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Lilly's Return To Pallet Town - Part 1
by Alyssa Brewster (abrewster232008@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Animation   User Review:

Lilly Ketchum (Original Character) arrives back to visit with her mother Misty (not confirm in cannon) after her long Pokemon Journey. But ends up taking a small detour before heading home.

I do not own any of the Pokemon characters or the franchise. This is a fan made script from a fan fiction I wrote.



Our story begins.. back in the Kanto region on a beautiful
spring day, a young trainer named Lilly was on her way back
to Pallet Town to visit with her mother Misty and
grandmother Delia (not confirmed in cannon). Her Pokemon
partner, Rose, a now fully evolved Raichu who kept it's
nickname from the beginning, strode beside me.
However... There was one other person she wanted to revisit
before seeing family again. A side character that only got
one appearance through-out the whole series... Doctor
Proctor. He works at the hospital that was on the road just
right before the Viridian Forest. (not in the Pokemon Games,
but apparently it was shown in the TV series)
      (to herself while
       walking through
       Pallet Town)
"I'll think I'll stop by that
hospital to visit him. Just to see
if he is still working there."
Gary Oak who was out in the back field of the Pokemon Lab,
learning to be a future researcher like his grandfather, by
studying how each type of Pokemon lives and adapts to
nature, so I waved hello.
"Hey nice weather we're having!"
He waved back, signaling me to wander over for a bit. Ever
since his defeat during his battle at the Silver Conference
with Ash Ketchum, Gary seems like a new person. So I walked
over to the fence.
      (asked with a
"Well if it isn't Lilly, did you
enjoy your travels with that group
of losers you call your friends ?
When you couldn't have traveled
with 'yours' truly."


"I may have chosen to travel with
Ash, doesn't mean you still have
to be a jerk about it."
He was taken aback at my reply.
"I must admit you standing up for
yourself, totally surprised me.
Never knew you were the type of
girl who would speak her mind."
"My settlements exactly."
"Oo fiery like a Moltres, I like
that in a girl, why don't I treat
you to dinner tonight, what ya
      (scoffed at him)
"Seriously.. I can see you and Ash
have a bitter rivalry, but you
having the incentive to ask me to
"I don't know Gary, let me think
about it."
      (calmly apologized)
"Anyway, I wanted to apologize for
my attitude. I shouldn't have
spoken to you like that. I'm
Lilly gasped, hearing that he was apologizing for how much
of a jerk he has been over the years, also mulling over in
her mind what to say next.
      (Inner Thoughts)
'Should I accept his apology? No,
just simply walk away. But he
seems like he's a changed person,
he said he was sorry. Neh, I guess
I'll give him a second chance.'


                       LILLY (cont'd)
"Apology accepted."
      (Teased, then
       smiled a little
"You know, you're not half bad..
for a girl."
Lilly returned the small smile back to him, and then
realizing that she needed to get going.
"Well it's been nice talking with
you Gary, but I got to go."
      (running off in
       the direction
       towards Viridian
Gary Oak watched as I ran off.
      (Inner Thoughts)
'Ash was lucky enough to have an
excellent daughter like her.'
      (chuckled lightly)
      (re-focusing on
       his research)
                                         FADE OUT
As I was walking through the forest, all of the Grass type
Pokemon were nestling in their natural habitats.
"It feels weird being back here
again. But it does give me the
chance to catch some more Pokemon,
like the ButterFree I lost to Team
Rocket. I'll have to recapture a
Caterpie or a Metapod and start
At that moment, a small Caterpie crossed my path.


