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by Donald Shaw (Copds@att.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

An Erotic Crime Thriller, based on my novella "Angels Vengeance": Sonny a crime syndicate boss hires two corrupt police officers and provides them with frangible bullets to use in the murder of his girlfriend. Sonny's Goomah is Angel, a petite Puerto Rican cocktail waitress he met in Las Vegas. He moved her to Chicago two years before. Angel has threatened to expose their affair to Sonny's wife unless he agrees to leave his wife and son. Sonny arranged a hit on Angel to happen in the parking lot of a Puerto Rican bar that she frequents. The assassins wait in a dark parking lot for Angel to show up in the pink Mercedes, Sonny gave her. When Angel does not show, and the bar is closing, the assassins travel to her apartment. Driving into the parking lot behind Angels building, they find her car parked and occupied. Walking to the car, they see the windows are steamed, and the vehicle is slightly rocking. Someone is having sex with Angel in the car Sonny bought for her. The assassins are angered and decide to murder both she and her companion. Opening the rear door of the vehicle, they find a naked man having sex with Angel. The assassins both empty their pistols into the man's back and head. The next day the news reports that Sonny was the victim of a Mafia hit, naked in the back seat of a pink Mercedes. Angel escaped her execution, as Sonny's massive body had shielded her from the onslaught of bullets. Angel snares the young police officer that is investigating the murder. Their relationship boils, and during pillow talk, Angel learns the names of suspected assassins. Angel embarks on a mission to level revenge on Sonny's killers, never knowing the bullets had been intended for her. Angel uses her sexuality to snare her victims that she murders with a unique weapon.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



John Lombardo and Vito Coronza, his consigliere, are seated
in dimly-lit alcove overlooking the restaurant that Lombardo
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
      (speaking to Vito
Is that Rocco Farinella that just
walked in?
JOHN LOMBARDO: boss of a crew for the Mangoni crime family.
mid-60's portly, five-foot-eight, two-hundred-fifty pounds,
bald across top of his head
                       VITO CORONZA
      (Consigliere, and
       enforcer for the
       Lombardo crew)
Ya, Sonny probably sent him to
arrange a sit-down about the
Benito Marcellia situation.
VITO CORONZA: Sicilian heritage, early fifties,
six-foot-three, two-hundred-fifty pounds, overly muscular
Farinella glances around and walks toward the bar. Coronza
intercepts him
                       VITO CORONZA
      (blocking his path)
What are you doing here?
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
I need to speak with John.
ROCCO FARINELLA: a chronic gambler, late sixties,
five-foot-ten, overweight, time worn street soldier, for the
rival Sonny Carbona crew
                       VITO CORONZA


                       ROCCO FARINELLA
A way I can pay John the money I
owe him.
                       VITO CORONZA
Are you packing?
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
You think I crazy? Never in here.
                       VITO CORONZA
      (takes Rocco by
       his arm lead him
       to a backroom)
I'm going to check. If you are, I
guarantee what's left of your body
will be packaged in dog food cans.
Vito searches Rocco and finds no weapons. Walks behind him
up the stairs to the alcove where Lombardo waits
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Long way from home, Rocco.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
John I know your pissed. I have a
way to pay you back.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Pissed? You're into me for twenty
large. I'm more than pissed.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
John I'm sorry. The Patriots were
a twelve point favorite over New
York. That fucken Eli Manning
fucked me.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Manning did not fuck you, you
fucked yourself. You're a
degenerate gambler. Do you have
my money?
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
John not right at the moment. But
I made a connection with a guy who
is connected to a Mexican cartel.
Sonny won't let me deal in heroin.
That's why I'm here.


                       JOHN LOMBARDO
You don't have my money and your
here to complain that Carbona
won't let you deal drugs? Your an
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
John, I want to join your crew.
This connection will make us both
rich. It's called Mexican mud. He
gets almost ninety percent pure
shit. He steps on it once and then
passes it down.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Why do you think I need your help?
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Word is you lost your connection
in Marseilles. Plus the French
shit was stepped on so much before
it got to you it wasn't worth your
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
When can you get me a taste?
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Have some in my car.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Vito, take a walk with Rocco. Lets
see what he's got.
Vito walks behind Rocco to Rocco's car. Rocco opens his
trunk and removes a small package from under the spare tire.
Both return to alcove where Lombardo waits with a test
reagent kit
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
John, this will amaze you.
Lombardo opens the package the contents resemble brown
sugar. Removes a small amount with a pocket knife and drops
the sample into the test tube. Immediately the reagent
turns a dark purple
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Wow! That is an overdose waiting
to happen. How much does he want
for a kilo?


                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Fifty large. You'll triple your
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
All this pure?
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Would I try to fuck you?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Yes! And you better not even
think about it.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Understand John my cut is two
large per kilo.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Your cut will take effect after
the first ten are delivered.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
If this works out will you take me
on as part of your crew?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
We'll see if this works out. Have
you heard anything about one of my
guys, Benito Marcellia.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
I know he owed Sonny ten large.
There was a sit-down with him I
think last week. That's all I
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Talk to your connection see if he
can provide five kg's.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
He doesn't work on consignment.
Cash on delivery.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Let me know. I'll have the cash.
It better all be of this quality.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
       Lombardo's hand)
It will be.


Farinella leaves the restaurant. Lombardo and Coronza
huddle in the alcove
                       VITO CORONZA
Boss, you're really not going to
have him join our crew?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Only until I meet his connection.
                                         "CUT TO:"
Cloudless sky, sun bearing down on people who are relaxing
around the hotel swimming pool. Many are young girls in
bikinis, some frolicking in the pool, some sunbathing in
lounge chairs.
ANGLE ON: SONNY CARBONA, Partially reclined in a lounge a
chair, sipping a glass of Scotch whiskey, occasionally
raises his sunglasses to view the display of scantly covered
tits and asses. Sonny is a boss for the Battaglia Chicago
crime family, of Sicilian heritage and is a made man. Mid-
fifties, six feet tall, two hundred and twenty pounds with
black wavy hair. His muscular body is well toned and darkly
A girl in her mid to late twenties, wearing a white bikini
that actuates her petite tanned body, kneels next to him
carrying her suntan lotion.
                       GIRL IN WHITE BIKINI
Can you help me out and rub a bit
of this on my back and shoulders?
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (sits up taking
       the lotion)
Turn around, just your back and
                       GIRL IN WHITE BIKINI
      (seductive smile)
Where else would you like to rub
                       SONNY CARBONA
I have a meeting, or Iíd show you.


                       GIRL IN WHITE BIKINI
      (taking the bottle
       back, her eyes
       glance at the
       budge developing
       under his
Maybe later?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Sonnyís phone vibrates, he sees it is his consigliere, Mike
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (speaks into phone)
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Sonny, Mike here. Just unpacked.
Where are you?
MIKE COSTELLO: early 60's, six-foot-three, two-hundred-sixty
pound enforcer and consigliere for Sonny's crew.
                       SONNY CARBONA
At the pool. Meet me here.
Mike walks from the casino eyeballing all the girls in
the're skimpy bikinis. He sees Sonny who stands and they
embrace in a gangster fashion.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Did you take care of that asshole
                       MIKE COSTELLO
He came up with what he owed you
and will not be borrowing from
anybody again.
Sonny, nods in understanding
                       SONNY CARBONA
Mike, have you talked to Arturo?


                       MIKE COSTELLO
Ya, said he would be here tomorrow
morning. Sayís Farinella
definitely is jumping ship,
joining the Lombardo crew, and
this definitely needs to be
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (Sonny places his
       empty glass on
       small table,
       stands stretches)
Iíve had enough sun for now. Iím
going to take a shower. Meet me
in the Cabana lounge in an hour.
Sonny and Mike walking back to Casino, passing the girl in
the white bikini, Sonny slaps her ass, she turns, seeing
itís Sonny and smiles.
                       GIRL IN WHITE BIKINI
Looks like the swimsuit snake went
back to sleep.
                       SONNY CARBONA
It wakes up quick.
she smiles and dives into the pool
Mike enters Cabana lounge, sees Sonny already there drinking
his usual Johnny Walkers on the rocks. Mike sits beside
Sonny in the booth. A petite, Puerto Rican, raven haired
cocktail waitress, late twenties, five-foot-one,
one-hundred-five pounds, almost black eyes highlighted by
long black lashes, beautifully endowed wearing a string
bikini approaches.
      (speaking to Mike)
Can I get anything for you?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
      (looks up smiling)
Jack on the rocks, double.
      (speaking to
       Sonny, seductive


                       WAITRESS (cont'd)
Do you want anything else?
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (eyeballing her)
I'll take another. Johnny Walker
straight up. Make it a double.
      (winks before
       walking away)
What ever you say.
Sonny is memorized as his eyes follow her tanned legs that
extend from a perfectly toned ass, barely covered by her
bikini bottom
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Sonny your drooling.
                       SONNY CARBONA
That is one hot chick.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
I agree, think she is Puerto
Rican, by her accent. A bit to
petite for me. I'd rupture her
                       SONNY CARBONA
I don't care of she's Martian.
Just looking at her gave me a
hard-on a cat couldn't scratch.
Angel walking back with drinks on tray. Passes group of
drunk men seated around a table. One reaches out an grabs
her ass causes her to jump and drinks fall from her tray.
Keep your hands to yourself,
Sonny stands up walks to man who grabbed her ass. Angel
walks back to bar.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (grabs man by hair
       lands punch to
Jag-off, that was my drink that
landed on the floor.


      (startled nose
       bleeding eye
       turning black)
Who are you?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Don't worry about who I am. I know
your an asshole. I suggest you and
your buddies get the fuck out of
here before I loose my temper.
Group scramble to pick up money from the table and all
leave. Angel walking back with drinks.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (walking behind
       Angel whispering
       to her)
What time do you get off.
      (her dark brown
       eyes stare)
What do you have in mind?
                       SONNY CARBONA
I'm not proposing marriage.
Thought maybe we could grab a bite
to eat.
It is against the rules for the
girls to date customers.
                       SONNY CARBONA
I'll talk to your boss. Marco and
I go back a long way.
You don't have to talk to Marco.
I'd have dinner with you
regardless. I'm off at mid-night.
I'll meet you in the atrium
restaurant at twelve-thirty.
waitress leaves the drinks on table. Sonny slip a "C"-note
in her bikini bottom. Sits back down with Mike.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Sonny, you let nothing get in your
way. Your my hero.


                       SONNY CARBONA
When is Arturo going to get here?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Probably tomorrow. His wife gets
out of the hospital today with
there new daughter. Six kids,
Arturo is one horny fuck.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Don't forget he has a son with his
                       SONNY CARBONA
When he get here tomorrow we need
to settle what has to be done
about Farinella.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
I think we both know the answer to
that. What time are you hooking
up with the waitress.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (looking at watch
       stands up)
Twelve-thirty. What are you going
to do?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
What do I always do in Vegas?
Sonny and Mike both leave lounge.
                                         "CUT TO:"
Sonny enters the restaurant, wearing red silk shirt and
black slacks. His shirt is opened exposing a gold crucifix
against his black chest hair.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (sits at table)
What happened to the bikini?


