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October 28th
by Hailey Wilson (Haileyw0508@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


      (Walking over to
Hey Cassie! Wait for me!
Cassie stands still waiting for Samantha to make her way
over to her before walking to the nearby swing-set.
Did you hear they moved Halloween
to tonight because of the upcoming
      (With Shock)
No! My mom didn't tell me that.
Doesn't that mean Mr. Bates will
still be home?
      (With Confidence)
He'll be home yeah, but my mom
says to not worry about it, we
just wont go by his scary old
house. What are you going as by
the way?
I'm still scared Cass, what if he
hurts us? I mean this is our first
year of going trick or treating
alone. I'm going as a princess how
about you?
God you're such a scardy cat Sam.
Its so annoying, and you're really
going as a princess again? I'm
going as a witch. Anyways i have
to go.
Cassie walks slowly back to the school for dismissal leaving
Samantha swinging alone on the swing set until her mom comes
to pick her up.


Somewhere in the near distance Samantha hears a sicken cough
like someone who's been smoking cigarettes since they were a
baby. Frightened she quickly runs to the front of the
building where she meets her moms arms.
      (Rushing to get
       back to the car)
Hi sweetie. How was your day?
Halloween is today instead now. We
need to go get your costume. Are
you sure you want to go alone?
Just you and Cassie? I don't know
about this, you know how much i
Yes mom. I told you we'll be fine.
I'm not a baby. I have to prove
that to Cassie.
      (Stopping in her
Are you saying Cassie called you a
baby? Just because that little
girl is a year older than you
doesn't mean she has any right to
say that, you know what i ought
Mom. I promise you, i'm fine and
it's fine. It doesn't matter lets
just go get my costume it's
already 4 o'clock
Marissa and Samantha walk to the car, driving the short ride
from the school to the costume shop where Samantha's costume
was being held.
Marissa and Samantha walk from their car to the store as
Samantha notices a familiar face staring back at hers
through the window of the shop.


Mom, I think iŽd rather stay in
the car actually.
Is there something wrong sweetie?
You've been looking forward to
this for so long.
Mr.Bates is in there. Everyone
says hes a mean man. and... and
that hes crazy.
That's ridiculous. He made a
mistake a few years ago, everybody
does. I thought I raised you
better than to treat people like
Marissa grabs Samantha's hand aggressively and pulls her
into the small costume shop. Mr.Bates stares at Samantha's
worried face with a smile and waves slightly to her before
pretending to have a knife and cutting her throat off. With
that Mr.Bates exits.
See you got all worked up for
nothing. Hes gone anyway. Go look
around while i get your costume.
Okay Mom.
Samantha walks around the small costume shop, picking up
random things and looking at them and smiling. Samantha's
giggling at a dancing spider when Mr.Bates taps the window
gently getting her attention. He makes the same motion to
her as he did when he was in the store and mimics the scared
expression on Samantha's face. Samantha runs to her mom just
as she pays for the costume and lets a few tears run down
her face, not telling her mom knowing she wouldn't care.
Look how gorgeous this is! im so
glad you decided to go as a
princess again. My little


                       MARISSA (cont'd)
princess, what would i do without
Im not little. You and Dad treat
me like a little kid, im not one
anymore and you just wont let me
grow up. I hate you guys.You never
listen to me.
Upset with everything that just happened Samantha storms out
of the shop and straight to her moms car. Marissa walks
after her, annoyed by Samantha's outburst and they drive
home in silence.
Samantha grabs the costume from the kitchen table and puts
it on rushed not making sure it looks good. She has a few
tears drip from her eyes, regretting yelling at her mom and
scared to go trick or treating alone.
Samantha exits to the living room where her mom, dad and
Cassie and her parents are sitting.
You look beautiful baby!
Samantha's father Daniel walks over to Samantha picking her
up and spinning her around
Dad!! stop it!
Never!! I knew i could cheer you
      (Under her breathe)
So childish.
Alright guys, I think you should
get going. Its getting pretty
Cassie grabs Samantha's hand and drags her towards the door.


I love you! Have fun tonight.
Please text me whenever you get a
chance, be home by ten.
Without letting Samantha say bye to her mother Cassie drags
her hand out the door and down the steps to the street.
Samantha looks at all the kids walking down the street alone
and shes not as scared anymore. As Samantha and Cassie
approach the first house Cassie lets go and looks at Sam.
You do look pretty. You just look
like such a little kid. We should
do something grown up.
Cassie rings the doorbell and a tall man answers handing
them both candy. Samantha shakes her head at Cassie softly.
WeŽre doing it Sam. You need to
grow up eventually you know.
You're such a baby still because
you cling to your mom like a
Doing what Cassie? I dont want to
get in trouble.
Were going a few streets over. To
the dead end street.
No. Thats where Mr.Bates lives.
Hell kill us if we go over this!
No one goes over there Cas. If you
go, im going home.
If you leave ill tell the whole
school you're a baby. Ill tell
them ever embarrassing story i
know about you. Do. Not. Tempt.
Me. Were going.