"Bingo. Now, do I have any
She searched through her knapsack, finding out that she
didn't have any with her.
"Darn it. I forgot to restock.
Better swing by the next shop,
which is in Pewter City. Guess,
catching more Pokemon will just
have to wait."
So, I kept on walking, passing up the opportunity. I also
came across a nest of Bee Drill that was sound asleep in
their tree.
      (Inner Thoughts)
'Oh no Beedrill. Last time I
almost got stung by the swarm,
let's see if I can quietly sneak
pass them, without walking them
Quickly and quietly, I snuck passed. But on the ground was a
small thick twig, which made a loud snap as I stepped on it.
The loud sound woke up the Bee Drill, and the swarm started
to chase after me, all the way towards a clearing which I
accidentally tripped. The large swarm pointed their stingers
ready to strike. That's when it was time to call out my
trusted partner Raichu, which still had the nickname Rose
back when it was just a Pikachu.
      (shouted, taking
       one of my
       Pokeballs off my
       pink belt, and
       throwing it)
      ([Raichu emerged
       from the small
"Rose, use your Thunder attack!
Send that group of Bee Drill outta
      (Uses Thunder


Electricity shot from it's cheeks, and hits directly.
Causing the swarm to dive bomb faster. The stingers pierced
through my skin making it tough to remove.
      (shouted in pain)
"Ow.. I can't remove these, but
Doctor Proctor can, his place
isn't to far from here."
I slowly stood up, feeling the poison taking effect. Rose
looked worried for her trainer as she struggled to stand.
After exiting Viridian Forest, a hospital building that was
in the distance, stood out in my line of sight.
"If I'm not mistaken that should
be it I believe."
The poison made my body start to go numb.
"Rai ai chu."
"Don't worry I'll be fine. We-
just have to get to that hospital.
Come on."
I walked towards the building, spotting a sign that said
"Yep, it's the one. Just hoping he
remembers me."
I knocked once, and soon enough a familiar doctor opens the
automatic doors.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"Hello, may I help you?"
"Yes, I've been stung by a swarm
of BeeDrill, and the poison has
already taken effect."


He looks at the young girl with the many stingers attached
to her skin.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (Inner Thoughts)
'Finally... an actual person I can
ACTUALLY treat, plus she looks to
be a rather cute one.'
"Well, come on back and I'll see
of what I can do."
"Thank you."
                                         FADE TO: OPERATING
Proctor lead Lilly to his operating room. Once we entered, I
turned to Rose.
      (to Raichu,
       painfully grabbed
       her PokeBall)
"Time for you to go back inside
your ball."
      (returned Rose
       back in)
I walked over and sat on the large table, while Proctor got
a pair of rubber gloves and tweezers.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"How did you get this many?"
"Well, you see, it's like this
doctor. I was on my way through
Viridian Forest, when I got
attacked by a swarm of BeeDrill."
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (nods in an
"Mm hm."


He began plucking the stingers out of my skin.
"Ow.. This just isn't my day."
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"Did you do something to make them
"No, they were just nesting in
their tree. I was trying to sneak
by them without making a loud
sound, but a large twig that I
stepped on woke the whole group."
Proctor pulled out the next one.
"Yeow... Maybe I had used the
wrong type of Pokemon to battle
with, which got them even
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"Seems that way."
"Most of my fire Pokemon got
nabbed by Team Rocket. So the only
one i had left was my Raichu."
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"Okay, please lay on your stomach.
There are a couple on your back,
that seem to be near your bottom
I swung my legs up and roll onto my stomach, trying not to
wedge the stingers in further.
"Sorry for my rudeness, but I
didn't quite catch your name."
"Oh, it's Lilly. Lilly Ketchum."


Laying still on my stomach, Doctor Proctor began some small
talk, while he was pulling every one of the BeeDrill
stingers out and onto a metal tray.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"Ketchum huh... By the way I’ve
meet up with your father Ash and
your mother Misty once, they came
by years ago, when your father’s
Pikachu got an apple stuck in it’s
"Oh no."
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
Luckily, I took on the procedure
of removing the apple, only
because I had a soft spot for your
mother when she was a teenager.
      (creeped out)
You flirted with my mother?
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
I mistaken her for a sick patient
by accident, when it was your
father’s Pikachu, who needed to
see a doctor. I told him to take
his Pokemon to see Nurse Joy at
the Pokemon Center, but he
frantically said it was too far
away, and that they may not make
      (Inner Thoughts)
'Ehh.. This guy is a major creep
to begin with. Although, he’s
pretty handsome. [realizes] No.
No. That’s still wrong, flirting
with young ladies like that, when
clearly he's much order then he
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"Well Miss Lilly, would you like
to join me for romantic
candlelight dinner tonight?"