Only when I'm working.
                       SONNY CARBONA
I'm Sonny Carbona and you are who?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I know who you are. I'm Angel.
Angel Santoro.
                       SONNY CARBONA
                       ANGEL SANTORO
No, Puerto Rican. If it makes a
                       SONNY CARBONA
Absolutely not. You are stunningly
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Are you here with your wife?
                       SONNY CARBONA
What do you know about my wife?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Asked Marco. He filled me in.
Say's your a good guy.
                       SONNY CARBONA
After dinner lets go to my room
and I'll show you I'm a great guy.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Are you trying to seduce me?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Without a doubt.
Angel stands takes Sonny by the hand
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Forget dinner. Let's see what you
got, big talker.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (stands walks
Big talker. I'm not going to break


                       SONNY CARBONA (cont'd)
your heart, just going to slide
this up next to it.
hand on his crotch
leave together holding hands and walk to the elevator.
Waiting, for the elevator, Angel playfully grabs Sonnyís
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Is that a pair of socks stuffed in
                       SONNY CARBONA
Nothing artificial in there.
elevator door opens, Sonny inserts his key card into the
elevator control panel, that takes them to his high roller
suite. As the elevator doors close, Angel moves facing
Sonny. Reaching up with her arms around his neck, she pulls
his face to hers. Kissing him, her tongue explores his
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (catching her
You are really one hunk.
elevator door opens, Sonny has her pinned to elevator wall.
Both walk to Sonny's suite. Sonny guides Angel in with his
hand on her ass
                                         "CUT TO:"
in the suite, Sonny easily lifts her off her feet bringing
her face up to his and their mouths come together, and their
tongues intertwine
                       SONNY CARBONA
This is my lucky night.
Angel separates herself gasping
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (slides her left
       hand on his
I guarantee this will be a night


                       ANGEL SANTORO (cont'd)
for you to remember.
Angel opens Sonny's trouser that together with his shorts
fall to the floor. Angel slowly slides to her knees
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (eyes closed
       grimacing with
Yes, baby - yes -.
Angel stands kissing Sonny
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Well that didn't take long.
Sonny picks her up and roughly tosses her on the bed. Pulls
her panties off
                       SONNY CARBONA
I see that turned you on. This
will last a bit longer.
Angel spreads her legs wrapping them around Sonny's waist as
he lays on her. Angel gasps arching her body in cat like
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (CLOSE-UP Ė
Please, please, Harder! Harder!
Sonny's wild thrusting slows
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Don't stop, please don't stop.
Angel pushes her hips up hard against his him
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (body tenses)
Oh Baby,
Sonny violently thrusting into her
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (screaming in
Sonny, Sonny, please, please!


Sonny's raises himself on his arms. Sonny collapses in
exhaustion and rolls off. Both covered in sweat and gasping
for breath
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Wow your a stud.
Sonny smiles and closes his eyes. Angel snuggles beside him
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (shaking Angel)
Baby, are you alive?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (opening eyes
Am I ever.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Told you I'd be great if you let
                       ANGEL SANTORO
You were.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (looks at clock)
Baby, I have a meeting in an hour.
Go back to sleep and when I'm back
lets have an encore.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (seductive smile)
Sounds good my Italian stallion.
Sonny walks to bathroom naked, Angel rolls over with face in
the pillow
                                         "CUT TO:"
Sonny enters: SONNY'S P.O.V. - MIKE and ARTURO - EATING
                       SONNY CARBONA
Artie, when did you get in? And
congratulations on the new


                       ARTURO BIANCO
      (shaking hands)
Got here about nine this morning.
      (approaches table)
Can I get something for you?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Coffee and a bagel with a little
cream cheese.
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Have you decided what you want to
do about the Farinella situation?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Do you know for a fact that he has
been talking with Lombardo?
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Ya, I'm sure he's jumping our ship
and wants to join the Lombardo
                       SONNY CARBONA
Because I won't let him sell that
poison from Mexico? What an
asshole. We get involved selling
that shit and we will all be in
the joint.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Sonny, you just can't let him
disrespect you like that. I'll
handle this if you say.
                       SONNY CARBONA
What do you think Artie?
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Sonny, your the boss, but I have
to agree with Mike. You can't show
                       SONNY CARBONA
Mike, take care of this when we
get back, be subtle and use our
usual burying ground.


                       MIKE COSTELLO
Consider it done. If this has
been decided I'm going back to the
casino. Lost five large last night
but feel lucky today.
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Think I'll join you Mike. How
about you Sonny. Feel lucky?
                       SONNY CARBONA
I'm going back to my suite and get
lucky there.
all leave table, Sonny leaves fifty-dollar bill on table.
Sonny stops at elevator while Mike and Arturo walk into
                       ARTURO BIANCO
I'm surprised Sonny did not want
to gamble. He always seemed to
have a system with blackjack.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
He hooked up with hot Puerto Rican
chick last night. Guess he did get
                                         "CUT TO:"
Lombardo and Coronza huddled sipping wine in Lombardo's
private balcony alcove overlooking the restaurant
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
What time did he say he would be
                       VITO CORONZA
He said about nine. Looks like
that's him walking in.
Coronza walks from the balcony and meets Farinella. Takes
him into a backroom and searches him for weapons then
follows him up to where Lombardo is seated


                       ROCCO FARINELLA
John sorry it took so long. My
guy usually does not deal five
kg's at at time. He has it now.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
When are you picking it up?
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
I'm flying out tonight. You'll
have it tomorrow by this time.
Lombardo picks up attache case and puts it on the table and
opens it
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
There's fifty large here. You
better not try to fuck me.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Fuck you? Never, this is going to
make us both rich. I'll call you
tomorrow when I get back and you
can tell me where to meet you.
Farinella leaves
                       VITO CORONZA
      (shaking his head)
You are a lot more trusting than I
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
He knows what will happen if he
tries anything. I'll kill him, his
whole family the dog and burn the
house down. He knows better.
Farinella walks to his car and opens the trunk. Lifts the
spare and puts the attache case under the tire and drives
                                         "CUT TO:"
Mike Costello and Arturo Bianco alone in the club. Costello
dials his cellphone
                       MIKE COSTELLO
      (speaks into phone)
Rocco where the fuck are you? I
got the ring you wanted for your


                       MIKE COSTELLO (cont'd)
goomah. Cost three large.
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Mike, sorry I did not know you
picked it up. I'm in kind of a
hurry can I meet you tomorrow
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Rocco, you asked me to get this
for you. I put up out of my
pocket. Meet me at the club
tonight and you better have my
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
I'll be there in a half hour. I
have the cash. Thanks for getting
                       ARTURO BIANCO
What did he say?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
He'll be here in thirty-minutes.
Where is the bat?
                       ARTURO BIANCO
It's in Sonny's office. That's
where were doing this?
Costello and Bianco shooting pool when the door to the club
opens. Farinella enters
                       ROCCO FARINELLA
Running a little late. Where is
                       MIKE COSTELLO
In Sonny's office. It's
beautiful. Your goomah will give
you a blowjob when she sees this.
Mike, Rocco and Arturo all walk into Sonny's office. Arturo
walking behind Farinella closes the office door. Costello
opens a desk drawer. Farinella walks to desk to see the ring


as Arturo swings the bat striking Farinella at the base of
his skull. Farinella drops without a sound
                       MIKE COSTELLO
That was a home-run swing Artie.
Costello leans down and checks Farinella's neck for a pulse
                       MIKE COSTELLO
He's dead. Bring his car around
back. I'll have him by the back
Costello and Bianco drag Farinella and dump him in the trunk
of his Lincoln. Bianco drives Farinella's car with Costello
following in his Cadillac. They drive into and auto salvage
                       ARTURO BIANCO
      (steps from
       Farinella's car)
Sorry we're late. The asshole was
late getting to the club.
                       MARIO SCALIA
No problem, had nothing to do
tonight. I'll put the car in the
crusher. I know you always want
to watch to make sure.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
      (hands Scalia
Not that we don't trust you but
Sonny is fanatical for details.
Scalia drives the Lincoln into the crusher. Leaves the car
and pushes the button that activates the press that begins
to turn the Lincoln into a unrecognizable block of crushed
metal. As the press collapses the trunk area, some of the
fifty-thousand under the spare is released and floats in the
                       MARIO SCALIA
      (picks up one of
       the hundreds)
Did you check the car?


                       MIKE COSTELLO
Maybe should have. I took
everything he had in his pocket.
Must have had a stash in his
trunk. To late now.
                                         "CUT TO:"
two days later, Lombardo and Coronza huddled
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Where is that fuck Farinella?
                       VITO CORONZA
I have been calling him since last
night. His phone goes to voice
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
He knows better than to fuck me. I
Wonder if he took a pinch?
                       VITO CORONZA
Maybe you should call Carbona and
see if he knows what's going on.
Lombardo dials his cellphone
phone at the Italian-American club rings. Mike Costello
                       MIKE COSTELLO
      (speaking into
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
                       MIKE COSTELLO
No, Mike. Who is this?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Mike, this is John. I need to


                       JOHN LOMBARDO (cont'd)
talk to Sonny.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
John, Sonny is out of town. Can I
help you?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Have you seen Rocco in the last
couple of days?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Not yesterday, I think the night
before last he said he would be
out of town for a couple of days.
That's the last I heard.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
He borrowed fifty large from me a
couple of nights ago. Promised
he'd have it back with interest
the next night. That's the last I
heard from him.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
And you tried his cell?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
What the fuck is the matter with
you? Are you retarded? Been
calling his cell all day. It goes
to voice mail.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
With all due respect John, I know
you're a made-man but that does
not give you a right to disrespect


                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Your right Mike and I meant no
disrespect. I'm upset. Maybe I
made a bad decision trusting that
degenerate gambling fuck. If you
hear from him tell him he better
call me right away. When is Sonny
going to be back in town?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Any day now. I know he has some
business to clear up. Maybe
tomorrow. Ya, tomorrow is what he
told me last night.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
When he get is have him call me.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Will do John.
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Who's looking for Sonny?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Lombardo. I think we fuck up with
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Did what Sonny wanted.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Ya, not that. I think we crushed
fifty large.
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Where did that bust-out get fifty
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Lombardo said he loaned it to him.
Sounds like it was for a drug
                                         "CUT TO:"


Sonny swipes his key card, door unlocks. Enters finding
everyone in his crew except Mike Costello
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (looking around)
Where's Mike?
                       ARTURO BIANCO
He called should be here any
minute. Handled the Farinella
thing a couple of days ago
front door opens and Costello enters
                       MIKE COSTELLO
      (embraces Sonny)
Hi boss. Glad your back. I think
the shit is going to hit the fan.
                       SONNY CARBONA
What's going on?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Lombardo called last night,
looking for Farinella.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Ya, and what's his interest in
                       MIKE COSTELLO
John said he gave Farinella a
short term loan of fifty large. I
think probably for a drug buy. We
took care of Farinella a few days
ago and I think we crushed
Lombardo's fifty large. Wish we
had checked the car.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Is John crazy giving Rocco fifty
large. I wouldn't trust him with
fifty bucks much less fifty large.
What else?
                       ARTURO BIANCO
The "Fantasy Club" got raided.


                       MIKE COSTELLO
Ya, the Sheriff started a new
anti-crime unit. Bunch of retired
Chicago dicks.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Who is the boss.
                       ARTURO BIANCO
A guy named Bono.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Jimmy Bono? I've done business
with him before. I can work this
out. Remember when Alfredo --
cellphone rings Sonny looks at phone and smiling answers
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (talking to phone)
Hi my little Angel. Was the limo
waiting for you when you got in?
(beat) Great, he will take you to
an apartment I rented for you.
(beat) Don't worry what it costs.
Call me when you are settled in
and I'll come by.
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Is the Puerto Rican your new
                       SONNY CARBONA
Artie, my Goomah is none of your
                                         "CUT TO:"
telephone rings Coronza seated with Lombardo answers
                       VITO CORONZA
                       SONNY CARBONA
Vito, Sonny here. Is John around?