Cassie grabs Samantha's arm again this time with a tighter
grip and pulls her forcefully to the street over where
Mr.Bates old house on the dead end street lives. Kids are
running around everywhere but the dead end street has no
Look at his house. So lonely. He
doesn't even have neighbors Sam.
Hes alone all the time. Dont you
think he deserves love? I know i
would want love if i were him. I
know what its like to be lonely
Sam. He doesn't deserve that. No
one does.
No Cassie! He killed people! He is
a murderer and if we go over there
he will murder us too!
Cassie uses one hand to cover Sams mouth and the other to
grab her wrist again. She pulls her up the stairs to
Mr.Bates big house. Samantha is struggling to break free for
Cassie's grip but Cassie being older and bigger is too
strong. When they reach the door Cassie rings the door bell
smiling at Sam and finally taking her hand off her mouth,
being sure to keep the same tight grip on her wrist as
Oh! Hello girls! Are you here for
trick or treating?
Yes sir! Its our first time going
Oh! well that sure is fun isn't it
beautiful? How old are you two
gorgeous young ladies?
Im 10. Shes 8.
Well this fine young lady can talk
for herself cant you baby?
Mr.Bates caresses Samantha's cheek softly smiling at her.


Yes sir. Im 8. Its nice to meet
Oh no. The pleasure is all mine.
Would you girls like some candy?
Yes! Please sir. We would love
Why dont you girls come on in
then? Have a seat and get comfy
ill go grab the candy dish.
Samantha looks at Cassie with pleading eyes begging not to
go in but Cassie pulls her inside and they sit on the couch
to wait for the candy.
Mr.Bates goes to the Kitchen but returns almost immediately
and sits on the couch next to the girls. He invites Cassie
to come sit on his lap and she accepts quickly getting on
his lap.
So tell about yourself Beautiful.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes i do.
And you gorgeous? Do you have a
No! Boys are nasty.
Awe so young. Such a young mind
you have baby girl. Thats so cute.
Im sure you would have grown up to
like so many boys. You sure would
have been a heart breaker. Look at
this face.
Samantha and Cassie talk to Mr.Bates for over an hour and by
then its getting late so they tell him they should probably


get going. He reminds them they cant forget their candy and
goes to the kitchen inviting Cassie to join him leaving
Samantha on the couch alone.
Samantha sits on the couch alone debating if she should
leave or not. She doesnt want to leave Cassie behind. Thats
when she hears Cassie scream. Shes terrified and gets up
from the couch running towards the door when she feels
someone grab her hand and pull her towards them
Where do you think you're going?
Samantha screams and Mr.Bates covers her mouth looking in
her eyes. Samantha can see blood all over his clothes and
she closes her eyes slightly for a second then fighting back
with everything she has.
      (Laughing to
You really think youre stronger
than me?
Please. Just let me go.
You know i cant do that. You've
seen too much already, besides
dont you like spending time with
I promise.. I wont tell anyone.
Ill go straight home.
Wont they wonder where Cassie is?
Ill lie. Ill tell them she ran
back home. We got into a fight or
something. Just please.
Youre willing to lie for me? aww.
Too bad i dont believe you. Youre
too innocent. Too scared. You dont
have the confidence your friend
had. Maybe if you were her id let
you go, but i cant do that.


Mr.Bates grabs her arm roughly as she tries one more time to
break free from his grip. Slowly he pulls a knife out from
his back pocket smiling at her before plunging the knife
deep into her chest. He lets her fall as she losing life and
takes her last breathe. He smiles proud of himself and goes
into the kitchen to take care of the mess in there. He picks
Cassie up and starts to cut off parts of her body one by
one. Hes done this many time and is an expert by now on how
to hide bodies. He goes and does the same with Samantha
spreading there bodies around town so no one would suspect a
thing. He takes both of their skulls and buries them on the
path right next to his house.
Very very nice.I did it again.
Even as an old man i haven't lost
my touch.
Where are they? Im so worried. Its
almost midnight. Why arent they
back Daniel? Do you think theyre
I dont know honey. Lets go look
for them okay? dont get too
worried we dont know that anything
happened. Maybe they just stayed
out a little late trying to get as
much candy as they could possible
hold in those little bags.
Daniel, Marissa and Sara all leave the house and search for
the girls until the sun comes out. They head to the police
station in the morning all clearly distraught about this and
explain to the police what happened. The police file a
report and go looking for them. By this time the whole town
had found out and was helping the family look for the girls.
The whole town searched for weeks upon weeks with no luck.
Finally Cassies mom Sara moves away not being able to handle
living in the same town where her daughter went missing.
Daniel and Marissa cant bring themselves to leave holding on
to the slight hope that shell return one day. They live in
the same house and keep the bedroom the same so when she
returns itll be like when she left it. The town says theyre
in denial and need to accept the inevitable but they wont.
In their hearts they feel their daughter is still alive.
After a few more years pass the father comes to terms with
what happened but the mother refuses to let go. Samantha


left her house mad that night and her mom thinks this is all
her fault. She shouldve made sure she was okay first.
Eventually the parents divorce not being able to handle his
wifes constant talk about what life will be like when Sam
comes home.


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