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That's Really Something
by Victoria J Washington

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


DOTTY is tied to a tree, where KYRA is speaking to her about
her choice to save PATTY's life, by giving her the chain
around her neck.
...How's it hanging?
Is that supposed to be a joke?
Yea...a bad one...sorry
no...it was actually pretty funny
      (fiddling with the
       chain around her
...Dotty...I really don't know
what to say...
don't say anything, just go back
to your family...it's not safe for
anyone to see you with me
I can say thank you...I
just...thank you so...so much
KYRA starts crying, quickly wiping away her tears
Hey, none of that please. If you
get me going then we'll both me
watering these trees
you're right, i'm sorry.
you said thank you...now go


I'll stay for a while...I'll keep
your company...I need to think
about somethings anyways...
PATTY and her younger sister play with sticks and fabric
while their father watches them closely, reeling from the
fact that only a few hours ago he lost his first born.
Daddy? where's momma?
She's out at the tree line, baby
Is, is, is is, she talking to Ms.
yes, she's uh...telling her thank
Is she gonna stay there with her?
...I don't think she would
sweetheart. but...do you know why
Ms. Dotty is at the tree line?
Because she gave me her
necklace...Mr. Jeb stolded mine
He stole, it sweety. and do you
know what happens if you don't
wear your necklace?
PATTY crawls towards her father, waving for her sister DONNA
to join her.
Then the scary monster will take
us away...and the man in white
can't help us anymore?


That's right...which means that
Ms. Dotty did something called, a
sacrifice. just for you.
saccofice? what's that?
a sacrifice...is when someone
gives up something very very close
to them so that someone else can
have something in return
so she gave me her chain...is that
her sacrifice?
No, it was something much bigger.
While in the open tent, Henry can see Jeb walking past
heading toward the communal fire area. He makes the choice
to quietly confront him.
                       HENRY (Cont.)
Now, you girls play nice for a few
minutes. Daddy is going to...have
grown up talk with Mr. Jeb. Don't
leave this tent.
Jeb sits on a log close to the fire, Henry quiety sits very
close to him. Looking at the chain around Jebs neck.
I know what you're gonna say, so
save it. I got my own demons.
If you knew that, then you should
have been happy with the deal you
made when you got here.


Look here Mr. Kang, the pickings
are getting slim for that Thing
and I'll be damned if I'm the next
one to go
Not to burst your Beverly
Hillbilly bubble, but you're
damned either way...You put my
child in danger, she could have
died and now Dotty has to go in
what should be YOUR place.
I didn't mean your little girl no
type of harm Henry, she was just
the only thing I could think of.
And Dotty...she...she'll be gone
by the morning. No one will even
miss her.
I'm sure you were going to apply
that same logic to a 4 year old
weren't you?
Oh please...don't take it so
personal...what do you want from
me? hm? why are you out here, you
can't steal the chain back, you
can't fight me, hell you can't
even curse me out...so what do you
What do I want? what do I WANT? I
want you to give that chain back
to Dotty and take your punishment
the way all your other buddies
Buddies? I didn't know those
people...we were just bought here
okay? you're so high and mighty
because you came with your family?
you're so much better because you
made friends with Dotty? please.


      (Shaking his head)
You're so egocentric, are you
going to do it or not Jeb? that's
all I want...give the chain back
and be a man.
Welp...I guess I'm not a man then.
I'm not dying anytime soon Henry.
Sorry bout it buddy.
Jeb walks away from Henry, and Henry goes back into the tent
with his daughters.
Kyra is pacing the tree, speaking out loud to Dotty who
hasn't given a strong response to anything.
I'm sure this isn't what you want
to be doing...listening to
me...You don't have to speak to
me, I don't want you to....I just
keep saying thank you, for being
better than me, and saving my baby
Look Kyra, ya thanked me already
alright I told you to go back to
your family so just go already
      (Ignoring Dotty)
I.....you....you shouldn't be
strapped to this tree, I should.
She's my daughter, she's my
responsibility, she should have my
necklace on right now. I should be
dying for her...
Kyra walks around the tree Dotty is tied to, and unties her
arms and legs.
                       KYRA (Cont.)
.....and I will
Kyra takes her chain from around her neck, and places it on


      (Shocked and
What're you-
      (Cutting Dotty Off)
I don't know what you did to be
here...in this forest... and I
don't know when we were meant to
go home, but I hope you can be
smart and live long enough to see
it....thank you..
What.... Do I tie you to the tree?
do I go get Henry?
No...I'm going to go to them.
What are you going to do
now?......you'll be dead tomorrow
I'm going to go sit by the fire,
and laugh and make jokes like I'm
not going to die, then I'm going
to tuck my babies in, and tell
them a story, like they're going
to see me in the morning, and then
I'm going to go to my husband, sit
in his lap and whisper that I want
him to say he loves me over and
over and over again, and he will.
And then I'm going to sleep, and
when I wake up. I'm going to die.
Life goes on, because we all know
death happens eventually, just
because I know exactly when
doesn't mean life stops for me.
...Go back to the camp then...I'll
wait here till morning.
Actually...There's one thing I
want from you Dotty. Think of it
as a dying wish.


anything, Name it.
I don't know how long we...I mean,
you all will be here...my girls
are going to need a woman in their
lives...my husbands a good man,
just not the smartest all the
time. Look out for them for me?
Of course.
Thank You...for everything.
Remember to go back in the
KYRA walks away from Dotty, and Dotty sits a next to the
tree she was once pinned to.
                                         FADE OUT


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