                       VITO CORONZA
      (hands the phone
       to Lombardo)
For you John, it's Carbona.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Sonny, I'm glad you're back in
town? We have to talk.
                       SONNY CARBONA
About what?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Seems like I've got a little
problem with one of your guys.
                       SONNY CARBONA
One of my guys. Who?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
That fuck Farinella. Did Mike
tell you what's going on?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Something about you giving him
fifty large. Why would you do
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
He bet on the Patriot's in the
Super-bowl. He's into me for
twenty large. Said he had a
connection with the Mexican
cartel. Said if I fronted him the
cash he could pay me back with
                       SONNY CARBONA
John, I really thought you were
smarter than that. He's probably
in Vegas gambling your money. Why
would you believe him?


                       JOHN LOMBARDO
He brought me a taste of the
smack. It tested better than
anything I have ever seen.
                       SONNY CARBONA
John, looks like this is your
problem. He asked me to back him a
while ago and as you know, I don't
fuck around with that shit.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
He is one of your guys. If you
talk to him, tell him he better
bring my money back.
                       SONNY CARBONA
When I talk to him. Bye.
                                         "CUT TO:"
Sonny parks his Cadillac in front of the apartment he
rented for Angel. Walks to the door and before he can
knock, the door swings open revealing Angel wearing a
see-through lace robe. Angelís throws her arms surround
Sonnyís neck and pulls herself up and off her feet, kissing
him. Angel takes his hand and leads him into the apartment
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny I missed you so. What a
great apartment. Did you pick out
the furnishings?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Baby, apartment decorating is not
my forte. Hired a professional
decorator to handle it.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, it must have cost a


                       SONNY CARBONA
Baby, I want you to be happy here.
Told you I would take care of
                       ANGEL SANTORO
How about I take care of you?
Angel drops her robe and begins rubbing her naked body
against him as she begins undressing him. Angel lays on the
bed, Sonny undresses and joins her
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (kisses her)
Angel, I have a surprise for you.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
What, youíre getting divorced?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Baby, we have been over this. No,
Iím not getting divorced.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny tell me.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Tomorrow I'm taking you to pick up
your new car.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
New car? What kind?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Youíll see tomorrow. Itís a
Angel runs her fingernail across Sonnyís chest hair twirling
her finger before slowly dragging them across his abdomen
and to his crotch
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Looks like my Italian stallion is
Sonny laying on his back, raises Angel on top of him. Angel
sits on his abdomen and with her guidance their bodies join.
Sonny's thrusting causes her to gasp, Angels eyes are
closes, her breast heaving. Sonny's body tenses as together
their passion erupts


                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (rolls off of him)
Sonny I think I love you.
Sonny closes his eyes with Angleís head on his arm and falls
                                         "CUT TO:"
turns into a Mercedes dealership
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Did you get me a Benz?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Youíll see.
together they enter dealership showroom lined with a variety
of Mercedes vehicles. Salesman looks up seeing Sonny and
walks from his personal office, shakes Sonnyís hand
                       MERCEDES SALESMAN
Mister Carbona, how are you today.
Iíll have the vehicle brought to
the front. Had it waxed, and its
glow is blinding. Is this going
to be titled in your name?
                       SONNY CARBONA
No, Angel give him you driverís
license, this is yours.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Are you kidding me?
Angel removes her license and hands it to the salesman.
Turns and joyfully embraces Sonny. Outside the window she
sees a shining pink Mercedes S.U.V. being parked out-front
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Is that mine?
                       SONNY CARBONA
All yours, paid in full.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny I love you.


                       SONNY CARBONA
Itís a SUV, airbags all around,
donít want anything to happen to
                       ANGEL SANTORO
It will be easy to spot in a
together hand in hand they walk out and examine the car.
Angel opens the door with an expression on her face, like a
child on Christmas morning
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (smiling at her
Iíll follow you back to the
apartment. Drive carefully.
Angel carefully maneuvers her Benz onto the street with
Sonny following. She ignores her street and continues
driving. Sonny call her on her cellphone
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (speaking into
You missed your street.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Just follow me I know what Iím
they continue driving for a few miles before Sonny sees her
turn signal blinking as she approaches a forest preserve
entrance. Turning in, Sonny follows her to a very deserted
area. Angel parks, Sonny parks next to her. Angel moves
to the back seat, waving for Sonny to join her. Sonny opens
the rear door
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, whatís going on?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Baby I think we should Christen my
new toy.


                       SONNY CARBONA
      (gets into car
       with her)
Angel, itís the middle of the
Sonny climbs in. Angel raises her hips and slides her
panties off and reclines on the seat. Sonnyís excitement
builds, joining her he unzips his trousers and pushes her
onto her back. Angel raises her hips pushing her body
against his. Angelís excitement builds and her organism
begins. Sonnyís muscular body tense; his breathing becomes
rapid and together their passion is satisfied
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (pins her against
       the seat
Oh baby.
                       SONNY CARBONA
       dripping from his
Angel, you are something else.
Never met a woman like you.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Not even your wife?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel weíre not discussing my
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Iím sorry, did not mean to break
the mood. Itís just --.
interrupted by a knock on back window glass. Angel sees a
police officer standing outside the car
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, the cops are here.
Sonny hovers over her, securing himself, while she adjusts
her skirt. Sonny rises and opens the steam covered window
                       SONNY CARBONA
Officer, just got a little carried


                       POLICE OFFICER
Sir, just want to make sure this
is all friendly.
Sonny opens the door and steps from the car. Angel sits up
somewhat embarrassed
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (speaking to Angel)
Is everything OK with you?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
If you knocked on that window a
minute earlier it would not have
been, your timing was perfect.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Have a good day.
Sonny shakes hands with the officer and slips a "CĒ note
into his hand. Officer drives away
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (Angel steps out
       of the vehicle)
Sonny, do you give everyone a
                       SONNY CARBONA
Not everyone, but you have to keep
the cops on your side. Are you
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (adjusting her
Starving! Baby your fly is open.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (Sonny looking
       down, zips up)
Glad I have some clothes at your
place. These trousers look like I
spilled a milkshake in my lap. I
have to change before we go
Sonny follows Angel back to the apartment. They shower
together. Both in fresh clothing, leave the apartment


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, can we take my new toy?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Figured you would want to. Can I
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (holding his arm)
Youíre the boss.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (Sonny starts
       engine, pulling
       from lot)
What do you have a taste for?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
A steak sounds good, but whatever
you want.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Just what I had in mind. Someday
Iíll take you to the best
steakhouse in the area. But not
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Why not tonight?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Itís in Chicago Heights and that
an hour away. Plus, Iíve got a
bit of a rub going with the owner
I need to straighten out.
Sonny drives to a local steakhouse, parking her pink
Benz in a space designated by a sign, "Reserved for Angelo
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, this is reserved.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Ya, for me.
Sonny enters restaurant holding the door for Angel. The
owner seeing Sonny, stands and greets Sonny with an embrace
and kiss on both cheeks
                       ANGELO ROSSI
Sonny where have you been?


                       SONNY CARBONA
Spent a little time in Vegas.
Angelo, this is my friend Angel.
                       ANGELO ROSSI
      (takes Angels hand
       and kisses it)
Wow, with beauty like yours, you
should be in Hollywood making
                       SONNY CARBONA
Do you have a table open?
                       ANGELO ROSSI
Always for you Sonny. Follow me.
Angel and Sonny seated, Angelo places menus on the table
                       ANGELO ROSSI
      (bows slightly)
And as always, your dinner is on
the house. Bon Appetit.
                                         CUT TO:
one in the morning, house in flames, firetrucks arrive,
firemen scramble to fight the fire
                       GABRIEL FARINELLA
      (Farinella's son
       Gabriel, drives
       up screaming)
My Mother, sister and grandparents
are in there. Please do
later - fire out - fire-marshal and police searching the
smoldering house
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (speaking to
There one in this bedroom. Can't
tell if it's male or female.
                       FIRE MARSHAL
Found one in this bedroom, think
it's a young girl and two elderly
in the other bedroom. This is


                       FIRE MARSHAL (cont'd)
definitely arson.
                       POLICE OFFICER
I think this is the home of a mob
                                         "CUT TO:"
Sonny sipping coffee watching a morning news show
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (calls Sophia)
Sophia, Rocco's went up in flames
last night. Looks like everyone
but his son Gabriel, was killed.
Sonny dials his cellphone
Lombardo sleeping rolls to find the phone on the nightstand
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
      (speaking into
                       SONNY CARBONA
John, did you do this?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Who is this? Did I do what?
                       SONNY CARBONA
It's Sonny. Did you torch Rocco's
house last night.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
What the fuck are you talking


                       SONNY CARBONA
It's on the news. Rocco's house
went up last night. Looks like
everyone except his son was
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Really? Wonder if my fifty large
was burned up?
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
John, I hope you're not
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Why would you think I might be
responsible. Do you think I would
do something like that just
because he stiffed me for fifty
                       SONNY CARBONA
Crossed my mind.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Like it crossed my mind when my
guy Benito Marcellia's body was
found with all his teeth pulled
and fingers cut off. Don't start
your shit with me, Sonny.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Watch your back. If Rocco's son
Gabriel finds out you did this,
you many have a problem. Heard he
already made his bones last year
when Salvatore Aiello got wacked.
                                         "CUT TO:"


Sonny s buttoning his shirt, in the bedroom, Angel walks
from the bathroom
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (turning her back
       to Sonny)
Sonny can you zipper me up?
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (pulls her dress
       zipper up)
Angel, the Sheriff is an old man.
When he sees you in this outfit,
he will probably have a heart
attack. You are just too sexy
looking for your own good, but I
love it.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Just want you to be proud of me.
Where is this party?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Sheriff has a lake house in
Michigan, very private area right
on Lake Michigan. About a
three-hour drive. We better get
Angel slides next to Sonny as he drives his Cadillac from
the parking lot
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Are we coming home tonight?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Sheriff has a big house. Invited
us to spend the night.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Is it his birthday or what?
                       SONNY CARBONA
No, a fundraiser. Everyone
invited gives a contribution to
his election campaign. Sheriff
does it every year.


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Seems like you have some strange
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Cost of doing business.
three hours later, Angel sleeping on Sonny's lap. Sonny
turns into a driveway and stops at the closed gate. Reaches
out and pushes buzzer
                       VOICE ON INTERCOM
Yes how may I assist you?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Sonny Carbona, here for the
The gate mechanically begins to open, and Sonny drives up a
long winding driveway. His Cadillac is out of place as he
parks it among the thirty or more unmarked police cars all
with Illinois Sheriffís license plates
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (gently shakes
Baby, weíre here.
Angel sits up and checks her appearance in the Cadillacís
vanity mirror before leaving the car. Hearing the sounds of
revelers in the rear yard, they walk around the side of the
thirty-room mansion that overlooks Lake Michigan and join a
group of over one hundred party goers
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
      (sees Sonny and
Sonny over here!
Sonny walks thru the crowd behind Angel guiding her with his
hand on her waist. As they pass, groups of men stop their
conversations seeing Angel. Reaching the tent where the
Sheriff is seated, Sonny shakes the Sheriffís hand and
introduces Angel
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, this is Rick Cartwright the
Sheriff in Cook County.
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
      (extends his hand
       taking Angels and
       kissing it)


                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT (cont'd)
Sonny what a beautiful companion
you have, does she have a sister?
RICK CARTWRIGHT: early sixties, portly, five-foot-ten, gray
balding hair, gray handlebar mustache
                       SONNY CARBONA
Rick if she did, you could not
handle it, but she doesnít. Sheís
one of a kind.
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
Donít underestimate this old man.
There is snow on the roof but
still a fire in the furnace. Enjoy
yourself, the food tent is over
there next to the booze tent.
Sonny with Angel mingle with the gathering, many of which
are sporting pistols in shoulder holsters or on the belts
and Sheriff police stars. Sonny walks up behind two that
are in conversation standing by the lake. Placing a finger
in each of their backs
                       SONNY CARBONA
Stick em up.
both surprised turn and smiling shake Sonnyís hand
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (introducing Angel)
Angel these are a couple of
friends, Jimmy Bono and Bobby
                       JIMMY BONO
You really have the appropriate
name, Angel. This is my partner
Bobby Green.
JIMMY BONO: 45 years, hard faced, lean but toned, head of
the Sheriffís, premier Special Investigation Unit
                       BOB GREEN
      (lecherous look)
Angel, do you know what would look
good on you?


