichael and Toya are watching the whole ordeal on TV.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Oh man, what did do?
He knows that his words are the reason for his son's
terrible display right now but his daughter offers...
                       YOUNG TOYA
You weren't there for him.
She gets up and walks out of the living room. Mr. Carmichael
is stuck by there by himself, in shame.
Deuce is all alone as he sits on his locker thinking about
the events that occurred at Ocean Springs earlier that
evening. Haynes comes over and sits next to him.
You know it's a good thing that we
had a sizable lead, otherwise we
would have lost and the season
would have been over.
Deuce stares straight ahead, silent.


                       HAYNES (cont'd)
And I guess you know that any
chance that you had of going to
LSU is pretty much shot to hell,
Deuce remains the same as he did after the last statement.
                       HAYNES (cont'd)
Deuce, let me tell you about being
a leader. Being a leader means no
matter what you're going through,
you can't allow it to show when
you have a job to do. You got to
suck it up and handle your
business. Now I don't know what's
going on with you, but you need
fix it, immediately. Now, go on
home and get some sleep.
Deuce gets up and walks out of the locker room, still
feeling like dirt.
Janelle sees Deuce walking to her car which is parked in
front of the gym. She knows he's still pissed about the
game, so she has to cheer him up. He gets in the car without
saying a word.
Hey baby!
Deuce gives her the same treatment that he gave Haynes.
Look, Deuce, don't trip on that
game. Everybody has an off night.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I had a shot at a D-I scholarship
and all I could hear was what my
daddy told me last night. Well, he
was right. A LSU scout was in the
stands and I played like
      (hits dashboard
       with his fist)
SHIT tonight.


Janelle is startled as Deuce begins to hyperventilate. His
rage turns into sorrow as he begins to cry.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Why he hate me so much, Janelle?
He continues to cry as Janelle pulls him into her bosom. He
then begins to let it all out as she soothes him.
As usually, Mr. Carmichael is at the kitchen table waiting
for Deuce to get in, but the circumstances are different, as
he has a worn out BOOK sitting in front of him.

The door opens and Deuce comes in, looking emotionally
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
He-hey, son.
Deuce doesn't respond as he goes over to the refrigerator
and opens it.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
I saw the game on TV. The referee
made a bad call.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I don't even care 'bout that. We
had a scout from LSU come through
Guess who ain't goin' to Baton
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
I'm sorry, son.
Deuce closes the fridge.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Sure you are.
He starts for his room.


                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Rene, can you sit down for a
moment. We need to talk.
Deuce rolls his eyes, but does as his father asked.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
      (points to the
Open that up.
Deuce grabs the book not having any particular interest on
what's inside. That however soon changes once he opens and
gets a look at all of the newspaper clippings of a guy that
looks just like him in a 1970s PASCAGOULA UNIFORM with an
Afro. We know who this guy is and so does Deuce, who's eyes
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
That's right, I used to play. Was
one of the baddest players ever to
come through Pascagoula.
Deuce still looks through the book and sees all of his
father's accolades: All Conference, All State, Dandy Dozen.
His father was the man!
                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
I didn't get that many offers
because of my height, but the ones
I got were decent. But Deuce, you
can do way better than me.
Deuce looks in his eyes. What did his father just call him?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
I saw the tape of the Pascagoula
game. You're way better than I was
at your age. You can go D-I with
no problem.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Then why did you tell me that I
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Because it was like you said: I
was jealous. Right before I
graduated from high school, Toya
was born and shortly after that
her mama just took off. I had a
scholarship to play at Jackson
State and thought I was gon' have
to give that up, but because her


                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
grandmother was a such sweet
woman, she decided to take care of
her for me so I could go to
school. When I first got there I
met your mama, who was the finest
thing I had ever seen at the time,
and we got serious.
Mr. Carmichael motions for Deuce to turn the page. He does
and find a picture of his mother and father with smiles that
are evident that they were in love. Deuce is attentive now.
This is the most that his father has ever talked tp him.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Man, when practice started at
Jackson State, I was so
overwhelmed. There was so many
other players that were so much
better than me and bigger than me,
I became discouraged. I hardly
ever played. Then when your mama
got pregnant with you, that was
it. I just gave up and we moved
here. I got job over at the
shipyard in Pascagoula and just
became bitter. One day, when you
were about a couple of months old,
Me and Eva got into it real bad,
and I just hit her. When I came
home the next day after picking
Toya up from preschool, she had
took all her stuff and left a note
saying she was taking you and
going back to Jackson. I realized
I screwed up big time. But, son, I
have never hated you. When you
born, that was the greatest day of
my life. I went around telling
everybody about my boy. And
believe it or not, I loved your
mother too. I guess I treated you
like I did all these years,
because I was mad at your mama for
taking you away from me, and I
figured that taking it out on you
was a way I could get back at her
for that. But believe me when I
tell you that there ain't a day
that goes by where I don't wish I
could take back hitting her. Now,
I know I can't fix the past, but I
was hoping we can start from now


                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
and move forward. I love you, son.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
I love you too, Daddy.
The two share a hug and a new found respect for the other.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yo, Daddy, I'm lookin' at these
pictures and I just got one
question: what's up with your
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Son that's what what's cool back
then. Like these crazy fades y'all
got now. Man them chicks used to
love that.
The two keep talking and laughing. They don't know that Toya
is there looking on, proud of both of them.
The Tigers are coming out of the locker room lead by Deuce
who has a new fire inside of him that he is ready to engulf
the HATTIESBURG TIGERS with. He stops once he sees something
unfamiliar: his father in the stands! He goes over to him.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
What you doin' here?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
      (stating the
I'm your father. I'm suppose to
support you, ain't I?
Deuce smiles uncontrollably.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL (cont'd)
Plus I wanted to let you know that
there's a scout here from Memphis
He follows his father's eyes to where the SCOUT is. He has
another shot!


                       YOUNG DEUCE
What's he doing here?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Remember that lady I went on the
date with, instead of coming to
see you play?
Deuce nods.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Turns out she's from Memphis, and
her people know some people from
the school and he came right on.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
How you get her to do that?
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
Basketball ain't the only game I
got skills in, son.
He winks and Deuce chuckles.
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Thanks, Daddy.
                       MR. CARMICHAEL
You thank me by impressing that
                       YOUNG DEUCE
Yes, sir.
He trouts out to the pre-game shoot-around.
And impress the scout he does as Big Daddy Kane's "Nuff
Respect" plays over
1. Deuce fires up a jump shot that goes in perfectly.

2. Deuce makes a precise bounce pass in the low post to Dale
who scores.

3. Deuce steals the ball from the HATTIESBURG GUARD and
takes all the way for an easy two points.

4. Deuce falls but still manages to strip the ball from his
man, and zings the ball down court to Grover for an easy two



5. Deuce takes a charge from the HATTIESBURG FORWARD,
hitting th ground hard, but gets up as if it didn

6. The Memphis State Scout is impressed by Deuce's hustle.

7. Mr. Carmichael sees the Memphis State scout's reaction
and smiles.
                                         SMASH CUT:
There's 17 seconds left in the game with Hattiesburg leading
73-72. T.L. has the ball and picks up his dribble as he is
double teamed. Deuce comes through just in time to bail out
his cousin.

The crowd is counting down: 7,6,5...

Deuce passes to Grover who goes up, makes contact with the
HATTIESBURG CENTER, and misses the shot.
The Hattiesburg Tigers celebration is cut short by the
referee's whistle.
I g