      (Inner Thoughts)
'Again with the dinner plans.
First, Gary Oak and now this guy.
Oh which one should I go to? Eh...
I hate to let any one of them
down. But I gotta choose someone,
and hopefully it will all work
"Uh.. I would love to join for
dinner tonight.”
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"Excellent. Just lay still for a
couple more seconds, I’m almost
Proctor took the remaining stingers out, then carrying them
over on the metal tray to a small waste barrel, throwing
them away.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"O-kay, you're completely
      (Inner Thoughts)
'Glad mom isn't here to hear that,
she would have a bug panic.'
Suddenly the poison from the stingers made her body react in
a strange way.
      (In pain)
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"The poison in those stingers must
have triggered a massive allergien
effect. Hm.. I may have to look
into this and pronto. Cause
sending you to see Nurse Joy would
be out of the question. The
Pokemon Center is way too far, and
who knows what can happen then.
Besides I wouldn’t be a doctor, if
I had to turn away a patient.”
He rushed to put on his stethoscope, and starts to listen to
her lungs while she was still laying on her stomach. Proctor
listened for any signs of change in the airway, but to his


surprise, he noticed a tightness in the lungs that began to
puzzle him.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (Inner Thoughts)
'In all my years at medical
school, I’ve never encountered
anything quite like this.’
He looks at Lilly with a confused expression on his face,
but he knew something had to be done and quickly. Since he
didn’t have anything that had the same traits as a poison
heal, he’ll have to cure whatever this was the old fashion
way. For now, he still needed to diagnose the poison
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (to Lilly)
"I need you to carefully roll onto
your back for me please.”
She simply rolled onto her back with her arms at her sides
and her legs straight out. As soon as Proctor placed the
diaphragm of the stethoscope on Lilly’s chest and listened
for a couple of seconds, the answer jumped right out at him.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (Worried, Inner
'She’s not able to gain any oxygen
flow to her heart… she could be
having a mini heart attack.’
Soon enough Lilly was showing the other symptoms, an
irregular heartbeat (sound effect: heart skipping beats),
next was the sweating (sound effect: breathing rapidly).
Thinking quickly, Proctor went over to grab some medication
that dealt with these types of things. First he grabbed a
beta blocker pill, an aspirin pill, and also grabbing a
glass of water. He walked back over and sat Lilly up.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"These should help.”
Lilly took the medicine and gulped down the water.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
How are you feeling now?


Lilly waited to see if the medications that was given to her
worked. After a few moments, she started to feel better, the
pain has subsided plus her heart and rapid breathing went
back to normal.
"Hey I’m cured, thanks a lot
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
"You’re quite welcome, all in a
day’s work.”
"Oh, I am so glad that’s over. If
I come across sleeping Bee Drill
in a tree next time, I'll turn
right around and find another path
to take.”
Proctor lightly chuckles
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
That would be the best solution to
that problem.
      (takes out a
       penlight and
       tongue depressor)
Why don't we continue with your
examination and then your free to
I nodded, showing him I didn't want to be rude by leaving
half way through.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (nods in reply
Open your mouth and stick out your
Opening my mouth to stick out my tongue, he placed the
wooden popsicle stick right on the surface. Forcing the
tongue downward with the stick, so he could check my throat
more clearly.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (Pressing down on
       my tongue with
       the stick)
Say Ahh... for me.


He clicks the light on, then shining the light beam into my
throat. Checking all around for other signs of any
underlining issues.
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
      (talking to
"Hm... there seems to be minor
damage to the Oral cavity and
Uvula, after having a mini heart
attack from those poisonous Bee
Drill stingers."
He removes the tongue depressor.
Wait a minute, those were
                       DOCTOR PROCTOR
Bee Drills powerful stingers tend
to be harmful when they poke the
skin, but the poison that is
stored inside the stinger itself
is fast-acting and could have
killed you.
Lilly just pauses in silence as the scene fades.


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