BOB GREEN: EARLY 40íS, a bit over six-feet, a few pounds
over-weight piercing eyes. Three inch scar outside right eye
                       ANGEL SANTORO
What Bobby?
                       BOB GREEN
Me, of course.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Enough Bobby! Donít even think
about it.
                       BOB GREEN
Sonny, Iím just joking.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (Angel seeing
       Sonnyís temper is
Sonny letís see what there is to
eat. Nice meeting you both.
together they walk to the food tent as Angel is calming
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Baby, donít get so worked up. Iíve
dealt with bigger assholes back in
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, he is a real asshole.
Thinks because heís a cop he can
pull shit like that. Iím two
seconds from sticking his star up
his ass.
they walk up to a man dressed as a chef, cooking burgers on
a charcoal grill
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (speaking to the
How about a burger with cheese.
Sonny do you want cheese?
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (shakes cooks hand)
Hi Sam, this is my friend Angel.
Ya, cheese for me.


                       SAM THE COOK
      (wiping hands on
Angel nice meeting you. Baby you
are hotter than this charcoal.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Calm down Sammy, your wife is
giving you a hard stare.
Angel and Sonny carrying their burgers, they find an
unoccupied umbrella shaded patio table where they sit and
begin eating. Sheriff Cartwright walks up and joins them
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
How have you been Sonny? Only
time I see you is at my summer
Sonny takes a budging envelope from inside his jacket and
hands it to Cartwright
                       SONNY CARBONA
For your campaign.
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
Thanks Sonny donít know what Iíd
do with people like you. If you
ever need anything just call.
Enjoy the party. Are you spending
the night?
                       SONNY CARBONA
No, not this time. Got a big day
tomorrow. Good luck with the
Cartwright leaves the table mingles with other guests
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Thought you said we were staying
here tonight?
                       SONNY CARBONA
That asshole, Bobby Green is a
lush and I know heís going to get
loaded and do something or make
some comment and Iíll do something
I will regret. Best if we rent a
room somewhere.
midnight same day - Sonnyís Cadillac turns into a Cybaris
adult motel


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, Iíve heard about these.
They have a lot of couple stuff,
                       SONNY CARBONA
Ya, when I saw Green I called and
made a reservation. Better than,
motel six.
Angel and Sonny enter their suite. Looking things over
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (acting a bit
Rose pedals on the bed, chocolate
covered strawberries. Is that
what I think it is?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Ya Baby, a Taiwan basket.
Angel and Sonny both undress and together slip into a hot
tub and cuddle
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (her head on his
Can I ask you a question?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Whatís on your mind, sweetheart?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
How much was in that envelope?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Twenty, large.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
For two cheeseburgers?
                       SONNY CARBONA
For more than that. Believe me.
Sonny resting his head back, his eyes are closed. Angel's
hand under the water starts caressing him
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Let's try the Taiwan basket?


both stand and walk toward the basket. When their adventure
with the basket ends, both exhausted fall asleep laying on
the rose peddles
                                         CUT TO:
Sonny walks from the kitchen carrying a mammoth turkey
followed by his wife, Sophia , his Mother and Mother-in-law
who are carrying bowls of food. Sonnyís and Sofiaís entire
family are seated around a massive dining room table all
talking in Italian and broken English. Sonny begins carving
the turkey while Sofia fill the wine glasses. Sofiaís
father stands to give a toast
                       SOPHIA'S FATHER
      (speaking in
       broken English)
I wantta to propossia a toast toah
my daughter and hera wonderful
begins wobbling
                       SOFIA'S MOTHER
      (shaking her head)
Lorenzo, see this is what I mean.
      (turns to Sophia)
He drank a bottle of his home
brewed vino before we left the
                       SOFIA CARBONA
OK Papa, we all know how much
you care. We all love you too.
Letís get on with our dinner.
SOFIA CARBONA: early 40's sultry Italian appearance, married
to Sonny for fifteen-years, mother to one son
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (cellphone rings.
       Seeing Angel's
       number he walks
       to kitchen and
                       ANGEL SANTORO
       telephone crying)
Sonny just want to say hope youíre


                       ANGEL SANTORO (cont'd)
having a happy Thanksgiving.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, I really canít talk right
                       ANGEL SANTORO
       continues crying)
Sonny, I love you and miss you.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, Iíll come by tomorrow and
make it up to you.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
       telephone sobbing)
Sonny joins the gathering of family members passing food and
eating. Conversations in Italian and broken English are
bouncing from person to person around the table
                       SOFIA CARBONA
      (looks at Sonny)
Who was on the phone?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Arturo, wanted to wish us a Happy
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Really, how very thoughtful of
later that evening after the families have left, Sofia puts
Marco, their son to bed and joins Sonny in the bedroom
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Sonny, we need to talk.
Sonny removes his cloths down to his underwear and lays on
the bed


                       SONNY CARBONA
Whatís on your mind, Baby?
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Sonny, Iíve got a feeling
somethings not right.
                       SONNY CARBONA
What are you talking about, things
are beautiful. We just had a
wonderful day with our families.
Business is booming and Iím
married to the most beautiful
woman in the world.
                       SOFIA CARBONA
If you feel that way Sonny, why
are you not spending more time
around here?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Baby, things are a bit frantic
lately. You know with the
Farinella situation.
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Sonny, when your home all you do
is sleep. We have not made love in
three weeks.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Iím sorry just got a lot on my
mind trying to deal with that
fuck, Lombardo. He thinks
Farinella disappeared because of
me. Sex is the last thing on my
mind at the moment. Just bear
with me until this is straightened
                       SOFIA CARBONA
And you son is asking why you are
gone so much? And I canít help but
wonder when you spend all night at
the social club, that maybe you
have a goomah.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Sofia, why would I want a goomah
when I have you? Letís get to


Sonny enters the social club, Mike and Arturo there shooting
pool. Mike lays his cue on the table seeing Sonny enter
                       MIKE COSTELLO
How was the Thanksgiving?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Always a pain in the ass. Every
year it is just one big family
argument. Think this is the last
year Iím doing it.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
You say that after every family
telephone rings, Arturo answers
                       ARTURO BIANCO
      (speaking into
Hello, yes he is. For you Sonny.
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (takes the phone,
       speaks into phone)
Hello, whatís up. Oh, shit turned
it off during dinner and forgot to
turn it back on.
looks at his cellphone and pushes the power on button
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny I need to see you today.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Give me a couple of hours to get
things situated and Iíll come by.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny I love you.


                       SONNY CARBONA
Me too.
Sonny rings doorbell. Angel answers crying. Sonny enters
the apartment
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (hugs Angel)
Whatís wrong baby?
Angel sits next to Sonny on sofa
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, I think Iím pregnant. Have
not had a period for the last two
months. Yesterday did one of the
drugstore test and it was
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (takes a deep
       breath then hugs
Baby Iím so sorry. Donít worry I
can take care of this.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Take care of what?
                       SONNY CARBONA
You know, the pregnancy.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, I donít want to take care
of the pregnancy. I want to have
your baby.
Sonny leans back on the sofa, running his hands through his
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (speaking in
       troubled voice)
Angel I donít want another kid. My
son is seven and I barely have
time for him. It would not be
fair for us to have a child now.
Sometime maybe, time will tell,


                       SONNY CARBONA (cont'd)
but not now.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, please, please, let me have
this baby.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel there is just too much going
on in my life right now. Having
another kid is out of the
question. I really love you
Angel, but please see my side of
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny do you see my side of this.
Like yesterday you had
Thanksgiving with Sofia and your
family, while I sat here alone
eating a Cornish hen and French
fries. The only time were
together is when you want sex.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, thatís not so, I try to
spend all my free time with you.
In fact, last night Sofia was
asking questions about where Iíve
been spending my nights.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sofia, wonderful Sofia. Iím sick
of hearing the name Sofia. Please
no more Sofia!!!
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel what would you have me do?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny leave her. You always tell
me what a nag she is and how you
like being with me more than her.
So, leave her and we can have this
beautiful baby.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, out of the question. Iíll
contact my guy, and this will be
taken care of.


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, donít I have a say in this?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Short answer, No! Iíll call you
Angel sobbing, as Sonny leaves the apartment
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (speaks into
                       SONNY CARBONA
Hi Baby, Iíll pick you up in an
hour. Be ready.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (crying softly)
Sonny I love you and will do
whatever you want.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Thatís my girl. See you in an
hour later, Sonny knocks on Angels door. Angel opens her
door, her eyes are swollen and red from crying and her eye
makeup diluted by her tears is streaking her face
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (attempting to
       hold back her
Iím ready.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Love you Angel, wish things were
different for us. This is our
only choice.
Sonny with Angel seated on her sofa. Sonny with arm around


                       SONNY CARBONA
Has the bleeding stopped yet?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Not yet, but it is slowing down
Sonny reaches into his jacket pocket and hands Angel a small
Christmas wrapped box
                       SONNY CARBONA
Here is an early Christmas
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, what is it?
Angel opens the box and takes a deep breath seeing a two-
caret ruby suspended on a diamond studded neckless, with a
matching diamond bracelet
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (stunned and
"Sonny this is beautiful. Help me
put it on.
Sonny encircles her neck with the neckless and secures the
clasp. Angel runs to bedroom to look in a mirror. Sonny
follows her. Angel turns from the mirror throws her arms
around Sonny
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Thank you, thank you. I havenít
had a chance to shop for you yet.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Donít worry about me. Youíre my
gift. You really make that
neckless look good.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, I love you so much.
Kissing Sonny, she moves her hand to his crotch
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Itís been a couple of weeks since
weíve been together. I know your
horny but Iím still bleeding, so
this will have to do.
Angel slowly moves to her knees


                                         CUT TO:
Sofia in her kitchen preparing hors díoeuvres to welcome in
2011. Sonnyís entire crew and their wives are invited
                       SOFIA CARBONA
      (yells to Sonny)
Are you going to pick up the
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (walks into
Ya, and some sparkling grape juice
for Mario who suddenly realized
heís a drunk and joined the A.A.
Sonny leaves the house and after picking up the champagne
drives to Angelís
Sonny on the couch with Angel sipping from one of the
champagne bottles. Sonny raises his glass toasting
                       SONNY CARBONA
To the most beautiful girl in the
world, you my darling Angel.
Angel dressed in a low-cut evening gown. The ruby neckless
dangles just above her enticing cleavage
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Then spend the night with me.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Oh Baby, wish I could. Have a
house full coming tonight, the
whole crew and their wives. But
wanted to do a glass of champagne
with my sweetheart.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
How about some sex with your
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (looking at his
Nothing I would sooner do, but
have to get back before they start


                       SONNY CARBONA (cont'd)
arriving. Iíll spend all day
tomorrow in bed with you, I
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Is Sophia getting your first fuck
of 2011?
                       SONNY CARBONA
I told you Baby, me and Sophia
donít have sex anymore. Youíll
get the first. Have to run now,
Happy New Year. See you tomorrow
Sonny drives up to his house sees three of his crew already
there. Sonny carrying a case of the champagne rings the
doorbell with his elbow. Mike Costello opens the door and
takes the case, Sonny returns to the car and brings a second
case of assorted liquor into the house
Sofia and Sonny undressing in the bedroom. Sonny kisses
Sofia on the back of her neck
                       SONNY CARBONA
Want to bring the New Year in with
a bang?
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Whatís got you so worked up?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Just looking at you, youíre the
most beautiful woman I have ever
laid eyes on.
Sophia turns to see Sonny has a full erection
                       SOFIA CARBONA
If I donít take care of that, at
least you wonít roll out of bed.
Sonny moves close and embraces her. Sophia breaths deeply
and begins removing her panties. Both move to the bed where
Sonny rolls onto her. Sophia raises her hip as Sonny pushes
deep into her. Sonny begins wildly thrusting and this brings
them both to organism


                       SOFIA CARBONA
      (smiling while
My New Yearís resolution is, weíre
doing this at least every other
day, and twice on Sunday.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Guess I better buy some of those
little blue pills Iíve heard
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Donít waste your money, Iím the
only thing you need. I know how
to make it work.
Sophia and Sonny sleeping when his cellphone rings and he
recognizes Angelís number. Sonny walks from the bedroom into
the bathroom, he turns on shower and locks door
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, what time is it?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Itís two in the afternoon. Where
are you? You said last night you
would spend the day with me.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Baby, Iím sorry. The party went on
till daybreak. Give me an hour or
so and Iíll be there.
Sonny takes a quick shower and walks back to the bedroom.
Sophia opens her eyes seeing Sonny dressing
                       SOFIA CARBONA
Where you going?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Mike called; someone broke into
the club last night. Thinks it may
have been Lombardo. Iíll call you.
Sonny and Angel seated on Angels sofa, Angel in a see thru
baby-doll outfit that exposes her totally naked body
underneath. Angel snuggles up next to Sonny and begins
rubbing his crotch


                       ANGEL SANTORO
So how did the party go?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Same as every year. They get
drunk and start fucking around
with each otherís wives.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
They fuck each otherís wives?
                       SONNY CARBONA
No, thatís taboo. You know
dancing smooching, shit like that.
And they never know when to go
                       ANGEL SANTORO
And did Sophia get your first of
the year?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Angel, she was asleep as soon as
her head hit the pillow. Sheís
not into sex like you are.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Makes me wonder, Iíve been rubbing
you for five minutes and itís
still sleeping.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Iím a bit hung over. Not to worry.
How about some coffee? Give me
some time to sober up. Then weíll
get down to business?
Angel and Sonny in kitchen sipping coffee and eating coffee
cake. Looking at Angels breast and erect nipples he feels
his excitement beginning to build
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (thinking to
"Guess I donít need those blue
Sonny stands, Angel see the bulge in Sonny's slacks and
taking his hand leads him to the bedroom
                       SONNY CARBONA
See Baby, a little coffee and look
what happens.


Angel lays naked on the bed and spreads her legs. Sonny
hurriedly removes his slacks and shorts and guides himself
into her. Angel gasps and trusts her hips up burying him
inside her. Sonny's pumping bringing them both to their
                       ANGEL SANTORO
You convinced me I was your first
this year.
cuddled together they fall asleep
                                         CUT TO:
Tuesday night Angel and Sonny having dinner
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, Iíve never seen lobsters
this big.
                       SONNY CARBONA
This is the best place for lobster
in the mid-west
Francisco, owner of the restaurant approaches Sonny's table
Sonny, did not see you come in.
And who is this lovely lady?
                       SONNY CARBONA
Francisco, this is my friend
Francisco bows and kisses Angelís hand
Sonny, as always the meal is on
the house. Thanks for bringing
your lovely friend and please come
Francisco leaves the table
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, why is everyone so nice to
you? I donít think Iíve ever seen
you pay for a meal.


                       SONNY CARBONA
Just have a lot of friends. Iíve
done favors for most of them.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (stops eating)
Sonny a good friend of mine is in
town for a week. Wants to go out
this Friday night. She worked
with me in Vegas. Donít remember
if I introduced you. Her name is
Alexandra, sheís Puerto Rican.
Wants to know if I would meet her
at a Rican Club on North Western
Avenue Friday night. Sayís it has
great music.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Iím not much into Rican music, but
you go ahead. Friday would not be
good for me anyway.
Sonny takes a roll of hundreds and gives Angel five
                       SONNY CARBONA
Have a good time. Tell her Iíll
meet her another time.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
One other thing, whatís going on
with you and Sofia?
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (lays his fork
What? Why the question?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
You said youíre not having sex
anymore. I think itís time for
you to split and hook up with me.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Where did this come from? You know
Iím Catholic and could never
divorce her. Leave my son. Are
you crazy?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I thought about calling her the
other day, then even thought about
going to your house and telling
her how much we love each other.


                       SONNY CARBONA
      (angry, throws
       fork on table)
Get you coat weíre done here. Iíll
be in the car.
Sonny lays a hundred on the table and storms out. Angel
runs to coat check gets her coat and runs to the car. Barely
in the car with door still open and Sonny stomps on the gas,
car tires screaming. Car door closes hard on Angels leg
that she had not gotten in
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (crying, sobbing)
Sonny donít be mad. I said I only
thought about it. I love you so
much and want to be with you. I
promise I will never bring it up
again, on my motherís grave, I
swear I will never try to contact
Sonny not saying a word looking straight ahead drives to
Angels apartment stops in front
                       SONNY CARBONA
Get out!
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Please Sonny donít be mad. Come
in and Iíll make it up to you.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Get out! Iíll call you tomorrow
after I cool off.
Angel steps from the car and before she can close the door
Sonny floors the gas and speeds away. Angel, in tears,
walks to her apartment
                                         CUT TO:
Cigar-smoke filled room "wanted posters" on walls in-need of
painting. Six desks each with a Smith/Corona electric


                       JIMMY BONO
      (answers telephone)
                       SONNY CARBONA
Jimmy, it's Sonny. What we talked
about; tonight, Contreras
night-club. Did you get the
                       JIMMY BONO
Got the package. What's with the
                       SONNY CARBONA
Their the best for what your
doing. There's ten large in there
for you and Bob. Call me in the
                       JIMMY BONO
I'll let you know.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Keep this just between the three
of us. Understand?
                       JIMMY BONO
Understood. Talk to you tomorrow.
                       SONNY CARBONA
                       BOB GREEN
Is it on?
                       JIMMY BONO
      (pushes box of
       glaser bullets
       across table)


                       JIMMY BONO (cont'd)
Ya, and he wants us to use these.
                       JIMMY BONO
      (smoking a cigar
       while loading
       Glock 45 cal.
       pistol with
       glaser rounds)
Bobbie, load up with the glasers.
                       BOB GREEN
      (removes magazine
       from Colt
       pistol, replacing
       original bullets
       with glaser
Boss, you know they do not have
much penetration.
                       JIMMY BONO
For what weíre doing tonight these
will be perfect.
                       BOB GREEN
I never wacked a broad before.
                       JIMMY BONO
No different than a guy. These
glasers break-up inside, no
ballistics to worry about.
                       BOB GREEN
Are you sure she will be there?
                       JIMMY BONO
If Sonny say's she will be there
she will be there.
                       BOB GREEN
What happened that Sonny wants her
gone? Thought he was hot for her.
                       JIMMY BONO
It's better not to ask questions.
What I heard is she has been
pushing him to leave his wife.
Becoming a pain in the ass.


                       BOB GREEN
Most guys would just tell her it's
over. Not put a hit on her.
                       JIMMY BONO
I think Sonny tried that but she
threatened she would tell his
                       BOB GREEN
He could never hook up with a
Puerto Rican broad, his Sicilian
parents would roll over in their
                       JIMMY BONO
Sonny would never leave Sofia.
                       BOB GREEN
But have to admit his goomah is
one hot broad. I'd love to do her.
                       JIMMY BONO
Would suggest you not even think
about it or you will be next on
Sonny's hit list. Let's get
                                         "CUT TO:Ē
                       BOB GREEN
Don't see her Benz in the lot.
                       JIMMY BONO
Can't miss that one of a kind pink
Benz. Sonny paid extra for that
pink paint job.
                       BOB GREEN
What time does this place close?
                       JIMMY BONO
They turn off the lights at four
but never really closes. Beat cops
are taken care of.


                       BOB GREEN
It's two thirty, maybe we should
check her apartment. See if the
car is there.
                       JIMMY BONO
I was sure she would be here by
now. We'll take a ride.
Bono turns car key, engine starts and he pulls from parking
lot with headlights off. TRAVELING
                       JIMMY BONO
Her place is just fifteen minutes
from here.
Bono turns into parking lot behind Angel's apartment
                       JIMMY BONO
      (parks turns of
That's her car.
                       BOB GREEN
I think someone is in the car. The
windows look steamed.
Bono and Green walk from their car pistols in hand.
Approaching Angel's pink Mercedes seeing the windows covered
with steam. Car rocking slightly
                       JIMMY BONO
The dirty bitch fucking some guy
in the car Sonny got for her.
Their both history.
Bono pulls open Angel's drivers door and together he and
Green begin firing their pistols into the naked couple on
the back seat
                       JIMMY BONO
      (starts car drives
       from lot)
I don't think I'll tell Sonny she
was fucking a guy when we caught


                       BOB GREEN
Jimmy that is going to be
impossible. Tomorrows papers will
tell how two people were found
murdered in the parking lot.
                       JIMMY BONO
Ya, your right. I just hate to
hurt his feelings.
                       BOB GREEN
Are you nuts? Hurt his feelings!
He just paid us ten grand to get
her out of his life for good!
                                         "CUT TO:"
club empty as Bono and Green enter. Each grab a beer from
refrigerator and sit at kitchen type table
                       JIMMY BONO
      (sipping beer from
I'll wait till seven before
calling Sonny.
                       BOB GREEN
      (reloading his
       pistol magazine)
That went pretty smooth. They
could not have survived that many
                       JIMMY BONO
They got nine from me.
                       BOB GREEN
My mag hold eight and I dumped
them all. That asshole with her
was coming and going at the same
time. It's almost seven, call
Sonny so we can get to bed.
                       JIMMY BONO
      (dials telephone)
He'll be happy she is out of his
life. I can't believe she was
fucking another guy after all
Sonny did for her.


                       BOB GREEN
Good riddance, I say.
                       JIMMY BONO
      (speaking into
Sofia, Jimmy here. Is Sonny home?
                       SOFIA CARBONA
No Jimmy. He left about eleven
last night said he had to take
care of something and would be
home in two hours. He's not
answering his cell.
                       JIMMY BONO
When he gets home have him call
me. Thanks.
                       BOB GREEN
      (half asleep in
What did he say?
                       JIMMY BONO
He's not at home. I'll fill him in
later. Let's get out of here.
Talk to you later.
Jimmy puts the left-over glazier rounds back in the box and
locks them in his glove box and drives to his apartment
                                         "CUT TO:"
Bono sleeping alone in rumpled bed. Cellphone RINGS and
vibrates on night stand
                       JIMMY BONO
      (finds phone with
       eyes still closed)
                       BOB GREEN
Jimmy did you hear?


                       JIMMY BONO
Hear what?
                       BOB GREEN
Sonny got wacked last night. It's
all over the news.
                       JIMMY BONO
What!! Sonny got wacked?
                       BOB GREEN
Unbelievable and guess where?
                       JIMMY BONO
                       BOB GREEN
Angel's parking lot, in her Benz.
                       JIMMY BONO
                       BOB GREEN
Jimmy I think the guy she was
fucking was Sonny.
                       JIMMY BONO
What the fuck. We killed Sonny and
                       BOB GREEN
No mention of her. Just Sonny.
They think it was a mob-hit.


                       JIMMY BONO
Bob, meet me in the office. I'm
sure the Sheriff will be looking
for me.
                                         "CUT TO:Ē
Bono walks into office greeted by Bob Green and six other
members of the unit.
                       SEAN O'REILLY
Jimmy, where the fuck have you
been? Sheriff has been calling.
Did you hear, Sonny Carbona got
wacked last night?
                       JIMMY BONO
Ya, heard it on the news coming
in. I was shacked up with a broad
I met last night. Horny bitch,
wore me out. Crashed at her pad
and my cell battery was dead.
                       BOB GREEN
Better call the Sheriff.
                       JIMMY BONO
      (picking up the
Was Sonny alone?
                       SEAN O'REILLY
Ya, found in a pink Benz, in a
parking lot on north Melrose. The
Benz registered to a broad that
lived there. No one knows why he
was in her car.
                       JIMMY BONO
      (speaking into
Sheriff, Jimmy here. "beat" Ya,
heard on the news coming in.
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
And where the fuck were you. I
have been trying to reach you for


                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT (cont'd)
five hours.
                       JIMMY BONO
Sorry Sheriff, picked up a broad
last night and she wore me out. My
cell battery and my pecker battery
both went dead.
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
Should have known. Anyway I'm
getting a lot of heat on this.
Want your unit to do the
                       JIMMY BONO
I understand he was found in a
broads pink Benz. Was he alone?
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
Ya, no one seems to know what he
was doing in that car naked. They
do know he was shot seventeen
times in his back and head, not
one slug came out.
                       JIMMY BONO
Maybe he got caught fucking a guys
wife and she got her out before
Sonny was killed. Has anyone
talked to the owner of the car?
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
She was not in her apartment and
has not been located, as far as I
know. The Evidence guys that
processed the car are sure Sonny
was laying on his stomach when he
was shot. According to the E.T.'s
it appeared he was cumming when he
died. Somehow the girl escaped.


                       JIMMY BONO
I'll get my guys on this right
away. What was the address were
this happened?
                       SHERIFF CARTWRIGHT
7214 North Melrose Ave. High class
apartment neighborhood. Almost
sound proof apartments. Probably
why no one heard that many shots.
                       JIMMY BONO
Hope this is not the start of a
gang war. We're on top of this
Sheriff. I'll keep you in the
                       SEAN O'REILLY
What did he say?
                       JIMMY BONO
We're in charge of the
investigation. Hit the bricks and
see what the word is on the
                                         "CUT TO:Ē
                       BOB GREEN
Jimmy, I'm worried. You spoke to
Sonny's wife this morning. She
might put two and two together.
                       JIMMY BONO
She has no idea who I am. I never
met her and only talked to her
once before on the phone. If they
check the phone records both calls
were from the Italian social club
where Sonny hung-out.
                       BOB GREEN
Wonder if he told his crew what he
was doing?


                       JIMMY BONO
Don't think so. Said on the phone,
just between the three of us.
Don't think he wanted his crew to
know he was going to wack her.
                       BOB GREEN
How in the fuck is she not dead.
We both emptied our guns into the
                       JIMMY BONO
I guess those glasers were not
the best choice. Sonny was a
bullet sponge for her.
                       BOB GREEN
She's probably scared shit-less.
Hope she did not see who we were.
                       JIMMY BONO
I really doubt it. It was so dark
we did not know it was Sonny
fucking her. What was he doing? He
knew we were getting her out of
his life.
                       BOB GREEN
Our job was to happen at that
Rican club, not at her apartment.
                       JIMMY BONO
Let's pin this on Lombardo. Make
it look like a retaliation for
Carbona putting the hit on
                       JIMMY BONO
I think we should let things cool
down till tomorrow and then pay
Mike Costello a visit. I'm sure
his crew is expecting it.
                       BOB GREEN
Then we will know if it was only
between the three of us. Better be
ready for a battle and fuck those
glazers, I'm loading up with
hollow points.
                       JIMMY BONO
And where the fuck is Angel?


                                         "CUT TO:Ē
(CHYRON-typed: ('Late-Morning after Sonny's murder')
Angel steps from a cab outside a large house, on a sprawling
Arabian horse ranch. The home of Angelís older brother
                       JADZA SANTORO
      (embraces Angel)
Hi little sister. Glad your here.
What happened in Chicago.
JADZA SANTORO: Angels older brother, late 30's, six-feet
tall, one-hundred-ninety, dark thin mustache, oiled black
hair combed straight back, muscular, deals drugs for a
Mexican cartel.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (crying while
       embracing her
Let's get inside and I fill you
Angel and Jadza seated facing each other in large room.
Animal head trophy's line one wall.
                       JADZA SANTORO
Angel, tell me what happened.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
They killed Sonny. I think a
retaliation for a guy Sonny had
disappear a couple of years ago.
                       JADZA SANTORO
Baby, tell me the truth. Did you
kill him.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Jadza, I knew you would say that,
because of that asshole Tony. That
was self defense, when he got all
weird. No, I did not kill Sonny,
but intend to find out who did.


                       JADZA SANTORO
Sorry, Tony was an asshole and is
filling a hole in the desert. He
was a real pervert. So tell me
what happened?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (thinking back)
Last night Sonny called and said
he wanted to see me.
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (cellphone rings.
       speaking into
                       SONNY CARBONA
Baby I need to talk to you.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, I've been trying to reach
you since the night at the
lobster-house. Wanted to
apologize for what I said.
                       SONNY CARBONA
Where are you now?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I'm just about to leave for the
club to meet my friend, I told you
                       SONNY CARBONA
I'm just a couple of blocks from
your place, will be there in five.


                       SONNY CARBONA (cont'd)
Wait for me!
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I'll wait for you by my car in the
Sonny turns his black Cadillac into Angels parking lot. His
headlights spotlight Angel standing outside her pink Benz.
Sonny parks next to her and steps out. Angel attempts to
embrace him, but he stops her
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Hi baby, something wrong?
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (moves her hands
       from his face)
Angel, we have to end this. Itís
not fair for you. Iím not leaving
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny, Iím sorry about the other
night. Iíd never tell her
anything. I just love you so
much. Iíll stop nagging you. I
just want to be with you.
                       SONNY CARBONA
We have been down this road before
and then in a week your
threatening to call Sofia and tell
her everything.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (starts crying)
I promise, I'll never contact
                       SONNY CARBONA
      (removes envelope
       from jacket)
It's been great while it lasted.
Here is fifty large and a ticket
to Vegas. I want you to pack your
thing, Iím taking you straight to
the airport. The flight leaves in
two hours.


                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (embraces Sonny)
If that is what you really want.
Iíll leave. I donít want your
money. I have to stop by the club
and tell my friend.
                       SONNY CARBONA
We're stopping no where. We leave
here it's right to the airport.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (kissing Sonny
       moves her hand to
       his crotch)
Iíll miss my Italian Stallion.
Sonny starts to remove her hand but stops, pulls her tight
against him and pins her against the Benz fender, kissing
her and rubbing his pelvis against hers
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (breathing heavy
Sonny, this would be more
comfortable in the car.
Clothes off. Sonny pushes her back on the seat. Angel slides
her hand between their bodies and guides him into her
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Oh Sonny, please harder --!
car door flies open car interior is illuminated by deafening
bright flashes of gun fire
                                         CUT BACK TO:
                       JADZA SANTORO
You were balling him when he got
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Ya, it happened so fast. Bright
flashes, can't tell you how many,
and then it was over. Sonny laying
dead on top of me.


                       JADZA SANTORO
Baby, how as it you were not
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I don't know. Seems Sonny took all
the bullets. I pretended to be
dead, did not move for maybe ten
minutes, till I felt is was safe.
Had a hard time getting out from
under him. Took the fifty grand,
went upstairs, showered and took
his car to the airport.
                       JADZA SANTORO
Hope his crew doesn't think you
killed him. Mike Costello in one
crazy bad mother-fucker.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Only two of Sonny's crew knew we
had a thing going. Sonny was
freaky afraid his wife would find
out. Only met them once in Vegas,
the night I first met Sonny.
                       JADZA SANTORO
Did he say anything to you that he
might be worried.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
He was in a business where he was
always worried about everything.
But about a year ago he hooked up
with a cop, high ranking with the
Sheriff. After that he seemed more
                       JADZA SANTORO
Did you meet this cop?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Only met him once at a fund raiser
for the Sheriff. Sonny just
briefly introduced me. The cop, I
think his name was (beat) Jim or
Jimmy. He seemed OK but his
partner wanted to eat me up. Sonny
saw it and kept me away after


                       JADZA SANTORO
Word on the street is that Sonny
put a hit out on Farinella who was
dealing for me.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
He really never discussed his
business with me.
                       JADZA SANTORO
Did you ever tell him what
happened with Tony Marsigilia.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (thinking back)
Fuck no.
                                         "CUT TO:"
Tony in a recliner watching television in his bathrobe. Door
opens, Angel enters wearing her string bikini
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
Hi Baby, big night?
TONY MARSIGILIA: mid 40's, six-feet, two-hundred-fifty
pounds, full black beard, receding black hair. Deals for
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Ya, the fucken carpenters union
convention is in town. They all
think they are God's gift to
women. I need a shower.
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
Hurry up, I was reading this book
from India called Kamasutra. Gives
instructions on how to do it in
several ways. Got one I want to
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Really not in the mood tonight.
Angel drops her bikini work outfit and walks naked into


                       TONY MARSIGILIA
      (yells after her)
Better get in the mood, this book
has me all wired up.
LATER - Angel walks from shower starts to put on fresh
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
      (opens robe
       exposes his less
       than attractive
       naked hair cover
Don't put those panties on.
Angel looks toward him - ANGEL'S P.O.V. - TONY - SMILING -
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Not tonight.
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
This is not a negotiation.
Tony grabs her arm and throws her on the bed and pulls off
her panties
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
This is something new. You just
cooperate and I will do all the
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Tony please, how about tomorrow.
Angel laying across head portion of bed, Tony, kneeling on
the bed, turns her on her side with one of her legs across
his shoulder.
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
You have to relax for this. We've
never done anal before.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Tony, please don't try this. It
will tear me apart.
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
      (continuing his
Angel I told you we are not


                       TONY MARSIGILIA (cont'd)
negotiating this. Cooperate.
Hand on his penis pushing against her anus's resistance
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (crying softly)
Please don't it really hurts!
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
It's starting to go in. See how
easy that was. You just have to
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Tony please stop, your killing me!
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
      (smiling pushing
See I'm in. Relax.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (crying, in pain)
Stop, stop, I can't take it.
Please your killing me.
Tony in feverish pleasure, ignores her cries, and thrusts
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Stop, stop, please stop!
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
      (thrusting while
       kissing her)
Shut up bitch!
Angel, in agony, reaches to nightstand for something to stop
him. Find a rat-tailed comb and jams the four inch tail into
his left ear.
                       TONY MARSIGILIA
      (screams as his
       eyes rollback and
       he collapses)
What the fuc --!
flow from ear across his left cheek. Angel pushes him off.


Angel stands seeing his legs doing a death dance, his eyes
frozen wide open in a death stare
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (speaking into
Jadza, I need to come to the
hotel. I just killed Tony.
                                         "CUT TO:"
CHYRON-typed:('February 2011 - Day after Sonny's murder')
Jimmy Bono and Bob Green at door, Bono RINGS buzzer. Door
opened by Arturo Bianco
                       ARTURO BIANCO
What can I do for you?
                       JIMMY BONO
Artie, is Mike here?
                       ARTURO BIANCO
Hold on I'll check.
Arturo starts to close door, Bono pushes door open, he and
Green walk in just as Mike Costello walks from another room
                       JIMMY BONO
Mike we need to talk.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Let's go into the office.
Costello, Bono and Green in office, Green closes door
                       MIKE COSTELLO
What's up?
                       JIMMY BONO
Mike my unit has been assigned
Sonny's murder. Is there anything
you can tell me.


                       MIKE COSTELLO
I know you and Sonny go back away.
I never thought it was a good idea
for Sonny to pal around with a
cop. But he was the boss.
                       JIMMY BONO
He told me you said that. I did
your crew a lot of favors you
don't know about. We both want to
clear this up so I'm asking for
your help.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
My guys are looking into it. Word
on the street is it might be a
retaliation for Rocco Farinella.
He disappeared a couple of years
ago. For some reason everyone
thought Sonny had something to do
with it.
                       BOB GREEN
Our info is that Sonny got hit in
some girls car. Do you know who
she was?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
I'm sure Sonny introduced you guys
to her a year ago at the Sheriff's
fund raising party in Michigan at
his lake-house.
                       JIMMY BONO
Have a vague memory. (beat) small
Italian girl with big tits.
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Puerto Rican to be exact. Sonny
met her in Vegas a couple of years
ago. Really had a thing for her
but lately I think he was ready to
dump her.
                       BOB GREEN
She was not in the car when Sonny
got hit?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
I don't know where she was but I'm
sure she was not in the car.


                       JIMMY BONO
                       MIKE COSTELLO
I went with Sofia, Sonny's wife,
to the morgue to identify him. He
looked like the hit was done with
a machine-gun. If anyone had been
in the car with him, they would
have been laying on a morgue slab
next to him.
                       BOB GREEN
Have you spoken to the owner of
the Benz? What did you say her
name was?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
Angel. Angel Santoro. And no one
seems to know where she is.
                       JIMMY BONO
Is it possible she hit Sonny?
                       MIKE COSTELLO
We've considered that. Sonny has
been talking about breaking it off
with her. She has been nagging him
to leave his wife and kid. Sonny
would never do that. If I find out
she did this, they will never find
her body.
                       JIMMY BONO
We went through her apartment. All
her things are there. A mink coat,
and a lot of expensive jewelry. If
she left she left in a hurry.
                       BOB GREEN
Did Sonny's wife know he had a
                       MIKE COSTELLO
We all have one. Most wife's
suspect I'm sure, but keep it to
                       JIMMY BONO
We are going to interview Sofia,
where is she staying.


                       MIKE COSTELLO
      (looking at
With her parents, for now who only
speak Italian. Address is In
Highland Park 4215 Mulford Lane.
Big house, can't miss it. Sonny
bought it for them when they
arrived from the old country.
                       JIMMY BONO
      (hands Mike his
       business card)
Mike, if you hear anything call
                       MIKE COSTELLO
If we hear anything, you will read
about it in the paper.
                                         "CUT TO:"
Angel steps from a taxi, apprehensively walks to her
apartment. Opening the door, she is aware that things have
been disturbed. She opens her jewelry box and find the
diamond and ruby neckless and matching bracelet Sonny had
given her is missing
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Motherfucker how did they get in?
Angel calls the police to report the burglary. A police
officer arrives and takes the report. Before leaving he
recognizes this was the location of Sonnyís murder.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Are you the woman that owns the
pink Benz, that a guy was murdered
in a few weeks ago?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I own a pink Benz. Itís parked in
the lot behind this building. Who
got murdered? Iíve been visiting
my brother in Nevada for the last
couple of weeks.


                       POLICE OFFICER
Miss, youíre in for a shock. A
mob guy was murdered in your Benz
three weeks ago. The department
has been trying to locate you. The
detectives want to interview you.
I have to stay with you until one
of our detectives arrive. Your car
has been impounded.
      (speaking into
This is Robinson, Iím down on the
burglary at 7214 North Melrose.
Notify Commander Bono that the
woman who owns the pink Benz, that
the guy got murdered in, is here.
They have been looking for her.
Iíll wait here till a detective
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (runs to her
       pretending to be
       alarmed, looks
       out the window)
My carís not there. You said
someone was murdered in it?
                       POLICE OFFICER
Miss, Iím only a patrolman, so
your questions have to be answered
by one of our Detectives.
Jimmy Bonoís office, phone rings. Bono answers
                       JIMMY BONO
      (speaking into
Commander Bono.
                       RADIO OPERATOR
Commander, I have a beat car down
on a burglary at seventy-two
fourteen North Melrose. He says
the woman that owns that pink Benz
your looking for, is there.
                       JIMMY BONO
Really? Iíll have one of my guys


                       JIMMY BONO (cont'd)
respond. Have the officer wait
with her till we get there.
                       JIMMY BONO
      (speaking to Green)
Looks like Angel is back in town.
Reported the neckless and bracelet
                       BOB GREEN
You got the best of that deal. The
neckless is worth ten times what
the bracelet is worth.
                       JIMMY BONO
Rank has its privileges. Send
OíShay in. Iíll send him.
                       BOB GREEN
Good idea, he couldnít find his
father in a phone booth.
OíShay knocks on the commanderís door
                       JIMMY BONO
Come in. Dave, I need you to
interview the woman that owes that
Mercedes that Carbona was murdered
in. There is a patrol officer
with her now. She reported a
burglary and he recognized her as
the woman we are looking for.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Ah, Commander I donít have much
experience dealing with murder.
This is really a high-profile
case. Perhaps you should consider
someone with a bit more
DAVID OíSHAY; nine years a police officer, youngest member
of the Special Investigation Unit, early 30's,
five-feet-eleven, one-hundred-ninety pounds, Marine
hardened, raw boned
                       JIMMY BONO
Thatís why I choose you. Youíll
never get the experience unless
you work a murder. I think
Carbona was murdered by a mob guy
named Lombardo. This should be an
open and shut case. Do a little


                       JIMMY BONO (cont'd)
leg work. See what you can come
up with. In short order weíll
have Lombardo locked up and youíll
be the hero.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Iíll do my best.
                       JIMMY BONO
Interview her, see where she has
been for the last three weeks and
find out why Carbona was in her
car. Her name is Angel Santoro.
We already checked with the Benz
dealer and found that Carbona
bought the car for her two years
ago and paid cash. She was
probably his girlfriend. Keep me
in the loop.
Angels apartment one hour later. OíShay rings the doorbell,
Angel responds with the patrol officer
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (showing his badge)
Miss Santoro, Iím Detective OíShay
and need to ask you a few
                       POLICE OFFICER
Detective can I talk to you in
OíShay and Officer step from apartment
                       POLICE OFFICER
Detective, she claims she was in
Nevada for the last few weeks. Did
not seem to know about the murder.
Thought her car was still parked
in the lot. Claims someone stole
a neckless and matching bracelet
that were valued at thirty grand.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Thanks for the info.
OíShay knocks and Angel opens the door


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Detective sit down. The other
officer tells me someone was
murdered in my car?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Miss it was the man that bought
the car for you.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny Carbona?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (begins crying)
Not Sonny, please not Sonny.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Miss what was your association
with Sonny?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
He was my boyfriend till a few
weeks ago. We broke up because he
would not leave his wife.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
And how long had you been dating
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Met him a couple of years ago in
Vegas. Had me move here shortly
after. Real nice guy. He bought
me the Benz, and the neckless and
bracelet that was stolen
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Generous guy.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Letís say I knew how to keep him
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      ("V.O. (O'Shayís
I'd let her keep me happy. Great


                       DAVID O'SHAY
And where were you the night he
was murdered?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I really don't know exactly what
night it happened. I was visiting
my brother in Henderson Nevada for
the last few of weeks.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
That would have been Friday
February twenty-fifth.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
The twenty-fifth (beat) I think
that was the night I flew to
                       DAVID O'SHAY
How long were you in Nevada?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Almost three weeks. I hope you
donít think I killed Sonny.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Just trying to fill in some
blanks. Sonny was murdered on the
night of February twenty-fifth. Is
there anyone that can confirm you
were in Nevada that night?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I was not in Nevada, I would have
been on my way. My brother who
lives in Nevada can tell you when
I got there. How about this?
      (rummaging in her
Ya, here, United flight 1432 from
OíHare to Henderson Nevada,
four-forty-five that morning.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
How did you get to the airport if
your car was still in your parking


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sonny drove me. I hate to leave my
Benz in the airport parking area.
(beat) you know people are
careless opening their doors and
chip the paint, or worst steal it.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Thought you said you broke up with
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Really he broke up with me. We
were still friends.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Why do you think he would have
come back and get himself murdered
in your car?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
He was a bit pissed that the oil
change for the Benz was a couple
or thousand over. Told me he
would have the oil changed.
Probably came back to take the
Benz and got ambushed.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Naked in your car?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
"Have no idea.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Whatís your brothers phone number?
Angel dials Jadzaís number on her cellphone
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (speaking into
Jadza I have a policeman here who
wants to talk to you. My friend
Sonny was murdered in my car while
I was visiting you. Here talk to
Angel hands the cellphone to O'Shay


                       DAVID O'SHAY
Mister Santoro, Iíve been talking
with your sister and she tells me
she has been visiting you for the
last couple of weeks. Is that
                       JADZA SANTORO
Officer yes, she often comes
during the winter to escape the
Chicago winter cold. Whatís this
about her old boyfriend being
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Sir, Iíll leave that for her to
explain to you. Can you remember
what day she arrived at your
                       JADZA SANTORO
Date (beat) three weeks ago, I
recall on a Saturday late morning.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
You don't remember the date?
                       JADZA SANTORO
Hold on while I check my calendar.
(beat) I had a meeting the next
day. (beat) Yes my meeting was on
the twenty-seventh so she got here
on the twenty-sixth some time
close to noon,
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Thanks for your time, hereís your
sister, goodbye.
Angel takes phone from O'Shay
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (speaking into
Jadza, I'll call you back when I
know more. Bye.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
On your return was Sonny picking
you up?


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Hell no. There was no way I could
call him with that bitch wife of
his always checking his cellphone.
I took a cab today from the
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Do you own a gun?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Never have and never will. When
can I get my car back?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
It was processed at our impound
lot. You can get it anytime, just
bring your identification. Iíll
check and make sure it is cleaned
up and ready for you.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Where is the impound lot?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
On west Monroe street. They are
closed now. Kind of a bad
neighborhood. I think I'll take
you tomorrow.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
That would be most kind. What time
could we do that?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Anytime after say, one.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (walking O'Shay to
I'll be ready at one.
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (doorbell RINGS
       answers door)
Hi detective. I'm all set.


                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (in O'Shay's car
Miss. Santoro, I had the auto
pound clean up the car. Did not
want you to see that.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Thank you, how very considerate.
Call me Angel.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
OK, and you can call me Dave.
police impound yard O'Shay drives Benz to front gate
                       DAVID O'SHAY
They could have done a better job
cleaning this up. I know a detail
shop not far from here. We can
leave the car and grab lunch. I
guarantee when we pick it up it
will be like it just came off the
showroom floor.
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       ANGEL SANTORO
David, don't you have to go back
to work today?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
No after the fifth shot of
tequila, said fuck-it and called
my boss. Told him I was following
up a lead on the case. Should we
do one more shot?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I have a better idea. Let's go
back to my place. I have a bottle
of the real tequila. You know with
the worm at the bottom.


                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (looking at his
Sounds good to me. To late to pick
up your car now.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (in O'Shay's car
I'll take a cab tomorrow and get
it. You are really a nice guy.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Your not bad yourself.
                                         "CUT TO:"
Dave sitting on couch, Angel brings bottle of tequila lime
wedges and salt, and sit on couch next to Dave
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (pours two shot)
Down the hatch.
both down the shots and then suck the lime wedge
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Thought it was lemon used with
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Either or. I find lime better.
      (seductive smile)
They say if you swallow the worm
you will have a vision.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Angel, looking at you is the only
vision I need.
laughing, nonchalantly lets her hand fall on Dave's thigh
close to the bulge in his crotch
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Is that a gun in your pants or are
you just happy to see me?


                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (takes her head in
       his hands)
I'm very happy to see you.
both embrace, Angel begins rubbing the bulge in Dave's pants
while they kiss. Angel finds his zipper, open his fly
                       ANGEL SANTORO
You're hard already.
Angel kneels on floor in front of Dave. Dave unbutton his
slackes, raises himself while Angel pulls his trousers and
underwear down
Dave thrusting slightly, Dave's body arches, becomes ridged
and begins to convulse slightly as his organism begins. His
body gyrations continues through the final trows of his
organism. His body finally relaxes back on the sofa. Angel
stands and sits next to Dave
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (cuddling close)
You were really excited.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (panting, eyes
Angel, sorry I didn't warn you.
Just couldn't stop.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
That's OK it's what I want you to
Angel snuggling closer. Dave's head resting on back of sofa
with his eyes closed. Angel gently runs her fingers over his
now flaccid penis
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (quietly speaking)
Are you married?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (head back eyes
Was, divorced now for two years.


                       ANGEL SANTORO
                       DAVID O'SHAY
No. Had one started but she had it
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Sorry, don't mean to pry.
Angel continues fondling his penis
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Baby, your making it hard again.
Angel's hand excitedly begins stroking, faster and faster
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Wow, you recover fast.
Angel reclines on sofa, raising her hips, slipping off her
panties and spreads her legs. Dave moves between her legs
and Angel's hand guides him into her. Angel is pinned to the
sofa as Dave thrusts into her
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Dave, more, harder, harder!
Angel raising her hips greeting his thrusts. Dave reach
the very depth of her. Angel is forcing herself against his
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (screams, her body
Oh yes, yes!
Dave's body again goes ridged caught in the paralysis of his
both covered in sweat collapse panting
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Wow. That was some ride.
Angel catching her breath


                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (raises from sofa)
Lets go in the bedroom where it is
more comfortable.
both naked in bed, Angel facing Dave her head resting on his
right arm
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Did not even get to the worm at
the bottom of the bottle and had
an out of the body experience.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Well I had a vision of our future
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       JIMMY BONO
So what happened with your lead on
the Carbona case?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Not much really. Interviewed Angel
Santoro. Turns out she was in
Nevada or on her way to Nevada the
night Carbona got hit.
                       BOB GREEN
      (glances toward
Really, what was she doing in
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Her brother lives in Henderson and
she went to get away from the
                       JIMMY BONO
If that is the case, how was it
Carbona got himself murdered in
the backseat of her car?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
She said Carbona took her to the
airport and went back to get her
car that needed an oil change.


                       JIMMY BONO
Did you check to see if she flew
out that night?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
She still had the boarding pass
stub showed the flight number and
that she flew out at
four-forty-five the morning of the
twenty-fifth. Spoke with her
brother on the phone and he
confirmed what she was saying.
                       JIMMY BONO
Did it occur to you that many be
she killed him and flew to Nevada?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Might be the case but as small a
woman she is, I doubt she could
fire one forty-five round much
less seventeen. She is really
                       BOB GREEN
No ones demure with a forty-five
in your hand.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Seventeen rounds? It had to be two
                       JIMMY BONO
Talk to her again. See if she
willing to take a lie box.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
I'll handle it tomorrow.
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (at Angels
       apartment door
Angel it's me, Dave.
Angel takes chain off the door, unbolt the dead bolt opens
door standing in a see thru lace robe


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Hi honey back for more?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Wow Angel, hope you know I can't
afford anything near a Benz.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
I'm not looking for anything from
you, except you. You know how to
trip my trigger.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (steps into
Well speaking of triggers. My
boss, wants me to ask if you would
take a lie box about what you did
on the twenty-fifth.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (step close
       embraces Dave)
What ever you say. But right now I
want some more of what you gave me
Angel leads Dave into the bedroom, turns, raises her mouth
to his. Kissing her passionately, Dave pulls her tight
against him, as her had finds his crotch
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (moves his mouth
       off of hers,
       catches breath)
Angel you are unbelievable.
Dave removes his shoulder holster lets it drop to the floor
as Angel unbuttons his shirt, then his trousers. She kneels
down in front of him. Dave gasps in anticipation
                       ANGEL SANTORO
      (looking up
Baby just relax. Your cock is
doing the cha-cha-cha dance to no
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Let your tongue dance with it.


                       DAVID O'SHAY
Angel, I'm going to explode.
Angel stands after his organism ends.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Angel, I'm sorry I could not stop
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Don't apologize, when I give you a
blowjob I expect that, just not so
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Give me a couple of minutes to
recover in bed. I promise round
two will make us both happy.
Angel drops her robe both get into bed with Angel's head on
Dave's chest.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
So I guess your boss thinks I
killed Sonny.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
I don't think so. I over-heard
boss and the second in command,
Green talking. They really believe
this was retaliation by John
Lombardo. A couple of years ago a
guy named Farinella disappeared.
Lombardo was his boss. Everyone is
sure Sonny had Farinella killed.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Tell your boss I will take the
fucken lie box, if the only
question is did I kill (beat) or
did I participate in killing
                       DAVID O'SHAY
I'm sure that will work.


                       ANGEL SANTORO
Let's see if this works.
Angel slides her hand slowly down Dave's chest, over his
toned abdominal muscles and ever so slowly to his penis
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Don't think that is going to be a
Angel's hand moving under sheet stroking his penis
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Wow, you recover fast.
Angel starts to move her head toward his penis
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (stops her, rolls
       her onto her back)
My turn.
sheet is off, Dave Kisses her, and begins a tongue bath
starting with her nipples, to her breast, leaving a small
trail of saliva across her abdomen and as his tongue touches
her pussy hair, she arches her body like a cat stretching.
Dave nuzzles his face between her legs and moves his body so
she has access to his penis. Dave rolls on his back, Angel
on top her face in Dave's crotch
Angels body begins to convulses as Dave's stimulation brings
her to organism
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       JIMMY BONO
Where were you yesterday.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Had a case of the shits. I called
that Santoro girl about a lie
test. She is willing to answer two
questions. Is she the one that
killed Sonny. Or did she
participate in any way.


                       JIMMY BONO
      (looks at Green)
Those are the only questions we
need to ask. I'll get a date for
the box.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Let me know when and Iíll have her
                       JIMMY BONO
Donít get to friendly with her,
sheís a murder suspect.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Donít worry boss, sheís not my
                       BOB GREEN
      (speaking to Bono)
In the meantime lets do a little
undercover intelligence with Dave
                       DAVID O'SHAY
What are you thinking?
                       JIMMY BONO
      (speaking to
The guy we think murdered Carbona
is John Lombardo. He works out of
his restaurant in Chicago Heights.
Your new to the unit, and no one
really knows you. How about you
start hanging out at his place and
see if you hear anything. The
joint is called Augustine's
Bono opens wall safe, takes expense money cash box out,
gives O'Shay five-one-hundred dollar bills
                       JIMMY BONO
Keep track how much you spend
every day and give me the expense
vouchers at the end of the week.
The place is a bit pricey.


                       DAVID O'SHAY
My black four door Crown Victoria
is recognized as a police car by
kids on the street. Is there
anything else available.
                       JIMMY BONO
Take my undercover Cadillac and
I'll use your Ford. Don't fuck up
my car. Take a ride over there
tonight and see what's going on.
O'Shay turns key and engine starts. Pulls from lot
"TRAVELING" dials cellphone
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (speaking into
Angel, Dave here. Are you free
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Always free for you. Come on over,
the sound of your voice gets me
                       DAVID O'SHAY
I'll be there in fifteen. Need to
ask a favor.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
What would that be?
                       DAVID O'SHAY
I'll explain when I get there.
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Angel did Sonny ever take you to
Chicago Heights?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
No, Sonny really kept me under
wraps. Only met two of his guys,
once in Vegas.


                       DAVID O'SHAY
Did the name John Lombardo ever
come up?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Lombardo (beat) sounds familiar
but Lombardo is a common name. I
don't Sonny ever mentioned it.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
So with Sonny your sure you never
met John Lombardo?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
No, like I said, Sonny did not
involve me with his business or
friends. Why are you asking about
                       DAVID O'SHAY
My boss thinks that Lombardo was
the one that killed Sonny. Wants
me to go undercover and see what I
might find out. Want to join me
for dinner.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Why go out. I'll put something in
the oven for us here, and you can
put something in my oven.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
When we get back. We are going to
dinner in Chicago Heights. A
upscale Italian joint where
Lombardo does business. If I walk
in alone it would draw attention.
Get dressed, I'll handle your oven
when we get back.
                                         "CUT TO:"
Angel and Dave enter Augustine's dimly lit restaurant. White
tablecloths glow from candles on every table. Well dressed
couples having dinner. No children present


      (smiling holding
       menus approach
Do you have reservation?
HOSTESS: Italian girl late 20's wearing a black sequined
mini-skirt and low cut matching blouse that compliments her
ample breasts, her shapely legs are accentuated by black
stiletto heels.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
No, do I need a reservation.
Not tonight, there is a table
available. Follow me. In the
future I suggest you make a
reservation if you are coming for
dinner. We're usually booked till
late at night.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
      (with Angel
       following Hostess)
I will keep that in mind.
at the table Angel removes her mink coat revealing she is
wearing a silver dress that clings to her body like liquid
mercury and provides an enticing view of her ample breasts
Lovely coat, I'll hang it up for
you. Your waiter will be with you
in a minute.
Dave and Angel seated, Angels face is radiant in the glow of
the table candle
                       DAVID O'SHAY
You are so beautiful. Just looking
at you gives me a har--
      (approaches table
       with wine list)
Good evening. I am Alfredo and I
will be serving you tonight. This
is our wine list. Can I get you
anything now.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Thank you, give us a minute.


Angel and Dave look over the menu
                       DAVID O'SHAY
See anything that interests you?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Other than you, the filet looks
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Sounds good to me. With a bottle
of red wine?
seated on upper level John Lombardo's attention is drawn to
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Vito, who is that girl in the
silver dress?
                       VITO CORONZA
Don't think I have ever seen her
before. I know I would remember
something like that.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
      (snaps fingers and
       waiter responds)
See that couple, the girl in the
silver dress. If they order wine
the bottle is on me. Capisce?
      (nods smiling)
Understood boss. I'll handle it.
LATER - Angel and Dave leaving. Lombardo approaches helps
Angel with her coat
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
Hope to see you again. I'm John
Lombardo and this is my associate
Dave shakes Lombardo's hand then Vito's
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Thanks again for the wine.
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
My pleasure, a welcome to the
neighborhood present. A token of
appreciation for your patronage.
Hope you will return. Your lady


                       JOHN LOMBARDO (cont'd)
gives this place a lot of class.
Lombardo kiss Angel's hand
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
And your name?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Gina Montaglia.
Angel and Dave leave the restaurant. Valet brings car to
front door
                       JOHN LOMBARDO
      (speaks to Vito)
Get the plate on their car before
it leaves. I'd like to find out
who she is.
Vito takes a paper from counter and as the Cadillac pulls
away, copies the plate number
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Gina? Where did that come from?
                       ANGEL SANTORO
Just in case Sonny ever mentioned
me. Pretty quick thinking ha ugh?
                                         "CUT TO:"
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Some place, great meal.
                       ANGEL SANTORO
The waiter said the wine was a
gift from Lombardo. Why would he
do that.
                       DAVID O'SHAY
Because after seeing you, I am
sure he had a hard-on.
Angel s